Women’s Clothing: Eliza Faulkner 🍁

Name: Eliza Faulkner

Products: Dresses, coats, skirts, and other contemporary fashion pieces and accessories

Manufactured In: Montreal, Quebec

Website: elizafaulkner.com

Where to Buy: Online

Canadian Owned: Yes

Eliza Faulkner is a contemporary clothing company that got its start in a living room in Montreal. In 2012, the company’s founder, Eliza, began creating linen dresses in her living room, to create bold, whimsical styles that are universally flattering and undeniably feminine. This fashion house now creates tops, skirts, coats, pants, and several accessories to help take your looks to the next level.

No other fashion house has quite the same style or design as Eliza Faulkner. In a sea of fast fashion that all follow the same trend, this fashion brand hopes to stick out. Every piece is designed and created in Montreal, allowing Eliza to source each material ethically and ensure the quality of each piece available in the online store.

When it comes to accessories, Eliza Faulkner offers an eclectic mix of bags, scrunchies, balaclavas, and collars that work well with any of her other designs. If you’re looking for something new and unique, Eliza Faulkner can provide it.