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The sofa is the first thing you see when you walk into your living room. Since you’ll see this piece of furniture more often than almost any other in your home, you should choose one that you love. A great sofa should look good and feel comfortable. If you often hang out in your living room, why not choose one of the best sofas in Canada? All of our recommendations are beautiful, comfortable, and unique. We’ve selected a few of our favourites from the Canadian market, including options that push the bounds of customization and creativity.

Through tester feedback and our test lab evaluations, we developed this list of the best sofas in Canada. We looked at features like the sofa type, materials used, size, cushions, and covers to make our determinations.

Best Sofas for Canadians

Why Did We Choose These Sofas in Canada?

All the sofas on our list of the best couches in Canada stand out uniquely. Here’s why we ultimately chose each of them for this list.

The Cozey Original Collection Sofa is the best sofa in Canada overall. This modular option comes in multiple configurations, is extremely customizable, and can grow with you. It’s durable enough to stand up to pets and children, too.

The Noa Flow Sectional Sofa is one of the best modular options on our list. The pieces can be arranged any way you want, and they are easy to move around when you want to change them up. The L-shape also makes it great for most traditional spaces.

While most modular sofas offer firmer seats, the Cozey Atmosphere Collection Sofa uses medium-firmness seats that are deep enough for the tallest Canadians. You’ll love relaxing into this comfortable sofa after a long day.

On the other hand, the Nook Living Sofa offers the best customization options we found. Here, you can customize your arms, legs, ergonomic extras (including different throw pillows that match your fabric choices), and more. You can choose if you want an ottoman or chaise, and it comes in either fabric or leather.

If you need a larger or more spread-out configuration for your sofa, try out the Cozey Ciello Collection Sofa. There are so many different configuration options available here, but you can also choose to arrange the modular pieces in any way you choose.

The Noa Madison Sofa offers the best fixed option with a chaise lounge on our list. You can choose whether you want the chaise on the left side or the right side, but it’s comfortable and classy either way.

If you’re looking for a splash of colour for your living room, consider the Noa Soho Velvet Sofa. This option comes in six stunning velvet colours, some of which aren’t found anywhere else on our list (or on the Canadian market).

Finally, the Noa Kennedy Leather Sofa has the best leather cushions we’ve tried. These plush cushions are soft to start, but the leather only gets better with time. Each cover is made with 100% genuine top-grain leather for a soft, well-cushioned feel you can really relax into.

Best Overall

Cozey Original Collection Sofa

Best Sofas Cozey Original Collection Sofa


It's Great For:

If you’re in the market for a modular sofa that doesn’t go too far from the standard approach to couches, you might consider the Cozey Original Collection Sofa. This sofa is modular, meaning the pieces can be rearranged at will. However, it can fit your needs whether you need a large sectional or a standard loveseat. The possibilities are endless.

The sofas that are available in the Cozey Original Collection range from a single-seat piece to four seats with an armrest on both ends. You can add a chaise lounge wherever you want as an additional option, or you can order a standalone ottoman that matches the colour and fabric you choose. While most couches use a single type of fabric in multiple colours, this sofa offers standard fabrics in neutral colours and a velvet option with more colour choices. Each fabric is soft and smooth, contributing to the great feel of this sofa.

Plus, it’s extremely customizable. Before you add the couch to your cart, you can customize the way the arms look, the fabrics used, the arrangement of the pieces, and if you want a chaise or ottoman. You can also add additional ergonomic options, including lumbar pillows and arm pillows. This sofa even allows you to customize the way that the legs look.

Both fabric options are durable, and the covers are removable, reversible, and replaceable. It’s easy to wash them, and you don’t have to worry about the entire sofa being damaged if they get scratched, torn, or stained. This sturdy sofa can grow with you, especially if you end up needing more space down the road.

The Highlights

The Cozey Original Collection Sofa offers two fabric options, including standard polyester fabric and a velvet option. Each option has its own selection of available colours. The modular design of this sofa allows you to add seats if you need, so you can start with a sofa and end with a larger sectional if you want. The arms, fabrics, arrangements, and ergonomics are all customizable, allowing you to start with a sofa that matches your décor and style. Both the polyester fabric and velvet covers are durable and great for pets and kids.

  • Two fabric options, including standard polyester fabric and velvet options
  • Modular design allows you to add seats, extending the sofa to a sectional with additional pieces
  • Customizable arms, fabrics, arrangements, and ergonomic pieces
  • Durable fabrics are great for pets and kids

From the Test Lab

“Our testers loved the multiple areas of customization available with this sofa. You can personalize this sofa to better fit your spaces.”

Best Modular

Noa Flow Sectional Sofa

The Noa Flow Sectional


It's Great For:

The Noa Flow Sectional is one of the best modular sofas we found. This option uses three pieces, two of which have arms. However, it’s simple to arrange them in an L-shape or even take them apart for use individually in smaller rooms. This modular option doesn’t overwhelm you with infinite possibilities, but it does give you a very smart way to try a modular option for your living room.

The cushions are a medium firmness, comfortable but supportive. The coils help keep you from sinking into the cushioned, especially when paired with the dense foam core. If you prefer to avoid a plush couch, this option may be better for you. The low backrests make it ideal for smaller spaces, too. Despite the lower profile, the seats are nice and deep for proper lounging.

If your living room has a more modern style, this couch fits right in. The legs are hidden behind the shape of the sofa, giving this sofa a streamlined look that makes it the centrepiece of your living room. It’s available in three different fabric colours – all neutrals, so they’re perfect for a variety of spaces. You’ll find options in light grey, cream, and charcoal grey. The pieces fit together seamlessly and offer spacious seating no matter how you have it configured. The covers are made with a soft, durable fabric that is comfortable and will last throughout the years.

The Highlights

The Noa Flow Sectional Sofa comes with two corner pieces and one chair piece. There are multiple configurations you can choose with additional pieces, which can be ordered separately if you want to change things up later. As it is, this sofa seats up to four, great for smaller families and limited spaces. The cushions are soft and comfortable, with a great supportive medium feel.

  • Comes with two corner pieces and one chair piece
  • Multiple configurations are available, allowing you to match it to the space you have
  • Sits up to four, great for smaller families
  • Cushions are soft, and comfortable and have a supportive medium firmness

From the Test Lab

“Our testers were surprised by the modular design of this sofa. The configurations are simple and endless, no matter how you like to style your spaces.”

Best Seats

Cozey Atmosphere Collection Sofa

Best Sofas Cozey Atmosphere Collection Sofa


It's Great For:

The Cozey Atmosphere Collection is one of the best sofa options for those who want a more comfortable sofa. While most modular and sofa-in-a-box options are smaller and offer firmer cushions, this collection features deep, well-cushioned seats. The medium firmness on the cushions is comfortable without losing any support. The deeper seats are also ideal for taller Canadians.

This couch is modular, which means you can modify the layout to suit your needs. It’s a great option for those with larger spaces and larger families, as you can order pieces to expand your space. You can start with a smaller sofa configuration if needed, but you can expand to a larger sectional over time.

This set offers a lot of customization options. You can choose from one of 9 different colours for the covers. All of the colour options are neutral, but you can choose from several stunning shades to compliment your living room decor. You can change the arm design, too. You can choose to have one arm on either side of the couch, two arms, or an armless sofa. You can also choose to add an ottoman or matching pillows, so make sure to choose the options that work best for you.

The Highlights

The Cozey Atmosphere Collection offers complete customization, even when it comes to the arms. You can choose where you want the arms on this sofa, or you can get them without arms altogether. Additional module options include an ottoman and matching pillows in your choice of 9 neutral colours. The colour selection for this sofa offers 9 different shades for any decor. The seats themselves are deeper than most options, allowing taller Canadians a comfortable place to rest.

  • Customizable arm design and placement
  • Additions include an ottoman or matching pillows
  • Available in 9 neutral colours
  • Deep seats for taller Canadians

From the Test Lab

“We loved the colour selection for this sofa. The deep, comfortable seats really won us over. The longer we sat here, the harder it was to get up!”

Best Customization

The Nook Living Sofa

The Nook Living Sofa


It's Great For:

The Nook Living Sofa offers some of the best customizations on the Canadian market. This sofa comes in a variety of options, including two different fabric types (polyester fabric and leather). Each option has a host of colour options to ensure that your sofa fits in perfectly, too. You can arrange this modular sofa in any configuration that suits you, and adding pieces is simple. You can also choose an arm design, whether you want an ottoman or chaise, whether you want cushions or bolsters, and which type of legs fits better in your living room.

These choices help you make the sofa yours. If you have very specific wants from your new sofa, this is the option for you. The in-depth customization appeals to a wide range of users. If you choose to use fabric for your covers, you’ll be able to choose dark grey, navy, medium grey, and cream. The leather covers come in medium grey, light brown, and obsidian. That’s enough options to make a lot of unique sofas.

These sofas are also extremely modular. You can configure this in any way that you need to get the most from your room. If the three-seater option doesn’t work for you, you can add or remove pieces until it does. This sofa can grow with you, which makes it even more customizable.

The Highlights

The Nook Living Sofa is customizable in almost every way. You can choose either a polyester fabric or leather, each of which comes in distinct colour options. No matter what you choose, this sofa comes in a variety of durable, long-lasting fabrics. It’s extremely modular, so you can configure it however you need to. It’s great for larger spaces as well as smaller rooms.

  • Customizable in almost every way
  • Choice of polyester fabric or leather, each with distinct colour options
  • Durable, long-lasting fabrics
  • Extremely modular, allowing for endless configurations to fit any room

From the Test Lab

“The wealth of customization options made our testers feel like they were creating a completely custom sofa every time. This option is great for very specific tastes.”

Best Configuration Options

Cozey Ciello Collection Sofa

Best Sofas Cozey Ciello Collection Sofa


It's Great For:

The Cozey Ciello Collection Sofa looks like a fixed sofa, but it’s extremely modular. The configuration options are endless with this sofa. You can add pieces to create any shape you need. The sofa version can have one seat up to four, while the sectional options are nearly endless. With a little work, you could easily make this a U-shaped sectional sofa for all your family members.

The polyester fabric is soft and comfortable. It comes in three different performance swatches, including beige, light grey, and dark grey. In addition to the configuration, you can customize the arm shape and determine if you want a free-standing ottoman. This couch is extremely comfortable, with its medium-plush cushions helping you stay supported as you sink into this couch.

Like most of the best made sofas in Canada, this option uses solid wood to create the frame. Springs, high-density foam, and feather filling create the feel of the seat pieces and the back piece. Each of the covers is washable, replaceable, and pet-friendly. This means that they help repel stains and stay durable despite scratching and playing.

The Highlights

With Cozey’s Ciello Collection Sofa, there are three different neutral colours to choose from. The covers are washable, replaceable, and pet-friendly. You can customize the arms and ergonomic options, including an optional ottoman for an additional cost. The softer cushions on the seat and back allow for a plusher level of comfort than some firmer cushions might offer.

  • Three different neutrals to choose from
  • Covers are washable, replaceable, and pet-friendly
  • Customizable arms and ergonomic options
  • Softer cushions on the seat and back for better comfort

From the Test Lab

“The Cozey Ciello Collection has multiple available configurations. With enough pieces, our testers were able to get some unique shapes due to the extremely modular design.”

Best Fixed Chaise

Noa Madison Sofa

Noa Madison Sectional Sofa


It's Great For:

The Noa Madison Sectional is a fixed sofa with a chaise feature. The chaise can be put on either the left or right depending on your preference, and there’s an option for each. This L-shaped sectional provides ultimate comfort and support, even when you’re kicking back in the chaise after a long day. It seats three comfortably.

This sofa offers a great design and clean lines. Plus, you can turn the covers around to change the look, reducing the tufting if it’s not for you. Even though there aren’t many ways to customize this sofa, turning the covers inside out is a great touch. The seats are deep, allowing for more functionality and comfort. No matter how you like to relax on your couch, this option can help you out.

The springs are high-gauge, firm springs. The medium firm feel of the couch is great for extra support without sinking right into the couch. Above these coils are a high-density foam layer and a polyester filling, which helps cushion your body when you sit down. You can fit three people onto the Noa Madison sectional, making it an ideal option for those with smaller families. It comes in two distinct colours: cream and light grey, both of which will blend perfectly with the living room furniture you already own.

The Highlights

The Noa Madison Sofa allows you to choose whether you want the includes chaise section on the right or the left, allowing you to make it your own. When you receive the sofa, it only needs simple assembly. This means screwing the legs into the frame. The deep seats on this sofa help keep you comfortable. It’s a medium-firm feel, so it offers a great blend of comfort and support.

  • Chaise can be on the left or right
  • Only requires simple assembly, which means screwing the legs to the frame
  • Deep seats on the sofa promote better comfort
  • Firm but comfortable feel for those who need better support

From the Test Lab

“This sofa is simple, but it looks and feels great. The reversible cushions are a great touch, and the chaise is long enough for most Canadians.”

Best Colour Options

Noa Soho Velvet Sofa

The Noa Soho Sofa


It's Great For:

Does your living room need a splash of colour? The Noa Soho Velvet Sofa might be able to help. This sofa uses clean lines and a modern, streamlined design to display one of six colours. Outside the standard cream and light grey, you can purchase this couch in navy blue, burnt orange, gold, and dark green. Choose the one that best matches your kitchen décor, because it’s rare to find sofas in these colours.

The covers on this velvet sofa are smooth and comfortable without being overwhelmingly so. The covers can be removed for a quick run through the washing machine, particularly if they are showing signs of wear. This is one of the best couches in Canada when it comes to feeling, especially considering its design and shape of it. With your order, you’ll get two back cushions.

The velvet is a beautiful touch here. It shades depending on the light in the room, making it look ethereal. The sofa has a classic, classy look about it, something that the bolster pillows really make stick. The cushions are comfortable, and the back cushions are supported. Despite all of its flaws, this Velvet sofa delivers deep comfort and a place to relax after a long day.

The Highlights

The Noa Soho Velvet Sofa comes in a range of beautiful velvet colours, including orange, yellow, and deep green. It also comes with bolster pillows you can place on each arm for additional comfort and class. Overall, this couch has a very classic design. The profile and long, smooth lines make this one of the best made sofas in Canada. The pillow covers are removable and reversible, allowing you to choose whether you want the tufting displayed or not.

  • Beautiful velvet colour palette
  • Comes with bolster pillows for each arm
  • Classic design with a beautiful profile
  • Removable and reversible cushion covers

From the Test Lab

“Testers loved the deeper tones in this sofa’s colour palette. The reversible cushions and included bolsters added a nice touch.

Best Leather Cover

Noa Kennedy Leather Sofa

Noa Kennedy Leather Sofa


It's Great For:

If you’re tired of fabric couches, you can always go with a leather option. The Noa Kennedy Leather Sofa might be the perfect option for you. This fixed sofa comes in two different colour options, including light brown and dark brown. This sofa is made with 100% genuine top-grain leather, so you know that it’s going to be a quality piece in your home.

The covers get softer and more comfortable with use, ensuring that this sofa only gets better with age. The cushions and backs are extremely plush. You can sink right into this couch and find the perfect position for reading, watching TV, or hanging out with friends.

This sofa uses eco-conscious materials to create the entire couch, from the foams used to genuine leather products. It’s smooth and buttery, and the fact that it gets better over time can only make it better. The frame is made with sustainable hardwood, while the back and seat cushions are filled with polyester hollow fiber and heavy sheeting. This helps them provide better support and comfort for most users.

The covers and eco-conscious construction from start to finish make the Noa Kennedy Leather sofa stand out as one of the best options you can purchase on the market. The leather covers are a huge highlight.

The Highlights

The Kennedy Leather sofa seats up to three people on large, overstuffed cushions. The couch has a plush feel overall, which extends from the seat cushions to the back cushions. The design of this sofa is surprisingly modern, with luxurious 100% genuine top-grain leather covers. The covers get softer and more pliable with use, making this a great couch for the long haul.

  • Seats 3 on large, overstuffed cushions
  • Plush cushions and back cushions provide optimal comfort
  • Modern design with luxurious covers
  • Covers are made with 100% genuine top-grain leather for a buttery smooth surface

From the Test Lab

“While some leather sofas aren’t very comfortable, this plush option uses genuine leather that wears over time, creating a buttery smooth, soft surface.”

Why Trust Us?

For years, we’ve worked to bring you the best home and living options to spice up your life. We’ve examined dozens of categories, including mattresses, small kitchen appliances, and even options for your home gym. Through it all, we’re committed to making your life as easy as possible. All our recommendations come from a combination of tester feedback and our test lab evaluations, which are adjusted for each type of product. Our decisions are informed by the time spent with each option.

 When it came to choosing the best couches in Canada, we looked at features like these.

  • Type of Sofa. Is the sofa fixed or modular? Each living room may need a different type of sofa, so we found a mix of sofa types to help you make an informed decision.
  • Materials. What is the sofa made of? The materials used in the covers, cushions, and frames are important for determining how comfortable you are, as well as how the sofa feels. 
  • Cushions and Covers. Cushions and covers are the parts of the sofa you interact with most. We looked for a range of cushion types and firmnesses, as well as a range of different cover types. 
  • Size. The size of your sofa is important, as choosing an option that fits into your space is key. We’ve tried to choose sofas that will fit in most spaces, including sectional options for larger spaces. 

How to Choose a Sofa in Canada

Before you start shopping for the best sofas in Canada, consider the following options.

Type of Sofa

Each of the best couches in Canada is either fixed or modular. The type of sofa you should choose depends on your needs and what works best for your space. Here is some insight into what makes these options unique.

  • Fixed sofas are placed in a set configuration, which cannot be changed or rearranged. These one-size-fits-all options are made to fit in very specific spaces, but they’re great if you don’t have a larger family or specific needs. Fixed sofas can be standard sofas or sectionals, so make sure to choose the option that works best for you. 
  • Modular sofas use several pieces that can be changed and rearranged to change the shape and size of the sofa. You might be able to move the chaise lounge piece anywhere in the configuration or change the layout of your sectional. Usually, modular sofa options allow you to order individual pieces to change or expand on your existing set. These sofas can grow with you and are especially helpful for those who like to change things up often. 

The type of sofa that works for your space may change over time. Make sure to consider whether you want to change your sofa in the future, or if you’d be okay with using the same sofa in the same configuration for years to come.

Sectional Options

A sectional sofa is a larger option than a standard sofa. Sectionals usually have two sides, which come together at a 90-degree angle. However, there are many other shapes possible, including a U-shape. Modular sofas can make for great sectionals, as they allow you to change the shape and layout of your sectional depending on what fits best in your room.

On the other hand, many of the sofas on our list come in multiple different arrangements. You may be able to purchase a sofa-sized option first, then expand it into a sectional with additional pieces. This way, you can create a sectional that fits any space you’re in, even those that aren’t traditionally shaped.

On the other hand, fixed sectionals exist as well. These might be L-shaped sectionals, which include a chaise lounge on the shorter side. If you want a sectional, there are plenty of options among the best made sofas in Canada.

When choosing a sectional, you consider the space you have and the size of your family. If your household gathers in the living room, how many people would you need to seat? Use this number to help determine the sectional you’d need to fit into your available space.

Cushion Firmness

The firmness of your cushions can determine how comfortable you find the couch. Some of the best sofas in Canada use firmer cushions to offer support across a wide range of users. However, just like mattresses and other comfort surfaces, you might prefer a different firmness. While most users will be okay with medium or medium-firm cushions, it’s ideal to explore other options if you have the chance.

Most cushions are rated for firmness on a scale. The scale starts with soft or plush cushions. Medium cushions and firmer cushions also include half-step options, such as medium soft or medium firm. This allows for better fine-tuning of the feel of your mattress.

These are the same values that companies use to describe mattresses, and you can expect the same type of feeling overall. Of course, you might want your couch to be firmer than your mattress. You should look at these as different firmness preferences, especially considering the amount of time you spend in bed versus on your couch.


Every living room is different. The dimensions of the sofa can help you decide if it works for your space. You should know the dimensions of the space you’re purchasing the sofa for. Measure it before you start shopping to make it simple.

Once you know the size of your space, you can look at the dimensions to determine if the sofa will fit. This is especially important if you have a smaller space, or if you’re looking to fit a sectional into your living room.

The dimensions we list here give you the width, length, and height of the sofa (to the tops of the back cushions). Use these as a starting point, especially if you’re choosing a modular sofa option. Make sure to factor in the size of additional pieces if you want to extend your sofa or sectional.


Your entire family might not want to sit on the couch at the same time, but it’s important to make sure there’s enough space for everyone if they do. For each sofa, we’ve told you how many people can sit on the option we tested at the same time. For some modular sofas, your results may vary – especially because you can extend these to fit larger families.

Keep in mind that a fixed sofa might not fit all your family members, and that’s okay. You can supplement with additional furniture pieces if needed, especially since most collections have multiple sofa sizes to choose from. Still, it’s important to know how many people will fit on the sofa, as it can help you plan a little better.  


When you use your sofa, you’ll be interacting with the cushions and covers more often than any other part. As a result, you want the covers to be comfortable and plush, with smooth, cool surfaces. The materials used in the covers are important for this purpose. Usually, couches come in a variety of materials. Some options may favour one option over the others, however.

The most common sofa cover material is polyester fabric. It’s durable and breathable, but it isn’t as soft as some of the other options that might be offered. Leather is softer and smoother. Plus, it stays cool depending on the ambient temperature of the room. Leather also gets softer over time, ensuring that your sofa keeps getting better.

Other cushions might be soft velvet, which works to add some unique colour options to your sofa. Velvet looks different in different lighting, ensuring that your sofa is dynamic and changeable.

Regardless of the material you want, it’s important to make sure that the covers you choose are soft and comfortable on your skin. Since you’ll be spending more time with this part of the couch, choosing the right option is important!

Customization Options

Many of the best sofas in Canada come with multiple customization options. These options can range from the cover fabrics to colours used, arm shape and design, and legs. You might be able to choose whether your couch includes an ottoman or chaise lounge, or whether you want matching pillows for your sofa.

All these customization options help you create the sofa that works best with your space. If some of these features are important to you, it’s worth paying a little extra for a fully customizable sofa. For the most part, customizable sofas are modular. You can customize the shape and design of the legs and arms, as well as the number of pieces you receive. This isn’t always the case, so you should check on the sofa’s product page to determine if there are modular features for your customizable sofas.

However, each customizable sofa offers a different experience. Make sure to look at samples to choose the shape and design that you prefer. You can also order fabric swatches to ensure that you are getting the colour and feel that you prefer for each sofa. For most sofa companies, fabric swatches are free and arrive in your mailbox quickly.

Colour Options

The colour of your sofa is likely the first thing you’ll consider when you start shopping. Whether you’re styling the rest of your living room after your sofa or choosing an option that works with the style you already have, colour is important. Most sofas come in at least two different colours, and most options are neutral colours. Rarely, you’ll find a couch that comes in black, blue, or light pink.

No matter how you style your living spaces, you should pay attention to the different colour and pattern options offered with each sofa. Some colours may only be available in alternative fabrics, while the standard option may come in fewer colours. To ensure you get the colours and fabric you want, make sure to pay special attention to the product details.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking for a fabric that lasts a long time, consider leather. Leather covers are more durable than fabric or cloth options, ensuring that your sofa will last longer. It also doesn’t stain and is simple to clean. However, you should choose the option that feels best to you.

Most of the best couches in Canada come in a range of colours, but almost all of them feature a medium grey colour. This neutral colour sells more than nearly any other colour sofa offered on the Canadian market, as it works well with nearly any décor and wallpaper.

Make sure that you measure the space you want to put the sofa. Each sofa on our list (and many others) lists the dimensions of the fixed sofa or the most popular modular configuration. Use these dimensions to determine if the sofa will fit exactly how you want it to.