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The quality and firmness of your pillow can be a deciding factor in whether you get a good night’s sleep or not. Whether you are looking for a plush and cloud-like pillow or one that has extra support and firmness, there are many available on the Canadian market. Many pillows have cooling features, and some have covers that can be removed and washed. Knowing what you need from your pillow is the first step in choosing a pillow that suits you best. Our team of pillow researchers and testers spent hundreds of hours testing all of the best pillows that you can buy online in Canada to help you choose the very best one.

All the pillows on our list today were tested for cooing features, firmness options, adjustability and materials. Each tester on our team tried multiple pillows for an extended length of time to provide fair reviews. Only our favourite pillows we tested made it into our review today. Here are our picks for the best pillows in Canada in 2023.

Best Pillows for Canadians in September 2023

Why Did We Choose These Pillows in Canada?

Your pillow can change how you sleep, make you more comfortable, and help you wake feeling rested. We spent time choosing the best pillows in Canada based on our own observations, research, and a variety of performance features. Here is why each of the best pillows in Canada of September 2023 made our list.

The Silk & Snow Pillow is a great all-around pillow with adjustable firmness and a plush outer layer. Comfortable and supportive, most Canadians will find this pillow the best you can choose from in Canada.

For Canadians who are often travelling and want to take their pillow with them on trains, planes or cars, the Endy Customizable Pillow is a great choice. This pillow has adjustable firmness, as well as a separate travel pillow included with each purchase.

The Hush Hybrid Pillow is great for those seeking a pillow that has great cooling measures while still being able to adjust the firmness. The casing of the pillow features a unique iced technology, which will keep sleepers sweat free during the night, and the fill can be adjusted to cater to any sleeping position.

Those looking for a pillow with adjustable features that are easy to use and have the most options will want to consider the Polysleep Pillow. The inner layers can be removed and added as needed, and the pillow loft can go from 2” to 9”.

Canadians who want a down pillow but suffer from allergies or are concerned about animal rights will love the Noa Down Alternative Pillow. This pillow feels like real down and is soft and comfortable. Three firmness options are available, making it a good choice for all sleepers.

If you are interested in a pillow that is like the ones found in hotels, the QE Home Silk Surround Pillow is the perfect pillow for you. This pillow is like sleeping on a fluffy cloud and is great for those wanting a soft pillow with limited support.

The unique blend of cooling gel-infused fibres makes the Benji Cooling Pillow Set the best option for Canadians who wake often with night sweats. These pillows provide a cool and dry sleep experience that helps to alleviate restless nights.

Our eco-friendly readers will want to consider the Hush Eco-Pillow, made entirely from sustainable materials. With a bamboo cover that is cooling and restorative, this medium-firm pillow is a great choice for anyone needing some added support.

For Canadians looking for a no-frills memory foam pillow, the Endy Memory Foam Pillow is a wonderful option. This pillow has a simple, solid memory foam core with a breathable and cool cover that most users will find comfortable and supportive.

The Canadian Down & Feather Company’s Down Perfect Pillow is the best down pillow for Canadians. This 3-chamber pillow provides a perfect mix of luxurious comfort and support.

Best Overall

The Silk & Snow Pillow

The Silk & Snow Pillow
The Silk & Snow Pillows on Bed

It's Great For:

The Silk & Snow Pillow is our choice for the best pillow for Canadians in 2023. This wonderful pillow combines comfort and premium materials to make an excellent all-around choice. Both affordable and luxurious, the Silk & Snow Pillow is great for most Canadians looking for a pillow that can be adjusted and easily washed.

The cover of the Silk & Snow Pillow is made of 100% breathable cotton that stays naturally cool to the touch. The shell of this pillow can be unzipped and removed and can be machine washed and dried, which is a unique feature not found on many pillows.

In the middle of the Silk & Snow Pillow is a core made of adjustable shredded memory foam. This shredded foam is made of premium new foam rather than older recycled foam, as many other companies use. This new foam holds up longer and won’t break down as quickly. Because you can adjust the memory foam core, all sleeping pistons will be able to find ultimate comfort with this pillow. Those with neck pain will find they will be able to get a perfect loft to alleviate discomfort while sleeping.

Surrounding the memory foam core is a down-like microfibre fill. This fill is plush and feels luxurious and soft to the touch, while the inner core helps the pillow keep its shape and desired firmness. The pillow comes in both standard and king sizes, which fit the majority of beds, including Silk & Snow mattresses.

Key Features

  • Cotton Cover. The 100% cotton cover is breathable and cool. It works to reduce temperatures so you can stay comfortable throughout the night.
  • Microfibre Fill. The outer layer made of microfibre fill is both plush and soft, making for a luxurious cloud-like pillow.
  • Memory Foam Core. At the centre of the pillow is adjustable shredded memory foam, so no matter what position you sleep in, you can find the perfect loft for you.
  • Washable Cover. The cover of the Silk & Snow Pillow is removable and washable, which is great for anyone with allergies or wanting to clean their pillow regularly.

Our Expert’s Take

“Our testers found comfort regardless of their sleeping position and woke up rested and comfortable due to the adjustable memory foam core and soft outer layer.”

Video Demonstration of the Silk & Snow Pillow

Best for Travel

The Endy Pillow

The Endy Customizable Pillow
The Endy Customizable Pillow Back Sleeper

It's Great For:

Endy is a great Canadian brand known for making high-quality mattresses, pillows and accessories. The Endy Customizable Pillow is one of their top products and our pick for the best pillow for those who travel in Canada. While many other memory foam pillows have an adjustable fill, this Endy pillow comes with a small travel pillow that you can move extra fill into, so you can take it on the go. This pillow comes in both standard and king-size, fitting all common mattress sizes.

The cover of the Endy Customizable Pillow is made from 100% cotton, ensuring increased airflow through the night and a cooler sleep overall. The cover can be removed and machine washed, which is great for those with allergies needing a frequently cleaned sleeping surface or for the occasional spill.

Inside the Endy Customizable Pillow is an outer layer of hypoallergenic fill, which feels like real down. This plus outer layer is comfortable and soft and great for those who dislike hard pillows.

The inner core of the pillow is made from shredded memory foam, which can be removed and added as desired, so no matter what sleeping position you favour, you can get the perfect pillow height. The small mesh travel bag is meant to be used as either storage for the extra fill or as a travel pillow- and is perfect for Canadians who find themselves often sleeping on trains or airplanes.

Key Features

  • Cotton Cover. The 100% cotton cover stays cool and dry. It is easily removable and can be machine washed and dried. It’s easy to keep this pillow fresh.
  • Included Travel Pillow. Included with each Endy Customizable Pillow is a small travel pillow that can be filled with extra shredded memory foam and is great for those who are often on the go.
  • Hypoallergenic Fill. The outer layer of this pillow is made from hypoallergenic fill, making for a comfortable sleeping experience. Those with allergies can sleep a little easier.
  • Memory Foam Core. At the centre of the pillow is adjustable shredded memory foam, which can be taken out and added back in whenever you want, allowing for a perfect pillow loft. 

Our Expert’s Take

“The separate travel pillow was a big hit with our testers, who often sleep on the go. Our testers found the memory foam to be easy to adjust and slept great, no matter their sleeping position.”

Video Demonstration of the Endy Pillow

Best Cooling Pillow

The Hush Hybrid Pillow

The Hush Hybrid Pillow
Hush Hybrid Pillow Feel

It's Great For:

Many Canadians find themselves waking up hot and sweaty throughout the night and need extra temperature control in their pillows and mattress for a comfortable night’s sleep. We chose the Hush Hybrid Pillow as our favourite pillow that has cooling measures in Canada. It is available to buy in standard size only, which can be a consideration for some needing larger sizes.

The cover of the Hush Hybrid Pillow is made from viscose bamboo, which actively wicks away heat and moisture and is made from sustainable sources. It can be machine washed and dried, and the cover gets softer which each wash instead of pilling or breaking down. The shell of the pillow is infused with cool-to-the-touch Hush Iced technology, further helping to reduce temperature all night long.

Inside the pillow, the filling is made from a hybrid mix of both vegan microfibre down and shredded memory foam. This blend allows for a supportive and soft density and is excellent for users looking for a mix of plush and firm. The foam mix can be removed and adjusted at will, so no matter how firm or soft you want your pillow to be, you can customize it to your liking.

For those on the go often, the Hush Hybrid Pillow includes a small bag that can double as a travel pillow. For Canadians who often sleep on trains or planes, this is a great way to take your Hush Hybrid Pillow with you wherever you go.

Key Features

  • Bamboo Cover. The cover is made from viscose bamboo, which is naturally cool and wicks away heat and moisture. It is both sustainably sourced and easy to machine wash.
  • Hush Iced Casing. The casing of the Hush Hybrid Pillow is infused with Hush Iced threads, which actively cool and reduce temperatures, helping those who sleep hot stay comfortable all night long.
  • Hybrid Fill. The inside of this pillow is filled with a blend of vegan microfibre fill and shredded memory foam and can be adjustable to your preferred firmness and loft. 
  • Travel Bag. For Canadians on the go, the Hush Hybrid Pillow includes a small bag that doubles as a travel pillow, great for sleeping on airplanes or in the car. 

Our Expert’s Take

“This pillow is both eco-conscious and comfortable. Even our testers that sleep extra hot found that they did not sweat overnight and woke up cool and rested.”

Video Demonstration of the Hush Hybrid Pillow

Best Adjustable Pillow

The Polysleep Pillow

The Polysleep Pillow
The Polysleep Pillow Side Sleeper
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It's Great For:

For those seeking a pillow that has the ability to change firmness and loft, we recommend the Polysleep Pillow, our pick for the best adjustable pillow in Canada. This pillow has multiple inner layers that can be removed and can go from 2” to 9” in height, depending on how many of the layers you use. While many pillows can be customized, this pillow is the easiest to adjust and has the largest difference in height options. The Polysleep Pillow comes in both standard and king sizes, and those who co-sleep will appreciate a bundled discount for buying one of their 2-packs.

The cover of the Polylseep Pillow is made from 100% cotton and is naturally breathable and airy. Cotton is cooler than many other fabrics, which is great for those who sleep warm. For accidental spills or regular cleaning, the cover of the Polysleep can be machine washed and dried.

What makes the Polylseep Pillow stand out is the inner layers of ventilated viscoelastic foam that can be removed and added as desired. Each layer ranges from ¾” to 1” and can be mixed and matched for the perfect loft. The foam is soft and squishy and mimics memory foam while sleeping cooler than most foams.

All sleeping positions will enjoy the Polysleep Pillow, as stomach sleepers can remove some of the foam layers, while side sleepers will most likely need to add some. The discounted bundled two packs are great for those wanting more than one pillow or for those who co-sleep.

Key Features

  • Cotton Cover. Made from 100% cotton, the cover is both breathable and cool night after night, helping those who sleep warm achieve comfort.
  • Removable Foam. The Polysleep Pillow includes four adjustable foam layers that can be added and removed for a perfect pillow height.
  • Easy Care. The cover of the pillow can be removed and machine washed and dried, which is great for those with allergies or occasional spills.
  • Bundled Savings. For couples or anyone looking to own more than one Polysleep Pillow, check out the bundled savings when buying a two-pack rather than an individual pillow.

Our Expert’s Take

“This pillow had supportive layers that could be taken out easily without the mess of shredded foam. Our testers found that this pillow was comfortable no matter their sleeping position and slept cool.”

Best Alternative Fill

Noa Down Alternative Pillow

The Noa Pillow
The Noa Pillow in Bed

It's Great For:

While memory foam pillows are popular, many Canadians prefer the feel of down fill. The Noa Down Alternative Pillow is an excellent choice for those looking for a plush and soft pillow that feels like a real down pillow and is our pick for the best alternative fill pillow. This pillow is available in standard size only, and the firmness level can be customized at checkout when purchasing the Noa Down Pillow.

The outer cover of the Noa Down Alternative Pillow is made from 100% cotton sateen, which is silky soft and is a great base for any pillowcase. This fabric sleeps moderately cool and helps with temperature control for those who sleep minimally warm. However, those who sleep extra hot may want to choose a pillow with more cooling features.

The inner fill of this pillow is made of a hypoallergenic microfibre fill, perfect for anyone who suffers from allergies. This fill can be customized to either soft, medium or firm at the time of purchase. For those who know their desired sleeping position or firmness, this offers great flexibility. Stomach sleepers may want the softest option, while back sleepers may prefer a medium firmness. Side sleepers often need the highest level of neck support and may want to consider the firm option.

The Noa Down Alternative Pillow is a great option for anyone who knows their preferred firmness before ordering, as the fill cannot be removed at home or adjusted. This pillow is extremely affordable, though, so you can always purchase more than one and test them out at home. For those hoping to wash their Noa Down Pillow regularly, keep in mind that the cover is not removable, and the pillow can only be professionally cleaned.

Key Features

  • Sateen Cover. The cover of the Noa Down Alternative Pillow is made from 100% cotton sateen, which is both silky and breathable. 
  • Down-Like Fill. Made of hypoallergenic microfibre fill, the inside of the pillow has the plushness of real down without the concerns of allergies or the use of animal products.
  • Custom Firmness. This pillow comes in soft, medium or firm options that you can select at checkout, which is great for all sleeping positions.
  • Affordability. As one of the most budget-friendly pillows in our review today, you can easily buy more than one pillow, which makes it extra affordable for couples. 

Our Expert’s Take

“Our testers with allergies loved the feel of this alternative down fill and slept comfortably throughout the night. Those who didn’t want the mess of adjusting fill themselves liked the customizable firmness options at checkout.”

Best Medium

QE Home SilkSurround Pillow

QE Home Silk Surround Pillow
QE Home Silk Surround Pillow Side View

It's Great For:

While many seek a firm memory foam pillow, some Canadians are looking for a soft and luxurious pillow like those found in high-end hotels. You will feel like you are sleeping on a cloud with the QE Home Silk Surround Pillow, which is our favourite for the best hotel-like pillow in Canada. Filled with silk and a gel core, this pillow is the ultimate for those wanting restorative and relaxed sleep.

This pillow comes in all three common pillow sizes (Standard, Queen, and King), making it usable for every mattress and sheet set on the market. The cover of this pillow is made from 100% cotton, which is cool and airy and will help overheating of those who sleep warm. The cover cannot be removed for washing, so choosing a pillow protector to cover the QE Home Silk Surround Pillow is a good idea.

Inside this pillow, the outer layer is made from a silk floss fill, which is hypoallergenic and naturally repels dust and mould. This cushy fill surrounds a core of microgel fibre that keeps you cool during the night.

The QE Home Silk Surround Pillow comes in a medium-soft firmness and cannot be adjusted. For those who want to sink into their pillow, especially those who sleep on their stomach or back, this is a great pillow to choose. Those who are side sleepers or need extra support may want to choose a firmer pillow with more loft.

Key Features

  • Silk Floss Fill. The outer layer of the pillow is made from 100% silk floss fill. Mimicking the softest down, this fill is plush and luxurious.
  • Cotton Cover. Made of 100% cotton, this cover is breathable and naturally cool for those who sleep warm.
  • Microfibre Gel Core. At the centre of the pillow, the microgel core offers moderate support and cooling measures. When you first lay down, the pillow will feel cool and comfortable.
  • Soft Firmness. Perfect for those who sleep on their back or stomach, this medium-soft firmness provides minimal support and ultimate comfort. 

Our Expert’s Take

“This pillow was like the ones found at luxury resorts. Our testers found this fluffy pillow to be like sleeping on a cloud and woke up feeling rested and relaxed.”

Best for Restless Sleepers

Benji Cooling Pillow Set

Benji Cooling Pillow Set Feature
Benji Cooling Pillow Set on Bed

It's Great For:

For many Canadians, sleeping deeply and restfully is a struggle that can easily be attributed to overheating at night. The Benji Cooling Pillow Set’s combination of cooling fibres, body temperature regulation, and sweat wicking properties provide an ideal solution that helps Canadians sleep more comfortably. You’ll wake cool, dry, and well-rested after sleeping on this pillow.

These pillows are made with a cooling gel-fibre fill that not only mimics the plushness of down but cools by drawing heat away from the body, ensuring individuals sleep comfortably all through the night. The medium fill means that this pillow is perfect for all sleep types. The cotton shell has a 300-thread count, delivering a soft and luxurious feel while still providing sleepers with a naturally cool and breathable option.

The hypoallergenic pillows are easy to care for. They are both machine washable and dryable, and their wrinkle-free fabric ensures that they keep looking new after several washes. Canadians can be assured that there were no harmful materials or contaminants found in this pillow set. The pillows have an OEKO-Tex Standard-100 certification.

The Benji Cooling Pillow Set comes with two pillows and is available in standard and king sizes. These pillows also come with a 100-nigh sleep trial, so sleepers try them risk-free. Overall, these pillows and their cooling properties make them ideal for helping fitful sleepers find a comfortable and restful sleep all night long. 

Key Features

  • Cooling Gel Fibre. The cooling gel fibre fill in this pillow draws heat away from the body, so sleepers wake cool and comfortable after a full night’s sleep. 
  • Medium Fill. The medium fill used in this pillow means it works great for all sleeping positions.
  • Cotton Shell. The cotton shell is extremely breathable and soft. The 300-thread count cover help your pillowcases glide on smoothly.
  • Easy Care. This pillow can be washed and dried at home when it’s time to freshen your bed. There are minimal special care instructions, so it’s simple to wash and dry your pillow.

Our Expert’s Take

“The Benji Cooling Pillow Set delivers a cool and comfortable solution for restless sleepers. The plush down-like feel and medium loft makes it perfect for all sleeping positions.”

Best Eco-Conscious Pillow

The Hush Eco-Pillow

Hush Eco-Pillow
Hush Eco-Pillow Side Sleeper

It's Great For:

Those who want to buy a pillow with eco-conscious properties should consider the Hush Eco-Pillow, our pick for the best eco-conscious pillow in Canada. This high-end pillow is made with sustainable materials that are toxic-free and perfect for anyone looking for a healthy pillow for you and the planet.

The Hush Eco-Pillow is available in queen and king sizes, which are the most common sizes for Canadians and will fit on most mattresses. The cover is made of viscose bamboo that is sustainably sourced. This hypoallergenic cover naturally repels dust and dirt and is antibacterial, which helps those who often break out or sweat. The bamboo cover has great temperature control for those who sleep hot.

Inside the Hush Eco-Pillow is soft and supportive memory foam that is responsibly sourced. This fill is ranked as medium firmness. The pillow feels more firm and supportive and is not a pillow that is plush and soft. This pillow is great for those who sleep on their back and side and need added support, but it may be too firm for stomach sleepers. The fill cannot be adjusted to your preferred firmness.

This pillow has a great washable cover for regular cleaning due to allergies, spills, or just wanting to wash often. The cover can be easily removed and can be machine washed and dried. The bamboo fabric resists pilling and wrinkles and gets softer with each wash.

Key Features

  • Bamboo Cover. Made of viscose bamboo, this cover is cool to the touch, breathable and made from sustainable sources.
  • Medium Firmness. Perfect for back and side sleepers, this pillow comes in a medium firmness option and cannot be adjusted. 
  • Easy Cleaning. The cover of the Hush Eco-Pillow can be removed and washed as often as desired, which is great for spills or allergies. 
  • Memory Foam Core. This solid and supportive memory foam fill is excellent for anyone needing some added support and a firm feel to their pillow. 

Our Expert’s Take

“This cool and firm pillow was extremely supportive, and our testers loved that the materials were all sustainably sourced and natural.”

Best All-Foam Pillow

Endy Luxe Foam Pillow

Endy Memory Foam Pillow
Endy Memory Foam Pillow Feel

It's Great For:

For Canadians seeking a no-frills great all-foam pillow, the Endy Memory Foam pillow is a fantastic option. This all-foam pillow is simple and supportive, and what many people are looking for in a pillow. The pillow comes in standard and king sizes, fitting on most mattresses that are common in Canada.

The cover of the Endy Memory Foam Pillow is made from 60% polyester and 40% bamboo knit jacquard. This blend allows users to sleep cool and comfortably, even those who sleep moderately warm. The sides of the pillow are crafted from 100% mesh polyester panels that expel trapped air and heat, further helping to reduce temperatures.

Inside, the pillow is filled with quick responsive memory foam, allowing all sleeping positions to find comfort and support. Ranked as a medium-firm pillow, this adds support for those who have neck and back pain. The memory foam is infused with charcoal, which is naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, perfect for Canadians with allergies or concerns about overall cleanliness. The ventilated holes help increase airflow and reduce temperatures all night long. The fill is not adjustable, which may be a consideration for some buyers.

The Endy Memory Foam is easy to care for, with a removable and washable cover. To clean the cover, simply unzip and remove, then machine wash and dry. Like most pillows, the inner core of the pillow cannot be washed.

Key Features

  • Blended Cover. Made of polyester and bamboo knit, this breathable cover also has mesh panels on the sides for maximum airflow and cooling. 
  • Memory Foam Core. This solid memory foam core of the pillow is supportive and infused with charcoal for ultimate cleanliness. 
  • Medium Firmness. Available only in medium firmness, the Endy Memory Foam Pillow is great for most sleeping positions and excellent for those needing added support. 
  • Easy to Wash. The cover of this pillow is easily removed and can be machine washed and dried, perfect for spills, dirt and allergies. 

Our Expert’s Take

“Our testers liked the simple memory foam core and the support that it offered. The cooling features of the pillow were an added bonus, and our testers woke up sweat-free.”

Best Down Fill

Canadian Down & Feather Company Down Perfect Pillow

Canadian Down & Feather Co Perfect Pillow Stack

It's Great For:

The Canadian Down & Feather Company’s Down Perfect Pillow’s unique design and careful attention to detail make it an ideal choice for Canadians who prefer down-fill pillows. This 3-chamber pillow delivers the best of both worlds—the support of a feather pillow wrapped in the luxurious feel of down. The Down Perfect Pillow features a feather core at the centre chamber, which allows for more support than is available from other down pillows. The outer chambers use a 575 loft goose-down fill, making for a luxurious pillow.

The nylon core chamber contains the small white goose feathers, preventing them from mingling with the high-loft white goose down in the outer chambers. The 100% cotton shell is both cool and comfortable for sleepers while still allowing the down to breathe, and the 255 thread count prevents the down and feathers from escaping.

This high-quality pillow pays careful attention to detail and is available in both medium and firm weights. The medium weight is ideal for side, back, and stomach sleepers. However, for those who sleep primarily on their sides or prefer a more substantive pillow, the firm weight will more than meet their needs.

The Down Perfect Pillow is hypoallergenic, and an antimicrobial process is used to eliminate bacteria. You can purchase this pillow in three sizes, including Standard, Queen, and King. It is guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 5 years from your date of purchase.

Key Features

  • Three-Chamber Design. This pillow has a feather chamber at its core surrounded by a down fill in the outer chambers, delivering the best of both worlds—the luxurious feel of a down pillow and the support of a feather pillow. 
  • Two Weight Options. This pillow is available in a medium weight that suits all sleep positions and a firm weight for sleepers who need more support from their pillow. 
  • 100% Cotton Shell. The 100% cotton shell is comfortable and breathable, ensuring that the down can breathe within the pillow. A thread count of 255 helps keep the down from escaping, too.
  • Quality Guarantee. This pillow is guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 5 years from your date of purchase.

Our Expert’s Take

“The Canadian Down & Feather Company’s Down Perfect Pillow is an excellent balance between support and luxury. It works well for all sleeping positions.”

Why Trust Us?

Here at Made in CA, we take sleep seriously. Our full team of dedicated sleep professionals covers all major sleeping positions and a variety of different sleep needs. We’ve previously tested a host of other sleep products, including mattresses, weighted blankets, and sheets.

Throughout our evaluations, we collected key data from each of the pillows we were considering. Then, we compared feedback and created a list of the sleep options that our testers liked. Pillows are evaluated in a few different categories, but here are the ones you should see most often.

  • Fill Type. The pillow’s fill can make all the difference. It can change how the pillow performs, how cool it feels, and how firm it is. Each type of fill (memory foam, microfibre, down, or down alternative) has its benefits and drawbacks, as we’ll discuss below.
  • Temperature Regulation. Just like every other part of your sleep environment, temperature regulation is important in your pillow. You don’t want to constantly flip your pillow, searching for the ‘cool side’. Your pillow should help reduce heat overall, ensuring that you get a cooler sleep.
  • Firmness and Loft. Firmness and loft are different things. However, you can have preferences for both based on your body type, sleeping position, and more. We’ll talk about the ideal firmness levels for each sleeping position below. We evaluated each pillow based on firmness and how well it would suit most sleepers.
  • Adjustability. Can the pillow be adjusted? Some luxury pillows include a special type of shredded memory foam fill. This fill can be added or removed to change the firmness of the pillow. It’s great if a pillow is extremely adjustable because it will appeal to more sleepers.
What Type of Pillow Do You Need

What Type of Pillow Do You Need?

The type of pillow you need is based on personal preferences, but it has a lot to do with the way you sleep. Each pillow has a different loft, firmness, and material composition that makes it better for some sleepers than others. 

An adjustable pillow can be great for most sleepers. The ability to add or remove fill to create the perfect loft is invaluable, especially if you have a very specific feel you like. This is also a great option if you aren’t sure which firmness or loft is best for you. It allows you to experiment with the feel you prefer, which is invaluable for some users.

Loft refers to the height of the pillow. The way you sleep can determine how lofty you need your pillow to be. Firmness, too, can be vastly different depending on how supportive you need your pillow to be. 

While you may appreciate a different feel for your pillows, here are some general guidelines to help you choose the right pillow for you. 

  • Back sleepers generally prefer low to medium loft, as it helps keep their neck aligned to the rest of their spine. They also prefer a medium firmness. 
  • Side sleepers need a high loft and a firm pillow to help support their necks. Keeping their neck and spine in a single continuous line is one of the best ways to avoid stiffness and discomfort.
  • Stomach sleepers need softer pillows and a low-to-medium loft, which can help support them without creating discomfort with their lower back. 

After you’ve determined which loft and firmness you prefer, you can look into the different types of fill, covers, sizes, and temperature regulation features. We’ll look more at these particular features when we discuss how to shop for a pillow.

How to Choose a Pillow for Canadians

How to Choose a Pillow for Canadians in 2023

You might think choosing a pillow is simple. However, some of the best pillows on the Canadian market have unique options, fills, and more. Knowing what these options mean can help you choose a pillow that will help you sleep better for years to come. Here are some of the basics you need to know to choose a luxury pillow in Canada.

Fill Type

The fill you choose will define how your pillow feels. Here are some of the most common fill types, as well as options available on our list of recommendations.

  • Memory foam: Memory foam is a manufactured foam that contours to your body, reacting to your body heat. Memory foam gives you support where you need it. It also helps keep you supported and properly aligned and springs back quickly after use. However, memory foam can retain heat.
  • Down: Down is an expensive material made of goose or duck down. These feathers are smaller and softer than the water-resistant feathers on the outside of a duck or goose’s coat. It’s sustainably gathered from domestically-kept ducks and geese. While down is soft, you’ll often find your natural down pillows with quills poking through.
  • Down alternatives: Down is expensive and may trigger common allergies. However, there are down alternatives that can give you the same feeling without the allergens. Popular down alternatives include microfibre, silk, and visco. These options can mimic the feel of down, especially when combined with memory foam.

Carefully consider the type of fill in your pillow, as it can drastically change how it feels and sleeps. If you want a lot of flexibility when choosing your loft and firmness, consider choosing an adjustable pillow. They are usually made of memory foam, but they can help you determine how you want your pillow to feel. Adjustable pillows allow you to add or remove fill to get the feel and loft you want. We’ll talk more about adjustable pillows below.

Cover Materials

The cover of your pillow can make all the difference when it comes to feeling and breathability. Most pillow covers are 100% cotton or 100% cotton sateen, similar to bed sheets. However, there are a lot of pillows hitting the market with bamboo and silk covers, which can be cooler than cotton but just as breathable.

If you’re looking for a pillow that feels luxurious and doesn’t irritate your skin, make sure to steer clear of materials like polyester. Synthetic materials and blends can irritate sensitive skin, so make sure to avoid all but the most natural materials when choosing a pillow.


There are three basic pillow sizes. Standard is the most common but queen-sized and king-sized pillows are available as well. Each company’s dimensions for these sizes are different, so make sure to take a closer look at each pillow’s size dimensions to make the proper choice.

While each company offers a slightly different size for each option they offer, the following are somewhat standardized pillow sizes:

  • Standard: 51 cm x 66 cm (20″ x 26″)
  • Queen: 51 cm x 76 cm (20″ x 30″)
  • King: 51 cm x 92 cm (20″ x 36″)

In general, you should choose a standard pillow for a twin or full-sized bed. Queen-sized beds should choose queen-sized pillows, and king-sized beds should choose king-sized pillows. When choosing pillowcases, make sure to choose a size that fits your pillows. You should get your pillowcases as close to your pillow’s dimensions as possible to prevent loose fabric or a fit that is too tight.

These are only somewhat standardized sizes, as the size of each pillow may vary slightly depending on the company. Make sure to look for the size of the pillow to determine if it’s the right option for your bed.

Temperature Regulation Features

You want your pillow to stay cool as you sleep. We all want to sleep on the coldest side of the pillow, so it makes sense to choose a luxury pillow with temperature regulation. Some of the pillows we recommended are always cool on both sides, which is a great option if you overheat during the night.

Look for aerated foams, mesh liners, breathable cotton covers, and better airflow. Some pillows may have ventilated sides or bamboo covers, which can also reduce temperature. Gel memory foams are standard, as well as certain proprietary cooling materials. Research your options and choose wisely.

Adjustable Pillows

Adjustable pillows allow you to customize your firmness level by adding or removing fill. The most popular type of fill for an adjustable pillow is shredded memory foam, though other options and blends are available for certain types of pillows.

By adding or removing fill, you can change the firmness and feel of the pillow. This might be better for some Canadians than the alternative. While pillows do exist with different basic firmness levels, an adjustable pillow helps you find the option that feels best for you. You don’t have to stick with whatever option the company determines best fits your sleeping style.

Look for adjustable pillows that include a travel pillow as well. This pillow can hold all of the extra filling. If you ever need to adjust your firmness or loft, you’ll be able to find your extra fill easily.  Otherwise, look for options with easy zippers or other access points.

Sleep Trials

A few years ago now, the first mattresses became available for purchase online in Canada. Since you couldn’t try the mattress before making your purchase, mattress companies started offering a risk-free sleep trial. During this trial, you could try the mattress at home for several days or months. If you decided not to keep it, your full purchase would be refunded.

Since those same companies are now making pillows, these online exclusives often include sleep trials as well. Though the sleep trial for pillows is generally a little shorter, this period can help you determine if you want to keep the pillow or try a different option. Usually, you will receive a refund of your purchase price if you don’t like the pillow. We recommend using a pillowcase (or pillow protector) during the trial so it remains in good condition. If you need to return it, everything will run smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any of our pillows in our review today that have an adjustable option mean that you can change the loft (height) of the pillow, which affects the firmness level. For some of the pillows, that means taking out handfuls of shredded memory foam, and for others, it can mean removing solid slabs of foam in order to achieve the perfect firmness level.

Some of the pillows that we featured today have covers that can be washed. The pillows with washable covers are removable, as the inside of the pillows can not be washed. The covers can be washed accordingly to the directions on the tag, but assume that you should wash them carefully on cold and air or tumble dry low. Some pillows do not have removable covers, and those covers can be spot cleaned as needed.

Of the pillows on our list today, we recommend the Hush Hybrid Pillow, which has active cooling features throughout. The cover is made from viscose bamboo, and the top layer is infused with Hush Iced threads. Even the hottest sleepers will wake up in the morning comfortable and cool.