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The sofa is a staple in millions of Canadian homes. It’s the key piece in any living room setup, and it helps create a comfortable space for hanging out or entertaining guests. Some sofas feature a U-shape perfect for compact living rooms and cozy conversations, while others boast an outstretched footprint that invites other furniture pieces to complete the space.

But to find the best sofas in Canada for 2024, you’ll need to know what to look for. As you’d probably expect, some sofas perform better than others. Unfortunately, it can be hard to tell how well you’ll like your sofa and its performance level until you have it. That can quickly become expensive and frustrating, as testing products as large as a sofa takes time and considerable effort. To save you the hassle of shipping sofas back and forth until you find the perfect one, we did the research and testing for you. We tested various sofas, evaluating each under a calculating gaze to skim the best options from the front of the pack. The following reviews are the results of our research and evaluation.

The Best Sofas for Canadians in 2024

  • Best Overall: Cozey Ciello Collection Sofa
  • Best Customizable: Cozey Altus Collection Sofa
  • Best Seats: Cozey Atmosphere Collection Sofa
  • Best Modular: Noa Flow Sectional Sofa
  • Best Firm Sofa: Noa Pacific XL
  • Best for Small Spaces: Noa Soho Sofa
  • Best Oversized: Cozey Ciello XL Collection Sofa
  • Best Outdoor: Cozey Mistral Outdoor Collection Sofa

Why Did We Choose These Sofas in Canada?

Each sofa on this list earned a place for a specific reason, surging ahead of the competition in various categories. We compiled this list through rigorous testing, extensive research, and careful deliberation to ensure we recommend the best of the best products.

Here’s a quick overview of why each the best sofas in Canada of 2024 made this list.

The Cozy Ciello Collection Sofa is a clear winner, earning its place as our best overall pick. It’s decked out in an impressive array of features, from its customizable fabric colours to its versatile configurations. This model is an excellent choice for a well-rounded sofa to complete your living room.

If you are looking for customization in your sofa, the Cozey Altus Collection Sofa is a worthwhile consideration. This sofa offers impressive customizability, including multiple arm shapes, chaise lounges, multiple leg options, and various modules for multiple configurations.

The Cozey Atmosphere Collection Sofa features deep, comfortable seats that are ideal for taller Canadians. The deeper seats provide a more comfortable lounging experience and plenty of room for lying across the sofa or leaning against the backrest.

The Noa Flow is a perfect choice for Canadians who appreciate the versatility of a modular sofa. This model features three pieces that let you create four shapes, from a compact U-shaped sofa to a sprawling extra-large sofa. It adjusts to match your space needs, ensuring you have the perfect sofa for your living room.

The Noa Pacific XL offers a solid, comfortable seat ideal for Canadians that prefer firmer sofas. This model features more structured cushions that lean heavily on the firmer side of medium, creating a comfortable perch for those who enjoy a firm seat.

The Noa Soho Sofa features a more compact, fixed design that is best suited to smaller spaces. This mid-century modern-styled sofa is large enough to comfortably seat just three people, ensuring it doesn’t dominate all the space in your living room.

Many of the sofas on our list are a fairly standard size. If you want an oversized sofa with modular capabilities and tons of exciting features, consider the Cozey Ciello XL. This sofa is extra wide, extra deep, and plush enough for every Canadian household.

If you need a sofa to complete and elevate your outdoor living space, the Cozey Mistral Outdoor Collection is an excellent option. This sleek sofa features a durable aluminum frame and water-resistant fabric that makes it ideal for outdoor settings.

Best Sofa in Canada: Quick Menu

Best Overall

Cozey Ciello Collection Sofa

Cozey Ciello and Stella Coffee Table
Cozey Ciello in Living Room
Made in CA Exclusive Offer

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It's Great For:

Choosing a sofa can be tricky, but with the Cozey Ciello Collection sofas, you get the best perks, all wrapped into a single, customizable package. This sofa looks like a standard fixed sofa but is actually a modular model in disguise.

It has four different sofa options and eight sectional options to accommodate varying needs and space sizes. While these configurations are available as complete packages, you don’t have to choose any of them. You can choose the configuration that has the number of pieces you need, then add individual modules to create the design you need. This sofa can work beautifully for small families with limited space, but it’s also great for larger families that need plenty of seating for family nights.  With a bit of grunt work to shift each piece to the desired location, you can create nearly any sofa configuration.

It features a soft polyester performance fabric that comes in three colours: Sunset Beige, Storm Grey, Dream Grey. A limited edition chenille fabric is also available in the colour Celeste, a beautiful and soft blue-grey. No matter which fabric option you choose, you can remove the covers and wash them at home. If you have kids or pets, these cushion covers will hold up.

The seat and back feature a polyfoam blend that supplies a soft and comfortable cushion. D35 high-density foam layers provide structure and prevent you from feeling like you’re sinking too deeply into the sofa. A solid pine frame beneath it all provides a sturdy and long-lasting base.

This sturdy construction follows through to the additional pieces you can purchase. You can choose to add an ottoman to any configuration when you choose this sofa. 

Key Features

  • Washable Covers. This sofa’s cushion covers can be removed and washed in your machine at home. They slip off easily, making it easy to refresh the sofa or clean up after a spill.
  • Ottoman Available. Each configuration can come with an optional ottoman for optimal comfort and customization. You can order more than one ottoman for larger configurations, too.
  • Highly Customizable. With twelve configurations to choose from, each featuring modular pieces, you can create nearly any sofa configuration you want. 
  • Soft, Comfortable Seat. A combination of springs, high-density foam, and a polyfoam blend creates a soft yet slightly firm seat. It’s comfortable, but you won’t sink in too far.

Our Expert’s Take

“The combination of solid pine, foam seats, removable covers, and a modular design makes this sofa a well-rounded option. Our testers were able to create numerous unique configurations with the modular pieces.”

Best Customizable

Cozey Altus Collection Sofa

The Cozey Altus Sofa
Cozey Altus with Solis Table
Made in CA Exclusive Offer

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It's Great For:

The Cozey Altus Collection sofa is perfect for Canadians who want ultimate customizability. This sofa offers an impressive array of customizable features that allow customers to select the best options for their needs.

There are multiple individual modules, allowing you to create the sofa of your dreams. The configuration isn’t the only customizable option for this sofa, though. You can choose a chaise lounge or ottoman to add to your sofa. You can even choose which side of the chaise attaches to the sofa, allowing you to place it on the right side or left side of your setup.

You can also customize the shape of your arms, including a sloped option and a bloc option. However you get comfortable, you can get the perfect arms to match. There are even multiple leg options, including a wooden option and two different metal colours for complete control over your look.

Each modular piece can be arranged into various configurations, from a conversational U-shaped sofa to a lengthy straight sofa that offers the perfect perch for watching your favourite show. While there are configuration options available, you don’t have to choose these options. You can freestyle your sofa modules to create the perfect sofa for your space.

There are two fabric options available for this sofa, including a smooth performance fabric and soft velvet option. There are six performance fabric colours, ranging from gray to ivory, with standout options like navy blue. The velvet covers come in sapphire blue and emerald green, which are sure to add a pop of colour to any room. 

No matter which fabric option you choose, you can remove the covers easily. They can go right into the washing machine to remove any spills or dirt, maintaining the look and feel of your sofa for the long haul. This feature makes the Cozey Altus Collection perfect for Canadian homes with children or pets.

Key Features

  • Highly Customizable. Various leg designs, configurations, fabric colours, materials, arm designs, and modules make this sofa perfect for ultimate customization. 
  • Machine Washable. Each cushion cover is removable and machine washable for easy cleanup. They are replaceable, too. If they become too damaged, you can order replacements rather than ordering a whole new module.
  • Velvet Fabric. Velvety fabric is available in two colours for Canadians who prefer the plush surface of velvet. This soft, classy alternatives adds jewel-toned sapphire and emerald to the available colour options.
  • Comfortable Seat. A combination of polyfoam, super soft foam, and medium to high-density foam make for a comfortable seat.  

Our Expert’s Take

“If customizability is a priority for you, this sofa is a winner. Our testers enjoyed the high level of customizability, from the sofa’s legs to its fabric material. You can create the sofa you want to see in your living room, which gives this option a clear edge.”

Best Seats

Cozey Atmosphere Collection

Cozey Atmosphere
Cozey Atmosphere in Living Room
Made in CA Exclusive Offer

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It's Great For:

The Cozey Atmosphere Collection offers an array of options featuring excellent seats. This sofa masters the art of balancing between firm and soft, walking the tightrope of perfection between a little too hard and sink-in soft.

It features a blend of D30 high-density foam and D35 high-density foam to create a medium-firm seat. The 100% polyester fabric is soft and comfortable, and the larch and plywood frame offers solid durability and longevity. The covers are a smooth, comfortable performance fabric that can stand up to use by the whole family, including pets and children. There are nine available colours, including standard neutrals and rich, desert hues. You’ll also find pops of colour like navy blue and coral, if you’re looking for something different.

There are multiple arm customization options, too. You can choose an armless design if that’s your style, but you can also choose to have a single arm on one side of the sofa. If you want, you can choose the standard two-arm style that is available for most sofas. You can also add an ottoman to make your space as cozy as possible. 

There are eight preset sectional configurations and four sofa options, but each piece is modular. This means that you can move the pieces around to achieve any configuration you need. You can also order additional modules if you need more seating later on. 

The seat is fairly deep on this sofa, meaning you’ll need some extra floor space to accommodate it. Still, it can be a great option for those who like to kick back and relax during their down time. While you can always add your own throw pillows later, you can order a set of six matching throw pillows before checking out to ensure that you get the whole set at once.

Key Features

  • Customizable. This sofa is completely customizable, with nine fabric colours, 12 different configurations to choose from, and four different arm options. You can get the sofa you want without endless searching.
  • Deep Seats. The seats are deeper than other options, making this sofa perfect for taller Canadians. It’s also great for lounging, whether you are watching a movie or entertaining guests.
  • Modern Design. This sofa offers a twist on typical sofa designs, offering a sleek and contemporary look with a deep seat and mid-rise backrest. 
  • Medium Firmness. The sofa employs various types of high-density foam to supply a perfect balance between firmness and comfort. You won’t sink into the cushions uncomfortably, but it’s still extremely comfortable.

Our Expert’s Take

“This sofa is a strong contender, providing superior customizability and comfort. The deep, comfortable seats were a favourite among our taller testers. It’s a great lounging sofa for a whole family, particularly during long movie marathons. It’s also great for entertaining!”

Best Modular

Noa Flow Sectional Sofa

Noa Flow Sectional Sofa
Noa Flow Sectional Side View
Made in CA Exclusive Offer

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It's Great For:

The Noa Flow sofa is a phenomenal option for Canadians who want a versatile modular sofa. It features three pieces: two corner pieces with arms and one chair. You can arrange the sofa into a U-shape, a right-facing sectional, a left-facing sectional, or an extra-large sofa.

The options make this sofa perfect for smaller living spaces, as it’s adjustable and can be situated to accommodate unique living areas. It can even grow with you if you move, extending into an extra-large sofa to accommodate a larger living space. You can separate the pieces as you need, or keep them together to form one large seating area for entertainment.

The sofa comes with six back cushions, three seat cushions, and two throw cushions. The larger seat cushions and small back cushions offer a unique design that encourages your family or guests to sit close together to get as comfortable as possible. The covers are removable for easy washing, although they are only designed for hand washing. You can choose from three neutral colours when it comes to the cushions, including cream, grey, and charcoal.

The cushions are made with high-density foam and polyester filling, providing medium firmness for optimal comfort. The gently-sloped back of the sofa creates a harmonious blend of comfort and style. It lends well to a lower profile, making this sofa ideal for smaller spaces.

The concealed legs create a streamlined, seamless finish that is perfect for modern aesthetics. This modular sectional ticks all the boxes for those who want a softer experience that lends itself to most indoor living spaces.

Key Features

  • Modular Design. Modular pieces allow you to adjust the layout of this sofa based on your needs. It shrinks to a more compact U-shaped sofa for smaller spaces or an extra-large sofa for sprawling areas. 
  • Modular Appearance. Hidden legs create a seamless appearance that mimics popular designs and blends beautifully with contemporary themes.  
  • Neutral Fabrics. Three neutral fabric options provide something to match nearly any colour palette. No matter how your living room is designed, there is an option here that will match it.
  • Removable Covers. Each cushion cover is removable, making for quick and easy cleanup in case of spills or messes. You can easily take them off and reinstall them when they are clean.

Our Expert’s Take

“This sofa can adjust to your living space, growing to accommodate an expansive living room or shrinking to fit perfectly into a compact space. Our testers loved the sleek, modern look with its hidden legs.”

Best Firm

Noa Pacific XL

Noa Pacific XL Sofa Side View
Noa Pacific XL Sofa
Made in CA Exclusive Offer

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It's Great For:

The Noa Pacific XL offers a structured take on modern sofas. It’s on the firmer side of medium, providing a solid yet comfortable place to perch. If you hate the feeling of sinking deeply into a sofa or struggling to get out of an overly soft sofa, this model might be the perfect fit for you.

The seat is tightly upholstered, which prevents you from settling too deeply into the sofa. The back is slightly angled for a comfortable lounging experience, and the ottoman lets you kick your feet up after a long day. The cushions themselves are deeper than you might expect, allowing for a comfortable, upright seating experience that is perfect for watching movies, playing games, and entertaining guests. 

The Noa Pacific XL Sofa is classified as a modular sectional. It comes with two corner pieces with arms, a middle chair section, and an ottoman. You can configure it however you need. If you’d like a loveseat and a chair for a full living room set, you can achieve that with the pieces that come in the set. You can also make one long, oversized sofa that is comfortable for the whole family. 

The support legs are tucked out of sight, creating a modern appearance that is further heightened by the low-profile design. This blocky sofa looks as comfortable as it feels, with deep cushions and an overstuffed appearance. There are three available fabric colours, including a soft cream colour, dark charcoal, and a light grey. choose the option that works best for your living room!

Key Features

  • Firm Seat. High-density foam creates a firmer seat. You’ll be able to sit comfortably without sinking too deeply into the seats, so you can get up and down easily.
  • Low-Profile Design. The low-slung design and hidden legs create a sleek, modern appearance. Even with the lower back, this sofa offers larger cushions for more comfortable lounging.
  • Flexible Configurations. A modular design allows you to adjust the setup to your liking. You can easily switch from a larger sofa to a split living room set without  switching from a larger sofa to a split living room set. 
  • Versatile Ottoman. An included ottoman doubles as a footrest or coffee table. This ottoman is easy to move and can help transform your sofa into a more inviting space.

Our Expert’s Take

“If you prefer the firm comfort of a more structured sofa, this model is a phenomenal option. Our testers liked the sleek design and firm seat. It’s supportive and offers a low-profile design that will look great in most living rooms.”

Best for Small Spaces

Noa Soho Sofa

The Noa Soho
The Noa Soho Side View
Made in CA Exclusive Offer

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It's Great For:

The Noa Soho Sofa is a great choice for Canadians with smaller homes, like apartments or condos. The sofa is fixed, so moving it around is quick and easy. It’s smaller than other options on this list, with just enough room to comfortably seat three individuals.

The compact design makes this sofa perfect for smaller families with three people or small apartments with a couple of roommates. It fits perfectly in smaller spaces, consuming no more space than necessary. It’s comfortable enough for entertaining, but small enough to be useful in smaller living spaces and even offices. 

It features high-density foam seat cushions with a polyester filling and back cushions teeming with polyester fibre and a feather-filling blend. The seat cushions use high-gauge springs to offer additional support, allowing this sofa to be both comfortable and supportive. This makes it an ideal choice for most living rooms or entertainment spaces.

Two bolster pillows are included in the mix, adding to the overall style of the sofa. These bolster pillows always match the colour of the sofa. You can choose from three fabric colours, including a light cream, light grey, and slate grey. Any of these neutrals will fit beautifully with your decor. 

The seat cushion is grid tufted, which adds a nice touch of class and a plush, comfortable component. The boxy design of the sofa gives it a mid-century modern vibe, while exposed tapered support legs add additional free space under the sofa. 

Key Features

  • Mid-Century Modern. If you’re a fan of design trends of years gone by, this sofa might be the perfect fit for your home. It creates a luxurious profile with rounded edges and defined feet.
  • Compact. This sofa’s sleek, compact design makes it ideal for smaller spaces, including apartments and condos. If you don’t want a huge couch but need something comfortable and hassle-free, this option is great for you.
  • Perfect for Small Families. This smaller sofa is the perfect choice for Canadians with smaller families. The three-seater design allows everyone plenty of room to get cozy together for movie nights and entertainment.
  • Fixed. While most of the sofas on our list are modular, this fixed sofa can take some of the hassle out of your sofa choices. 

Our Expert’s Take

“The fixed, compact design of this sofa makes it a strong contender for smaller spaces. Our testers loved the mid-century modern design with its tapered legs and boxy shape.”

Best Oversized

Cozey Ciello XL Collection Sofa

Cozey Ciello XL Setup
Cozey Ciello XL Customization
Made in CA Exclusive Offer

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It's Great For:

The Cozey Ciello XL is a new iteration of the standard Cozey Ciello Collection. This sofa is larger than the standard Ciello, with cushions that are both wider and deeper. There are a few different options available as well, enhancing your ability to create exactly the sofa you want for your home and your family. You can choose a single chair or any number of modular pieces to create large, complex sectionals in any configuration that you want. 

The Ciello XL offers a new special edition piece that you can choose at checkout. After you select your configuration and number of pieces, you can choose to add the standard ottoman with storage or chaise lounger. You can now also choose a plateau piece, an armless sofa seat that allows you to stretch out to either side of your seats. If you like to nap on the sofa, these pieces are invaluable. 

Regardless of what special pieces you choose (if any), they will all come in the same colour and fabric you choose. You can choose between performance fabric (available in Sunset Beige, Dream Grey, and Storm Grey) or Chenille (Night Sky Blue or Opal White). No matter which fabric you choose, the covers are removable and washable. You can throw them in the washing machine when they get dirty, so you don’t have to worry about stains and spills. 

The Cozey Ciello XL, like all of Cozey’s other sofas, doesn’t require any tools for assembly. The pieces of the sofa arrive with everything you need to put it together, and it’s easy to slide the pieces into place. It’s sturdy, too – the modular pieces won’t come apart through normal use.

Key Features

  • Washable Covers. These sofas come with everything you need to put them together. Assembly is easy and tool-free.
  • Easy Assembly. These sofas come with everything you need to put them together. Assembly is easy and tool-free.
  • Wider, Deeper Cushions. The cushions are wider and deeper than the regular Ciello sofa, with plenty of room for Canadians of all sizes to spread out.
  • Special Additions. At checkout, you can choose to add a chaise lounger, an ottoman with storage, or a brand-new comfortable plateau section to your sofa configuration.

Our Expert’s Take

“The Cozey Ciello XL is an excellent oversized option. There are few oversized options on the Canadian market, so we loved the way this sofa looked and felt.”

Best Outdoor

Cozey Mistral Outdoor Collection

Cozey Mistral Collection View
Cozey Mistral Collection Setup
Made in CA Exclusive Offer

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It's Great For:

The Cozey Mistral Outdoor Collection sofa is designed to withstand the elements of the Canadian seasons. It features a durable aluminum frame and water-resistant acrylic fabric, both of which lend well to outdoor usage. A waterproof internal cushion bag further protects the cushions from water damage, particularly when washing the covers.

Its cushions offer medium firmness, consisting of D35 high-density foam for a solid yet comfortable seat. The covers are removable for quick and easy cleanup, making this sofa a great choice for Canadian homes with kids and pets.

There are two fabric colours available in Cozey’s Water-resistant fabric. These include black (“Shadow”) and medium grey (“Patio”). If you are unsure which of these dark shades work best with your outdoor space, you can order free fabric swatches to compare the available options. There are four available configurations,  ranging from a single seat to a four-seater sofa. If you need additional pieces, you can always order individual modules to expand your sofa. 

Like most of Cozey’s sofa offerings, this option is modular. You can order a single seat or middle seat option to take your outdoor seating spaces to the next level. You can add an ottoman as well, giving you the perfect place to entertain on your patio. 

The back cushions are lower than some of the other options on the Canadian market, offering a different level of relaxation than an indoor sofa might. All of the cushion covers are removable and washable, so you can easily remove any dirt or pet hair easily. The back cushions attach to the seat cushions with wide strips of velcro, so they won’t move around when your guests get comfortable. 

Key Features

  • Water-Resistant Fabric. The removable cushion covers are water-resistant, making them perfect for outdoor use, especially in homes with kids and pets. 
  • Waterproof Cushion Bag. A waterproof bag further protects the cushions from water damage and ensures you don’t need to worry about damage while washing the covers.
  • Multiple Colours. The fabric is available in several colours, ranging from tan to navy blue to black. There are plenty of options that work well with your living room.
  • Durable. A sturdy aluminum frame lends well to this sofa’s durability and helps it withstand the elements. You don’t have to worry about the weather destroying your outdoor sofa.

Our Expert’s Take

“This sofa is an excellent choice for Canadians seeking a durable outdoor sofa. It is built to last between its waterproof cushion bag, water-resistant fabric, and durable aluminum frame.”

Comparing the Best Sofas in Canada

CategorySofaDimensionsCushion FirmnessMaterialsSeats
Best OverallCozey Ciello95cm x 271cm x 87.5cmMedium SoftPine Frame and Polyester Fabric1 to 9+
Best CustomizableCozey Altus207cm x 90cm x 95cmMedium FirmKiln-Dried Larch and Polyester FabricUp to 9
Best SeatsCozey Atmosphere276cm x 103cm x 72cmMediumPolyester Fabric and Larch Wood1 to 9+
Best ModularNoa Flow250cm x 210cm x 81cmMediumPolyester and Kiln-Dried Pine Wood4
Best FirmNoa Pacific XL209cm x 188cm x 65cmFirmWooden Frame and Polyester Fabric4 to 5
Best for Compact SpacesNoa Soho219cm x 92cm x 94cmUnspecifiedKiln-Dried Pine, Polyester Velvet3
Best OversizedCozey Ciello XL204cm x 102cm x 68cmMediumHigh-Density Foam, PIne1 to 9+
Best OutdoorCozey Mistral219cm x 92cm x 94cmMediumAcrylic Fabric and Aluminum Frame1 to 9+

How Did We Select These Sofas for Canadians?

For years, we’ve worked to bring you the best home and living options to spice up your life. We’ve examined dozens of categories, including mattresses, small kitchen appliances, and even options for your home gym. Through it all, we’re committed to making your life as easy as possible. All our recommendations come from a combination of tester feedback and our test lab evaluations, which are adjusted for each type of product. Our decisions are informed by the time spent with each option.

 When it came to choosing the best couches in Canada, we looked at features like these.

  • Type of Sofa. Is the sofa fixed or modular? Each living room may need a different type of sofa, so we found a mix of sofa types to help you make an informed decision.
  • Materials. What is the sofa made of? The materials used in the covers, cushions, and frames are important for determining how comfortable you are, as well as how the sofa feels. 
  • Cushions and Covers. Cushions and covers are the parts of the sofa you interact with most. We looked for a range of cushion types and firmnesses, as well as a range of different cover types. 
  • Size. The size of your sofa is important, as choosing an option that fits into your space is key. We’ve tried to choose sofas that will fit in most spaces, including sectional options for larger spaces. 
How to Choose a Sofa for Canadians

How to Choose a Sofa in Canada

Choosing your next sofa is a big decision, and you shouldn’t make it lightly. Before you make a hasty choice, you should consider all of the following features and options. Keep the following features in mind as you shop for a sofa so you can make an educated choice for your family and your space.

Type of Sofa

Each of the best couches in Canada is either fixed or modular. The type of sofa you should choose depends on your needs and what works best for your space. Here is some insight into what makes these options unique.

  • Fixed sofas are placed in a set configuration, which cannot be changed or rearranged. These one-size-fits-all options are made to fit in very specific spaces, but they’re great if you don’t have a larger family or specific needs. Fixed sofas can be standard sofas or sectionals, so make sure to choose the option that works best for you. 
  • Modular sofas use several pieces that can be changed and rearranged to change the shape and size of the sofa. You might be able to move the chaise lounge piece anywhere in the configuration or change the layout of your sectional. Usually, modular sofa options allow you to order individual pieces to change or expand on your existing set. These sofas can grow with you and are especially helpful for those who like to change things up often. 

The type of sofa that works for your space may change over time. Make sure to consider whether you want to change your sofa in the future, or if you’d be okay with using the same sofa in the same configuration for years to come.

Sectional Options

A sectional sofa is a larger option than a standard sofa. Sectionals usually have two sides, which come together at a 90-degree angle. However, there are many other shapes possible, including a U-shape. Modular sofas can make for great sectionals, as they allow you to change the shape and layout of your sectional depending on what fits best in your room.

On the other hand, many of the sofas on our list come in multiple different arrangements. You may be able to purchase a sofa-sized option first, then expand it into a sectional with additional pieces. This way, you can create a sectional that fits any space you’re in, even those that aren’t traditionally shaped.

On the other hand, fixed sectionals exist as well. These might be L-shaped sectionals, which include a chaise lounge on the shorter side. If you want a sectional, there are plenty of options among the best made sofas in Canada.

When choosing a sectional, you consider the space you have and the size of your family. If your household gathers in the living room, how many people would you need to seat? Use this number to help determine the sectional you’d need to fit into your available space.

Cushion Firmness

The firmness of your cushions can determine how comfortable you find the couch. Some of the best sofas in Canada use firmer cushions to offer support across a wide range of users. However, just like mattresses and other comfort surfaces, you might prefer a different firmness. While most users will be okay with medium or medium-firm cushions, it’s ideal to explore other options if you have the chance.

Most cushions are rated for firmness on a scale. The scale starts with soft or plush cushions. Medium cushions and firmer cushions also include half-step options, such as medium soft or medium firm. This allows for better fine-tuning of the feel of your mattress.

These are the same values that companies use to describe mattresses, and you can expect the same type of feeling overall. Of course, you might want your couch to be firmer than your mattress. You should look at these as different firmness preferences, especially considering the amount of time you spend in bed versus on your couch.


Every living room is different. The dimensions of the sofa can help you decide if it works for your space. You should know the dimensions of the space you’re purchasing the sofa for. Measure it before you start shopping to make it simple.

Once you know the size of your space, you can look at the dimensions to determine if the sofa will fit. This is especially important if you have a smaller space, or if you’re looking to fit a sectional into your living room.

The dimensions we list here give you the width, length, and height of the sofa (to the tops of the back cushions). Use these as a starting point, especially if you’re choosing a modular sofa option. Make sure to factor in the size of additional pieces if you want to extend your sofa or sectional.


Your entire family might not want to sit on the couch at the same time, but it’s important to make sure there’s enough space for everyone if they do. For each sofa, we’ve told you how many people can sit on the option we tested at the same time. For some modular sofas, your results may vary – especially because you can extend these to fit larger families.

Keep in mind that a fixed sofa might not fit all your family members, and that’s okay. You can supplement with additional furniture pieces if needed, especially since most collections have multiple sofa sizes to choose from. Still, it’s important to know how many people will fit on the sofa, as it can help you plan a little better.  


When you use your sofa, you’ll be interacting with the cushions and covers more often than any other part. As a result, you want the covers to be comfortable and plush, with smooth, cool surfaces. The materials used in the covers are important for this purpose. Usually, couches come in a variety of materials. Some options may favour one option over the others, however.

The most common sofa cover material is polyester fabric. It’s durable and breathable, but it isn’t as soft as some of the other options that might be offered. Leather is softer and smoother. Plus, it stays cool depending on the ambient temperature of the room. Leather also gets softer over time, ensuring that your sofa keeps getting better.

Other cushions might be soft velvet, which works to add some unique colour options to your sofa. Velvet looks different in different lighting, ensuring that your sofa is dynamic and changeable.

Regardless of the material you want, it’s important to make sure that the covers you choose are soft and comfortable on your skin. Since you’ll be spending more time with this part of the couch, choosing the right option is important!

Sofa Customization Options

Many of the best sofas in Canada come with multiple customization options. These options can range from the cover fabrics to colours used, arm shape and design, and legs. You might be able to choose whether your couch includes an ottoman or chaise lounge, or whether you want matching pillows for your sofa.

All these customization options help you create the sofa that works best with your space. If some of these features are important to you, it’s worth paying a little extra for a fully customizable sofa. For the most part, customizable sofas are modular. You can customize the shape and design of the legs and arms, as well as the number of pieces you receive. This isn’t always the case, so you should check on the sofa’s product page to determine if there are modular features for your customizable sofas.

However, each customizable sofa offers a different experience. Make sure to look at samples to choose the shape and design that you prefer. You can also order fabric swatches to ensure that you are getting the colour and feel that you prefer for each sofa. For most sofa companies, fabric swatches are free and arrive in your mailbox quickly.

Colour Options

The colour of your sofa is likely the first thing you’ll consider when you start shopping. Whether you’re styling the rest of your living room after your sofa or choosing an option that works with the style you already have, colour is important. Most sofas come in at least two different colours, and most options are neutral colours. Rarely, you’ll find a couch that comes in black, blue, or light pink.

No matter how you style your living spaces, you should pay attention to the different colour and pattern options offered with each sofa. Some colours may only be available in alternative fabrics, while the standard option may come in fewer colours. To ensure you get the colours and fabric you want, make sure to pay special attention to the product details.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many types of sofas you can buy in Canada, and personal preference will guide you towards the best option. Those who want to customize their seating or have larger families will benefit from a modular sofa. Smaller families or those with limited space may want to consider a fixed sofa that seats 2 to 3 people. Sectional sofas can seat more people and are fixed in a U or L shape.

A well-constructed sofa can last well over a decade, although the exact lifespan hinges on quality, material, and usage. Heavily used models are likely to last less time, whereas lightly used models can last substantially longer. Fabric choice in a sofa also plays a large part in the lifespan of a sofa, as some are more stain-resistant and durable than others. Canadians who own pets may find their sofa will wear down quicker than those who don’t.

A sofa in Canada can cost anywhere from less than $1,000 to several thousand dollars or more. It all depends on the brand, model, material, and quality. High-quality models from well-known brands made with luxurious materials cost more, whereas lower-quality models from lesser-known brands with average materials usually cost less.

Many Canadians live in small homes, and finding a compact and comfortable sofa is crucial. The Noa Soho Sofa is perfect for anyone seeking a sofa that looks great, comes in three neutral colours and has a lovely linen fabric that works with most living rooms. This sofa seats three, which is great for smaller families or those who want to add an accent chair or two to their space.

The best sofa for Canadians hinges on unique needs. A modular sofa is the best if you want a sofa that you can adjust to accommodate various spaces and preferences. This can be a great choice for those who want to grow their sofa over time. For those who prefer the convenience of a set style, a fixed sofa is the better choice and often costs less than a modular sofa set.

The sofas on our list are delivered to your doorstep in large boxes. Each module (if you choose a modular sofa) ships in its own box. Otherwise, the sofa will arrive in one large box, already partially assembled. Some options may require more assembly than others. Make sure you follow all the instructions beforehand and have some simple tools like a screwdriver on hand. Assembling a sofa is best done with two people for safety reasons and efficiency.

Unlike interior sofas, when you choose an outdoor sofa, you need to examine different features in order to find the right one for you. With outdoor furniture, you need to make sure that the cushions are weatherproof and easily secured to the frame if you live in a windy area. The frame of an outdoor sofa should be rust and corrosion-resistant and heavy enough that it won’t blow away. For proper care, ensure that you have furniture covers for the fall and winter to protect it from the elements.