Restaurants: MTY Group 📈

Name: MTY Group

Products: Various restaurants

Headquartered In: Saint-Laurent, Quebec

Where to buy: 5,500+ restaurant locations


Canadian Owned: Publicly traded on TSX

The MTY Group started in 1979 with a single restaurant when Stanley Ma, the company’s founder, opened his first restaurant serving Chinese and Polynesian cuisine “Le Paradis du Pacifique” in Montreal. Ten years later, the MTY Group had grown into a leader in Asian food service in Quebec and was targeting a new niche, which led to the birth of Franx Supreme.

Since then, the MTY Group has acquired several other restaurant brands including Baton Rouge, Extreme Pita, Built Custom Burgers, KimChi, Mikes, and Mr. Sub, and has restaurants in over 5,500 locations. A full list of restaurant brands that are part of the MTY Group can be viewed here.