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A sectional sofa can grow and shrink based on your seating requirements and space restrictions. Have a smaller living room? Split your sectional into two pieces and create a complete living room set. Have more space? Stretch the sectional to its full size by attaching all of the pieces.

They work with you, moving with you and your family through life as it ebbs and flows. But while sectional sofas are surprisingly versatile and can adapt to unique needs, it can be tricky to find high-quality, well-rated models, as there are hundreds of options out there.

We took the guesswork out of the search for you by diving headfirst into extensive research. We combed through dozens of highly-rated options, meticulously testing and researching each one to ensure we emerge with the best sectional sofas in Canada for 2023.

Best Sectional Sofas for Canadians of 2023

Why Did We Choose These Sectional Sofas in Canada?

We encountered dozens of options in our quest to find the best sectional sofas in Canada. But as we narrowed our list, we noticed that certain models excelled in specific areas. We continued fine-tuning our list, focusing on these areas to create unique superlatives for each model.

Here’s a quick overview of why each of the best sectional sofas in Canada of 2023 made the cut.

The Cozey Altus Sectional is a leading pick on this list, offering an impressive array of features that earned its place as our best overall pick. It features multiple customizable options, including various arm designs, fabrics, and modules. If you want a well-rounded pick, this one is an excellent option.

The Cozey Ciello Sectional boasts some of the most comfortable cushions on this list, securing a spot as the sofa with the best cushions. Its cushions feature materials that create a medium softness perfect for lounging or relaxing after a long day at work. While it’s on the softer side of medium, it’s not so soft that you’ll get lost in the couch.

Our best design pick is the Cozey Atmosphere Sectional, which features a sleek, modern design. Its boxy design, low-slung profile, and deep seats create a contemporary vibe that fits perfectly with modern aesthetics.

If an overly soft, plush sofa that engulfs you sounds like a nightmare, the Noa Pacific XL Sectional is an exceptional choice. This model features firmer cushions that blend comfort with structure, earning a place as our top pick for firm cushions.

Finding matching throw pillows or bolster pillows to complete your sofa can be tricky, but not with the Noa Coastal Sectional. This sofa comes decked out with various inclusions, including two bolster pillows, two throw pillows, and a matching ottoman to complete your living room lounge set.

The Noa Flow Sectional offers a solid array of layouts, earning its place as our best pick for configurations. It works as a U-shape, an extra-large sofa, a left-facing sofa, or a right-facing sofa, allowing it to adjust to the space available in your living room.

The Noa Porter Sectional is an ideal sofa for Canadians with mid-sized living rooms. This sofa is large enough to fit comfortably in a mid-sized living room while complementing other furniture pieces or in a slightly smaller living area as the focal piece.

Best Overall

Cozey Altus Sectional Sofa

Cozey Altus with Solis Table
Cozey Altus with Stella Coffee Table

It's Great For:

The Cozey Altus Sectional sofa earns its place on our list as the best overall sofa. This model offers a well-rounded array of features, making it an excellent choice for many Canadians.

It’s highly customizable and features a sophisticated, modern appearance that can match many aesthetics. Six colours are available for the standard performance fabric, including ivory, navy blue, and beige. The velvet fabric comes in two colours: sapphire blue and emerald green.

This sofa comes in numerous configurations, including four standard sofa layouts and eight sectional designs. Optional chaise loungers, ottomans, and two different arm designs add to the mix and create a more comfortable lounging experience. The legs even come in two materials, including standard wooden legs and a classy metal leg design.

The cushions feature a blend of polyfoam, super soft foam, and medium to high-density foam, creating a firmer seat that falls just over the medium line of firmness. The covers enveloping each cushion are removable, washable, and replaceable, making them an excellent fit for Canadian homes with kids and pets.

Key Features

  • Numerous Configurations. 12 configuration options ensure there is something to accommodate nearly any space or seating requirement. 
  • Washable Covers. The cushion covers are easily removable for quick, no-hassle washing. 
  • Medium Firm. The cushions offer a medium level of firmness that leans slightly more toward the firmer side, creating a comfortable seat you won’t get lost in. 
  • Velvet Fabric Available. Choose between standard performance fabric and velvet fabric to best accommodate your home’s needs and aesthetic preferences. 

Our Expert’s Take

“This sofa removes the headache of selecting the perfect fit for your home by supplying a fully customizable build that adapts to your needs. Our testers enjoyed the sloped arm design option and medium firm cushions.”

Best Cushions

Cozey Ciello Sectional Sofa

Cozey Ciello Sectional
Cozey Ciello and Stella Coffee Table

It's Great For:

The Cozey Ciello Sectional sofa is decked out in comfortable features, all neatly wrapped in an aesthetically pleasing package. While the sofa looks suspiciously like a standard fixed sofa, it’s actually a modular model. So, if you prefer the look of a fixed sofa but want the flexibility of a modular sofa, this model might be the perfect fit.

It features medium soft cushions that balance comfort and firmness beautifully, creating a comfortable place to sit or lay down after a trying day of work. The cushions are slightly softer, allowing you to sink into the sofa to lounge peacefully, but not so soft that you’ll struggle to get out.

It’s available in four neutral colours, including faded blue, light grey, dark grey, and beige. The stormy blue colour comes in a soft chenille fabric, but it may not be available for long since it’s limited.

The sofa can adapt to varying seating needs, from a singular seat to a sprawling sectional sofa that fits beautifully into massive living areas. The modular design allows you to manipulate the layout to fit your home and needs perfectly – all it takes is a bit of grunt work to design the ideal arrangement.

Key Features

  • Soft Cushions. The cushions are soft and luxurious, providing the perfect place to relax after a long day of work. 
  • Multiple Configurations. Customize this sofa to your liking by tweaking it into all sorts of different configurations. 
  • Two Fabrics. The sofa is available in two materials, including the standard performance fabric and limited chenille fabric. 
  • Legless Design. This sofa features a low-profile design with hidden legs, making it ideal for Canadians who don’t like visible couch legs. 

Our Expert’s Take

“The cushions on this sofa are perfectly soft, creating a comfy perch for top-tier naps and family movie nights. Our testers enjoyed the plush surface of this sofa.”

Video Demonstration of the Cozey Ciello Sofa

Best Design

Cozey Atmosphere Sectional Sofa

Cozey Atmosphere Sectional Side View
Cozey Atmosphere Collection Sofa

It's Great For:

The Cozey Atmosphere Sectional sofa features a stunning modern design perfect for Canadians who appreciate sleek, contemporary aesthetics. The sofa’s boxy design with a low-profile, wide backrest mirrors the classy designs you might find in a contemporary home magazine.

While the backrest is lower than some sofas, it features a wide top where you can rest your arms for a comfortable lounging experience. The cushions fall into the middle of the spectrum, not overly soft but not too firm, either, making it perfect for Canadians who prefer a balance of the two.

The cushions are enrobed in soft polyester fabric, which comes in nine colours. The colours feature muted tones, allowing you to incorporate a splash of colour into your living room without seeming too bold or loud. Options range from a soft beige to coral to rich blue.

The seats are deep, making this sofa ideal for taller Canadians. However, the deeper set cushions mean this sofa is a bit larger than some, so it’s best suited to larger living areas with plenty of space for a sprawling sofa.

Like every model on this list, this sofa is sectional, featuring modular pieces that lend well to customizability.

Key Features

  • Modern Design. The sleek, low-profile design of this sofa makes it ideal for Canadians who appreciate contemporary themes. 
  • Nine Colours. An impressive selection of fabric colours ensures there’s something to accommodate nearly any colour palette. 
  • Customizable. The modular nature of this sofa allows for an elevated level of customizability. 
  • Deep Seats. The seats are deeper than most standard sofa seats, making this a great choice for taller Canadians.

Our Expert’s Take

“If your living room is teeming with modern design features, this sofa might be the perfect way to complete the space. Our taller testers loved the deeper seats.”

Video Demonstration of the Cozey Atmosphere Sofa

Best Firm Cushions

Noa Pacific XL Sectional Sofa

Noa Pacific XL Sofa
Noa Pacific XL Sofa Side View

It's Great For:

The Noa Pacific XL Sectional sofa provides a firm, structured seat best suited for Canadians that prefer a solid perch. The cushions err on the firmer side of medium, so while it isn’t the firmest sofa you might sit on, it’s firm enough that you won’t sink into it.

The seat features firmly upholstered fabric that is available in multiple colours, including cream, charcoal, and grey. The slightly angled back and boxy, low-profile design creates a modern appearance that lends well to many spaces. The legs are hidden from sight, tucked beneath the sofa to make a sleeker appearance.

An included ottoman serves multiple purposes, from a place to rest your feet to an oversized coffee table. The seats are deeper than some sofas, making this model a perfect choice for taller Canadians.

It features a modular design that is adjustable to match your specific needs. You can create a complete living room set with a single sofa layout by separating one end into a chair and the other two into a sofa, keeping the ottoman nearby as a coffee table. Connect all the pieces to create an extended sofa perfect for gatherings.

Key Features

  • Structured Seat. If you dislike ultra-soft sofas that seem to engulf you when you sit, this sofa is an excellent alternative. Its firm seat offers structure without being uncomfortable. 
  • Sleek Design. The low-profile back and hidden legs create a more contemporary appearance.
  • Multi-Purpose Ottoman. An included ottoman bends to match your needs, whether you need a footrest or a coffee table. 
  • Multiple Configurations. Split this sofa into an entire living room set for compact spaces, or leave it as one singular piece for larger spaces. 

Our Expert’s Take

“The structured seat was a favourite among our firm-seat fanatics. It’s firm but not so firm that it’s uncomfortable.”

Video Demonstration of the Noa Pacific Sofa

Best Inclusions

Noa Coastal Sectional Sofa

Noa Coastal Sectional Sofa Full View
Noa Coastal Sectional Sofa In Living Room

It's Great For:

The Noa Coastal Sectional is perfect for Canadians who don’t want to deal with the hassle of finding accessories that match their sofas. This beautiful sofa comes with two bolster cushions and two throw cushions, ensuring you have a complete set for your living room. There’s no need to hunt for matching throw pillows to adorn your sofa – it comes with four extra pillows.

Aside from its handy inclusions, this sofa provides an impressive array of features. Its cushion covers are removable and safe for hand washing, making cleanup a breeze. The ease of cleanup makes this sofa perfect for Canadians with kids and pets.

The cushions are filled with a foam core cushion surrounded by a feather-down blend filling to create a perfectly soft cushion that combines comfort with structure. The backrest slants in a slightly reclined position for comfortable lounging, but not so much that you feel you’re leaning back overly far.

This sofa is flexible, offering multiple configuration options to accommodate varying needs. It works as an extra-large sofa, a right-facing sofa, and a left-facing sofa. The included ottoman is easy to move from side to side to create the desired effect.

Key Features

  • Complete Set. This sofa comes with everything you need, including two throw pillows and two bolster pillows. 
  • Sleek Design. Thick, blocky support legs and two neutral fabric colours create a classy finish. 
  • Soft Cushions. The cushions offer the perfect blend of softness and structure for a more comfortable lounging experience. 
  • Versatile. The included ottoman is easy to move to make the sofa into a left or right-facing sectional. 

Our Expert’s Take

“This comfortable sofa is ideal for Canadians who want a complete sofa set. Our testers liked the easy maneuverability of the ottoman and included pillows.”

Best Configuration

Noa Flow Sectional Sofa

Noa Flow Sectional in Living Room
Noa Flow Sectional Side View

It's Great For:

The Noa Flow sofa is an outstanding choice for Canadians who appreciate the flexibility of multiple sofa configurations. This modular sofa comes with three pieces that can create versatile configurations. Two corner pieces with arms and a chair can be arranged in a U-shape, an extra-large sofa, a left-facing sectional, and a right-facing sectional.

The flexibility of its configurations allows it to work with more compact living spaces, as the U-shape and left or right-facing sectionals can work well in limited areas. In contrast, it can also blend well in larger living rooms with other pieces of furniture when you arrange it as an extra-large sofa.

It features medium-firm cushions teeming with high-density foam and polyester filling that provides a blend of comfort and structure. The cushion covers are removable for easy cleanup but aren’t safe for machine washing.

The sofa is complete with a gently-sloped back to support the cushions and create a comfortable lounging space. Its concealed legs provide a modern, streamlined look, and three neutral fabric colours allow it to blend beautifully with various colour palettes.

Key Features

  • Multiple Configurations. This sofa features numerous pieces that work in various configurations to accommodate multiple living area layouts. 
  • Removable Covers. The removable cushion covers allow for easy cleanup and spot treatments after messes or spills. 
  • Contemporary Design. The low-slung profile and hidden legs create a look that meshes well with modern themes. 
  • Versatile. This sofa works with larger spaces and smaller spaces, extending into a large sofa or a compact U-shaped design. 

Our Expert’s Take

“This sofa is a chameleon, adapting to various space and seating needs through multiple configurations. Our testers loved how versatile this sofa is.”

Video Demonstration of the Noa Flow Sofa

Best for Medium Spaces

Noa Porter Sectional Sofa

Noa Porter Sectional Front View
Noa Porter Sectional

It's Great For:

The Noa Porter Sectional is perfect for Canadians with a medium-sized living space. It’s not overly large but not too compact, making it best suited to mid-sized areas.

It features a classy, boxy design with angled arms and a gently-sloped backrest. The seat cushions are filled with high-density polyurethane foam, whereas the back cushions feature a high-density polyester fibre filling. They’re wrapped in a removable polyester fabric cover that makes for easy washing.

The sofa comfortably seats four people, making it a good option for small to medium families. It works as a right-facing sectional, a left-facing sectional, or an extra-large sofa. Its size and configuration options make it best suited to a medium-sized space with enough room to accommodate the entire length of the sofa.

The modular pieces include two corner pieces, one chair, and one ottoman. Fabric colour options include cream, light grey, and dark grey.

Key Features

  • Multiple Colour Options. This sofa comes in three neutral colours: cream, light, and dark grey. 
  • Mid-Sized. This sofa works best in mid-sized spaces that can accommodate its entire length. However, you can take it apart and split it into a chair and a small sofa for smaller areas. 
  • Removable Covers. Washing concerns have become a thing of the past with removable cushion covers. 
  • Included Ottoman. An included ottoman can serve as a footrest, create a chaise lounger, or act as a coffee table. 

Our Expert’s Take

“Finding the perfect sofa for a small to mid-sized room can be tricky, but this concern dissipates rapidly with this sofa. Our testers enjoyed the softness of the seat and included ottoman.”

Why Trust Us?

For years, we’ve tried to recommend only the best options for you and your lifestyle. We want to help you live better, and we do that by recommending the best options for your home. We’ve offered recommendations for new mattresses, kitchen appliances, and other home products to help you choose the options that work best for you.

Our process begins with a large pool of potential products. Each of the best sectional sofas in Canada was evaluated based on a series of unique, appropriate tests. After our test lab performed these tests, we sent the sofas to our team of dedicated testers. Their feedback and the lab results allow us to create our list.

When we evaluated these sectional sofas and sectional sofa beds in Canada, we looked at the following features.

  • Covers. The cover of the sofa is what you’ll feel and interact with. We tried to choose options that were soft, comfortable, and durable enough for years of use. 
  • Dimensions. Sectionals can be large, so we found a range of sizes and configurations. Each modular piece with vary in size based on the options you choose, but the fixed options on our list fit within smaller dimensions. Choose the option that’s best for you.
  • Customization. Customization can help you create a sofa that works for your style and family. We looked at a host of customizable options to find sofas you could be proud to make your own. 
  • Configurations. The configuration of the sofa is important, especially if it’s a fixed design. We looked at a range of configurations, including modular options that allow you to choose your own. 

What is a Sectional Sofa?

A sectional sofa is a more complex version of your standard sofa. While most standard sofas feature three seats in a line, a sectional attaches more pieces to create a variety of shapes. Sectionals are great if you have a lot of people to seat, or if you have a larger living room and like to spread out.

A sectional sofa can come in many different shapes. If you can’t find a fixed shape that you like, consider choosing a sofa that allows you to move the pieces around and create your looks. Sectional sofas work well for larger homes with larger families, especially if you all like to get together at the same time.

How to Choose a Sectional Sofa for Canadians

Before you can purchase a sectional sofa in Canada, it’s important to consider your different options and features. Make sure to look over the following guide carefully. A closer look at these features can help you determine which sectional sofa is best for your family and your space. 

Type of Sectional Sofa

There are two general types of sectional sofas that you’ll come across in your search for a sectional. Most sectionals are either modular or fixed, regardless of the shape of the sofa itself.

  • Modular sofas can be combined in multiple different ways. Each piece can be attached to other pieces, allowing you to move the sofa pieces around to fit your needs. There are nearly endless configurations you can create with modular sofas, including the inclusion of chaise lounges and corner pieces. A modular sofa can grow with you, as there is the option to add pieces over time to create a larger or more complex sectional.
  • Fixed sofas are in a set configuration, which cannot be changed. These sofas come in a one-size-fits-all set that you can rarely change or customize. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, as it allows you to create very specific looks with the sofa you choose.

The type of sectional you should choose depends on your needs, as well as the shape and size of your living room. Don’t be afraid to try a modular sofa, particularly if you want a sectional that you can change later. A fixed sectional works well for most users but can be limiting for unique spaces or larger families.

Sectional Shapes

Once you’ve determined what type of sectional sofa you want in your home, you should determine what shape you need your sectional to be. Modular sofas can come in a range of shapes and can change over time. However, fixed sectionals usually fall into one of a few different sectional shapes.

  • L-shaped sectionals resemble two sofas pushed together at a right angle. Usually, one side is longer, which helps contribute to the L-shape of the sofa. 
  • Chaise sectionals can also be L-shaped. A chaise sectional use a chaise lounge as one of the seating pieces, providing a longer shape for one side. It’s easier to lie down and get comfortable with this feature, but it limits seating somewhat. 
  • U-shaped sectionals use a longer main piece with two pieces that stick out at either end, creating a U-shape with your coffee table or ottoman in the middle. This can help you talk amongst your friends more easily, especially if you often have a lot of people over. 

These are the most common shapes for sectional sofas, but there are other options. Modular sofas can be just about any size you can think of, too. Remember to choose a sofa that fits in your space and uses a configuration that works well for you.


The cover of the sofa is the part that you will be touching and interacting with. As such, it’s important to choose a sofa with covers you’ll love to sit or relax on. Most sofa covers are made with polyester fabric. It’s durable and colourful, with many options to choose from. Other options include blended fabrics, leather, and more.

Fabrics are less durable than leather but ultimately come in different colour options. Fabric covers are soft and comforting, and some blends can be smoother than others. If you want the cozy feeling of a standard couch, fabric options might be best for you.

However, leather and other options (such as velvet) also allow you to customize the look and feel of your couch. Leather is cooler but might not be as comforting. If you love leather couches, make sure to look for a sofa that comes in a leather option.

The cover material is just the first step. It’s also important to acknowledge if the covers are removable, washable, and capable of being put in the dryer. All of these factors are important to consider, especially if you plan on keeping your sectional sofa for a long time to come.

Dimensions and Space

Sectional sofas are large, and sometimes they may take up a lot of space. This depends on the dimensions of your room, the configuration of the sofa, and more. Always make sure to accurately measure your living space. Knowing how much space you have can help you find a sofa that will fit perfectly.

You also have to consider the floor space a sectional will take up. Depending on the shape of your sectional, you might need a sizeable amount of space on the floor to be able to walk around it. If you have a smaller living room, avoid going with a larger sectional arrangement. Looking to maximize your possible space? Ditch the chaise lounge piece that is optional for so many sectional sofas.

Usually, sofa companies will list the dimensions of the sofa on their website. Use these dimensions to determine if the sofa will fit in your space. This will at least give you an idea of the standard configuration and how much space you’ll be sacrificing.

Colour Options

The colour you choose for your sofa is personal and can also be based on the other décor you have in your living room. Many of the sofas on our list come in multiple colour options, even when those colours are all neutrals.

Of course, you should choose the colour that you want or the one that goes along with the rest of your living room décor. Keep in mind that while some of the best sofa sectional beds in Canada have multiple colour options for each type of fabric available, they might not have the same colour palette every time. Leather usually comes in more neutral colours, while polyester fabric can be dyed any colour and is usually presented with at least one dark blue option.

Included Pieces

What’s included with the original sofa shipment? While some modular sofas allow you to order pieces later, they will only have a select few to start with. These pieces may include corner pieces, arm pieces, chaise lounges, and more. We’ve looked at how each sofa ships without any modification and must contain at least one chair piece and two arm pieces.

Always make sure to see which pieces are included with your sofa purchase. You don’t want to receive your purchase, only to find out that some pieces you wanted are missing. Remember that with modular sofas, these pieces can be added later to create a larger seating space. You should choose your new sectional based on the pieces included in your purchase.

Make sure to look for options that can be expanded later. While you might not need more seats now, you might find yourself in need of additional seating later on. Choosing a sofa with additional modules available can save you money later on, especially if you need to expand your seating. Instead of purchasing a new sofa, you can choose to expand or change your current sectional to seat more guests.

Customizable Options

Some sofas, particularly modular options, feature customization options. This extends beyond the configurations you can create, too. Some sofas offer multiple different layers of customization, from the feel of your sofa to the shape of the arms.

Common customization options include fabric customizations (which can often include leather, fabric, and different blends of materials to create a sofa that you find comfortable). As we discussed above, most covers come in multiple colour options. Some sofas may come in a wide range of colours, while others might stick to neutrals that will match any décor.

Other areas of customization include extras and support pieces like ottomans and chaises. Most of the time, the configuration selection options for modular sofas won’t allow you to choose a chaise. You must order the chaise piece separately and attach it to your existing configuration. You might also be able to select a matching ottoman, which doesn’t need any special steps or assembly. It will match the fabric on your sofa, though – this might be a great option for some users.

Besides arm shapes and heights, another popular customization feature is your sofa’s legs. Some sofas use a set leg selection, which may not match the rest of your décor. Meanwhile, sofas with leg options allow you to choose the finish and colour. Some sofas may conceal the legs as well, so your customization depends largely on the shape and size of the sofa.

You can choose as many or as few customization options as you want. You can create a sofa that is unique to you or chooses some options and leave the rest as-is. Sofas with customization options allow you to make most of the decisions.


Since most of the sofas on our list are only available online, it’s reasonable to expect that there is some level of assembly involved. Modular sofas arrive in several boxes and will need to be built and attached to create the sofa. Sectionals may come in pieces that need to be put together. Most use hassle-free assembly methods that make it easy to put them together. 

If you don’t mind a little work, most of the sofas on this list will be fine for you. However, those who want to avoid any type of construction can look for sectional sofas that use tool-free assembly. These sofas are just as sturdy and durable as those who have a more complex assembly process, and it’s usually faster to put them together, too. Make sure to give these sofas a chance, as the no-assembly model might just surprise you.

Frequently Asked Questions

A sectional sofa generally costs between $1,000 and $3,000, although some models may cost more or less. For example, a larger sofa that seats more people might cost more than $3,000, while a compact sofa might cost less than $1,000.

The best sofa fabric for a sectional depends on your needs and preferences. Leather lasts a long time and is easy to clean but can be cold to the touch. On the flip side, fabrics can offer solid durability and a more comfortable feel but can be tricky to clean without removable covers.

Sectional sofas, like most sofas, usually last between 10 and 15 years. However, some can last even longer, tipping the scales over 20 years. It all depends on usage, maintenance, and quality.