Clothing: Yoga Jeans 🍁

Name: Yoga Jeans

Products: Women’s jeans

Manufactured In: Saint-Côme Linière, Quebec

Where to Buy: Online and various retailers


Canadian Owned: Yes

Yoga Jeans is based in Saint-Côme Linière, Quebec. It uses local manufacturing processes when they are available to create beautiful jeans and other denim pieces, including a small selection of jackets. Yoga Jeans also produces loungewear, including sweatshirts, joggers, tees, and more. This company uses the finest materials it can find throughout the world, though most of the garments are constructed in Canada. On the Yoga Jeans website, you can see which products are made in Canada by looking for the distinctive maple leaf on the product photos.

Yoga Jeans is an eco-friendly brand that works to use US and local cotton to create most of their pieces. The goal is to decrease their carbon footprint, recycle as much denim as possible, and reduce water consumption at the factory level. While most denim can make a large ecological impact, Yoga Jeans seeks to reduce this considerably.

Their jeans are also innovative, even within the denim space. Pieces have a 4-way stretch technology that makes them breathable and comfortable for long wear.

Yoga Jeans