Gasoline: Petro-Canada 📈

Name: Petro-Canada

Products: Gasoline

Manufactured in: Montreal and Sarnia (?)

Where to buy: Gas stations across Canada


Canadian owned: Yes, publicly traded (Suncor)

Petro-Canada was founded in 1975 following the passing of the Petro-Canada Act. The act was fuelled by the world oil crisis of 1973 and 1974. The act transferred the existing energy assets of the government to a new Crown corporation.

The company’s main operational aims were to provide more Canadian control over the Canadian oil industry, provide the government with a better understanding of the Canadian oil industry, and ensure Canada receives a fair share of remote energy resources.

Today, Petro-Canada has over 1,650 retail locations across the country and over 325 Petro-Pass locations. Petro-Canada merged with Suncor Energy in 2009.