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A leather sofa can be the perfect addition to your living room. These sofas are timeless classics that can elevate your décor. There are a lot of buzzwords associated with choosing the right type of leather couch, from the grain of the leather to the type of construction or customization options available. We’re here to help you sort out all these issues and choose the leather sofa that works best for you.

We’ve found some of the best leather couches in Canada based on our tester feedback, as well as a set of specific evaluations. We looked at features like the type of leather used, the type of sofa, how many seats are available on each option, and whether there are any customization options. After considering all of this, we found the following best leather sofas in Canada.

Best Leather Sofa for Canadians

Why Did We Choose These Leather Sofas in Canada?

Each of these sofas stands out in different ways, which is why they made it onto our list. Here’s why we chose each of the best leather couches in Canada.

The Nook Living Sofa is the best leather sofa in Canada. This option has three different colour options for their 100% authentic Italian leather covers. You can choose any configuration you like, including a standard sofa or sectional option with a chaise or ottoman. The possibilities are endless with this customizable option.

On the other hand, the Noa Kennedy Leather Sectional is one of the best leather sectionals on the Canadian market. This sectional use a chaise sectional to create a more comfortable place to lounge. You can choose to put the chaise on the left or right, which makes this couch customizable based on your space.

Best Overall

The Nook Living Sofa

The Nook Living Sofa (Leather)


It's Great For:

The Nook Living Sofa is the best leather sofa in Canada overall. This option features three different leather finish colours, a wider range than most of the other leather sofas on the Canadian market. You can choose between Steel Grey, Grizzly Brown, and Obsidian Black. You can choose the option that works best with your living room décor, so you don’t have to restyle your entire space around your new sofa.

This sofa does a good job of fitting in with your style in other ways, too. There are multiple ways you can customize the shape, size, and look of your sofa, starting with seats and configurations. You can choose a sofa configuration and select any option between one seat and four seats. However, this sofa system is also completely modular. This means that you can select the preset sectional configurations or create your own. All the pieces will fit together in any configuration you choose.

Because of the custom configuration options, this sofa can fit in various spaces. Large spaces, smaller areas, and even irregular rooms can be stylishly furnished with this sofa in its various configurations.

Other customization options include the thickness of the arms, leg materials and finish (including dark oak wood, brushed nickel, or matte black metal), and matching cushions. You can also choose whether you want an ottoman or chaise piece in addition to the various configuration pieces you purchase.

When it comes to construction, the Nook sofa uses a hardwood and birch frame with anti-sag springs. The cushions are firm but comfortable, ensuring that the leather is unlikely to sag or pool over time. You can choose to get a set of free leather swatches to see which option works best in your space. Finally, if you want a fabric sofa that fits perfectly in another room, you can choose one of the fabric finish options. It’s the same great sofa with a durable fabric cover rather than leather, and it comes in four different colours.

This sofa will last you a long time, especially when you consider the sturdy construction and high-quality leather. To further prove that Nook provides some of the best quality on the market, each sofa comes with a limited lifetime warranty. This protects against damage and defects during the practical life of your sofa.

The Highlights

The Nook Living Sofa features three different colour options for the leather finish, including Steel Grey, Grizzly Brown, and Obsidian Black. The customizable sofa and sectional options allow you to fit this sofa into smaller rooms, larger spaces, and irregular spaces. There are tons of customization options, including shapes and materials for the arms, legs, and other ergonomic features. The covers are made with 100% authentic high-grade Italian leather.

  • Three different colour options for the leather finish
  • Configurations for larger spaces, smaller rooms, and irregular shapes
  • Customizable options for the arms, legs, and other ergonomic features
  • Made with 100% authentic, high-grade Italian leather

From the Test Lab

“Our testers loved the feel of this leather sofa, as well as the many customization options available. They felt like they could make this sofa their own.”

Best Sectional

Noa Kennedy Leather Sectional

Noa Kennedy Leather Sectional


It's Great For:

The Noa Kennedy Leather Sectional is a three-seater sectional sofa that includes two standard seats and a chaise section. The chaise can go on the right side or the left side, and you can choose which you prefer at purchase. This allows you to shape the couch into your space, especially if you need a certain configuration to make the sectional work for you.

This sofa is made with 100% top-grain, full-aniline leather. The surface is soft but supple and only gets better with time. The way this leather has been processed allows for it to change over time, developing a type of patina that only top-quality leather produces with age. This means that the longer you use it, the better it gets! The leather used in this sofa is consciously sourced in South America.

The frame inside the sofa is sustainably made with kiln-dried hardwood. It’s remarkably sturdy yet lightweight, so you can easily move the sofa around to where you need it. The arms and back of the couch are padded and reinforced, increasing durability. The modern metal legs won’t scratch up your floors but provide a nice shape and aesthetic for the sofa.

The cushions are on the softer side, filled with polyester hollow fill and heavyweight sheeting. This means that they are soft enough to keep you comfortable, but they have support from other materials to hold up over time. Whether you sit on the couch often or every few days, this sofa will keep you happy.

It’s also worth noting that the cushions on this couch have a nice, sinking feeling to them. If you prefer a softer feel for your sofa cushions, this is the option that might work well for you. The cushions on the back are loose and reversible, making it simple to clean your sofa or arrange the cushions however you like.

Overall, Noa’s Kennedy Leather Sectional provides great support and balance. The leather is durable enough to stand up to years of use, and the option to move the chaise to either side during purchase is lovely. There are two colour options to choose from, including a natural light brown and a darker brown. Both will change with age!

The Highlights

The Noa Kennedy Leather Sectional is made with 100% top-grain, full-aniline leather. It’s a soft, buttery surface that becomes better with age. The frame is made of kiln-dried hardwood, which is strong and supportive enough to ensure your sofa lasts for years to come. The eco-conscious construction of this sofa helps you relax a little easier, especially considering the sustainable materials. The interior of every part of the sofa, especially the arms and back, is reinforced to keep its shape over long hours of use.

  • 100% top-grain, full-aniline leather creates a soft, durable surface
  • Kiln-dried hardwood frame ensures that the sofa is strong and supportive
  • Eco-conscious construction helps you relax a little easier
  • The reinforced interior on the cushions, arms, back, and seats for better durability overall

From the Test Lab

“This buttery-soft leather sofa was a favourite among our testers. The soft cushions and comfortable feel of the sofa made this option a hit in their homes.”

Why Trust Us?

We do extensive research to help you improve your life. We’ve looked at hundreds of different categories to bring you the products to enrich your life, from mattresses to small kitchen appliances, bedding, and beyond. We have spent hundreds of hours researching, testing, and observing how these products work to help you out!

When it came to leather sofas, we put each of the contenders we found through a set of exclusive, rigorous tests in our test lab. We developed scores based on how they performed. Then, we sent each couch off to our testers, who used them in their homes for a few weeks during the testing phase. Their detailed feedback, combined with our evaluations, determined which recommendations we would pass on to you.

When evaluating the best leather sofas in Canada, we looked at the following factors:

  • Type of Leather. The type of leather used on the sofa can make all the difference, especially when it comes to feeling and durability. We chose options that used the highest-quality top-grain leather to ensure that your sofa lasts. 
  • Sofa Type. A sofa is great for three or four people, but what if you want a bigger couch? When choosing the options for our list, we were mindful of larger seating configurations. That’s why we have standard sofa options as well as sectionals on our list. 
  • Seats. How many people can sit on the sofa at once? This is important for larger families, and especially for those who want to make sure everyone is comfortable. We tried to choose full-size sofas, sectionals, and options with multiple seat configurations for this reason. 
  • Customizable Options. We looked for sofas that had some level of customization, allowing you to make each of the sofas on our list suit you better.

How to Choose Leather Sofa for Canadians

There are many different options for your leather sofa, from leather grain and type to the space, dimensions, and colour options of each sofa. Here’s a handy guide to help you choose the best leather sofa for your space and lifestyle.

Type of Leather

Of course, the quality of your leather sofa depends on the leather itself. All real leather is made from cattle hide, but the part of the hide used can determine how the couch looks and feels. Top-grain leather is the most common option for sofas. Top-grain leather is usually processed, dyed with an aniline vegetable dye, and made soft and comfortable.

Top-grain leather ages with time, meaning that your couch will look different as it ages. That’s exactly what most people want when they purchase a leather sofa. Top-grain leather sofas stain more easily due to the lack of a protective coating, however.

Essentially, all leather is processed to some degree. Top-grain leather is processed for comfort and softness, while other options can be embossed, dyed, or corrected to develop a unique look and feel. While the cushions on your couch might be top-grain aniline leather, the material on the parts of the couch you don’t usually touch might be split hides or another type of leather.

We recommend either top-grain leather or pigmented leather for your leather couch. Pigmented leather corrects the grain pattern on the leather and uses a polymer surface to add pigments. Pigmented leather is durable, resistant to stains, and much easier to clean than other types.

Sofa Frame and Construction

Most Canadians don’t consider how their sofa is constructed. However, the frame and construction of your sofa can tell you a lot about how it’s made and whether it will stand the test of time.

The frame is one of the most important components of your couch. You need to choose a couch with a kiln-dried hardwood frame. Woods like birch and larch are sturdy but lightweight, making it easy to move the couch around. A sturdy frame is essential if you want your couch to last for many years.

You should also consider the construction of the back and arms of the couch. You want materials that are reinforced, use firmer webbing, and will keep you supported without breaking or creaking.

While these are sometimes secondary concerns, it’s important to keep the construction of the couch in mind as you shop. If you want a durable, high-quality couch, you should always consider the construction of the frame inside.


The construction of the couch cushions can make a difference, particularly in the way they feel. If you can’t test out the sofa in person, it’s always a good idea to check out how the cushions are made. Some sofa retailers will even list how soft or firm their cushions are, which will give you a pretty good idea of how they feel.

Consider the sofas you’ve enjoyed sitting on in the past. Have the cushions felt soft and comforting, or firm and supple? Do you enjoy sinking into your sofa? Do you need more support from the cushions across the back of your sofa? Keep these things in mind as you shop. Your preferences are extremely important, especially with a leather sofa. Since they are more durable and meant to last longer, you want to find a sofa that feels comfortable to you.

The inserts for the cushions may be made of memory foam or fill. Memory foam moulds to your body, delivering a more comfortable feel. Fill can sink in, but most cushions that use fill are reinforced with additional layers of firm materials. This way, the fill won’t slide around and create low spots on the couch.

You should choose the option that works best for you. While memory foam cushions are the most popular right now, you may prefer something different!

Sofa Type

There are two main types of sofas you will encounter as you shop for the best leather couch in Canada.

  • Standard sofas. A standard sofa includes three or four seats in fixed positions. The seats and armrests can’t be moved around. A standard sofa can be a less expensive option, but they aren’t modular and offer fewer customization features. If you don’t want a large sectional or have a smaller space, a standard sofa can still be a great option. 
  • Sectional sofas. Sectional sofas are longer, L-shaped pieces that may be fixed or modular. Fixed sectionals come in pieces that go together in one configuration. Sectionals require more space, but larger families can all gather in the living room at the same time. Modular sectionals allow you to purchase different sections and seats, whether those are standard options or chaise pieces. You can arrange them however you want, including in nontraditional configurations. If you want a sectional for a larger room or a bigger family, consider a modular option that you can tailor to your needs.

Dimensions and Space

Whether you’re looking at a modular sectional or a standard sofa, size is a concern. Of course, every living room may not be large enough to house the largest sectionals on the market. You should be careful about the dimensions of the sofa and the size of your space to ensure that the option you choose fits well.

The page for each sofa should give you information about the basic dimensions as you shop. Before you start looking at sofas, make sure to measure your space. Keep these dimensions in mind and write them down for reference. You want to make sure that the sofa you get will fit well. You don’t want to purchase a sofa that’s too small for your dimensions or too large.

If you choose a modular sectional for your space, make sure to consider the dimensions of each piece. These should be available via the website. This way, you can add up the width, height, and length of the sofa to ensure it still fits in your given space.

Other options include sectional sofas, which can take up more room but also seat more people. Consider how many people you need to seat if your entire household gathers in your living room. Use that number to choose a sofa size that works for you and your space.

Colour Options

There are dozens of different colour options for leather sofas, but some sofas only offer two or three choices. Purchasing a sofa in the right colour is essential to match your décor, so it’s important to choose one that matches.

The best leather sofas in Canada offer a range of colours, from natural leather colours to pigmented options. Natural colours are instant classics, so choose one of the natural brown shades if you want a sofa you can use for multiple different décor selections. However, pigmented leather can help if you want something suited to a specific look.

The colours you choose for your sofa are entirely up to you, but you should consider a sofa with more options if you want to choose the exact colour for your space.


Many of the sofas we found (both leather and otherwise) offer some level of customization. Some, like the sofa we looked at in our list, are completely modular. This means that you can arrange them however you like, as all the pieces can fit together in various configurations. However, even some non-modular sofas have a range of customization, from simple colour options to a more complex list of special features.

Some sofas allow you to customize the shape and material used in the leg pieces, while others allowed you to add a chaise on one side or the other. Some could be ordered with ottomans or matching pillows. Other options may include the shape or size of the arms.

If you want to make a sofa entirely yours, it might be worth looking into an option that offers many different levels of customization. With some options, you can order additional pieces later so your sofa always fits your needs.

Additional Considerations for Leather Sofas

Now that you know how to choose the perfect leather couch for you, it might be worth it to consider a few extra things you may not know about leather sofas.

Care and Maintenance

Genuine leather sofas require some degree of care and maintenance. You should make sure to condition your leather and keep it clean with a leather cleaner. It’s important to choose the right types of cleaners for the leather your sofa is made of. If you fail to maintain your leather, it can crack, split, or dry out. If you want your sofa to last as long as possible, you should do your best to perform standard leather care on a schedule that you can maintain.

There are plenty of resources where you can learn how to keep your leather looking great. Asking a local leather furniture retailer can help, and they might have the items you need for your sofa. Otherwise, check online to learn exactly how to keep up with your leather.

Pets and Kids

Even if you love the look and feel of leather furniture, there are a few reasons to avoid it if you have pets or kids. If you allow your pets on the furniture, cats and dogs can easily scratch even the highest-quality leather. While properly maintaining the leather, some deeper scratches from their claws can permanently damage the leather.

The same is true about rough treatment from kids. Even leather that uses protective treatments can be damaged if your kids are too rowdy or your pets get excited. If you are a parent (or pet parent), consider what this might mean for the look and feel of your sofa over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

A good-quality leather sofa made with top-grain leather and a hardwood frame should last 25 years or more. However, a lower-quality sofa might last only a fraction of that time. That’s why choosing a quality sofa is important!

Leather can stretch out over time, but well-made sofas won’t puddle or sag like other options. The interior materials will need to remain firm over time to prevent pooling and sagging, so you should choose firmer cushions for your leather sofas.

Real leather sofas do require a little bit of work. You can purchase leather cleaner and conditioner for real leather furniture. Using these according to the instructions can help maintain your leather sofa, prevent cracking, and keep it looking great for years to come.