Food: Mrs. Whyte’s Pickles 🍁

Name: Mrs. Whyte’s Pickles

Products: Dill pickles

Manufactured In: Quebec

Where to buy: Various retailers


Canadian Owned: Yes

Mrs. Whyte’s deli-style pickles have been made in Quebec since 1932. However, Whyte’s has been operating since 1892 when it started as a small family business. Over a hundred years later, the company is still family-owned and committed to delivering authentic tastes to its customers.

Mrs. Whyte’s pickles are made using old-fashioned pickling techniques using simple ingredients. The cucumbers are handpicked in Quebec in small batches when the cucumber season is at its peak. They are then barrel-cured on the same day to ensure their freshness. As well as pickles, Mrs. Whyte’s products include horseradish, marinades, and salad dressings among other condiments.