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Cozey is a Canadian furniture company that focuses on modular pieces. Their sofas offer solutions for all spaces, from the outdoor Mistral Collection to the overstuffed Ciello XL Collection. The Cozey Atmosphere is nearly completely customizable, making it perfect for a variety of Canadians and their families. But is it right for you? Let’s find out.

Should You Buy the Cozey Atmosphere Sofa in Canada?

The Cozey Atmosphere is one of Cozey’s premier modular sofas. You can create the sectional you need, with multiple customization options and comfortable cushions. This sofa is ideal for Canadians who want a bespoke sofa without paying bespoke prices. 

Here are some things you may enjoy about the Cozey Atmosphere Collection.

  • Medium cushions that are not too soft or firm
  • Deep seats for Canadians of all heights and sizes
  • Modern square design that looks great in any living room
  • Customizable to shapes of all sizes
  • Three fabric options to choose from, with 12 available colours in total

Cozey Atmosphere Collection

Cozey Atmosphere Sectional Side View
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The Cozey Atmosphere Collection is a perfect blend of some of Cozey’s other offerings. As a result, it has the best options from the previous models, with more customizability than the Cozey Ciello or the Cozey Altus. This is the sofa to choose if you want deep, plush seats and a variety of options to make it your own. 

You can choose from three different fabric options when you order your sofa. There are 9 colour options available in Cozey’s standard performance fabric, from the standard neutral options to bold splashes of colour. You’ll find bright oranges and yellows here, colours not typically found in sofa options. There are two options for the Chenille fabric (blue and white), and a beautiful cream colour in the boucle fabric option. No matter which option you choose when you order your sofa, you can remove, wash, and change the covers whenever you want. 

This sofa is extremely flexible. You can change out the covers when needed, allowing for a refresh whenever you need. The modular design allows you to choose the number of seats you need. When it comes to sectionals, you can design the shape and size that fits your space and your family. 

Ratings Summary

Overall Score: 4.5/5

Customization Options

Sofa Customization

Cozey Atmosphere in Living Room

The Cozey Atmosphere offers a few customization options that allow you to make it your own. You can choose from three fabric options, including Cozey’s performance fabric, comfortable chenille, and a new boucle option. If you choose performance fabric, there are colour options ranging from neutrals to bright splashes of colour, including pink and yellow. There are some unconventional colours here to choose for your space. The chenille fabric offers two colours, white and green. Boucle only comes in a cream colour currently. 

Aside from the colour, you can choose the configuration of your sofa. It’s completely modular, which allows for the size and shape that you need. You can choose a single seat or a sprawling sectional that can seat 9 or more people.

The arms of the sofa are completely customizable, too. Options include dual arms (the standard setup), armless, or a single arm on the side of your choosing. An ottoman and six matching pillows are available as additional pieces.


The Cozey Atmosphere offers a plush sofa experience. The cushions are a medium firmness. They aren’t too soft, so you won’t sink into them and not be able to get up again. They also aren’t too firm, allowing for the right amount of structure without the couch becoming uncomfortable. 

This firmness is ideal for those who want a middle ground when it comes to their sofa. If you want a sofa that is comfortable without being too soft, this is the right option for you.


The Cozey Atmosphere is completely modular. You can purchase as many pieces as you need to build the sofa of your dreams. You can choose the premade configurations if you want the selection to be easy, but you can also choose to create your own shape with the number of pieces needed for your family. Just make sure to select the correct arm configuration before you checkout. 

You can also add or remove pieces later if you decide that you want a different size for your sofa. You can choose the options that fit your family, even if the size or needs of your family change over time.


Cozey Atmosphere Materials

You can choose the cover material for your sofa. You can choose performance fabric, chenille, or boucle for the covers for your sofa. All are solid, high-quality options, so you don’t have to worry about one being more durable than another. Inside the cushions are high-density foam cushions, which are made to support you without allowing you to sink too far into the cushions. 

The frame is a solid larch and plywood construction, which is made to be sturdy and lightweight. It’s comfortable, but won’t break down over time.


Like all Cozey sofas, the Cozey atmosphere offers tool-free assembly. You won’t have to break out the screwdrivers to put this sofa together. The pieces slide together to create the sofa you want without the hassle of tools or large instruction booklets. 

You can put it together quickly and easily. You may be able to do it on your own without additional help, too.


Cozey Atmosphere Collection Sofa Customization

The cushions on the Cozey Atmosphere are comfortable and plush. The square design of the seats is modern and deep, so taller Canadians can sit without feeling like they don’t have enough room. On the other hand, the back cushion of the sofa is a little short. It may only reach your mid-back if you are taller, which can be uncomfortable or lack support for some. 

Otherwise, the cushions are made with high-quality materials that look great in your home. The covers are completely removable and washable, too. You can swap them out for different colours or materials, or avoid stains and spills by washing the affected pieces.


The pricing of the Cozey Atmosphere sofa can vary greatly depending on which pieces you decide to purchase. Each time you add another module, the price will increase. Any add-on items such as an ottoman or pillows will also increase the price. Keep this in mind while shopping. Here are some of the basic prices for common sofa configurations to give you an idea of how much you might spend. Keep in mind that this can change based on availability and your customization options.

Configuration Price

Cozey Atmosphere Sectional Side View
Cozey Atmosphere Collection Sofa
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The Cozey Atmosphere ships free to most locations in Canada. You might want to use the Shipping Estimator on Cozey’s website (available through the Shipping page) to determine if Cozey can ship to you. Most rural locations that can’t receive standard mail will not be able to receive a Cozey sofa. 

You can also use the Shipping Estimator to determine how quickly you will receive your Cozey sofa. Cozey sofas ship from domestic warehouses, so it should only take a few days to receive your sofa once your order is fulfilled.

Sleep Trial and Returns

Cozey offers a 30-day trial for all of their sofas. You can try the Cozey Atmosphere for 30 days to determine if it’s the right option for you. If you don’t like it, you can return it. Cozey will refund your purchase price. As long as you return the sofa pieces in their original packaging, you won’t have to pay a 15% return fee. 

Cozey pays for shipping for the return of their sofas. Once you initiate a return, you will receive shipping labels for your sofa pieces. You can schedule a pick up time and date. You have to be home for pick up, so make sure you schedule it at a time you will be home and available.


Cozey’s 5-year limited sofa warranty covers defects in materials and manufacturing. If you have a warranty claim, Cozey’s team will be happy to help you with getting a replacement as soon as possible. You can only receive replacements for your defective pieces, as Cozey doesn’t offer warranty refunds. Due to the modular nature of the sofa, only the pieces affected by the defect will be replaced.

Final Thoughts

The Cozey Atmosphere sofa is the perfect option for those who want to customize their sofa. It offers a modern silhouette and aesthetic, with boxy corners and low backrests. It’s the perfect firmness, as it isn’t too soft or too firm. It’s a great place to relax after a long day.

30 Days
5 Years
Customization Options

Frequently Asked Questions

Cozey is a Canadian company, but all of its sofas are made in China and imported to domestic warehouses. Regardless, every piece is designed in Montreal and ships domestically to most locations in Canada.

The Cozey Atmosphere can have a single seat or more than 9. You can choose the configuration that best fits your needs and the space you have to work with.

The deeper cushions on the Cozey Atmosphere are ideal for taller Canadians, but the low backrests might not be comfortable for everyone.

Regardless of which material you choose, the covers of the Cozey Atmosphere are completely removable and machine washable. You don’t have to worry about stains or spills.

The covers on the Cozey Atmosphere can be swapped at will. You only have to contact Cozey to order the covers you want. Switching them out is easy. Having more covers gives you multiple ways to enjoy your spaces.