Men’s Clothing: Coppley

Name: Coppley

Products: Made to measure suits

Manufactured In: Hamilton, Ontario

Where to buy: Stores everywhere


Canadian Owned: No

Coppley, a fixture in Hamilton for 135 years, is now owned by American firm Individualized Apparel Group. However, the future looks bright in Hamilton as Coppley is investing in building a new factory to house their 300 employees.

Swimwear: SHAN 🍁

Name: SHAN

Products: Swimwear

Manufactured In: Laval, Quebec

Where to Buy: Online and a variety of company boutiques and retailers


Canadian Owned: Yes

If you’re looking to swim laps down at the local Y, SHAN swimwear is probably not the right choice. But if you’re aiming to look fashionable at the side of a pool at a luxury resort, SHAN may be for you. High-end, fashion swimwear for men and women, made with quality in Laval.

Liquor: Domaine Pinnacle 🍁

Name: Domaine Pinnacle

Products: A variety of liquors (listed below)

Manufactured In: Frelighsburg, Quebec

Where to Buy: LCBO, SAQ, most Canadian provinces


Canadian Owned: Yes

Domaine Pinnacle has won dozens of awards, including a Best of Show award at the World Spirits Competition for their Ungava Gin. Here’s everything they make:

  • Ice Cider: Domaine Pinnacle Ice Cider, Domaine Pinnacle Sparkling Ice Cider, Domaine Pinnacle Signature Réserve Spéciale Ice Cider, Domaine Pinnacle Summit Selection Ice Cider, Domaine Pinnacle Summit Selection Sparkling Ice Cider, Domaine Pinnacle Reserve 1859, Coureur des Bois Maple Ice Cider, Reflet d’Hiver
  • Hard Cider: Domaine Pinnacle Verger Sud Still Cider, Domaine Pinnacle Verger Sud Sparkling Cider, Origine Still Cider, Origine Sparkling Cider
  • Cream Liqueur: Domaine Pinnacle Crème de Pommes, Coureur des Bois Maple Syrup Cream Liqueur, Cabot Trail Maple Syrup Cream Liqueur
  • Canadian Whisky: Coureur des Bois Canadian Whisky and Maple Syrup Liqueur, Cabot Trail Canadian Whisky and Maple Syrup Liqueur
  • Ice Cider Eau de Vie: Pomme Emprisonnée
  • Gin: Ungava Canadian Premium Gin
  • Rum: Chic Choc Spiced Rum
  • Vodka: Quartz Vodka
  • Whisky: Canadian Shield

Personal Care: Earth Mama’s Apothecary 🍁

Name: Earth Mama’s Apothecary Ltd.

Products: Herbal medicine – 5 ointment formulations for minor injuries and self care

Manufactured In: Ontario

Where to Buy: Company website


Canadian Owned: Yes

Earth Mama’s Apothecary is the only small-batch traditional Celtic herbalist that has herbal medicinal ointment licenses from Health Canada.  All of their products are made with medical-grade herbs that have been tested for chemical and microbial contamination and ALL ingredients and operational equipment/merchandise/supplies are Canadian, with the exception of one company that produces eco-friendly bubble mailers.

Snacks: Royal Nuts 🍁

Name: Royal Nuts

Products: Nuts, dried fruit, trail mix, chocolate almonds

Manufactured In: Concord, Ontario

Where to Buy: Company website and grocery stores


Canadian Owned: Yes

Royal Nuts makes peanut-free and gluten-free products. Gluten-free nuts? Yes – most manufacturing processes add gluten. The nuts are surely sourced outside the country where they are natively grown, but the processing takes place in Concord.

Condiments: Yummies in a Jar 🍁

Name: Yummies in a Jar

Products: Jam, jelly, vinaigrette salad dressings, beer mustards, BBQ sauces & pepper jellies

Manufactured In: Baysville, Ontario

Where to buy: Online, at their brick and mortar location, various craft & gift stores


Canadian Owned: Yes

Yummies in a Jar is a small batch manufacturer of various preservative free condiments. They have been making their products in the Muskoka area for some 26 years, and they tend to use locally sourced ingredients when possible.

Frozen Treats: Coolway 🍁

Name: Coolway

Products: Low-calorie & sugar, high protein frozen treat

Manufactured In: Presumably Quebec

Where to buy: Walmart, Metro, Freshco, Co-op, Longo’s, IGA, Whole Foods Market


Canadian Owned: Yes

Coolway is a Canadian alternative to the popular low-calorie ice cream product Halo Top. Originally designed as an alternative to protein shakes, this proudly Canadian product packs 28g of protein and has only 280-360 calories per pint.

Condiments: Organic Gold 🍁

Name: Organics and Gold Inc.

Products:  Organic Gold Mustard

Manufactured In: Toronto, ON

Where to buy: Online, presumably stores in the near future


Canadian Owned: Yes

Organic Gold is a Toronto based mustard producer, using mustard seed ethically sourced in Western Canada. It is organic (duh), fat-free, and gluten-free.


Beer: Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co 🍁

Name: Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co

Products: Beer

Manufactured In: Vankleek Hill, Ontario

Where to Buy: LCBO, Beer Store, various bars


Canadian Owned: Yes

Employee owned and family run, this is a very Canadian brewery. They first opened their doors 11 years ago on July 1st!

Personal Care: Harlow Skin Care 🍁

Name: Harlow Skin Care

Products: Personal Care – Skin Care/Body Care

Manufactured In: Vancouver, BC

Where to Buy: Variety of retailers


Canadian Owned: Yes

Simple products made from complex plants. All made in a Vancouver based workshop, Harlow Skin Co-Creates products that are consciously designed with thoughtful and aesthetically designed packaging.