Women’s Clothing: DAUB 🍁

Name: DAUB

Products: Fitness & yoga apparel

Manufactured In: Vancouver, BC

Where to Buy: Online and store in Vancouver

Website: daubanddesign.com

Canadian Owned: Yes

DAUB is a female-led company founded by Lexi Soukoreff to support women in their everyday and active lives. As the founder and owner of the company, Lexi is very much present in the everyday running of the business from the flagship store to the newsletters.

DAUB creates women’s clothing that facilitates movement and healthy living. All DAUB garments are made in Canada in small batches using sustainable fabrics. Keeping production in Canada means fair labour practices, safe working conditions, and strict quality control. DAUB is best known for its collection of hand-dyed leggings, tanks, and undies as well as a collection of soft and comfortable wardrobe basics.