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A sofa in a box is a convenient way to get your living room outfitted in stylish new furniture. Unlike single-piece furniture options, these pieces are easy to assemble and arrive right at your door. You don’t even have to struggle to bring them inside! While you might know what you like in a couch, choosing a sofa in a box can be new territory. Here, we’ll go over how you can choose the best sofa in a box for your space. We’ve also included our favourite sofa in a box picks!

Best Sofa in a Box for Canadians

What is a Sofa in a Box?

A sofa in a box (sometimes called a couch in a box) follows the trend of many new bed in a box mattress retailers in Canada. These sofas are ordered primarily online. You can choose your seating arrangement, colours, and other options. The sofa is then shipped to you in pieces.

However, sofa in a box companies don’t leave the assembly entirely up to you. Most of the time, the sofas ship with most of the pieces already attached. There are a few things you’ll have to add. Of course, you’ll have to attach each seat to the other seats in the configuration. We’ll look more into assembly later, but it’s simpler than you might expect.

A sofa in a box isn’t as expensive as you might think, either. Different modular options do increase the price, but ultimately, you are purchasing convenience. Let’s look at how you can benefit from a sofa in a box.

Benefits of a Sofa in a Box

So why is a sofa in a box a better option than a single-piece couch off a showroom floor? The major benefit of choosing a sofa in a box is convenience. The couch is shipped right to you, of course. You don’t have to worry about transporting it home or finding a truck or moving van large enough for it.

But outside of shipping, there are a lot of other benefits.

  • Modular design. You can choose from a few different configurations when you order your sofa. If you want a loveseat with two cushions, you can order that. If you want a longer couch, that’s an option as well. L-shaped designs and options that have chaise lounges are also available. You can essentially build the couch that works best for your family.
  • Easy mobility. Each sofa is shipped in several different boxes, so it’s never completely assembled. This means that you can move it into your home and the room where you’ll be setting it up. You won’t have to figure out how to move around obstacles or fit them through the door.
  • Shipping costs. Most of the time, a sofa in a box doesn’t cost anything to ship. If it does, shipping costs are low. This is because of the online sofa retailer business model. The lack of additional overhead costs (such as keeping a showroom running) transfer to you.
  • Easy assembly. Even though the couch will ship in pieces, each piece isn’t difficult to put together. Most offer tool-free assembly, where you only have to snap the pieces together to complete your sofa.

Further Considerations

Those benefits sound great, but there are a few additional things you should consider before you add a sofa in a box to your cart.

  • Heavy boxes. Your sofa will arrive in multiple boxes. Some of these boxes may be heavier than you can lift yourself. Make sure you have someone on hand to help you move the boxes and help with assembly.
  • Smaller size overall. Sofas that arrive in this way are usually smaller. They are designed to ship quickly and without extra shipping costs. Because of this, they may be much smaller than the single-piece couches you can purchase in person.
  • Delivery delays. Due to situations completely out of your control (or the control of the company you purchase from), delivery might be delayed. Keep in mind that your sofa ships in multiple boxes, too – they might not arrive on the same day. If you need a sofa fast, a sofa in a box might not be the best option.
  • Firmer cushions. While this certainly isn’t true of all sofa in a box options, it’s important to keep comfort in mind. Because of the way your couch in a box will ship, the cushions may be firmer than you’d prefer.

How to Choose a Sofa in a Box in Canada

Before you decide which sofa in a box works best for you, consider some of the basics below.

Modular Options

One of the biggest benefits of a sofa in a box is the customizable, modular options. You can choose a variety of seating configurations to create the sofa that works best for your space, your family, and more. Modular options can include different options, as well.

The best sofa in a box in Canada for modular options is the Cozey Sofa.

Best Modular

The Cozey Sofa

The Cozey Sofa


It's Great For:

The Cozey Sofa offers some of the best customizable configurations in Canada. You can choose the number of seats you want, from a single seat up to four seats. The arm design is customizable as well – you can choose a solid option (Cozey Bloc Arms), or one that slopes towards the front of the couch (Cozey Slope Arms). You can also add an ottoman, or put a chaise on the left or right of your configuration. These options allow you to push the limits of your space and your creativity.

When it comes to materials, the Cozey Sofa is made with 100% polyester fabric. You can choose one of five different colours, all of which are neutral (except for Navy Blue). Every cushion cover is removable and washable at home. However, cushion covers should be laid flat to dry instead of putting it in the dryer.

Delivery times range from a week to three weeks, depending on the availability of your colour and modules. Shipping is completely free, and you can try the Cozey Sofa for a total of 30 days before you decide to keep it. Once it arrives, the Cozey Sofa assembles without the use of tools. It’s simple to snap this sofa in a box together. Regardless of configuration, each seat is about 57cm deep, while the back of the sofa is 95cm high.

Comfort and Cushions

When you’re looking for a comfortable sofa to sink into, the cushions are the major factor to look out for. Cushions will have different firmnesses depending on the sofa, though most sofas in a box in Canada options tend to avoid advertising their firmness. However, other indicators can tell you how comfortable a couch in a box will be.

There are several materials your cushions could be made from.

  • Foam. Foam is the best material for sofa cushions, particularly memory foam. Memory foam will contour to your body (similar to a memory foam mattress), becoming softer when it is introduced to your body heat. Memory foam is usually used as a top layer over high-density foam, which adds support. If you want a couch in a box in Canada that you can sink into, look for memory foam cushions. Most of your options for a sofa in a box in Canada use memory foam or layers of high-density foam. This is because the cushions compress easily and are simple to ship when compressed.
  • Polyester. Polyester sofa in a box cushions are rare when it comes to this type of couch, but you can find less expensive options that use polyester fill. It can be smooth and durable, and it might even add a bit of a responsive bounce to your couch. However, polyester also flattens faster. Despite it being inexpensive in comparison, it might not be your best option if you use the sofa often or want it to last for a while.
  • Other options. Other options you might encounter while shopping for your sofa in a box in Canada include batting, feathers, and fibre. These fill options range in price, with feather options being more expensive overall. However, these can be good options for sofas you don’t use often or sofas that you use exclusively for short periods. Fill fibre, for example, is soft but offers little support. Batting has different thicknesses and firmnesses and can be made from cotton, polyester, wool, or a blend of these materials. They tend to degrade quickly. Feather cushions are usually custom-made, and allow you to customize the firmness. They require a lot of extra care, though.

Choose the material for your couch cushions that works best for your lifestyle. Foam options (especially memory foam) are more desirable but tend to be more expensive on average than polyester cushions. Make the choice that benefits your budget, too!

If cushions are your main concern when it comes to a sofa in a box, consider the Noa Flow Sectional. 

Best Cushions

The Noa Flow Sectional

The Noa Flow Sectional


It's Great For:

The Noa Flow Sectional is a modular sofa that features multiple different configuration options. There’s no assembly required and changing up your living room is as simple as sliding the furniture around. This four-seater sofa features one chair piece and two corner pieces with arms to help you change the way your sofa looks and feels. The seats are about 41cm high and 75cm deep, with plenty of room for most users to get comfortable.

This sofa comes in three neutral colours, from light grey to charcoal grey, as well as a cream colour for more neutral living rooms. The covers are 100% polyester, which is smooth and comfortable. The covers can be removed and spot cleaned. Since they aren’t compatible with machine washing, this sofa is great for those who don’t have pets or small children.

The cushions are made with high-density foam and polyester filling. They are comfortable and sink just enough to be comfortable for most users. Underneath these denser foam layers are high-gauge springs, which provide excellent support. Because of these cushions, this sofa won’t swallow you up or leave you feeling uncomfortable. The blend of foam and springs creates a comfortable surface, and you can configure it however you like!

Fabrics and Materials 

When choosing a sofa in a box in Canada, you should consider the materials used on the cushions, backs, and sides of the sofa. While some covers are removable and washable, others stay on the cushion for the life of your sofa. Let’s look at some of the best options you have for the materials and fabrics used on your sofa.

Natural Materials

Natural materials like wool, silk, cotton, and leather are rare to find when it comes to sofa in a box options. However, these materials vary when it comes to durability. Linen looks great but isn’t very durable. Wool, on the other hand, is extremely durable and easy to clean. When you have pets, kids, or an active household, you should consider durable materials that keep your sofa in a box looking great over time.

Synthetic Materials

Polyester and nylon are some of the most popular synthetic blends when it comes to sofa in a box options. Nylon is extremely strong and resists staining. Polyester resists wrinkles and doesn’t fade over time. Both of these options can be great when used on their own, especially if you have kids and pets. When used in a blend, you’ll get all of the benefits they offer as well as the benefits of whatever natural fibre they are blended with.

The Cozey Ciello Collection has some of the best covers on a sofa in a box in Canada!

Best Covers

The Cozey Ciello Collection

Cozey Ciello Collection


It's Great For:

The Ciello Collection has some of the best covers on our list. The covers on this sofa are ideal if you have pets or younger children. That’s because they are durable, but also because they can be removed, replaced, and machine washed. While most other sofas require you to spot-clean their covers, this option allows you to get a better clean for your cushion covers.

The Ciello Collection features a range of sofas and sectionals. You can choose the configuration you’d like, along with the number of couch pieces required to make it happen. There are three colour options for the covers: light grey, dark grey, and beige. The smallest sofa offered by Ciello is a single seat and the largest sectional features seating for seven. You can also choose an ottoman or chaise lounge piece. The arms are customizable as well.

The durable, washable, and replaceable covers are made with a soft performance fabric. The tight weave of this cover helps protect it from lots of use, including any damage that pets may inflict. Despite this, the covers are still super soft and comfortable across every piece of this modular sofa in a box.


Of course, because the best couch in a box in Canada options are shipped to you, there is some assembly required. For the most part, assembly is simple. There will be detailed instructions included with the parts of your sofa.

If you don’t want to bother with complicated instructions, look for a sofa that offers tool-free assembly. These pieces should latch or snap together, so you don’t have to worry about breaking out the screwdriver.

Usually, the seat module will ship already assembled. You’ll have to snap the seat modules together into the configuration you indicated at purchase. Any chaise lounge pieces will ship separately as well, so you may have to wait for each of the pieces of your sofa to arrive before you can put them all together.

The armrests will arrive in a separate box. Following the trend of the seat modules, it should snap or latch into place if the sofa uses tool-free assembly. The cushions can be added to the seat modules after the sofa is assembled.

If the sofa does not offer tool-free assembly, instructions and hardware will be included with each piece.

Shipping, Warranties, and Returns

The best sofas in a box in Canada ship free. Some sofas require a small shipping fee – mostly associated with your shipping address. Otherwise, you can expect your sofa to ship in multiple boxes. Each box will be heavy, though the weight varies with each sofa.

When your sofa arrives, you will sometimes have a trial period. During this trial period, you can try the sofa to see if you like it. During this time, returns are free and you will be completely refunded if you don’t like your sofa.

If you decide to keep it, you’ll have a warranty against major defects. This warranty is an assurance that the product will last, as long as you follow the instructions and use it normally.

It’s important to read up on each sofa company’s policies on returns, shipping, and warranties before you make a purchase. Having this information readily available can make all the difference if there’s an issue, or if you decide that your sofa isn’t right for you.

Size and Dimensions

Be sure to look into the size and dimensions of the sofa in the box you choose. Though these furniture pieces are extremely convenient and just as comfortable as full-sized couches, even your best options for a sofa in a box in Canada will be smaller than your average sofa.

The back of the sofa might be shorter, and the seats might not be as deep. It’s important to keep an eye on these measurements when choosing a sofa for your living room. The dimensions can also tell you if the sofa will fit into your space, and how much room you’ll have to move around with it assembled.

If you’re unsure what a good measurement for a sofa is, consider taking a tape measure with you to a furniture store or showroom. Find a comfortable sofa that you can see yourself owning. Look at the dimensions on the box, or measure them yourself. When searching for a couch in a box, use the same dimensions to find a couch that is ideal for you.

Sofa in a Box Special Features

Some special features can make your sofa in a box that much more comfortable for your family. Here are just some of the special features that you might find in some of our picks for the best couch in a box in Canada.

Additional Customization

In addition to seating configuration, some sofa in a box in Canada options allow for further customization. Some might allow you to add a chaise lounge. Others might allow you to change the way the sofa’s arms are structured, or allow for different types of ottomans and other accessories.

You may be able to customize the material and colour for your new sofa, too. Some companies offer a lot of customization options that may be important to you.

Before you commit to a seating configuration, make sure to check out the other options available with each sofa in a box. The different customization configurations may surprise you!

Best Customization Options

The Nook Living Sofa

The Nook Living Sofa


It's Great For:

The Nook Living Sofa is created with customization options in mind. This sofa features so many points of customization, from the cover materials, configuration, pieces, arms, and beyond. This sofa can be as small or as large as you like, and the patent-pending modular assembly system allows you to create a sofa to fit nontraditional spaces. If you have a large room or a bigger family, the opportunities are boundless.

You can choose between a polyester fabric or leather for the covers. Each option has separate colour options. Fabric choices include dark grey, light grey, blue, and beige. Leather options are light grey, black, and golden brown. You can choose between thin arms or wider arms, depending on your preference. There are basic options available when it comes to configuration (between one seat and seven seats), but multiple sofas or sectionals can be strung together in a customized configuration. You just have to order the pieces you need!

Further, you can choose to order a matching ottoman or chaise lounge, which can be added to any other part of the sofa. All of these customization options allow the Nook Living Sofa to take on any form or function you need. Plus, every part of the sofa has a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

Removable Covers

A removable cover can be a great idea for a family with children or pets. To ensure that you are caring for your covers appropriately, make sure to check the instructions included with your sofa in a box. Removable covers often include a zipper. Zip the cover off and throw it into the washing machine to keep it fresh.

Some covers can’t go right into the dryer, so keep that in mind before you wash! Removable covers may also be replaceable, so make sure to check with the retailer.

Weight and Mobility

One of the biggest benefits of a sofa in a box is weight and mobility. While each piece can weigh a lot (especially as you’re moving the boxes around), the mobility more than makes up for it. With a single-piece couch, moving a heavy and unwieldy piece of furniture into your home (or from room to room) might be a challenge. You’d have to have several people helping, and everyone would have to be on the same page about how to move the couch.

Those issues are eliminated with a sofa in a box. You can easily detach the pieces and move them one by one, and each is small enough to easily fit into a standard door frame. If you move a lot (or see yourself moving your couch a lot), this level of mobility can be beneficial (even if each piece is a little weightier).

USB Chargers

A USB charger helps keep your phone and other devices charged while you’re sitting on the couch. This is a great option for those who are on their phones or tablets a lot while in the living room. The only drawback to this setup is that the couch will need to be plugged into an electrical outlet.

Because you may have to rearrange your living room to put the couch on a wall with an available outlet, many people avoid couches with built-in chargers. However, they can be extremely useful if you’re willing to move things around a bit.

Colour Options

Many couch in a box options include multiple different colour choices. You should choose the option that best fits your living room décor. Different colour options may range from neutrals to some truly striking splashes of colour. Of course, each sofa in a box will offer different colour options, so make sure to check carefully for the colour you want. Choosing a couch that matches the rest of your living room is important, and the colour options can be the deciding factor on your sofa in a box purchase.

Best Colour Options

The Noa Soho Sofa

The Noa Soho Sofa


It's Great For:

The Noa Soho Sofa is a beautifully modern sofa in a box that features multiple jewel-toned colours. The cushions are made with polyester velvet, meaning that they look different depending on the spread of light in your room. The result is a ‘shaded’ look that works well with most spaces. This sofa isn’t modular and comes in a set three-seat design that is simple and easy. Assembly requires screwing the legs into the frame, which is easy and can be done by anyone.

If you’re tired of neutral sofas, this is the best option for you. The colour options here include light grey and beige, but also gold, orange, forest green, and dark blue. This spread makes it easy to add a pop of colour to your favourite room or match the décor you already have.

The cushions are removable. They are made with polyester filling and high-density foam. The back cushions use a blend of feather filling to create a soft place to rest your back. Meanwhile, flexible springs create the perfect level of support. This sofa is neither too firm nor too soft, which makes it great for most users!

Frequently Asked Questions About a Sofa in a Box in Canada

Delivery times vary based on the sofa you choose and your location. Shipping and delivery can also be delayed by certain events, such as we’re seeing with the pandemic. Keep your options open and flexible. Some sofa in a box options can ship in a few days, while others may take up to 20 weeks to reach your door.

Above, we discussed how sofa in a box options can be smaller than single-piece furniture. Make sure to check the dimensions of the sofa you’re looking at. Be aware that many sofa options are going to be smaller than the ones you might find in a showroom.

Yes, each part of the sofa in a box can be pretty heavy. Make sure that you have help to lift each of your boxes. Your sofa may come in three or four boxes, though more are possible depending on the configuration you choose.