Liquor: Junction 56 Distillery 🍁

Name: Junction 56 Distillery

Products: Vodka, whisky, gin

Manufactured In: Stratford, Ontario

Where to buy: LCBO and distillery store


Canadian Owned: Yes

Junction 56 is a Canadian distillery based in Stratford, Ontario. It was established in 2015 although the idea was born three years earlier in 2012 when Mike Heisz said to his friend, during a whisky tasting event that they should make a barrel of whisky in his garage.

Obviously, distilling whisky in a garage would have been both illegal and dangerous, but the idea led to Mike learning all he could about distilling. Three years later, Mike left his career in engineering and opened Junction 56 Distillery.

Junction 56 uses 100% Ontario-grown grains in distilling the spirits. All of the grains are milled on-site so the company knows exactly what is going into the products.