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Sectional sofas can be a great solution for larger families with big living rooms. They seat more people than standard sofas and allow plenty of room for everyone to stretch out. While purchasing a sectional might seem simple, there are a few things you should be aware of before you make a purchase. We’re here to help!

We looked at hundreds of sectional sofas to create our list. Each option on our list went through extensive laboratory testing in our test lab, as well as spending time with our team of dedicated testers. We chose the best sectional sofas in Canada based on criteria like dimensions, covers, customization options, and more.

Best Sectional Sofas for Canadians

Why Did We Choose These Sectional Sofas in Canada?

As we evaluated each of the sofas on our list, they started to stand out in their unique ways. We chose them for these special features! Here’s why each of our best sectional sofas in Canada made our list.

The Cozey Original Collection Sectional Sofa is the best sectional sofa in Canada overall. This option is customizable, features great options and covers, and can be made to fit any space. Plus, you can choose to order it in one of two velvet colours to better suit your décor. It’s a great option no matter the size of your space or family.

Noa’s Flow Sectional Sofa, on the other hand, offers the best configuration options on our list. This sofa is completely modular, and you can order multiple different pieces to create a unique sofa. It’s great for larger spaces or spaces with nontraditional shapes.

Most sectionals tend to follow a very similar design pattern, but the Cozey Atmosphere Collection Sofa stands out in the crowd. The boxy, modern design sets this sofa apart, making it one of the best options we found for larger spaces with a flare for design.

The Nook Living Sectional Sofa has some of the best customization options on the Canadian market. This sectional sofa allows you to customize your arms, fabrics, legs, ergonomics, and extras to create the sofa that works perfectly for you.

The Cozey Ciello Collection Sectional Sofa has great cushions, especially for those who want a plush feel for their sofa. While most sofas are medium-firm when it comes to the cushions, this sofa offers a softer touch for a more comfortable sitting experience.

At the same time, the Noa Madison Section Sofa offers one of the best-feeling L-shaped sectionals we tested. This sofa is smaller than other options, too, making it ideal for smaller living rooms.

Do you want firmer cushions? The Noa Pacific XL Sectional Sofa features firmer, overstuffed cushions to help support you. If you don’t want to sink right into the couch cushions, you should choose this option.

Finally, the Noa Hudson Sectional Sofa features a polyester-nylon blend for its covers. This makes the covers smooth and cool. They’re also extremely soft, so it’s perfect for those who want a sofa that feels great on their skin.

Best Overall

Cozey Original Collection Sectional Sofa

Cozey Original Collection


It's Great For:

The Cozey Original Collection Sectional Sofa is one of the best sectional sofas in Canada overall. This option features two different cover materials, each with its own colour options. It’s customizable in nearly every aspect, from the arms to the leg design and beyond. If you want a fully customizable sectional for your space, you should go with the Cozey Original Collection Sectional Sofa.

Because of the way the collection is presented, you can choose any configuration that fits your life and your family. Sofa options include one seat to four, but the sectional options range from four seats up to nine. You can select the option that fits your space from the menu before you buy, but you can also order individual pieces to change them later.

In addition to the configuration and pieces, you can also customize the arms and legs, as well as the extras. Extras include an ottoman or chaise lounge as one piece. You can also add matching pillows for an additional cost. When you receive your pieces, you can assemble them easily without the use of tools. It’s simple to put this modular sofa together in any way you like. Fabrics are made from polyester and include a standard performance fabric and a velvet version. Each option comes in multiple color options to match your living room décor.

With washable, removable, pet-friendly covers and multiple customization features make this sectional sofa is one of the best that Canada has to offer.

The Highlights

The Cozey Original Collection Sectional Sofa features durable materials that are pet-friendly and washable. You can customize the arms, fabrics, arrangements, and extra options to create the sofa that works well with your living room and family size. The tool-free assembly makes it simple to put the sofa together, even when you change the arrangement. This collection is completely modular as well, so you can order more pieces and create a new sofa whenever you need to.

  • Durable materials are pet-friendly and washable
  • Features customizable arms, fabrics, arrangements, and extras
  • Tool-free assembly makes it simple to put together
  • The completely modular design allows you to arrange this sofa in several ways

From the Test Lab

“Nearly everything about this sofa is customizable. Our testers were impressed by the modular design, which allowed them to choose the configuration that suited them best.”

Best Configuration

Noa Flow Sectional Sofa

The Noa Flow Sectional


It's Great For:

The Noa Flow Sectional Sofa has some of the best configurations on a sectional sofa in Canada. This sofa includes three seat sections, including two ends and one chair piece. You can put these in any configuration, including a U-shape, an extra-long couch, and many more. Due to the modular design of these pieces, it’s simple to move them around to suit your living space and your family.

The Flow Sectional comes in three different colour options to fit into most living rooms. The grey, cream, and charcoal options can coordinate with the décor you already have. This sectional sofa comes with two corner pieces with arms, one chair piece, six reversible back cushions, three seat cushions, and two loose throw cushions. These pieces come together to provide comfort and support, no matter how you like to sit on your sofa.

One of the best parts about this sofa is the modular design. You can configure it in just about any way you want, ensuring that you get the best options for your space. Whether you have custom or nontraditional spaces, this sectional sofa can be changed to fit whatever needs you have. It comfortably sits four and is made with larger pieces and wide cushions, perfect for lounging.

The Highlights

The Noa Flow Sectional Sofa includes two corner pieces and one chair piece. You can set these pieces in many different configurations, including an extra-long sofa and a u-shaped sectional. The opportunities are almost endless. No matter the configuration, you can seat up to four people at the same time. The cushions offer good support and better comfort because of their medium firmness, which makes them soft but strong.

  • Includes two corner pieces and one chair piece
  • Can be configured in multiple different options to suit your space
  • Sits up to four people at the same time
  • Medium firmness on the cushions helps support and comfort you

From the Test Lab

“The cushions on this sectional sofa are large and easy to move around. The configurations take even this smaller size to new levels.”

Best Design

Cozey Atmosphere Collection Sofa

Cozey Atmosphere Collection


It's Great For:

The Cozey Atmosphere Collection Sofa stands out on our list and on the Canadian market. The design of this modular sectional is uniquely boxy and square, giving it a modern feel that will look great in any living room. The deep seats offer better comfort for taller Canadians and those who want to lounge after a long day at work. They’re also ideal for taller Canadians, who might want more room to stretch out.

There are 9 different colours available, including neutral greys, beiges, yellows, and even dark blue and black. There are enough options available to fit in most living rooms, provided there is enough space for these larger sofa pieces. You can stick to standard sofa configurations if you want, but there are also sectional configurations that can seat 9 or more people. If you need a larger sofa, make sure to order the additional pieces or choose the preset configurations available on the Atmosphere Collection page.

When it comes to customization, this sofa has enough options to keep most Canadians happen. You can choose the colour of your sofa, the configuration of your sectional, and certain additions. You can add an ottoman or a suite of 6 matching pillows if you want. This sofa also gives you the unique option to change the position of the arms. You can choose to have one arm on the sofa, including which end you prefer. You can choose a model with 2 arms, but you can also choose an armless model if that’s more your style.

The Highlights

The Cozey Atmosphere Collection Sofa features a boxy, modern design that fits well with larger spaces. There are 9 different colour options to choose from, all beautiful neutral colours for every home decor option. There are endless modular possibilities, allowing you to design the sofa size you need for your home. You can customize the arm placement on this sofa, as well as whether you add extra pieces to fit your needs.

  • Boxy, modern design for larger spaces
  • 9 different colour options to choose from
  • Endless modular possibilities
  • Customization options

From the Test Lab

“This sofa looked different than any other model we tried. We loved the modern design and blocky feel of it regardless of the configuration.”

Best Customization

The Nook Living Sectional Sofa

The Nook Living Sectional Sofa


It's Great For:

The Nook Living Sectional Sofa is one of the best sectional sofas in Canada for customization options. You can change nearly every part of this sofa, from the arms to the fabric, colours, legs, ergonomics, and extra pieces. The configurations you can choose are endless due to the extremely modular design, which allows you to fit the sectional into all types of spaces.

There are two different covers available for this sofa, including a polyester fabric or faux leather. Each type of fabric has at least three colour choices, including neutrals. The fabric covers come in Graphite, Northern Sky (a navy blue), Fog, and Elk. Leather comes in Steel, Grizzly, and Obsidian. Like most sectional sofas, you can order free swatches of these fabrics before you purchase, so you’ll get a good idea of the colour and feel of each option.

Nook offers sofas ranging from a single piece up to four, and sectionals that can get as large as you want. The modular design allows you to keep adding pieces until you are satisfied. Outside of this, you can also customize the legs (with one wood design and two metal options). You can choose whether you want an ottoman, chaise, or just sofa parts, and you can choose to add lumbar pillows and arm pillows for comfort.

The design of this sofa allows you to get exactly what you need from it. You can choose to customize it based on your family composition, the room you’re putting it in, and the fabrics you prefer. This makes it one of the best options on our list for a completely customizable experience.

The Highlights

The Nook Living Sectional Sofa comes in two cover choices, including a polyester fabric or faux leather. There are multiple colour choices for each type of fabric as well. These seats and pieces can be arranged and configured in multiple ways. You can put more than 9 pieces together (though you’ll have to purchase them separately) to fit in custom rooms and larger spaces. While you’re at it, you can customize the shapes of the arms and legs, as well as whether you want an ottoman or chaise. You can also choose ergonomics to add matching pillows to your sectional sofa.

  • Comes in two cover choices: fabric or leather
  • Multiple colour choices for each type of fabric
  • Can be configured and arranged for custom spaces
  • Customizable arms, legs, ottomans, chaise, and ergonomics

From the Test Lab

“This sofa gave our testers so many options for their spaces. Many of them loved the way you could completely customize the look and feel to suit your tastes.”

Best Cushions

Cozey Ciello Collection Sectional Sofa

Cozey Ciello Collection


It's Great For:

While most sofas offer comfort and support, there are precious few options for those that prefer a plush cushion. Most modular sofas offer a firmer seat, which can be uncomfortable for some. That’s why the Cozey Ciello Collection Sectional Sofa has some of the best sectional sofa cushions in Canada. You’ll find a plush, comfortable option that is simple to sink into, especially when you need to relax.

While the Ciello Collection comes in just three colors and one polyester fabric choice, there are multiple seating configurations, pieces, and options to help you find the perfect fit for you. They offer sectionals starting with four pieces, but also sell sofas that range from a single seat to a set of four. These options allow you to purchase an extension for your sofa later. If you move or need more space, this sofa can help you stay comfortable.

You’ll also have the choice of adding an ottoman or chase, as well as different arm designs. This means you can potentially make this sofa exactly what you need. The cushions are made with supportive coils, but also feature a tight-weave performance fabric that is smooth and comfortable. The covers are washable, durable, and replaceable. You can always get new ones if needed. The cushions use a combination of feathers and polyester fill to create a plush surface, with high-density foam to add additional softness and contouring.

This sofa is a great option for most users, especially those who like to change up their space often. The cushions are plush and comfortable, so it’s easy to sink into this sofa and relax instantly. No matter the size of your family or the shape of your room, this sofa has it covered.

The Highlights

Cozey’s Ciello Collection Sectional Sofa is available in three different neutral colours, including light grey, dark grey, and beige. The arms are customizable, and you have the option to add an ottoman to your arrangement as well. The plush cushions help you feel more comfortable than ever without reducing support. The covers are completely removable and replaceable. They are also washable and pet friendly.

  • Available in three different neutral colours
  • Customizable arms and the option to add an ottoman
  • Plush cushions help you feel more comfortable than ever
  • Covers are removable, replaceable, washable, and pet-friendly

From the Test Lab

“The cushions on this sofa were surprisingly soft. Our testers sometimes found themselves napping unexpectedly when lounging on this couch.”

Best L-Shaped

Noa Madison Sectional Sofa

Noa Madison Sectional Sofa


It's Great For:

The Noa Madison Sectional Sofa is an L-shaped sectional that has a handful of options to help you make it your own. While it isn’t modular or customizable, there are two fabric colours to choose from. You can select whether you want the chaise lounge on the right side or the left side, allowing you to select the one that works best for you. One of the highlights of this sectional sofa is the deep cushions, for those who want complete comfort and like to slide back on the couch.

If you want an L-shaped sectional that you don’t have to configure yourself, this is a great option. It’s also more affordable than most of the options on our list, making it the perfect choice for those who want comfort on a budget. If you don’t mind simple assembly (which consists of screwing the legs into the frame with a standard screwdriver), you’ll love this sofa.

The upholstered cushions add a special, classy touch to this sectional. If you aren’t a fan of the tufted look, the cushions are reversible. The other side doesn’t feature the tufting, so you can choose to turn them around if you prefer a different look. The chaise makes this sofa versatile and easy to choose for smaller spaces. If you want a simple, affordable sofa that looks great in any living room, this option should be at the top of your list.

The Highlights

The Noa Madison Sectional Sofa comes with a few different options, including the option to have the chaise lounge on the left side or the right side. This sectional requires simple assembly, which involves attaching the legs to the frame with a few screws. The sofa has deep seats, for those who want more complete comfort and users who like to sit further back on the couch. The springs offer great support, cushioned with high-density foam and polyester filling to help with comfort.

  • Available with a chaise lounge on the left or right
  • Simple assembly involves attaching the legs to the frame of the sectional
  • Deep sofa seats for those who want complete comfort
  • Springs provide great cushioned support, with high-density foam and polyester filling to increase comfort

From the Test Lab

“The Madison is a simple sofa that looks and feels great. Our testers appreciated the reversible cushions, which allowed them some level of customization.”

Best Firm Cushions

Noa Pacific XL Sectional Sofa

Noa Pacific XL Sectional Sofa


It's Great For:

Noa’s Pacific XL Sectional Sofa is one of the best options in Canada for a firmer seat. This low-back sectional offers firm seating for those who need better support throughout their relaxation sessions. This sofa can be configured to be right-facing or left-facing depending on what you need. Each seating piece is modular, so you can continually change it up for your space and needs. However, the ottoman is completely freestanding. You can move it around as a footrest for each seat, but you can also use it as a coffee table to match the furniture in the room.

These seats are extremely well-structured, using a tight weave fabric and Pirelli webbing. Together, these features blend perfectly with the high-gauge springs, dense foam, and polyester filling to create a seat that’s comfortable but keeps you from sinking directly into the cushions.

This sofa features an overstuffed design paired with a streamlined look, with clean, modern lines. The legs are concealed beneath the sofa, allowing it to stand on its own as a statement piece. The lower backs also allow for a more streamlined design. This shorter backrest gives you more wall space for decorations. It can help make smaller rooms larger, too. There’s no assembly required with this sectional sofa, making it simple to use right out of the box.

The Highlights

The Noa Pacific XL Sectional Sofa uses overstuffed cushions to deliver firm support throughout the sofa. The concealed legs help create modern, clean lines that will fit right in with most living rooms. The shorter backrests make this sofa shorter, perfect for smaller room sizes and nontraditional room shapes. The large free-standing ottoman included with the sofa can be used as a coffee table, or you could move it around as a footrest with each seat.

  • Overstuffed cushions are firm and supportive
  • Concealed legs contribute to the modern, clean lines
  • A shorter backrest is perfect for some room shapes and sizes
  • The large free-standing ottoman can be used as a coffee table or moved around the different seats

From the Test Lab

“This sofa looks great. Our testers loved the effect it had on their spaces, especially the richer colours and low backrest sections.”

Best Covers

Noa Hudson Sectional Sofa

Noa Hudson Sectional Sofa


It's Great For:

The Noa Hudson Sectional Sofa has a unique composition for its covers. While most options stick to polyester, polyester velvet, or leather, the Noa Hudson uses a nylon blend. Though it’s not exactly an even spread (92% polyester and 8% nylon), you can feel the difference in the covers. They are much smoother and feel better on your skin, making this sofa stand out among the other options on our list.

It’s also a more eco-conscious sofa than some of the other sectionals we’ve looked at. It’s constructed without harmful chemicals and materials. The materials are sustainably sourced, including the hardwood frame. There’s space on this sofa for up to three people at a time, making it ideal for smaller families and spaces.

However, the medium-firm cushions are filled with 100% polyester hollow fibre, which works with heavy-weight sheeting to keep you supported and comfortable without sinking in. The arms and back are reinforced and padded as well, making this sofa comfortable. You can get it in two different colour options, including gray and slate – a darker navy blue. The aluminum legs pull the look of this sofa together, making it one of the best options for modern living room décor.

The Highlights

Noa’s Hudson Sectional Sofa uses a polyester-nylon blend for the covers, making it both soft and smooth. This sofa is eco-conscious and made with handcrafted, sustainable materials. The backrest cushions are plush and supportive, so you can be comfortable and well-supported as you recline. There are two pieces included, which include a chase on the right side and a standard sofa piece.

  • Covers are a polyester-nylon blend, making them perfectly smooth and soft
  • Eco-conscious, sustainable construction with handcrafted materials
  • Well-cushioned backrest cushions make the sofa comfortable and supportive
  • Two pieces, including a chaise and a standard sofa piece

From the Test Lab

“This sofa offered a huge chaise section and a soft, durable cover. Our testers all remarked about how soft the cover was.”

Why Trust Us?

For years, we’ve tried to recommend only the best options for you and your lifestyle. We want to help you live better, and we do that by recommending the best options for your home. We’ve offered recommendations for new mattresses, kitchen appliances, and other home products to help you choose the options that work best for you.

Our process begins with a large pool of potential products. Each of the best sectional sofas in Canada was evaluated based on a series of unique, appropriate tests. After our test lab performed these tests, we sent the sofas to our team of dedicated testers. Their feedback and the lab results allow us to create our list.

When we evaluated these sectional sofas and sectional sofa beds in Canada, we looked at the following things.

  • Covers. The cover of the sofa is what you’ll feel and interact with. We tried to choose options that were soft, comfortable, and durable enough for years of use. 
  • Dimensions. Sectionals can be large, so we found a range of sizes and configurations. Each modular piece with vary in size based on the options you choose, but the fixed options on our list fit within smaller dimensions. Choose the option that’s best for you.
  • Customization. Customization can help you create a sofa that works for your style and family. We looked at a host of customizable options to find sofas you could be proud to make your own. 
  • Configurations. The configuration of the sofa is important, especially if it’s a fixed design. We looked at a range of configurations, including modular options that allow you to choose your own. 

What is a Sectional Sofa?

A sectional sofa is a more complex version of your standard sofa. While most standard sofas feature three seats in a line, a sectional attaches more pieces to create a variety of shapes. Sectionals are great if you have a lot of people to seat, or if you have a larger living room and like to spread out.

A sectional sofa can come in many different shapes. If you can’t find a fixed shape that you like, consider choosing a sofa that allows you to move the pieces around and create your looks. Sectional sofas work well for larger homes with larger families, especially if you all like to get together at the same time.

How to Choose a Sectional Sofa for Canadians

Here’s what you should look for when you start shopping for a sectional sofa in Canada.

Type of Sectional Sofa

There are two general types of sectional sofas that you’ll come across in your search for a sectional. Most sectionals are either modular or fixed, regardless of the shape of the sofa itself.

  • Modular sofas can be combined in multiple different ways. Each piece can be attached to other pieces, allowing you to move the sofa pieces around to fit your needs. There are nearly endless configurations you can create with modular sofas, including the inclusion of chaise lounges and corner pieces. A modular sofa can grow with you, as there is the option to add pieces over time to create a larger or more complex sectional.
  • Fixed sofas are in a set configuration, which cannot be changed. These sofas come in a one-size-fits-all set that you can rarely change or customize. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, as it allows you to create very specific looks with the sofa you choose.

The type of sectional you should choose depends on your needs, as well as the shape and size of your living room.

Sectional Shapes

Once you’ve determined what type of sectional sofa you want in your home, you should determine what shape you need your sectional to be. Modular sofas can come in a range of shapes and can change over time. However, fixed sectionals usually fall into one of a few different sectional shapes.

  • L-shaped sectionals resemble two sofas pushed together at a right angle. Usually, one side is longer, which helps contribute to the L-shape of the sofa. 
  • Chaise sectionals can also be L-shaped. A chaise sectional uses a chaise lounge as one of the seating pieces, providing a longer shape for one side. It’s easier to lie down and get comfortable with this feature, but it limits seating somewhat. 
  • U-shaped sectionals use a longer main piece with two pieces that stick out at either end, creating a U-shape with your coffee table or ottoman in the middle. This can help you talk amongst your friends more easily, especially if you often have a lot of people over. 

These are the most common shapes for sectional sofas, but there are other options. Modular sofas can be just about any size you can think of, too. Remember to choose a sofa that fits in your space and uses a configuration that works well for you.


The cover of the sofa is the part that you will be touching and interacting with. As such, it’s important to choose a sofa with covers you’ll love to sit or relax on. Most sofa covers are made with polyester fabric. It’s durable and colourful, with many options to choose from. Other options include blended fabrics, leather, and more.

Fabrics are less durable than leather but ultimately come in different colour options. Fabric covers are soft and comforting, and some blends can be smoother than others. If you want the cozy feeling of a standard couch, fabric options might be best for you.

However, leather and other options (such as velvet) also allow you to customize the look and feel of your couch. Leather is cooler but might not be as comforting. If you love leather couches, make sure to look for a sofa that comes in a leather option.

The cover material is just the first step. It’s also important to acknowledge if the covers are removable, washable, and capable of being put in the dryer. All of these factors are important to consider, especially if you plan on keeping your sectional sofa for a long time to come.

Dimensions and Space

Sectional sofas are large, and sometimes they may take up a lot of space. This depends on the dimensions of your room, the configuration of the sofa, and more. Always make sure to accurately measure your living space. Knowing how much space you have can help you find a sofa that will fit perfectly.

You also have to consider the floor space a sectional will take up. Depending on the shape of your sectional, you might need a sizeable amount of space on the floor to be able to walk around it. If you have a smaller living room, avoid going with a larger sectional arrangement. Looking to maximize your possible space? Ditch the chaise lounge piece that is optional for so many sectional sofas.

Usually, sofa companies will list the dimensions of the sofa on their website. Use these dimensions to determine if the sofa will fit in your space. This will at least give you an idea of the standard configuration and how much space you’ll be sacrificing.

Colour Options

The colour you choose for your sofa is personal and can also be based on the other décor you have in your living room. Many of the sofas on our list come in multiple colour options, even when those colours are all neutrals.

Of course, you should choose the colour that you want or the one that goes along with the rest of your living room décor. Keep in mind that while some of the best sofa sectional beds in Canada have multiple colour options for each type of fabric available, they might not have the same colour palette every time. Leather usually comes in more neutral colours, while polyester fabric can be dyed any color and is usually presented with at least one dark blue option.

Included Pieces

What’s included with the original sofa shipment? While some modular sofas allow you to order pieces later, they will only have a select few to start with. These pieces may include corner pieces, arm pieces, chaise lounges, and more. We’ve looked at how each sofa ships without any modification, and must contain at least one chair piece and two arm pieces.

Always make sure to see which pieces are included with your sofa purchase. You don’t want to receive your purchase, only to find out that some pieces you wanted are missing. Remember that with modular sofas, these pieces can be added later to create a larger seating space. You should choose your new sectional based on the pieces included in your purchase.

Customizable Options

Some sofas, particularly modular options, feature customization options. This extends beyond the configurations you can create, too. Some sofas offer multiple different layers of customization, from the feel of your sofa to the shape of the arms.

Common customization options include fabric customizations (which can often include leather, fabric, and different blends of materials to create a sofa that you find comfortable). As we discussed above, most covers come in multiple colour options. Some sofas may come in a wide range of colours, while others might stick to neutrals that will match any décor.

Other areas of customization include extras and support pieces like ottomans and chaises. Most of the time, the configuration selection options for modular sofas won’t allow you to choose a chaise. You must order the chaise piece separately and attach it to your existing configuration. You might also be able to select a matching ottoman, which doesn’t need any special steps or assembly. It will match the fabric on your sofa, though – this might be a great option for some users.

Besides arm shapes and heights, another popular customization feature is your sofa’s legs. Some sofas use a set leg selection, which may not match the rest of your décor. Meanwhile, sofas with leg options allow you to choose the finish and colour. Some sofas may conceal the legs as well, so your customization depends largely on the shape and size of the sofa.

You can choose as many or as few customization options as you want. You can create a sofa that is unique to you or choose some options and leave the rest as-is. Sofas with customization options allow you to make most of the decisions.


Since most of the sofas on our list are only available online, it’s reasonable to expect that there is some level of assembly involved. Modular sofas arrive in several boxes and will need to be built and attached to create the sofa. Sectionals may come in pieces that need to be put together. Most use hassle-free assembly methods that makes it easy to put them together. 

If you don’t mind a little work, most of the sofas on this list will be fine for you. However, those who want to avoid any type of construction can look for sectional sofas that use tool-free assembly.

Frequently Asked Questions

While some sectionals can make your room feel smaller, choosing the right size and configuration can make all the difference. Some of the best sectional sofa beds in Canada feature multiple modular configurations that allow you to fit your section in the space you have.

You should be prepared for a sectional to take up a lot of room in your home. However, if you measure your space properly, you should be able to tell which sectionals will work in your space. Still, you should expect a sectional to take up a significant amount of space in any room, particularly if you choose a larger configuration.

The sofa fabric you should choose is an entirely personal preference. Leather is generally more durable and may last longer. It’s easier to clean but might be colder. Fabric can also be a great option, especially with the super-durable fabric options on the market.