Frozen Treats: Kisko 🍁

Name: Kisko

Products: Freezies

Manufactured In: Woodbridge, Ontario

Where to Buy: Most grocery stores


Canadian Owned: Yes

Kisko is a Canadian company that produces a variety of freezies, also sometimes called freeze pops, under the Kisko, Mr. Freeze, Welch’s, and Mott’s Fruitsations brands. The company has been run by the same family since the late 1960s.

Kisko Freezies was initially founded in Kingston, Jamaica in 1968 by the Josephs family. When the family moved to Canada in 1975, they brought the Kisko brand with them and launched Kisko Products in Agincourt, Ontario, in 1977.

Today, Kisko manufactures its frozen products at its facility in Woodbridge, Ontario. Since January 2008, the company has been managed by Mark, Randy, and Peter Josephs, the founders’ children.