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Side sleepers need a few special things from their pillow. A pillow for a side sleeper should be a little thicker, with firmer support and a little more give than other pillows. Though everyone has their preferences, side sleepers need just a little extra support to stay comfortable. If you sleep on your side (or know someone who does), we can help you find a more supportive pillow.

We’ve compiled this list of the best pillows for side sleepers in Canada carefully. We arrived at these recommendations through feedback from our testers, as well as performance tests from our test lab. Both sets of data were considered to make these recommendations. We examined areas like fill type, loft, cover materials, and temperature control features to bring you the best of the best!

Best Pillows for Side Sleeping Canadians

Why Did We Choose These Pillows for Side Sleepers in Canada?

Each of the pillows on our list of recommendations earned its spot. As we evaluated the pillows and received tester feedback, we were able to determine the best pillows in several categories. The best pillows made our list. Out of the dozens of pillows we tested, these are the ones we recommend.

The Silk & Snow Pillow is the best pillow for side sleepers in Canada. The adjustable loft is made of shredded memory foam, which provides comfortable support at whichever loft option you prefer. Meanwhile, a layer of down-like microfibre provides a plush feel.

Hush’s Hybrid Pillow is one of the best adjustable pillows in Canada. The shredded Hush foam allows you to find your perfect loft and firmness, while a perforated bamboo cover prevents bacteria from growing and promotes airflow throughout the night.

The best pillow shell in Canada is found on the Endy Luxe Foam Pillow. The use of charcoal-infused memory foam and a bamboo cover helps to promote great temperature control. It’s great at relieving pressure as well.

The Casper Foam Pillow with Snow Technology uses the best propriety materials to keep you cool. These technologies include HeatDelete Bands, their snow technology package, and AirScape foams to keep you from overheating all night long.

QE Home’s Seventh Heaven SilkSurround Pillow is the best microgel pillow for side sleepers in Canada. The layers of silk, microfibre, and cotton create a smooth, soft down-like feel.

Feather pillows are luxurious, and the Simons Duvetuese Pillow is no different. This semi-firm pillow is still extremely soft for side sleepers, with a blend of feathers and down to create a comfortable interior.

Best Overall

Silk & Snow Pillow

The Silk & Snow Pillow


It's Great For:

The Silk & Snow Pillow is the best pillow for side sleepers in Canada. This hybrid option uses two different fill materials to create a unique feel, including an adjustable shredded memory foam core that works to keep you comfortable. The shredded memory foam is easy to add or remove from the pillow. This way, you can change the loft of the pillow to suit your sleeping preferences. Side sleepers usually prefer a higher loft, and this pillow provides enough adjustable fill to make you more comfortable.

Aside from the shredded memory foam, this pillow also uses plush down-like microfibre. These fibres are air-blown, lending them fluffy and comfortable. While they feel down when it comes to plushness, they are also extremely resistant to clumping. You won’t have to fluff your pillow often with the way these fibres behave. This means you spend less time trying to get comfortable.

The shell of the pillow is made of 100% cotton. It’s smooth and feels great on your skin, but slides easily into your favourite pillowcases, too. This shell is machine washable, so you can wash your pillow at the same time you wash your pillowcase. If keeping your pillow clean is important to you, this is one of the best pillows you could choose.

While most side sleepers prefer a high loft, it might be difficult to find a pillow that is perfectly suited to your preferences. The adjustable nature of this pillow allows all sleepers to find their ideal comfort level regardless of how they sleep. This can be a great relief for Canadians who can never find the perfect pillow. You can try it for 100 nights before you decide if it’s right for you, allowing you to adjust the loft and firmness at will until you find the perfect level.

The Highlights

The Silk & Snow Pillow is a hybrid pillow, which combines a core of adjustable shredded memory foam and a down-like microfibre to create a plush, comfortable surface. You can find the perfect loft for your sleeping preferences with a few simple steps. The 100% cotton shell is completely machine washable, so you can easily keep your pillow fresh and clean. The way that this pillow adjusts allows it to be perfect for all sleeping positions, especially side sleepers.

  • The hybrid pillow features a shredded memory foam core and down-like microfibre
  • Plush feel with the perfect loft for your sleeping habits
  • Machine washable 100% cotton shell
  • Designed for all sleepers due to the adjustable features

From the Test Lab

“It was simple for us to find our perfect loft with this pillow. The adjustable foam was simple to use and turned this pillow into one of the most comfortable options we tried.”

Best Adjustable Pillow

Hush Hybrid Pillow

The Hush Hybrid Pillow


It's Great For:

The Hush Hybrid Pillow offers one of the best adjustable experiences in Canada. This pillow uses a dual, hybrid core to keep you comfortable. First, a core of adjustable, shredded Hush foam allows you to make your pillow softer or firmer, adjusting the loft so you can find the perfect option for you. Meanwhile, the down-alternative microfibre helps create a plush, comfortable sleeping surface for most sleepers.

Because of the way this pillow can be adjusted, it works well for all sleepers. Even those who often change positions or find themselves constantly adjusting their pillows will find that this option has the right options for them. It also works particularly well for those who overheat during the night.

The bamboo cover is antibacterial but also features hundreds of small perforations. This helps create a surface that stays cool to the touch by promoting airflow throughout the surface. Cool air is always circulating up through the pillow, so you’ll stay more comfortable even if you usually overheat.

The combination of materials and the soft bamboo cover creates a supportive pillow that always feels new and won’t sag over time. The microfibres that act as a down replacement are certified by OEKO-TEX, the leading third party for textile certifications. The organic and hypoallergenic fibres don’t contain any harmful chemicals and can actually reduce allergy triggers around your sleeping space.

If you want to try the Hush Hybrid Pillow, you’ll get 100 nights after your purchase to see if it’s right for you. During this time, you can return the pillow for a refund if it doesn’t suit your needs. This pillow is compatible with standard-sized pillowcases, and you can order a single pillow or a double pack. Plus, any pillow order includes a smaller travel pillow that you can use to store the excess shredded foam fill.

The Highlights

The Hush Hybrid Pillow uses a blend of adjustable Hush foam and a down-alternative microfibre to keep your pillow soft and supportive. Meanwhile, the perforated bamboo cover reduces temperature and promotes airflow, keeping you cool as you sleep. The antibacterial cover helps reduce skin irritations and keeps your pillow clean. Inside are OEKO-TEX-certified organic and hypoallergenic fibres.

  • The hush foam and down alternative allows for a soft, supportive pillow
  • Perforated bamboo cover to reduce temperature and create airflow
  • Antibacterial cover keeps your pillow clean and reduces breakouts
  • Organic and hypoallergenic fibres certified by OEKO-TEX

From the Test Lab

“I usually sleep hot, but this pillow was a nice change. It felt great and stayed clean throughout my trial. The adjustable elements meant I could make it perfectly comfortable.”

Best Pillow Shell

Endy Luxe Foam Pillow

Endy Luxe Foam Pillow


It's Great For:

Endy is well-known for its all-foam Canadian mattress, but its luxe foam pillow uses similar technologies to create a comfortable, breathable surface. This pillow features a charcoal-infused memory foam core, as well as a ventilated design. The breathable bamboo cover helps create a pillow that won’t retain heat, so you can stay comfortable all night long.

While this pillow works great for side sleepers, it also works well for most other sleeping types. The low loft is great for combination sleepers, stomach sleepers, and back sleepers as well. Though side sleepers usually prefer a higher loft, this pillow helps with better alignment. Those who sleep with their arms under the pillow will hardly notice a difference in the loft.

There are two available sizes: standard and king. The standard size is best for twin, twin XL, full, and queen-sized mattresses. Larger mattresses work well with the king-sized option. No matter what size you choose, the pillow uses a bamboo/polyester blend outer cover. It’s cool and breathable and feels soft to the touch. Inside is a liner made from polyester knit, which covers a quick-rise memory foam core.

The memory foam inside of this pillow is infused with charcoal, which increases ventilation and introduces hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties. The sides of the pillow help with additional ventilation so that heat doesn’t build up as you sleep. Between the bamboo cover and the charcoal-infused foam core, the pillow also wicks away moisture very well. If you sleep hot, this pillow can help you find some relief.

The Endy Luxe Foam Pillow comes with a 60-night risk-free sleep trial to see if you like it. If you don’t, you can return it and get your money back.

The Highlights

Endy’s Luxe Foam Pillow uses a breathable bamboo/polyester blend cover. It helps keep you cool and comfortable, and it can be removed and washed when needed. This pillow is low-loft, but it still helps to align your head and neck, which can help with spinal alignment. The ventilated sides help keep the heat moving away from you, perfect for those who sleep hot. Finally, the charcoal-infused memory foam interior is naturally moisture-wicking and has antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties.

  • The breathable Bamboo blend cover is cool and comfortable
  • Helps align your head and neck, perfect for spinal alignment
  • Ventilated sides help reduce temperature build-up
  • Charcoal-infused memory foam is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and wicks away moisture

From the Test Lab

“This pillow is comfortable and cool. Our testers in most sleeping positions loved it, but our side-sleepers liked it best.”

Best Proprietary Materials

Casper Foam Pillow with Snow Technology

Casper Foam Pillow with Snow Technology


It's Great For:

Sometimes, the standard options available on the market just don’t cut it. When mattress and pillow companies use proprietary materials (materials that are unique to them), they can sometimes create some of the best options you’ll find. That’s the case with Casper’s Foam Pillow with Snow Technology. This pillow is packed with proprietary materials you won’t find anywhere else. The result is a pillow that helps you feel cooler and more comfortable than most of the others on our list.

 The standard Casper Foam pillow is layered with AirScape perforated foam, including three layers of breathable memory foam that contours to your head and helps with the proper alignment for all sleeping positions. Because of the way this memory foam sinks, it works well for most sleeping positions (including side sleepers). This pillow offers a low-to-medium loft, which can be great for some side sleepers.

The Snow Technology features increase the cooling capabilities considerably. The foam layers on the outside of the pillow develop a cooler feel due to the inclusion of more temperature-control foams. Inside, special HeatDelete Bands help absorb heat and keep it away from you, transferring cooler temperatures toward areas that are warmest. Together, these features can help those who sleep hot experience cooler temperatures for over 12 hours on average!

If you aren’t sure about the Casper Foam Pillow, you can choose to try it for 30 nights risk-free. If it isn’t for you, you can return it with no hassle at all. This pillow is available in standard and king sizes for all of your bedding needs.

The Highlights

Casper’s Foam Pillow with Snow Technology uses a blend of gel foams, heat-removing bands, and perforated foams to reduce heat. Heat is channelled away from you as you sleep, meaning that you sleep easier. With the thicker 1.25” gusset, side sleepers can be comfortable and cool for more than 12 hours at a time. Those that sleep longer hours will love how well this pillow holds up. You can purchase it in a standard or king size, depending on the size of your mattress.

  • Snow Technology uses heat-removing bands, perforated foam, and more to reduce heat
  • A thicker 1.25” gusset is ideal for side sleepers
  • Provides 12+ hours of cool, comfortable sleep for most sleepers
  • Available in standard and king sizes

From the Test Lab

“This is the perfect pillow for side sleepers who sleep hot. The HeatDelete Band technology is some of the greatest proprietary technologies we’ve seen!”

Best Microgel Pillow

QE Home Seventh Heaven SilkSurround Pillow

QE Home Seventh Heaven SilkSurround Pillow


It's Great For:

QE Home’s Seventh Heaven SilkSurround Pillow creates a unique feel with its layers of core materials. It’s hand-layered, so expect attention to detail as well as craftsmanship. This pillow feels luxurious, with a medium firmness that is comfortable enough for most sleepers. It comes in three different sizes (standard, queen, and king) and is completely hypoallergenic.

Besides being hypoallergenic, this pillow is great for sensitive sleepers. Those who like to feel comforted by their pillow will love the down-like feel that is created by the microgel interior. This core is surrounded by silk and threaded through with silk fibres. Both layers are naturally hypoallergenic and help regulate temperature.

This threaded silk also helps keep the pillow in place. It won’t shift when you turn over or move the pillow to get more comfortable. Meanwhile, the microgel core is extremely supportive even as it’s soft, making it ideal for sensitive side sleepers who need that little bit of extra support.

This pillow uses a cotton shell to create a smooth sleep surface, so it works well with pillowcases. QE Home recommends using a silk pillowcase to get the most out of this down-like pillow.

The Highlights

The QE Home Seventh Heaven SilkSurround Pillow features a medium firmness for those who need support and pressure relief. The hypoallergenic layers include both silk and microgel, making it the ideal pillow for side sleepers with allergies. The soft, down-like feel helps keep you comfortable, but it doesn’t feature any of the drawbacks of real down. Instead, the supportive microgel core helps keep your neck and your spine perfectly supported and aligned without straining them.

  • Medium firmness for a perfect blend of support and pressure relief
  • Hypoallergenic inner layers, including both silk and microgel
  • Soft, down-like feel without the complications of real down
  • A supportive microgel core helps keep your neck and spine supported

From the Test Lab

“This pillow is less expensive than some of the other options on our list, but it feels more luxurious, too! Our testers loved the silk and microgel duo when it came to temperature control.”

Best Feather Pillow

Simons Duveteuse Pillow

Simons Duveteuse Pillow


It's Great For:

Simons’ Duveteuse Pillow is the best feather pillow we could find. That’s because they provide the Canadian Down and Feather Products Association seal of assurance with their pillows. This tells you that the pillow is made with cruelty-free practices and that the feathers and down are ethically collected and authentic. This pillow is available in three sizes (standard, queen, and king), and features a high loft with a thicker gusset that the other pillows on our list.

When combined with the feather and down interior, this gusset helps create a pillow that sinks to that ‘just right’ height for most side sleepers. The fill is not an even split, either – it’s 80% goose feather and 20% Canadian white goose down. This blend ensures softness and a bit of a firmer feel than a pillow with purely down filling.

The cover is smooth, soft cotton. It has a 300-thread-count cotton weave shell with cotton piping for a true hotel feel. It’s a little less firm than some of the other pillows in the line, but the way that it sinks creates the perfect feel for side sleepers.

The Highlights

The Simons Duveteuse Pillow has a soft centre. The fill is a mixture of goose feathers and goose down, which creates a soft, sinking surface that is comfortable for most sleepers who prefer a soft pillow. This pillow is a lot like the ones you’ll find in hotels, with a cotton weave for a cover and piping that creates a larger gusset for side sleepers. While this pillow uses real feathers and down, it comes with the Canadian Down and Feather Products Association seal of assurance, which proves that the feathers are ethically sourced and authentic. There are three sizes available, including standard, queen, and king.

  • Soft feather and down fill helps comfort sleepers who want a soft feel
  • A hotel-style pillow that blends cotton weave and piping for a soft feel
  • Canadian Down and Feather Products Association seal of assurance
  • Three sizes available

From the Test Lab

“This pillow is extremely soft, which is nice for those that prefer to sink into their pillow a bit. Some of our side sleepers loved the additional loft, too.”

Why Trust Us?

Our years in the sleep industry have taught us a lot about how people sleep, what they prefer to sleep on, and how both of those can change your sleep quality. Compiling this list took time; we evaluated each of the pillows on our list (and dozens more ) in our test lab. We ran each pillow through various tests. Then, we sent them home with our team of knowledgeable, dedicated testers.

Combining our results with tester feedback made us comfortable with recommending the following pillows to you. Some of the areas we checked and tested include:

  • Fill Type. The pillow’s inside is one of its most important things. The type of fill can determine if a pillow is soft, how well it sinks if it regulates temperature well, and if it will trigger your allergies. We looked for pillows with diverse fill offerings so that most sleepers would be satisfied.
  • Loft. Loft generally refers to how tall the pillow is, and how much you can expect it to sink. Since a medium or high loft is best for side sleepers, we looked for pillows with these features. 
  • Cover Material. The cover can make all the difference. A cover that’s smooth, soft, and comfortable can improve the way the pillow feels for you. We looked at the cover materials for each pillow and chose the best options.
  • Temperature Control. If you sleep hot, you know that even your pillow can get too warm some nights. We specifically looked for pillows that would reduce temperature build-up and allow you to sleep cooler throughout the night.

What Makes a Pillow Great for Side Sleepers?

So what do side sleepers need from a pillow? Canadians who spend most of the night on their sides need a better loft and more support from their pillow. The ideal pillow for side sleepers should be:

  • At least 10cm (4″) high
  • Firm for better support
  • Pressure-relieving to reduce strain and keep you aligned
  • Great at maintaining shape to reduce the need to wake up and fluff
  • Cool on both sides so you stay asleep longer
  • Shaped to accommodate your shoulders and keep your neck supported
  • Made with latex, memory foam, or down core

Choosing a pillow with some (or most) of these features can greatly improve how comfortable a side sleeper is throughout the night! If you sleep on your side, consider trying pillows that fit this description. If you aren’t sure about the height or loft you need, you can always choose an adjustable option. These pillows allow you to adjust the core to get the unique height or loft that works best for you. You might sleep better than ever. 

How to Choose a Pillow for Side Sleepers in Canada

As a side sleeper, you need a few extra things from your pillow. Now that you know what to look for, you can begin searching for the perfect pillow to keep your neck and spine comfortable throughout the night. The following features should help you determine which type of pillow may work best for you. 

Pillow Fill

The interior of the pillow can make all the difference. After all, the fill determines the firmness, how far the pillow sinks, and more. Here are some of the fill types represented on our list.

  • Memory Foam. Memory foam pillows use a slow pressure response to contour your body. Memory foam pillows are some of the best options for side sleepers. Though it can allow heat to build up, most memory foam pillows have at least one temperature control feature to help.
  • Down and Down Alternative. These luxurious pillows feel soft and expensive. They compress easily, but they are eco-friendly and fluffy to make up for it. Down alternative is a great way to ensure that your pillow is hypoallergenic and cruelty-free.
  • Feather. Feather pillows are a little denser than down pillows, and offer great temperature control. Most can be customized to offer the firmness that you want, too.
  • Microgel. Microgel is a synthetic fibre that imitates down while reducing temperature. If you sleep hot but prefer the feel of a down alternative pillow, microgel might be the fill for you.

You should investigate different fill options to see what works best for you. There are many reasons why you might prefer one option over another. Make sure to consider how you sleep, as well as the pillows that you like using now.

Loft and Thickness

The loft of a pillow is one of the most important factors for side sleepers to consider. Pillows with a mid-to-high loft can help keep your neck and spine aligned without making your shoulders ache. If you want to wake up feeling refreshed and comfortable, this is the option to choose.

Choosing the correct loft can be difficult. There are no ‘loft ratings’ you can check. Instead, you must keep an eye on the height of the pillow. While this isn’t a guarantee of any loft capabilities, it can help you choose a pillow that will start higher, even if your head sinks. Side sleepers should choose pillows with at least 10cm or 4” of height to start with. Higher isn’t always better, either – a thicker pillow can lead to more discomfort. If your pillow makes you crane your neck upwards or allows your pillow to sink past the shoulders, it’s not going to work for you.

You should choose a pillow that keeps your head level and your neck relaxed. While side sleepers should keep to these general loft recommendations, everyone is different. If you find that a pillow with a lower loft helps you sleep more comfortably, you should choose that one!


Firmness is another important factor, but it’s not very well-defined when it comes to pillows. Mattresses have a firmness rating that can help you determine how they will feel. However, pillows usually do not. This means that you’ll have to read between the lines to discover how a pillow will feel.

Softer pillows allow your head to sink too much, while firmer pillows may not sink at all. Both can be uncomfortable. You want to go with a medium pillow that can maintain its loft. Firm pillows can also be good for side sleepers, but this depends on your mattress, how you sleep, and other factors. Trying out different pillow firmnesses is the best way to get an idea of what works best for you.

Pressure Relief and Support

You want to sleep comfortably, right? Pressure relief and support are two important things to consider as you shop for a pillow. A pillow with great pressure relief isn’t too firm. Though firm pillows are more supportive, they can sometimes feel hard. A pressure-relieving pillow can help reduce the discomfort associated with a firmer support base. So which pillows are best at relieving pressure?

Pillows with a medium firmness offer the best pressure relief and support. Pillows made with memory foam cores are the best at relieving pressure while maintaining the proper support.

If your pillow sinks too much when you put your head onto it, it can make your sleep that much more uncomfortable. While a softer pillow may feel great at first, it can strain your neck and shoulders over time. This means that you’re less comfortable overall.

Striking a balance between pressure relief and support is difficult, but trying to find that balance can noticeably improve your sleep.

Cover Materials

Even when you choose the fanciest pillow on our list, you’ll likely be putting a pillowcase over it. However, the cover materials are still important. They can impact how the pillow feels, how hot it gets, and how comfortable you are overall.

There are a variety of different cover materials, and no two pillows will use the same materials. Great options are organic materials like bamboo or cotton. When it comes to synthetic materials, look for polyester covers that are soft and smooth.

A great cover should be soft, and breathable, and help keep you cool. They should provide a smooth surface that you can feel even after you put a pillowcase on your pillow. Choose the materials that work best for you, but consider these options.

Pillow Size

There are a few different pillow sizes. This might not seem like an important detail to consider, but it can make or break your pillow experience. Some pillows come in a single size, usually closer to the standard size option.

However, there are also queen and king-sized pillows available. These pillows work best when they are used on a matching mattress. This means that queen-sized pillows are best for a queen-sized bed. King-sized pillows work best on a king bed. If you have a twin, twin XL, double, or another mattress, a standard size will probably be fine.

Though the height for each pillow is different, these three sizes are:

  • Standard: 20″ x 26″ (51cm x 66cm)
  • Queen: 20″ x 30″ (51cm x 76cm)
  • King: 20″ x 36″ (51cm x 92cm)

When you order your pillowcases, make sure to match the size!

Temperature Control

So many Canadians sleep hot. As you sleep, heat can build up under you. This is especially common with memory foam pillows and mattresses. As a result, you might wake up sweaty and uncomfortable in the middle of the night. Besides being uncomfortable, it can throw off your sleep schedule and keep you tired during the day.

To avoid this, use temperature control materials. These include materials like gel memory foam, aerated foams, soft down fill, and more. A breathable pillow is best for temperature control. Proprietary phase-changing materials (and materials that help to move heat away from you) are also great for keeping the heat down and helping you sleep more comfortably overall.

Adjustable Fill

While most traditional pillows have a set amount of fill that you can’t adjust (unless you destroy the pillow in the process), some of the pillows on our list allow you to adjust the fill level. This means you can open the pillow, add or remove extra fill, and make it just right for you.

These pillows may ship overstuffed on purpose. This way, you can remove the extra fill and add more until you reach your desired fill level. It’s a great option to look for if you aren’t sure what fill level you prefer, or if you want to play around with different firmnesses.

Additional Features

In addition to the features above, there are a few special features we looked at. These additional features won’t be easy to find, but they can make your pillow much more comfortable.

  • Hypoallergenic and antibacterial materials. Some pillow materials are naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. These materials resist bacteria and repel allergens, so those with sensitive skin or allergies can sleep a little easier. If you’re willing to pay a little bit more for pillows made with these materials, it can be more comfortable for you overall.
  • Moisture-wicking. Moisture-wicking is usually a feature that ties in with temperature control. Tencel, one of the most popular pillow cover materials, is naturally moisture-wicking. This means that if you get sweaty or uncomfortable during the night, the pillow will wick moisture away from you rather than allowing it to build up. This can help keep you cool and dry throughout the night.
  • Organic materials. If you want an organic pillow, look for pillows made from all-natural, sustainably-sourced, organic materials. These materials include organic cotton, organic latex, organic wool, buckwheat hulls, silk, kapok, and ethically sourced down. Research each pillow’s organic certifications. There are several valid certifications, including USDA Organic, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), Greenguard, and more. Each verifies that the materials used are 100% organic.

These are just some of the great features you can find in the best pillows for side sleepers in Canada. Make sure to look for the options that interest you, as it can greatly improve how you feel when you get into bed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Side sleepers should use a pillow that is thick and firm. You’ll want a taller gusset (usually indicated by an increase height). The pillow must be tall enough to support your neck and keep your spine aligned. Side sleepers usually sleep best with this type of pillow.

If a pillow has a high enough loft, side sleepers should only need a single pillow for their heads. However, using another pillow between the knees can help with greater hip and spine alignment, which can lead to a more comfortable sleep overall.

Because side sleepers generally need a thicker, firmer pillow, flat pillows don’t work for them. It can throw off their entire body alignment and reduce time spent sleeping comfortably. Try a memory foam pillow, which is unlikely to go flat during the night.