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Modular sofas can change, grow, and evolve over time, making them a great choice for those with fluid lifestyles. They look and feel great, adding a touch of class and customization to your home. However, modular sofas can be difficult to choose because of the variety of different modular systems and configurations available on the Canadian market.

We’re here to help you choose the best modular sofa or sectional for your living space. As we began to make a list of the best modular sofas in Canada, we looked at features like the type of sofa, customization options, overall modularity, and more.

Best Modular Sofas for Canadians

Why Did We Choose These Modular Sofas in Canada?

Each of the best modular couches in Canada stands out in its own unique ways. Here’s why we chose each of these couches for our list.

The Cozey Original Collection Sofa is the best modular option overall. This sofa is extremely customizable and can grow and change with you. The fabric and colour options far exceed any of the other options on the Canadian market.

When it comes to sectionals, the Noa Flow Sectional is the best. This modular sectional sofa is great for smaller families and can be configured in several different ways to fit your space. The cushions are a comfortable medium firmness, too.

When it comes to customization, nothing beats the Nook Living Sofa. This option features customizable configurations, arms, legs, ergonomics, chaise pieces, and ottomans. You can choose from several different options for each of these features, allowing you to make your sofa entirely your own.

The Cozey Ciello Collection Sofa uses some of the best materials on the Canadian market. From the solid hardwood frame to the durable polyester cushions and feather fill, everything about this couch is extremely high-quality.

If your home is smaller, the Noa Pacific Sofa might be the best modular sofa in Canada for you. This sofa is made for smaller spaces, allowing you to get the feel and versatility of a modular sofa without sacrificing valuable floor space.

Finally, the Noa Porter Sectional has the best back cushions of all our recommendations. These overstuffed back cushions provide the perfect level of comfort, so you can sink into your couch and relax.

Best Overall

The Cozey Original Collection Sofa

Cozey Original Collection


It's Great For:

The Cozey Original Collection Sofa offers full modularity, meaning that you can change the design and configuration to fit your needs. You can start with a single seat and add more over time, with an unlimited number of configurations for whatever space you have. As your family evolves or your home changes, you’ll be able to adjust your sofa accordingly.

This sofa can be a sectional depending on the number of seats you order or add. Sofa configurations range from a single seat to four, but additional seats (up to 9 or more) can be found under the sectional configuration option. The layouts listed here are only suggestions, as you can choose as many seats as you like and put them together however feels best.

This sofa is entirely customizable, too. There are two cover options, including 100% polyester fabric and polyester velvet. Each material has its own colour options, with six different neutrals available for polyester fabric and two colours for velvet (dark blue and green). The colours aren’t the only customizable options, though.

You can choose the shape and size of the arms, as well as the material of the legs. You can choose between dark oak wood legs and two different types of metal legs. You can select an ottoman or choose to add a chaise piece to either side of your configuration. Additionally, you can add matching pillows, including lumbar pillows and arm pillows.

The many ways to design this sofa paired with complete modularity make this one of the best modular sofas in Canada. The covers are even durable and replaceable, making them ideal for those with children or pets. You can zip them off and wash them when needed, allowing you to keep your sofa looking and feeling great.

The Highlights

The Cozey Original Collection Sofa features pet-friendly covers, which are washable and replaceable. It’s easy to take care of your couch with these covers. There are two fabric options, including polyester fabric and polyester velvet. Each has its own colour options. The arms, legs, ergonomics, and extras are all customizable, so you can make the couch your own. Full modularity allows you to add pieces over time as your family evolves and your spaces change.

  • Pet-friendly covers are washable and replaceable
  • Comes with two different fabric options, including polyester fabric and polyester velvet
  • Customizable arms, legs, ergonomics, and extras
  • Full modularity allows you to add pieces over time as your family and space evolves

From the Test Lab

“This sofa allows you to try out different sizes and configurations. Our testers loved the host of customization features, too.”

Best Sectional

Noa Flow Sectional

The Noa Flow Sectional


It's Great For:

The Noa Flow Sectional is one of the best modular sectional sofas in Canada. This sectional uses three larger seating pieces to create a modular sectional that is ideal for smaller families and more compact spaces. While other sectionals need a lot of space to work properly, this sectional is ideal for rooms where you don’t have much floor space.

There is a single configuration to order, though these three pieces can be configured however you need. They can be arranged in an L-shape or a U-shape if you want, though the sectional will be smaller overall. Regardless, you’re sure to find a sectional figuration that works for you. It’s easy to move the pieces around as you need.

The materials used in the sturdy frame include kiln-dried pine wood, which helps the couch hold its shape over time. The back of the couch pieces is low and perfectly modern for those who prefer a streamlined look. You can easily rest your arm across the backs of these sofa pieces, allowing you more options to get comfortable. The fabric is made with 100% polyester and comes in three colour options, including beige, light grey, and charcoal grey.

The cushions feature removable covers, which you can wash and replace as needed. The cushions are medium when it comes to firmness, providing a comfortable surface that is also extremely supportive. The seats are deeper than some options as well, providing a larger surface to get comfortable overall. The back cushions are loose and reversible. You can move them around as you see fit.

Family gatherings and movie nights are more comfortable with this sectional. It’s large enough for the smallest families but provides enough high-quality comfort to make it a worthwhile investment. Plus, the ability to move the pieces around into whatever configuration you need is priceless.

The Highlights

The Noa Flow Sectional includes two corner pieces with arms, as well as a center chair piece. This sectional seats up to four people at once throughout its multiple configurations. These different setups allow you to arrange the sectional to fit your space and your needs. The medium firmness seating cushions provide the perfect blend of superior comfort and support to create a comfortable sofa.

  • Includes two corner pieces with arms and one center chair piece
  • Sits up to four people at once
  • Multiple configurations to help suit your space and needs
  • Medium cushions are the perfect blend of comfort and support

From the Test Lab

“The large, detachable cushions were a huge selling point for our testers. They loved being able to move things around as they needed, too.”

Best Customization

The Nook Living Sofa

The Nook Living Sofa


It's Great For:

The Nook Living Sofa is the best modular couch in Canada for customization. There are a host of options you can use to make this sofa your own, including different legs, arms, ottoman pieces, chaise lounges, ergonomics, and configurations. You can choose how many people you want to seat, and the resulting shape of the sofa or sectional is entirely up to you.

You can purchase a single seat on its own, or you can purchase up to nine seats and pieces for different configurations. Don’t worry about purchasing the largest sofa possible immediately, as you can add different pieces later to fit a growing family or larger space.

However, you should consider the multiple customization options available to you. You can choose whether you want the arms on the thicker or thinner side. You can choose between three different leg types, including dark oak wood, brushed nickel, or matte black metal. The cushions are soft enough to be comfortable but firm enough to support you properly You can choose whether you want a fabric sofa or a leather one, and each comes in a range of colours. For fabric sofas, you can choose light grey, dark grey, blue, or beige. Leather couches come in steel grey, grizzly brown, or black.

What if you want a chaise or matching ottoman? You can choose these pieces at checkout, or with the order of any piece or configuration. This means you can add one later if it suits you or choose one from the beginning. Ergonomic pieces include matching pillows (lumbar and round-arm pillows, namely). You can choose the options that work best for your lifestyle and the size of your family.

This sofa is constructed with durable materials, including hardwood and birch for the frame. You can use anti-sag springs, which are secured and guaranteed to support you for life. The cushions are extremely durable, and the fabrics are simple, high-quality pieces. Altogether, this sofa can suit your family for many years, even as it grows and changes with time.

The Highlights

The Nook Living Sofa offers a choice of two fabrics, including polyester and leather. Each fabric type has a variety of vibrant colour choices, so you can always choose the sofa that matches your lifestyle and space. This sofa is completely modular with a host of sofa and sectional configuration options. The customization options, including arms, legs, ergonomic cushions, and ottoman pieces make this sofa unique to each person.

  • Choice of two fabrics, including polyester fabric and leather
  • Vibrant colour choices for each fabric
  • Completely modular with many configuration options
  • Customization options allow you to make it your own

From the Test Lab

“The Nook Living Sofa offered so many options for customization according to your taste. Each configuration can be unique based on your space and preferences.”

Best Materials

The Cozey Ciello Collection Sofa

Cozey Ciello Collection


It's Great For:

The Cozey Ciello Collection Sofa has some of the best materials we found. This makes it a solid candidate for one of the best modular sofas in Canada. The frame is made with solid pine wood, while the cushions are filled with feathers and high-density foam, with a durable polyester covering. The covers are durable as well and are easy to remove and wash whenever you need them.

If your covers get damaged due to kids, pets, or other accidents, you can simply order new covers as replacements. This takes the stress out of owning the couch, as it won’t be ruined by a spill or the scrape of your dog’s claws. Assembly is completely tool-free, but the furniture still goes together sturdily.

It can go together however you like, too. The fully modular design of this sofa allows for a host of different configurations, as each piece connects easily to the other pieces of the sofa. This means that you can change the way it looks depending on the size of your space, a growing family, or a different outlook.

The cushions themselves are extremely soft and comfortable, with a deep-set back and plush design that helps you relax. The fill inside each cushion is a mix of high-density foam and feathers. It’s soft and stays that way for a long time, without compressing or moving around.

Want to make it your own? There are a few customization options you can choose from. The first is the preset configuration or number of seats, which starts with a single seat and ranges up to 9 at a time. Of course, you can choose as many as you want or add more later. The covers come in three different colours: light grey, dark grey, and beige. There’s a neutral option for just about any living room décor. You can also choose whether you want an ottoman, and what you want your arms to look like.

While the configuration options are mostly surface-level, it still offers some of the best quality on our list as far as materials go. The ability to replace your covers takes the stress out of buying a new sofa, particularly for pet owners. It’s easy to wash the covers, too, so your sofa can always be clean and fresh. The modular options will keep you happy for years to come, even if you have to change up the shape and size of your sofa over time.

The Highlights

The Cozey Ciello Collection Sofa comes in three neutral colours, which match most living room décor. The customizable arms and ottomans can help you make it yours, especially in spaces where you have a very specific style in mind. The cushions are extremely plush and deep, making them more comfortable than some of the other options on our list. The polyester fabric covers are completely removable, washable, and replaceable. They are durable and pet-friendly, too.

  • Three neutral colours to match most living rooms
  • Customizable arms and ottoman selection can make it yours
  • Plush, deep cushions are more comfortable than other options
  • Polyester fabric covers are replaceable, washable, pet-friendly, and removable

From the Test Lab

“This sofa collection offers a host of great options, including sectional and sofa features. The configurations alone made our testers love the way this sofa was styled.”

Best for Small Spaces

Noa Pacific Sofa

The Noa Pacific Sofa


It's Great For:

The Noa Pacific Sofa is one of the best modular couches in Canada for smaller rooms, particularly compact living rooms and sitting rooms. This sectional sits four, but it won’t take up much space in your room. It’s particularly manageable when compared to larger, L-shaped sectionals that require a lot of floor space to navigate properly.

This is not the case with the Noa Pacific Sofa, however. This option uses clean, modern lines to create a sofa that looks great in your living room. The low backs and wide arms create a solid appearance that works well in smaller spaces. The cushions, covered in polyester fabric, come in three different neutral colours. These include charcoal grey, cream, and light grey. There’s an option for every living room with these colour options.

The cushions are firm, too. The high-density foam and polyester filling create supportive seat cushions, all of which provide excellent support. While most of the best modular sofas in Canada have softer, more comfort-based cushions, this couch uses firmer cushions that are meant to last. The sofa also isn’t as deep as some of our other options, creating a feel that is unique and might suit some spaces better.

The middle of the couch can be removed, allowing you to attach the two seat pieces with arms together. This creates a smaller loveseat and a separate chair, so you can arrange your living room that way if you feel like it. This option allows for even more versatility in small spaces.

Overall, this couch looks great. The casual yet modern design is supportive and allows for some configuration of your own, making it a great choice for someone who doesn’t need a lot of modularity when it comes to their sofa. Still, the option is there!

The Highlights

The Noa Pacific Sofa uses firmer cushions, allowing for more support over time. These cushions won’t sag or sink throughout the years, allowing for a consistent feel. The durable kiln-dried pine frame will last just as long without warping or breaking. This sectional comes with three-seat sections that are easy to arrange in the smallest spaces, unlike some of the larger options on our list. The chair section can be removed, allowing you to create a matching living room loveseat-and-chair combination instead of one sofa.

  • Firmer cushions allow for more support over time
  • A durable kiln-dried solid pine frame lasts for many years
  • Three seat sections can be arranged in smaller spaces
  • The chair can be removed for a simple living room set

From the Test Lab

“Our testers loved the design of this sofa. The modern low-profile look was a hit in many of their living rooms and didn’t take up much space at all.”

Best Back Cushions

Noa Porter Sectional

The Noa Porter Sectional


It's Great For:

The Noa Porter Sectional is a larger, more relaxed sectional that provides the perfect comfort level for most users. It’s one of the best modular sectional sofas in Canada because of how different it feels compared to other options. While most sectionals and modular sofas today are shorter and sleeker, this sofa delivers an overstuffed feel that looks great in your open rooms and smaller spaces.

The highlight of the Noa Porter Sectional is the back cushions, which are thick and well-cushioned. The back cushions and the seat cushions are loose, allowing you to arrange them however you see fit. There are four pieces with this sectional, including two seats with arms, a middle seat, and a matching ottoman. You can arrange these in multiple configurations, including sectionals that face different directions.

The cushion covers are fully removable. These polypropylene covers come in three neutral colours (light grey, charcoal grey, and cream). You should choose the one that fits perfectly with the rest of your living room. However, the cushion covers are removable and replaceable. If one gets damaged, you can always order a new option.

The cushions themselves are slightly softer than medium, making them ideal for those who want to sink into their couch. While the tapered back of the couch is about shoulder level for most, the cushions allow you to sink in and provide greater comfort overall.

The Highlights

The Noa Porter Sectional has extremely plush sitting cushions and back cushions, allowing you to lean into the relaxing embrace of the couch. You can arrange the cushions however you like, as they are reversible and loose. The overall look and feel of this couch are very relaxed, but it has potential for those who prefer an upright feel as well. This sofa comes with four entirely modular pieces, so you can arrange them however you want.

  • Extremely plush sitting cushions and back cushions
  • Relaxed look and feel
  • Reversible, loose cushions on both the back and the seat
  • Comes with four pieces that you can arrange however you want

From the Test Lab

“Our testers loved the relaxed feel of this modular sectional. The plush cushions were a quick hit among those who prefer a softer space to relax.”

Why Trust Us?

At Made in CA, we’re devoted to making your life easier. From mattresses to small kitchen appliances, we’ve looked at some of the largest categories of home goods to recommend to you. Each of the products that makes it onto our list is selected through an in-depth process, which involves customized evaluations at our test lab and feedback from our team of detail-oriented testers.

The options that we present to you are the best of the best. We also provide information about each category to help you discover which options fit your life and your home best.

When we began looking at the best modular sofas in Canada, we examined some of these factors:

  • Type of Sofa. Sofas and sectionals are similar, but sectionals are larger and often more modular. We tried to include some of each option so you can choose the one that works best for your space.
  • Number of Seats. How many people can sit on the sofa at once? For larger families, this is one of the most important factors. We listed the number of seats, with a special nod towards options that could be expanded.
  • Customization Options. Making your sofa your own can be exciting! We chose a few options with customization features to help you discover one that fits your style.
  • Materials. The materials used to create your couch can make all the difference. High-quality materials last longer, so we chose couches that used long-lasting materials in their construction. 

What is a Modular Sofa and Why Should You Choose One in Canada?

A modular sofa is made with several different seat modules, which you can arrange however you like. A modular sofa can be any shape or size that you need within the bounds of the company’s modular system. Some sofas in a box in Canada can have up to 9 different seats, arranged in a line, in a U-shape, in an L-shape, and beyond.

Modules can be added over time, allowing you to change the look and feel of your space. If your family grows or your space changes, you can easily move the sofa around into a configuration that works for you.

The benefits of modular sofas include this versatility. Moving the sofa around however you need to has a certain appeal, especially for those who move often or have fluid family situations. Modular sofas allow you to serve as many people as you need without sacrificing quality or space. The ability to add modules over time ensures that you won’t have to buy a brand-new sofa every time your circumstances change.

The best modular sectionals in Canada are also extremely comfortable. You can often add pillows, a chaise section, or an ottoman to make it a more comforting place to rest. The back and seat cushions are built to last.

Finally, if you move homes a lot, a modular sofa might be the perfect option for you. Rather than moving a long sofa each time you find a new home, you can separate and move the pieces. If one of them happens to get damaged, you won’t have to replace an entire couch. You can simply purchase a new module to replace the damaged one. That’s a great deal!

How to Choose a Modular Sofa for Canadians

Once you’ve decided that a modular sofa will work for you, there are a few factors you need to consider. Make sure to look at the following things before deciding if one of the best modular couches in Canada is right for you.


There are two types of sofas we’ll be looking at on our list today.

  • Standard sofas are smaller and usually sit up to four people at a time. These sofas are one long seating arrangement, much like you’d see in a fixed sofa. Though modular options can be moved around, any smaller arrangement (up to four pieces) will likely be classified as a sofa. 
  • Sectional sofas are larger options that combine many pieces. Sectionals are often L-shaped or U-shaped, with plenty of space for every member of the family to sit and relax. Sectionals tend to be larger to accommodate more people. 

While some sectionals are modular sofas, not all modular sofas are sectionals. You should choose the size, shape, and seating arrangement that works best for your space and your family!


The size of a modular sofa will vary depending on the number of modules or seats used in its construction. However, each sofa should note some basic dimensions for the standard option, before adding additional modules or configurations. These dimensions can help you determine if the modular sofa will fit in your space.

First, you should measure the space where you want to put the modular sofa. Consider the fact that you have to move around it and use that as a starting point to find a sofa that fits well for you. If the sofa is extremely modular, or if you want more than the standard configuration, you can find the dimensions of each module and at them together in the configuration you choose.

Though the size is more important when it comes to smaller spaces or larger modular sofas, all options can benefit from some size investigation before you make a purchase.


Modular sofas usually sit between 1 and 9 people depending on the size and number of modules. The number of seats present in the default configuration is around 3 or 4 depending on the sofa. Knowing how many seats come with the default configuration (and, therefore, how many additional modules you might have to order) is important to ensure your entire family can sit comfortably.

Customization Features

Some modular sofas offer a host of customization features. These features, such as arms that are shaped differently, leg colour and material changes, and ergonomics like pillows and chaises can help you make your couch unique. If you have a specific style or vision for your living room, choosing a modular sofa with customization options might be the best option for you.

While most modular sofas offer cookie-cutter designs that can be changed just a little based on modularity, sofas with customization features offer you more options to create a unique sofa that fits your space. Some offer matching ottomans, chaise lounge pieces instead of a corner pieces, and even different leg shapes and materials. Some options even offer differently-shaped armrests! Make sure to take in all of these customization options and choose the ones that look most appealing to you.

Colour Options

If the colour of your couch is important to you, you should choose an option that has many different colours available. Most modular sofa companies offer free fabric swatches, allowing you to see the colours in person before your purchase. It’s always a good idea to order these swatches, so you’ll get a great idea of how each colour looks in your space.

Choose an option that works best with the rest of your living room décor. The best modular couches in Canada are available in multiple different colours, including neutrals and some brighter colours, too. Don’t settle! If you need a couch that is a nontraditional colour, that should be the first thing you look for as you shop.

Materials and Durability

The materials used to make the sofa are essential for ensuring quality and longevity. You want a range of durable materials that will last over many years. Polyester fabrics are durable, and this is why these fabrics are used for covers more often than any other. Leather is a great option for longevity, too.

When it comes to the cushions, you want some type of high-density foam and fill combination. This allows for optimal performance while remaining durable and comfortable.

The frame should be some type of dried hardwood, including lightweight hardwoods like larch and birch. You want to be able to move the couch around easily, which wouldn’t be possible with heavier hardwoods. Still, dried options will be sturdy and work well for years to come.

Choosing a couch made with durable materials is the first step towards making a good furniture investment. Make sure to look into every material used in the construction of your sofa to make sure it’s the best possible option for you.

Configuration Options

Completely modular sofas give you multiple configuration options, but others may be a bit more limited. Make sure to check out how many configuration options can be achieved with the pieces you purchase. Look at the different configurations the company sells and choose one that fits your needs.

It’s important to investigate how the pieces can be configured outside of the preset options, too. If you want to change your modular furniture often, determining how it can be changed is the first step to figuring out which option is best for you.

Additional Modules

Purchasing additional modules can be a great way to change the look and feel of your sofa. If you want to change the size of your sofa over time, consider a sofa that allows you to purchase additional modules. While some modular sofas offer a fixed number of seats, others may allow you to add additional pieces if needed.

To accommodate a larger space or growing family, you might want to select only options that allow for additional modules to be purchased separately.

Frequently Asked Questions

While the connection method varies by the sofa, most modular sofas use a series of clips to connect into the perfect configuration. Most assemblies are tool-free, but you should check with each modular sofa to be sure.

The best modular sofas in Canada last at least 5 years, though some last up to 15. The lifespan depends on the quality of the sofa, the time you spend using it, and a host of other usage factors.

Keep the size of the sofa in mind. Measure your space, keeping in mind that you’ll need to walk around the sofa on a few sides. Once you have these figures in mind, you can compare the size of the sofa to the space you have.