Clothing: FIG 🍁

Name: FIG

Products: Women’s clothing, with an emphasis on travel wear

Manufactured in: Quebec and Ontario

Where to buy: At a variety of online and brick and mortar retailers


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Hats/Clothing: Tilley Endurables

Name: Tilley Endurables

Products: The famous Tilley hat, travel clothing

Manufactured in: Don Mills, Ontario and international

Where to buy: Company website, stores in Toronto and Vancouver, other retailers…

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Clothing: Tristan 🍁

Name: Tristan

Products: Wide variety of clothing for women & men

Manufactured in: 30% of their products are manufactured in Quebec

Where to buy: Company website or 50 outlets across …

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Clothing: Arc’teryx 📈

Name: Arc’teryx

Products: Clothing, backpacks, climbing gear

Manufactured in: New Westminster, BC (some products, see below)

Where to buy: Online or at various retailers throughout the world

Website: Shop our …

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