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The sofa is the heart of your living room. It’s the perfect place to lounge after a long work day, unwind before bed, or host a family movie night. Given its importance, you’ll need a sofa that matches your unique needs. Unfortunately, not all sofas are up to the challenge. Enter the modular sofa. These sofas adapt to your changing space and seating needs, ensuring you always have the perfect furniture for your home.

But how do you choose the best modular sofas in Canada of 2024? We hear you – it’s a challenge. But luckily, we did the hard part for you. We sifted through dozens of highly-rated sofas to bring you the best modular sofas in Canada. We looked at features and qualities that most Canadians value, as well as listening to our tester feedback and expert opinions. Here’s what the best modular sofas in Canada of 2024 have to offer you. 

Best Modular Sofas for Canadians in 2024

  • Best Overall: The Cozey Altus Collection Sofa
  • Best Customizable: The Cozey Ciello Collection Sofa
  • Best Modular: Noa Flow Sectional
  • Best Seats: The Cozey Atmosphere Collection Sofa
  • Best Complete Set: Noa Coastal Modular Sofa
  • Best for Small Spaces: Noa Pacific XL Sofa
  • Best Back Cushions: Noa Porter Sectional

Why Did We Choose These Modular Sofas in Canada?

Some sofas offer specific perks that surpass others, making them an exceptional option for particular situations. As we sifted through our list and narrowed it down to the best models, we noted the area where each model excelled to provide a superlative that may help you choose the best fit for your home.

Here’s a quick overview of why we chose each of the best modular sofas in Canada of 2024.

The Cozey Altus Modular Sofa is the best modular sofa in Canada. Our favourite pick offers a ton of customization features, as well as a completely modular design. You can purchase and arrange as many pieces as needed to suit your space and your entire family. It’s an impressive option for most Canadian households. 

Customizability is a significant factor for many Canadians. If you want to control nearly every aspect of your sofa, the Cozey Ciello Modular Sofa is the way to go. You can choose different fabrics, configurations, sofa arms, chaise sections, and more with this modular sofa.

The Noa Flow Modular Sofa offers customizability for various home sizes, stealing the spotlight as our best modular pick. Maneuver it into its U-shaped layout to fit in smaller spaces, or expand it into its extra-large configuration to complement other furniture in a massive space.

The Cozey Atmosphere Modular Sofa is our best design pick, as it features a visually stunning modern design. Its boxy design, low-slung backrest, and hidden legs create a look that brings the classy sofas in those contemporary home magazines to life.

If you want a complete sofa set, the Noa Coastal Modular Sofa is a worthwhile consideration. This model comes with everything you need for a full sofa setup, from the ottoman that doubles as a coffee table to four extra pillows, including two bolster pillows and two throw pillows.

The Noa Pacific XL Modular Sofa is an excellent choice for Canadians who prefer firm cushions on their sofas. This model features a well-structured seat with a mixture of high-density foam and polyester filling to create a firm yet comfortable perch.

Last but not least, the Noa Porter Modular Sofa is a phenomenal option for its nicely-stuffed back cushions. Unlike some sofas available today with sad, understuffed, and disappointing back cushions, this sofa features firm, comfortable, and perfectly stuffed cushions for a comfortable lounging experience.

Best Modular Sofa in Canada: Quick Menu

Best Overall

The Cozey Altus Collection Sofa

Cozey Altus Collection Sofa
Best Sectionals Cozey Altus Collection Sofa
Made in CA Exclusive Offer

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It's Great For:

The Cozey Altus Modular Sofa is an ideal pick for customizability in 2024. It offers an impressive array of customizable options that allow each customer to build a sofa that matches their specific needs.

Firstly, the fabric comes in two materials: standard performance and velvet. The smooth, durable performance fabric offers six colour options, ranging from ivory to beige, with a standout navy blue for those who like a pop of colour. The velvet fabric option comes in two beautiful jewel tones, including emerald green and sapphire blue. These options can add a special touch of class to your living room or entertaining space.

Customers can choose from two arm designs, including a sloped arm and a block arm. Whichever option you choose, all of the modules can be adjusted for the proper arm shape. You can even customize the leg materials and colours for this sofa, which features visible legs. You can choose a light wood colour, or a metal leg in either white or black. Choose the option that best suits your space and the design of your living room. 

Optional chaise loungers and ottomans provide more customizable features to ensure you get a sofa that reflects your needs. You can choose which side you want the chaise to attach to, and you can even purchase an optional ottoman for each seat in your setup.

On top of that, the sofa is available in twelve configurations, ranging from a single-seater sofa to a massive U-shaped sofa. These configurations are pre-built options that reflect the needs of many Canadians, but may not be exactly what you need. In that case, you can purchase additional modules to expand your sofa. You can order the options that allow you to create the perfect sofa for your space and family without breaking the bank.

The cushions feature layers of various foam densities, creating a slightly firmer than medium seat for a blend of comfort and structure. The covers over each cushion are removable, washable, and replaceable, which is ideal for busy Canadian homes with kids, pets, or both.

Key Features

  • Two Arm Designs. The choice of sloped arm or block arm designs help this sofa accommodate varying needs and comfort preferences. 
  • Optional Additions. You can add a matching chaise lounge or ottoman to your purchase if you like, helping further customize the look and feel of your living room furniture. 
  • Two Fabrics and Various Colours. You can choose two different fabric finishes, including velvet and performance fabric. Each is available in multiple colours for greater customizability.
  • Medium Firm Cushions. The cushions offer a seamless combination of comfort and firmness, creating a cozy seat that won’t allow you to sink too far.

Our Expert’s Take

“This fully customizable sofa is perfect for Canadians that want a personalized option. Our testers loved the plush feel of the velvet fabric option and the comfortable plushness of the cushions.”

Best Customizable

The Cozey Ciello Collection Sofa

Cozey Ciello in Grey
Cozey Ciello in Living Room
Made in CA Exclusive Offer

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It's Great For:

The Cozey Ciello Modular sofa is an excellent option for Canadians that want a well-rounded pick. This model features numerous features wrapped in an aesthetically appealing package, earning its place as our best overall pick.

It mimics the look of a fixed sofa but offers the customizable benefits of a modular sofa. With enough pieces, you can arrange it into various configurations. Standard options include four sofas and eight sectional configurations, allowing you to choose the base option that matches your needs. Of course, you can always add to the sofa by purchasing extra pieces or changing the configuration to match your living space. One of the best features of this sofa is the complete customizability offers. 

There are two fabric materials, two colours, and many different layouts to choose from. You can even include an optional ottoman (or one for each seat in your arrangement). Two fabrics include a smooth polyester performance fabric, which has three available colours (Storm Grey, Sunset Beige, and Dream Grey). The second fabric is a soft, limited chenille option that is available in a soft blue-grey colour.

You won’t have to worry about complex assembly, either. It’s easy to assemble the sofa, no matter which pieces you choose. You don’t need tools, and one or two people can set it up in a matter of moments. Due to the modular nature of the sofa, it arrives in several smaller boxes that are easy to move into position.

Its seats are on the softer side of medium firmness, providing a plush perch to relax on after a long day of work. The cushion covers are removable for straightforward cleanup after spills and messes, so this sofa is ideal homes with pets and children.

Key Features

  • Customizable. Choose from different configurations, fabric materials, and fabric colours to build a sofa that reflects your needs. 
  • Removable Covers. The cushion covers feature zippers for easy removal and washing. You can even replace them in the event of irreparable damage. 
  • Various Configurations. With eight sectional options and four sofa choices, this modular sofa can match nearly any space. You can add additional modules to create a unique layout, too.
  • Soft Cushions. The soft, plush cushions are ideal for lounging on after a busy day, providing a comfy yet slightly structured place to relax.

Our Expert’s Take

“This sofa provides a well-rounded repertoire of features for nearly any home. Our testers loved the plush cushions and soft fabric, which stood the test of time and abuse from pets and children.”

Best Modular

Noa Flow Sectional Sofa

Noa Flow Sectional in Living Room
Noa Flow Sectional Side View
Made in CA Exclusive Offer

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It's Great For:

Finding a smaller sofa that can accommodate your changing seating needs can be a complicated task, but with the Noa Flow Modular sofa, this problem has become a thing of the past. This flexible sofa is large enough to comfortably fit in medium spaces but morphs into smaller configurations to perfectly accommodate more compact living rooms.

Expand it into an extra-large sofa for larger living spaces or collapse it into a smaller configuration for homes with less living space. It works as a U-shaped sectional, a left-facing sectional, and a right-facing sectional. These shapes, particularly the U-shaped sectional, work beautifully in smaller homes.

Aside from its flexible configurations, this sofa has plenty to offer. It features a more modern design than some of the other options on the Canadian market. This includes a boxy shape that hides the legs, allowing the sofa to look large and close to the ground. The neutral fabric colours give you the means to match this sofa with other pieces in your living room. The colour options include cream, charcoal, and grey, a palette that can easily blend with other pieces of furniture. It works well on this one, too. 

The sloped backrest makes this couch comfortable for lounging, with cushions you can easily move around and reposition for your comfort. The armrests are wide enough to hold your phone or drink as you get comfortable, too.

In case of accidental spills, you can remove the cushion covers and hand-wash them to remove stains and dirt. These covers must be hand-washed and air-dried to avoid damage, but they come off easily and provide your couch with a durable enough cover to accommodate all of your family members.

Key Features

  • Removable Covers. The cushion covers are easy to remove for straightforward cleanup. You can hand-wash the cushion covers and air dry them to avoid damage.
  • Compact Configurations. The U-shaped and left or right-facing sectional configurations are perfect for tight spaces. You can choose whichever compact configurations work best for you.
  • Compatible with Varying Spaces. This sofa can collapse into compact configurations for smaller spaces or expand into an extra-large sofa for sprawling living rooms.
  • Modern Design. The hidden legs, boxy design, and soft neutral hues help create a contemporary look for your living room. If aesthetics are important for you, this sofa delivers.

Our Expert’s Take

“This sofa is perfect for Canadians who move frequently, as it adapts to your changing spaces, whether they’re large or small. Our testers liked the layout options, particularly for smaller spaces.”

Best Design

The Cozey Atmosphere Collection Sofa

Cozey Atmosphere Sectional Side View
Cozey Atmosphere
Made in CA Exclusive Offer

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It's Great For:

The Cozey Atmosphere Modular sofa features a classy, modern design that pairs beautifully with contemporary spaces. Its boxy design and low-profile backrest mirror popular modern design trends. The best part is the complete customizability of this sofa. No matter how large your space or family is, there is an option here that may appeal to you. 

The legs are tucked out of sight, further adding to the modern appeal. However, while the low-profile backrest might not look overly comfortable, its wide-framed backrest is perfect for resting your arms or elbows as you lounge on this sofa. If you prefer an armless sofa, you can choose to receive modules that don’t include arms. You can also choose to have a single armrest on one side of the sofa or the other. 

The polyester-wrapped cushions come with an array of cover colour options, ranging from soothing neutrals to bold pops of colour. Ivory, dusty brown, and grey hold up one end of the spectrum, while burnt orange, coral, and navy blue take up the other. If you want to add a splash of colour and attitude to your living room, this sofa has plenty of options to make that happen. All of the modules you order will be in this same colour, including the optional ottoman or throw pillow sets.

This sofa features an impressive array of configurations, ranging from one-seater to four-seater sofas. If you buy a more oversized sofa, you can choose from right or left-facing sectionals, U-shaped sofas, and corner sofas. The seats are deep and large, so even the compact options are best suited to a larger space. If you don’t like any of the preset configurations that Cozey features on their website, you can always move the modules around however you see fit. You can also order additional modules to better suit your space or family in the future.

Key Features

  • Beautiful Design. This sofa boasts a well-thought-out design that blends modern elegance with comfort and adaptability. 
  • Numerous Configurations. Make this sofa work for your needs by tweaking the configuration into all sorts of layouts. You can choose whichever option you need to fit your family and your space.
  • Bold Colours. This sofa comes in nine hues ranging from subtle neutrals to show-stopping bold colours to spice up your living room decor. 
  • Deep Seats. The large, deep seat on this sofa makes it perfect for taller Canadians or those who prefer plenty of leg room. 

Our Expert’s Take

“Sleek, modern designs and an impressive colour palette meet comfort and functionality in this sofa. Our testers loved the deep seats and bold colours. The configuration options made it a great choice for living rooms of all sizes.”

Best Complete Set

Noa Coastal Sofa

Noa Coastal Sectional Sofa Full View
Noa Coastal Sectional Sofa In Living Room
Made in CA Exclusive Offer

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It's Great For:

The Noa Coastal Modular Sofa is a great option for Canadians that want a complete sofa set. While most modular sofas come with nothing more than sofa pieces, this sofa comes with everything. It comes with a complete set of pillows, including four extras that don’t usually come with a standard sofa.

Two included bolster pillows and two throw pillows round out the mix, creating a cohesive appearance on your sofa. An included ottoman provides an extra layer of versatility without an additional cost, allowing you to manipulate the layout to match your needs. The ottoman can act as a coffee table to hold all of the essentials you need at the couch, or you can move it around to make you and your guests more comfortable. 

This package is beautifully matched and complete, allowing you to relax instead of trying to shop for pillows to match. This modular sofa comes in two different colours, so you can choose between light grey or cream. The cushion covers are removable. You can hand-wash them to get out dirt, stains, and accidental spills. The fabric is durable enough to suit all members of your family, including kids and pets.

This modular sofa can be arranged however you need, from an extra-large sofa to an option that faces whichever way you need. You can make it as compact as possible or arrange it into a longer sofa depending on your space, allowing for a more versatile look overall. The cushions are medium-firm, comfortable enough to provide support without feeling as though you are sinking into the sofa. 

Key Features

  • Included Pillows. Two throw pillows and two bolster pillows create a complete, finished look without the need to purchase extra pillows to match your sofa. 
  • Included Ottoman. The ottoman included with your sofa can serve multiple purposes. You can use it as a coffee table, footrest, or even an extension to make one side of your couch into a chaise lougne.
  • Removable Covers. The cushion covers are removable for headache-free cleaning after spills and messes.  The covers are easy to clean and durable enough to withstand your entire family.
  • Seats Four. This sofa can comfortably seat up to four people, making it perfect for smaller Canadian families. 

Our Expert’s Take

“Finding pillows and an ottoman to match your sofa can be an expensive hassle, but not with this model. Our testers enjoyed the matched ottoman, bolster pillows, and throw pillows.”

Best for Firm Cushions

Noa Pacific XL Sofa

Noa Pacific XL Sofa
Made in CA Exclusive Offer

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It's Great For:

The Noa Pacific XL Modular sofa is an excellent option for Canadians who prefer a firmer seat. This sofa features a solid, well-structured design with tightly upholstered fabric. Its cushions are made with high-density foam and polyester filling, creating a firmer seat that won’t engulf you when you sit down.

The seats are also deeper than most modern sofas. This means it will take up more space in your room, but offers more space for relaxation. Taller Canadians and those who prefer to entertain will prefer the way that the back and seats on this sofa are structured. 

It isn’t the firmest sofa available, as it falls between a medium firmness and the firmest option. Still, it offers plenty of structure to satisfy many individuals that prefer a solid seat. You won’t struggle to get up, which is a common complaint among Canadians with softer sofas. 

Its polyester fabric comes in several neutral colours, including cream, charcoal, and grey. These options allow you to fit this sofa into nearly any room. If you need a splash of colour, you can always add throw pillows to elevate the look of the sofa. It features a low-slung design with a boxy shape and a slightly sloped back to create a modern appearance. Its legs, tucked away underneath the sofa, further add to its aesthetic appeal.

This sofa features a modular design, splitting into four separate pieces, including one chair, one ottoman, and two armchairs. You can split the set apart to create a small sofa, one chair, and a coffee table, or push it all together to create a full-sized left or right-facing sectional. The configuration is yours to choose. However you set it up, this inviting, overstuffed sofa will look great in your space.

Key Features

  • Firm Seat. The firmer cushions in this sofa are ideal for Canadians who prefer a more structured seat. If soft couches are too uncomfortable for you, this might be a great option.
  • Modern Design. The low-slung profile, hidden legs, and boxy design work well for modern spaces, including modern living rooms.
  • Versatile. You can split this set into multiple pieces, including a split living room set, or push it all together to create a large sectional sofa. 
  • Medium Size. This sofa comfortably seats four to five people, making it an excellent choice for Canadians with smaller families. 

Our Expert’s Take

“If you’re searching for a structured sofa with a firm yet comfortable seat, this model is a worthwhile consideration. It was a favourite among our testers that prefer firmer seats.”

Best Back Cushions

Noa Porter Sectional Sofa

Noa Porter Sectional Front View
Noa Porter Sectional
Made in CA Exclusive Offer

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It's Great For:

The Noa Porter Modular Sofa is a clear winner for its back cushions. The cushions are thick and well-stuffed for a perfect supportive, yet comfortable feel. They feature medium firm stuffing material made with high-density polyester fibre filling that provides the perfect combination of supportive comfort.

The backrest cushions are loose, so you can arrange them in any way you see fit or pull them away for a bit of revitalizing fluffing. The cushion covers enveloping the seat and back cushions are removable for quick and easy cleanup after spills and messes. They must be handwashed and air-dried to avoid damage, but the ability to wash them whenever you need ensures that this sofa remains a staple in your home. If one of the covers becomes damaged beyond repair, you can order a replacement cover in your chosen colour.

There are three available colours for this sofa. A soft cream, light grey, and darker charcoal all make this sofa perfect for most living rooms. Even if you have other furniture, this piece will blend right in. 

As a whole, the sofa boasts a sleek, modern design. The boxy shape embodies popular design trends, while the angled arms and gently-sloped backrest deliver optimal comfort. It comfortably seats up to four people, making it a perfect choice for smaller homes with a handful of residents.

Its modular design allows you to adjust it based on your individual needs. You can tweak it from an extra-large sofa to a right or left-facing sofa, depending on your seating needs and available space. Alternatively, you can break it into multiple pieces to create a complete living room set for a smaller living space. The two arm pieces, chair, and ottoman that come with the set allow for many possibilities, even if you are working with a smaller space overall. 

Key Features

  • Multiple Configurations. This sofa works as a split living set, a left-facing sectional, a right-facing sectional, or an extra-large sofa. 
  • Removable Covers. The cushion covers are easily removable for quick and effortless cleanup. You can hand wash and airy fry them.
  • Thick Back Cushions. The thick, soft back cushions provide the perfect backrest to lean on as you lounge. Thicker back cushions can be more comfortable for some Canadians.
  • Medium Size. This sofa can seat up to four people, making it perfect for small to mid-sized homes with a handful of people. 

Our Expert’s Take

“The back cushions can make or break a sofa, and this one doesn’t disappoint. Our testers enjoyed the medium firmness of the seat and the soft yet firm back cushions.”

Comparing the Best Modular Sofas for Canadians

CategorySofaTypeCushion FirmnessMaterialsCustomizable
Best OverallCozey AltusSofa or SectionalMedium FirmPolyester and Kiln-Dried LarchYes
Best C:ustomizableCozey CielloSofa or SectionalMedium SoftPine Frame and Performance FabricYes
Best ModularNoa FlowSectionalMediumKiln-Dried Pine and PolyesterNo
Best CoversCozey AtmosphereSofa or SectionalMediumPolyester Fabric and LarchYes
Best Complete SetNoa CoastalSectionalMediumPolyester Fabric and LarchNo
Best for Firm CushionsNoa Pacific XLSectionalFirmPolyester and WoodNo
Best Back CushionsNoa PorterSectionalMediumPolyester and WoodNo

How We Selected These Modular Sofas in Canada

At Made in CA, we’re devoted to making your life easier. From mattresses to small kitchen appliances, we’ve looked at some of the largest categories of home goods to recommend to you. Each of the products that makes it onto our list is selected through an in-depth process, which involves customized evaluations at our test lab and feedback from our team of detail-oriented testers.

The options that we present to you are the best of the best. We also provide information about each category to help you discover which options fit your life and your home best.

When we began looking at the best modular sofas in Canada, we examined some of these factors:

  • Type of Sofa. Sofas and sectionals are similar, but sectionals are larger and often more modular. We tried to include some of each option so you can choose the one that works best for your space.
  • Number of Seats. How many people can sit on the sofa at once? For larger families, this is one of the most important factors. We listed the number of seats, with a special nod towards options that could be expanded.
  • Customization Options. Making your sofa your own can be exciting! We chose a few options with customization features to help you discover one that fits your style.
  • Materials. What is the couch made of? Some materials are better than others. Some last longer, while others are more comfortable. We chose sofas with the best materials for our list.
What is a Modular Sofa

What is a Modular Sofa and Why Should You Choose One in Canada?

A modular sofa is made with several different seat modules, which you can arrange however you like. A modular sofa can be any shape or size that you need within the bounds of the company’s modular system. Some sofas in a box in Canada can have up to 9 different seats, arranged in a line, in a U-shape, in an L-shape, and beyond.

Modules can be added over time, allowing you to change the look and feel of your space. If your family grows or your space changes, you can easily move the sofa around into a configuration that works for you.

The benefits of modular sofas include this versatility. Moving the sofa around however you need to has a certain appeal, especially for those who move often or have fluid family situations. Modular sofas allow you to serve as many people as you need without sacrificing quality or space. The ability to add modules over time ensures that you won’t have to buy a brand-new sofa every time your circumstances change.

The best modular sectionals in Canada are also extremely comfortable. You can often add pillows, a chaise section, or an ottoman to make it a more comforting place to rest. The back and seat cushions are built to last.

Finally, if you move homes a lot, a modular sofa might be the perfect option for you. Rather than moving a long sofa each time you find a new home, you can separate and move the pieces. If one of them happens to get damaged, you won’t have to replace an entire couch. You can simply purchase a new module to replace the damaged one. That’s a great deal!

How to Choose a Modular Sofa for Canadians

How to Choose a Modular Sofa for Canadians

Once you’ve decided that a modular sofa will work for you, there are a few factors you need to consider. Look at the following features, options, and tips before deciding if one of the best modular couches in Canada is right for your family. 


The best couches in Canada fall into one of the following categories. Before you can decide which modular sofa is right for you, you should consider which of these options is best for you.

  • Standard sofas are smaller and usually sit up to four people at a time. These sofas are one long seating arrangement, much like you’d see in a fixed sofa. Though modular options can be moved around, any smaller arrangement (up to four pieces) will likely be classified as a sofa. 
  • Sectional sofas are larger options that combine many pieces. Sectionals are often L-shaped or U-shaped, with plenty of space for every member of the family to sit and relax. Sectionals tend to be larger to accommodate more people. 

While some sectionals are modular sofas, not all modular sofas are sectionals. You should choose the size, shape, and seating arrangement that works best for your space and your family! Make sure to examine each option the company offers to better understand the type of sofa you need and the options you should order.


The size of a modular sofa will vary depending on the number of modules or seats used in its construction. However, each sofa should note some basic dimensions for the standard option, before adding additional modules or configurations. These dimensions can help you determine if the modular sofa will fit in your space.

First, you should measure the space where you want to put the modular sofa. Consider the fact that you have to move around it and use that as a starting point to find a sofa that fits well for you. If the sofa is extremely modular, or if you want more than the standard configuration, you can find the dimensions of each module and at them together in the configuration you choose.

Though size is more important when it comes to smaller spaces or larger modular sofas, all options can benefit from some size investigation before you make a purchase.


Modular sofas usually sit between 1 and 9 people depending on the size and number of modules. The number of seats present in the default configuration is around 3 or 4 depending on the sofa. Knowing how many seats come with the default configuration (and, therefore, how many additional modules you might have to order) is important to ensure your entire family can sit comfortably.

Customization Features

Some modular sofas offer a host of customization features. These features, such as arms that are shaped differently, leg colour and material changes, and ergonomics like pillows and chaises can help you make your couch unique. If you have a specific style or vision for your living room, choosing a modular sofa with customization options might be the best option for you.

While most modular sofas offer cookie-cutter designs that can be changed just a little based on modularity, sofas with customization features offer you more options to create a unique sofa that fits your space. Some offer matching ottomans, chaise lounge pieces instead of a corner piece, and even different leg shapes and materials. Some options even offer differently-shaped armrests! Make sure to take in all of these customization options and choose the ones that look most appealing to you.

Colour Options

If the colour of your couch is important to you, you should choose an option that has many different colours available. Most modular sofa companies offer free fabric swatches, allowing you to see the colours in person before your purchase. It’s always a good idea to order these swatches, so you’ll get a great idea of how each colour looks in your space.

Choose an option that works best with the rest of your living room décor. The best modular couches in Canada are available in multiple different colours, including neutrals and some brighter colours, too. Don’t settle! If you need a couch that is a nontraditional colour, that should be the first thing you look for as you shop.

Materials and Durability

The materials used to make the sofa are essential for ensuring quality and longevity. You want a range of durable materials that will last many years. Polyester fabrics are durable, and this is why these fabrics are used for covers more often than any other. Leather is a great option for longevity, too.

When it comes to the cushions, you want some type of high-density foam and fill combination. This allows for optimal performance while remaining durable and comfortable.

The frame should be some type of dried hardwood, including lightweight hardwoods like larch and birch. You want to be able to move the couch around easily, which wouldn’t be possible with heavier hardwoods. Still, dried options will be sturdy and work well for years to come.

Choosing a couch made with durable materials is the first step towards making a good furniture investment. Make sure to look into every material used in the construction of your sofa to make sure it’s the best possible option for you.

Configuration Options

Completely modular sofas give you multiple configuration options, but others may be a bit more limited. Make sure to check out how many configuration options can be achieved with the pieces you purchase. Look at the different configurations the company sells and choose one that fits your needs.

It’s important to investigate how the pieces can be configured outside of the preset options, too. If you want to change your modular furniture often, determining how it can be changed is the first step to figuring out which option is best for you.

Additional Modules

Purchasing additional modules can be a great way to change the look and feel of your sofa. If you want to change the size of your sofa over time, consider a sofa that allows you to purchase additional modules. While some modular sofas offer a fixed number of seats, others may allow you to add additional pieces if needed.

To accommodate a larger space or growing family, you might want to select only options that allow for additional modules to be purchased separately. Many modular sofas allow you to connect and purchase as many additional modules as required. It’s important to look for options that allow for further customization, even if you don’t think you need it when you make your first purchase. This can save you a lot of money later, especially because you won’t have to purchase additional seating options if your need expands.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best material for a sofa hinges on your individual needs and preferences. Fabric sofas offer a soft, comfortable perch but can be harder to clean, especially if you spill liquids. On the other hand, leather is a durable, long-lasting material that looks beautiful for years but can feel cold to the touch.

A modular sofa can last well over a decade with proper care and maintenance. Without routine upkeep and a bit of TLC here and there, most sofas won’t make it to 10 years in good condition, so maintenance is crucial. Always make sure to read the care instructions that come with your sofa, and try to keep food and drink away from fabrics as much as possible.

The cost of a modular sofa varies drastically based on factors specific to each model. On the low end, some compact modular sofas that seat a few people cost less than $1,000. However, larger models often tip the scales over several thousand dollars. Many Canadians feel comfortable investing in a piece of furniture that will last for years to come, while others may know that pets and children may increase wear and tear, therefore choosing a budget option.

Yes! Most modular sofas are created to be expanded later on. They may sell individual modules that you can purchase at a later date to add to your setup, so make sure to note where you bought the modular sofa from so you can add pieces if you need to. Keep in mind, though, that many companies change their designs regularly, and your particular modular sofa may not be manufactured, so if you really think you want to expand, it may make sense to buy all the pieces at once.

One of the best things about a modular sofa is the ability to customize the seating to your preference. Most modular sofas that can be customized allow seating for 1 to 9 people. You can easily mix and match pieces and seats, ensuring that the shape, design and seating capacity are exactly what you are after. For the most seating, consider the Cozey Altus Modular Sofa, which can accommodate more people than any other modular sofa on our list today.

Canadians have all sorts of preferred design aesthetics, and modern living rooms are incredibly popular. For the best modern modular sofa, we think the Cozey Atmosphere Modular Sofa is a perfect choice. This customizable sofa comes in bold, simple colours and has a sleek and blocky look that looks great in all modern rooms and offices.