Retailers: Kent 🍁

Name: Kent

Products: Retail hardware, appliances, building supplies etc.

Headquartered In: Saint John, New Brunswick

Where to Buy: 49 locations across Atlantic Canada


Canadian Owned: Yes

Owned by the J.D. Irving conglomerate of Saint John, New Brunswick. Employs around 3,400 people across Atlantic Canada. A fine alternative to Home Depot or Lowes.

Furniture Stores: Structube 🍁

Name: Structube

Products: Furniture

Headquartered In: Montreal, Quebec

Where to Buy: 62 Stores across Canada or Online


Canadian Owned: Yes

Structube has been expanding across the country, now having a presence in every province except Newfoundland and PEI. They source their furniture from around the world.

Retailer: Giant Tiger 🍁

Name: Giant Tiger

Products: Discount retailer

Headquartered In: Ottawa, Ontario

Where to buy: Online store and 200+ stores across 8 provinces


Canadian Owned: Yes

Giant Tiger employs more than 7,000 Canadians in their chain of discount stores. The chain started in 1961, and has expanded almost all the way across the country via their franchising system.

Retailer: Federated Co-operatives Limited 🍁

Name: Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL)
Products: Gasoline, other fuels, food stores, agriculture
Headquartered In: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Where to Buy: Western Provinces (BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba)
Canadian Owned: Yes

FCL is owned by about 190 smaller member co-operatives across Western Canada (which are themselves owned by more than 1.8 million people). They employ around 23,000 people and are hugely popular, based on the number of submissions we received to this site.

FCL primarily operates on a B2B model, offering fuel (owning their own refinery in Regina, Saskatchewan), farm supplies, food, and home & building supplies.

Retailers: Canadian Tire 📈

Name: Canadian Tire

Products: Automotive, tools, housewares, sporting goods

Headquartered in: Toronto, Ontario

Where to Buy: Approximately 504 stores across Canada


Canadian Owned: Publicly traded on the TSX

It is claimed that 90% of Canadians live within a 15 minute drive of a Canadian Tire, and 9 out of 10 adult Canadians shop at Canadian Tire at least once a year. It is surely one of Canada’s greatest retail success stories.

Canadian Tire was so kind as to give us information on the made in Canada status of their FRANK in-house products:

Snacks/Confectionery/Beverages: Click Here

Home Products/Cleaning: Click Here

Laundry/Home Products/Dishwashing: Click Here



Retailers: Hudson’s Bay 📈

Name: Hudson’s Bay

Products: High-end fashion apparel, accessories, and home goods

Headquartered In: Toronto, Ontario

Where to buy: 90 stores across Canada


Canadian Owned: Publicly-traded on the TSX

Hudson’s Bay is a brand of the Hudson Bay Company, which was formed in 1670. It is the most Canadian department store still standing, despite now being controlled by Americans. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know about the Bay.

Retailers: Home Hardware 🍁

Name: Home Hardware

Products: Hardware, Beauti-Tone Paints, building materials, furniture (at Home Furniture stores)

Headquartered In: St. Jacob’s, Ontario

Where to Buy: Over 1,100 locations coast to coast


Canadian Owned: Yes

Home Hardware is the last remaining Canadian-owned major hardware store chain, after the purchase of competitor Rona by American giant Lowe’s. Their stores are located in large and small communities across the country and the chain itself is owned by each member store.

Retailers: Urban Barn 🍁

Name: Urban Barn

Products: Furniture, decor and accessories

Manufactured In: Upholstered products (chairs, sofas etc.) mainly made in Vancouver, other products from around the world

Where to buy: 54 locations across Canada


Canadian Owned: Yes

Urban Barn started in 1990 in Vancouver, and has since expanded across the country. They offer a wide variety of stylish home furnishings, decor and accessories. They are 100% owned by Stern Partners, who own a variety of Canadian retail chains.