Beer: Refined Fool 🍁

Name: Refined Fool

Products: Beer

Manufactured In: Sarnia, Ontario

Where to Buy: Certain LCBOs, Beer Stores, stores in Sarnia


Canadian Owned: Yes

Refined Fool is a Canadian brewery located in Sarnia, Ontario. The brewery had a humble start with the founders using maple syrup drums that they converted themselves to brew the first batches of beer. Since then, the company has grown to employ over 30 people and operations in three locations.

Refined Fool believes that beer should be enjoyed fresh, which is why they brew their beers on demand and send them out as soon as they are packaged. Each delivery is tracked and if the beers have not sold before the best-before date, they are pulled from the shelves. This is because the entire team behind Refined Fool is committed to serving you with the best, freshest, and most consistent beers possible.