Confectionery: Laura Secord 🍁

Name: Laura Secord Chocolates

Products: Chocolates, ice cream

Manufactured In: Quebec?

Where to Buy: Online and in stores in Eastern Canada, find your nearest store here.


Canadian Owned: Yes

Laura Secord started in 1913 when Frank P. O’Connor opened a small store in Toronto selling hand-made chocolates. He named the store Laura Secord, who was a Canadian heroine. The hand-made chocolates proved popular and the company began to expand across Ontario and Quebec.

Since the late 1960s, the ownership of Laura Secord has changed several times. Since 2010, the company has been owned by Jean and Jacques Leclerc, who are businessmen from Quebec with experience in the food-processing industry. The company now has over 400 products and more than 100 stores. The products are also available online if you live in an area without a Laura Secord store.