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Cozey is one of Canada’s most popular furniture companies. Their high-quality materials and customizable modular design make them the ideal brand for those who want a simple way to make their sofa personal. The Cozey Ciello XL offers a multitude of customization features in an oversized design. Is it the right sofa for you? Let’s take a look.

Should You Buy the Cozey Ciello XL Sofa in Canada?

The Cozey Ciello XL offers many of the same features as the original Ciello Collection. Now, the cushions are wider, deeper, and more comfortable. You’ll have the same great customization options, with new options that are unique to the Ciello XL. 

Here are some of the reasons you should choose the Cozey Ciello XL for your space.

  • Wider, deeper cushions for additional comfort
  • Two fabric options with 5 total available colours
  • Additional pieces, including a chaise, plateau, or storage ottoman
  • Plush, comfortable cushions with washable covers
  • Completely modular design that seats from 1 to 9 or more

Cozey Ciello XL Collection

Cozey Ciello XL Setup
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The Cozey Ciello XL offers all of the great benefits of the original Ciello sofa, including multiple customization options, soft cushions, and a ton of space to spread out. However, the XL version is larger than the standard Ciello. The cushion is wider and deeper, so taller Canadians and those who like to lounge on the couch can get more comfortable. 

Like all of Cozey’s other sofas, the Ciello XL is completely modular. You can choose the pieces that you want to create the sofa of your dreams. These include standard sofa seats, but can also include a chaise lounger, a plateau piece (which is a sofa seat without a back or arms, exclusive to the Cozey Ciello XL), or an ottoman with storage. 

The removable covers can be swapped out at will, so you can change up the look of your space whenever you want. These covers are also machine washable so that you can avoid stains and ground-in dirt. This makes the Ciello XL perfect for those with kids and pets. 

Multiple customization options and easy assembly make this sofa extremely accessible to Canadian households of all sizes.

Ratings Summary

Overall Score: 4.5/5

Customization Options

Sofa Customization

Cozey Ciello XL Customization

Sometimes, you don’t want the same couch everyone else has. A unique couch can elevate your space, spark conversation, and make lounging on it that much more enjoyable. Cozey offers a range of customization options for their sofas. 

The Cozey Ciello XL has multiple customization options, starting with the fabric you want on your covers. You can choose Cozey’s performance fabric in three different colours (grey, dark grey, and beige). However, you can also opt for chenille if you want something softer, which includes a navy blue option and a white option. 

Your sofa configuration is completely up to you. You might want a single seat, but you may want a larger sectional that seats more of your family. The pieces and configuration you need for your space can be chosen before you checkout.

Other customization options include a chaise lounger or plateau. The plateau is an armless, backless sofa piece that extends your lounging space. When you want to spread out, this is the perfect addition to your sofa. You can also choose a matching storage ottoman for resting your feet.


The Cozey Ciello XL’s cushions are plush, soft firmness. You will sink into this sofa, which can be ideal for Canadians who want to feel more comfortable on their couch. However, some may find that the softness of these cushions is too much for them. If you don’t want to feel stuck in your sofa, you might want to avoid the Cozey Ciello XL. 

On the other hand, if you prefer your sofa to be soft enough to sleep on, this could be the perfect option for you.


Like all of Cozey’s sofas, the Ciello XL is completely modular. You can choose a single seat or as many as you need for your family. You can add additional pieces after your initial purchase, including plateaus and other additional pieces. 

All of the different parts of the sofa slide together easily. Changing up your space is simple. If you worry that your sofa won’t fit after a move, the Cozey Ciello XL is a great choice. It can adapt to any space and need.


Cozey Ciello XL Materials

This sofa uses either performance fabric or chenille for its covers, depending on the options you choose.  The covers are removable and washable to avoid staining. Under the cover, you’ll find a soft foam cushion that allows you to sink into the seat. This is supported by a layer of high-density foam, which helps the cushion keep its shape.

These layers are wrapped around a solid pine frame, which helps the sofa remain lightweight without changing how sturdy it is.


The Cozey Ciello XL comes together without any tools at all. It offers tool-free assembly, which means the pieces slide together without needing to reach for a screwdriver. It comes together quickly and easily without taking too much time or hassle. You should be able to put it together by yourself, too.


The cushions on the Cozey Ciello XL use two types of foam to create a comfortable, supportive cushion. This sofa is plush, and you will sink into it when you sit down. A top layer of soft foam gives way to a supportive layer of high-density foam, so the cushion remains structured while being plush. 

The covers on the cushions and backs of this sofa are completely removable and washable. You can switch out covers if you have a different colour or need a replacement. It’s easy to get them off the sofa and they slide back on easily.


The prices of Cozey sofas can vary based on your customization, configuration, and other options you choose at checkout. The Cozey Ciello XL is no exception. Though your price may vary, these are the basic prices for the four basic sofa configuration options without any additional pieces or customization. 

Configuration Price

Cozey Ciello XL Setup
Cozey Ciello XL Collection Sofa
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Cozey’s Ciello XL ships free to most locations in Canada. Some rural locations may be excluded. If you are unsure if your location can receive a delivery, you should use the Shipping Estimator tool on Cozey’s Shipping page. This tool allows you to check to see if you can receive a sofa, as well as how long it might take to receive it. 

Most locations can receive their sofa in days. However, customization options, colours, and additional pieces that you order may affect fulfillment and shipping time. Because of the modular nature of the Cozey Ciello XL, all of the pieces may not arrive at the same time. Make sure to wait until all of your sofa pieces arrive to assemble your new sofa.

Trial and Returns

You can try the Cozey Ciello XL for 30 days to see if it works for you. During this time, you can return the sofa for a refund if you don’t like it. The refund process is simple. You can contact Cozey through their support e-mail address to start your return. They will issue complete instructions and shipping labels to return each piece of your sofa. 

Make sure to keep the original packaging and boxes for your sofa pieces until you are sure you want to keep it. Without these boxes, you can expect to pay a 15% fee to return your sofa. After the first 30 days after you receive the sofa, it cannot be returned to Cozey.


Cozey offers a 5-year warranty on all of their sofas. This warranty covers defective materials and workmanship. Cozey’s Ciello XL is modular, so only the defective pieces will be replaced. You can start a warranty claim by contacting Cozey’s customer care team.

Final Thoughts

The Cozey Ciello XL is the perfect option for those who want a little more comfort from their couch. This option takes everything that works well about the original Cozey Ciello and makes it larger, more comfortable, and better suited for taller Canadians. You can expect all of the hallmarks of Cozey’s great brand and customer service here, including removable, washable covers, a 30 day trial, and a 5-year warranty.

30 Days
5 Years
Customization Options

Frequently Asked Questions

The Cozey Ciello XL was designed in Montreal. While Cozey is a Canadian company, all of its products are produced in China. However, they ship all products from a domestic warehouse right here in Canada.

Yes! The Cozey Ciello XL is 67 cm deep. A single seat (with arms included) is 118 cm wide. The standard Cozey Ciello is 55 cm deep, and a single seat with arms is 111 cm wide.

The covers of the Cozey Ciello XL are removable and washable. That means your kids and pets can crawl all over it without leaving stains or requiring you to spot-clean the entire sofa.

Cozey ships the Ciello XL and all of its other sofas to most locations in Canada, with the exception of some rural areas. You can find out if they ship to you by using the Shipping Estimator tool on their website.