Food: Stefano Faita 🍁

Name: Stefano Faita

Products: Tomato sauces, frozen pizza, sausages

Manufactured In:  Quebec

Where to buy: Various retailers


Canadian Owned: Yes

Stefano Faita is a celebrity chef in Quebec, who is known for his show Arrive en Campgane, as well as an author of three best-selling cookbooks. He is also the owner of four restaurants in Montreal. Stefano has launched a variety of products across Canada and his sauce is also available in parts of the US.

The Stefano product range began with four classic flavours all prepared in Quebec using tomatoes from the Striano region in Italy. The sauces are made without preservatives or added sugar and quickly gained popularity among Canadians. Since then the product range has multiplied but they are all still made with simple and real ingredients.