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If you are a side sleeper, you already know that finding a comfortable pillow with the right level of firmness and support can be a challenge. Whether you prefer a little more cushion to your pillows or a firmer foundation, we can help you choose the right one for you. Our team of pillow researchers and at-home testers evaluated and reviewed the best pillows on the Canadian market to find the ones best suited for side sleepers.

All the pillows we recommend today were tested on individual firmness levels, fill type and adjustability. Each tester tried more than one pillow for an extended length of time so they could fairly evaluate and review them. Only the pillows that tested the best made it into our review today. Here are our picks for the best pillows for Canadian side sleepers in 2024.

The 9 Best Pillows for Side Sleepers in Canada for 2024

  • Best Overall: Silk & Snow Pillow
  • Best Cooling: Hush Hybrid Pillow
  • Best Adjustable: Douglas Adjustable Pillow
  • Best for Allergies: Endy Memory Foam Pillow
  • Best All-Foam: Polysleep Pillow
  • Best Hotel-Like Pillow: QE Home SilkSurround Pillow
  • Best for Support: Canadian Down & Feather Co Microfiber Down Alternative Pillow
  • Best Down Alternative: Benji Cooling Pillow Set
  • Best Feather & Down Pillow: Simons Duveteuse Pillow

Why Did We Choose These Canadian Side-Sleeper Pillows?

Side sleepers need very specific options to be comfortable with their pillows. With this in mind, we looked for pillows with the right type of fill, adjustability, and loft to keep side sleepers comfortable. We looked at a ton of different options and found the pillows that work the best. Here’s how each of the best pillows for side sleepers in Canada stood out to us.

The Silk & Snow Silk Pillow is our choice for the best pillow for side sleepers in Canada. This pillow has a plush outer layer and an inner layer of adjustable memory foam. No matter your preferred firmness, this pillow is a great option.

Canadian side sleepers looking to find an excellent cooling pillow that is still supportive will love the Hush Hybrid Pillow. This pillow will keep you sleeping comfortably cool, night after night. The fill can be adjusted, so even side sleepers can have their shoulders and neck supported.

For side sleepers wanting a pillow that can be customized to their exact loft preference, consider the Douglas Adjustable Pillow, our pick for the best adjustable pillow in Canada. Not only does this pillow sleep extremely cool, but it also has the most precise custom loft of any pillow in our review today.

The Endy Memory Foam Pillow is our choice for the best pillow for side sleepers with allergies. This pillow has a great memory foam core and has charcoal and hypoallergenic properties that Canadians with allergies will love.

Those looking for a mess-free, easily adjustable pillow will love the Polysleep Pillow. As our favourite all-foam pillow on the list today, its inner foam layers can be removed and arranged to change the pillow’s loft from 2” to 9”.

For Canadians looking for a comfortable and soft pillow like those in luxury hotels, the QE Home Silk Surround Pillow is a fantastic option. This pillow has a down-like feel with medium soft support. Those wanting a cushier sleeping surface should consider this pillow.

The Canadian Down & Feather Company Microfiber Down Alternative Pillow is the best pillow for Canadians who want a luxurious and plush pillow but also need adequate neck support. The 2” gusseted edges resulting from the box edge construction of this pillow provide an even sleep surface and better alignment.

Canadians who prefer synthetic down will find that the Benji Cooling Pillow Set is an ideal option. The cooling gel-fibre fill is designed to mimic the plush softness of down, and the 300-thread count cotton shell is breathable, helping sleepers to naturally remain cool throughout the night.

The Simons Duveteuse Pillow is a unique pillow on our list, as the only one that is filled with feather and goose down rather than foam or microfiber fill. This is a great choice for Canadians seeking a semi-firm but an incredibly plush pillow.

Best Pillows for Side Sleepers in Canada: Quick Menu

Best Overall

Silk & Snow Pillow

The Silk & Snow Pillow
The Silk & Snow Pillow Side Sleeper

It's Great For:

The Silk & Snow Pillow takes the top spot in our review today. It’s a great overall pillow with a ton of unique features that work for side sleepers. This affordable pillow is of a hotel-like quality, and its premium materials and luxurious softness will have side sleepers finding comfort from the very first night.

Made of 100% cotton, the cover of this pillow is breathable and stays naturally cool throughout the night. For the occasional spill or for those with allergies who need to regularly clean their bedding, the shell of the pillow can be removed and machine washed as needed.

At the core of the pillow is shredded memory foam. This shredded foam is made from new, premium materials rather than recycled older foam, as many other pillow companies sometimes use. This unique foam is durable and won’t break down as quickly. This layer is entirely adjustable, and you can remove as much of the shredded foam as you need to be comfortable. The pillow comes with plenty of foam for side sleepers needing extra loft to support their neck and shoulders.

Surrounding the inner core of memory foam is a luxuriously soft layer of down-like microfibre fill. This fill is ultra soft and cushioning, without the use of animal products. The microfibre is air-blown before insertion and resistant to clumping over time.

The Silk & Snow pillow comes in standard and king sizes and includes a 100-night sleep trial. If you don’t love this pillow within that time frame, you can return it for a refund. This Canadian pillow is perfect for most sleepers, and side sleepers will love the ability to choose the pillow’s loft so easily.

Key Features

  • Cotton Cover. The cover on this pillow is naturally cool and breathable. It’s also made with 100% hypoallergenic materials, so those with seasonal allergies can stay cool, too.
  • Shredded Foam Core. The middle of this pillow is made of shredded memory foam. You can add or remove the fill to achieve your ideal loft and firmness. No matter your sleeping position, you can adjust this pillow to match your needs.
  • Microfibre Outer Fill. The plush, down-like outer layer of the Silk & Snow Pillow is ultra-soft and perfect for all sleeping positions. This additional layer stands out among the pillows on our list.
  • Easy to Clean. The shell of the pillow can be removed and machine-washed right alongside your regular bedding. It doesn’t take any additional steps to keep your pillow clean.

Our Expert’s Take

“Our side-sleeping testers found this pillow to be wonderfully plush. They loved the ability to adjust the loft of this pillow for additional support, especially those who have unique needs as they sleep.”

Best Cooling

Hush Hybrid Pillow

The Hush Hybrid Pillow
The Hush Hybrid Pillow Side Sleeper

It's Great For:

For Canadians who find themselves often overheating throughout the night and waking up sweaty, finding a pillow that can help with temperature control is essential. For side sleepers needing extra neck support, we chose the Hush Hybrid Pillow as the best cooling pillow in Canada for side sleepers.

Made of viscose bamboo, the cover of this pillow is naturally cool and keeps sleepers comfortable by wicking away heat and moisture. Infused with Hush Iced technology, this pillow sleeps the coldest of any on our list today. For an added benefit, the cover can be removed and washed anytime you wash your other bedding.

Within the pillow, the fill is made from a hybrid mix using vegan microfibre down along with shredded memory foam. By blending these materials, you can expect a supportive pillow with a soft bounce. Those needing to customize their loft can remove as much of the filling as they want to achieve ideal comfort. Each purchase includes a small bag that can double as a travel pillow or a storage bag for any extra fill you don’t use in the main pillow.

This pillow will work for most bed sets unless you need a king-sized pillow, as it is only available in standard sizes. The Hush Iced Hybrid Pillow has a 30-night sleep trial, which is shorter than the average sleep trial, but should be long enough to see if you enjoy the pillow.

Key Features

  • Washable Cover. Made of viscose bamboo, the cover of the Hush Iced Hybrid Pillow actively wicks away heat and moisture throughout the night, keeping even the warmest sleepers cool.
  • Hush Iced Threads. The cover is infused with Hush Iced technology, further reducing and regulating body temperatures, making this the coldest pillow in our review.
  • Hybrid Inner Fill. Made of a blend of vegan microfibre fill and shredded memory foam, the inner fill can be adjusted to your preferred loft and softness. 
  • Travel Bag. The included travel bag allows you to store your additional adjustable fill. You can take it with you or use it to keep your additional fill safe, so you always know where it is.

Our Expert’s Take

“This pillow kept our testers cool overnight, even in the warmest summer months. Our testers who sleep on their side loved the ability to adjust the loft to support their neck.”

Best Adjustable

Douglas Adjustable Pillow

Douglas Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow
Sleeping on the Douglas Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow

It's Great For:

Side sleepers who are looking for a great pillow with cooling features and exceptional adjustability will want to look at the Douglas Adjustable Pillow. This pillow is our pick for the best adjustable pillow in Canada for side sleepers. With easy washing, precise fill and good temperature control, this pillow has great features.

The cover of the Douglas Adjustable Pillow is made from 100% cotton and polyester padding, which is crisp and soft. Those who sleep warm will appreciate the natural cooling properties of the fabric, and the cover is completely removable for easy machine washing.

Inside the pillow is shredded cooling gel memory foam. These tiny shreds are easy to remove to ensure your preferred loft. Whether you remove a small handful or half the pillow’s fill, each sleeping position will be able to find comfort. Side sleepers who need extra support for their neck and shoulders will appreciate the excess fill that helps with pressure pain accompanying that sleeping position.

The Douglas Adjustable Pillow is available in Standard and King sizes, which will work for most users. With a lengthy 120-night sleep trial, you’ll have plenty of time to ensure you are happy with the pillow. The Douglas Pillow is great for any Canadian seeking a custom loft and great temperature control.

Key Features

  • Cotton Cover. Made of 100% cotton, this cover is ideal for those who sleep warm. The soft, breathable cover reduces heat throughout the night.
  • Memory Foam Fill. With cooling gel memory foam shreds, this pillow can be customized to your loft preference. This means you’ll always get the loft you need to feel comfortable.
  • Cooling Properties. The cooling memory gel foam is great for Canadians who sleep hot or like to keep their bedrooms warm and prevents overheating and night sweats. 
  • Easy Washing. The cover can be removed and washed with the rest of your linens at home. There are no special care instructions, so cleaning is simple.

Our Expert’s Take

“The cooling gel fill is great for those who sleep hot. Our testers who sleep on their side found the adjustable fill excellent at providing support and pressure relief.”

Best for Allergies

Endy Memory Foam Pillow

Endy Memory Foam Pillow
Endy Memory Foam Pillow Side Sleeper

It's Great For:

The Endy Memory Foam Pillow is our choice for the best pillow in Canada for side sleepers with allergies. Whether you have seasonal allergies or are sensitive to dust and dirt, this pillow helps promote clean air and a healthy sleeping surface. 

Made from 60% polyester and 40% bamboo knit jacquard, this cover is soft and cool to the touch. For those who sleep warm, the bamboo cover will reduce temperatures and prevent sweating. With mesh siding, warm air and heat are dispersed, helping the air around and in the pillow to stay fresh and clean.

The inside of the Endy Memory Foam Pillow is filled with responsive bamboo memory foam, which is made from eco-conscious, sustainable bamboo. This fill adapts and conforms to all sleeping positions, including side sleepers. Those suffering from neck and back pain will find this pillow ultra-supportive.

Canadians with allergies will benefit from the memory foam that is infused with charcoal. This naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic foam helps prevent germs, bacteria and odours from forming. The cover can be removed and washed as often as needed for further cleanliness.

The Endy Memory Foam Pillow is available in both Standard and King sizes, which works for all Canadian bedding sets. A 60-night sleep trial is included with each pillow purchase, giving you plenty of time to test out the pillow for yourself. The Endy Pillow is a wonderful option for any side sleeper needing firmer support or with seasonal allergies.

Key Features

  • Plush Cover. Made from a polyester and bamboo blend, this cover is soft and breathable. It stays cool throughout the night, and offers a unique feel when compared to standard cotton covers.
  • Memory Foam Core. This memory foam core is made from eco-conscious bamboo infused with hypoallergenic charcoal and is supportive and responsive.
  • Medium Firmness. This medium-firm pillow is a great choice for side sleepers needing extra support for their neck and shoulders. It doesn’t sag like some options do, and it helps keep you comfortable throughout the night.
  • Easy to Wash. It’s simple to remove and wash the cover on this pillow. It doesn’t require any additional steps, and it can improve sleep for those with seasonal allergies or dust allergies.

Our Expert’s Take

“This pillow was extremely supportive and comfortable. The eco-conscious bamboo was great for our testers with allergies and those who need a healthier sleep surface.”

Best All-Foam

Polysleep Pillow

The Polysleep Pillow Side View
The Polysleep Pillow for Side Sleepers

It's Great For:

For side sleepers who are looking for a great pillow that doesn’t use feather or microfibre fill, the Polysleep Pillow should definitely be considered. This adjustable pillow is our pick for the best all-foam pillow for side sleepers in Canada for 2024. With great adjustability and easy washing, this pillow is an excellent option for most Canadians.

Made of 100% cotton, the cover of the Polysleep Pillow is naturally cool and breathable. Allowing for maximum airflow, this cover is great for anyone who tends to sleep warm. The cover can be removed, washed, and dried as often as you like for regular cleaning.

For side sleepers concerned about getting support and a higher loft, this pillow can be adjusted from 2” to 9”. Inside the Polysleep Pillow are multiple layers of ventilated viscoelastic foam that can easily be removed and added. Each of these foam layers ranges in height from ¾” to 1” and can be mixed and matched to achieve your ideal loft. These foam layers are soft and slightly squishy and sleep cooler than memory foam.

The Polysleep Pillow is available in Standard/Queen size and King. Both sizes can be purchased as a single pillow or in a discounted two-pack, which is great for those who like multiple pillows or co-sleepers. This pillow includes a 30-night sleep trial to ensure you fully enjoy it. The Polysleep Pillow is an excellent all-foam pillow that is super easy to adjust with the mess of shredded memory foam or polyfill.

Key Features

  • 100% Cotton Cover. This breathable cover made of 100% cotton is soft and airy. The cotton allows it to sleep cool without any additional features or materials. 
  • Foam Layers. Side sleepers will enjoy the four foam layers that can be mixed and matched to create the perfect loft. You can easily customize your pillow to suit you.
  • Easy Washing. For the occasional spill or regular cleaning, the cover of the Polysleep Pillow can be removed and machine washed and dried. 
  • Bundled Savings. For co-sleepers, or anyone who enjoys having multiple pillows on their bed, this pillow offers discounts for buying a two-pack, which is a great benefit.

Our Expert’s Take

“This all-foam pillow was comfortable for side sleepers, and our testers loved the adjustable foam layers that helped them find supreme comfort. You can even buy multiple pillows at once, which is ideal for co-sleepers and those who want to keep an extra.”

Best Hotel-Like Pillow

QE Home SilkSurround Pillow

QE Home Silk Surround Pillow
QE Home Silk Surround Pillow Feel

It's Great For:

Canadians who are seeking a luxuriously soft pillow like those found in high-end resorts will enjoy the QE Home Silk Surround Pillow, which is plush and comfortable. This pillow is our favourite for the best hotel-like pillow in Canada. With a gel core surrounded with 100% silk, this is the softest pillow on our review today and will make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud.

The QE Home Silk Surround Pillow shell is 100% cotton and is naturally airy and cool. Those who overheat will find that this pillow does a good job of reducing heat throughout the night. Those who need to clean their pillow should choose to use a pillow protector with this one, as it does not have a removable cover.

Within the pillow is a microfibre gel central core that helps reduce trapped heat and keeps sleepers comfortable and sweat-free. Surrounding the gel core is a silk floss fill, which is hypoallergenic and will naturally prevent bacteria, odour and mould. This is a medium soft pillow, and side sleepers who like a softer pillow will find this incredibly comfortable.

Available in three pillow sizes, including Standard, Queen and King, all bedding sets and mattresses will work great with this pillow. The QE Home Silk Surround Pillow does not come with a sleep trial, which can be a consideration for some Canadians. Those looking for an ultra-soft, comfy pillow that is like those in luxury hotels will love this pillow.

Key Features

  • Cotton Cover. The cover of the QE Home Silk Surround Pillow is airy. It sleeps naturally cool, and is smooth enough that your pillowcase will slide over it smoothly.
  • Microfibre Gel. The inner core of the pillow is made from a cooling microfibre gel that is supportive and helps reduce temperatures throughout the night. 
  • Silk Fill. Made from 100% silk floss fill, this outer layer of the pillow has a down-like softness that is plush and luxurious. It feels great to lay down on at night.
  • Soft Firmness. Perfect for Canadians seeking a hotel-like pillow, this medium-soft pillow is comfortable and feels like sleeping on a cloud.

Our Expert’s Take

“This pillow was extra soft and plush, and our testers thought it was like sleeping on a plush hotel pillow. The silk floss feel mimics the comfort of down, while the inner core is made from cooling microfibre down.”

Best for Support

Canadian Down & Feather Company Microfiber Down Alternative Pillow

Canadian Down & Feather Co Microfiber Down Alternative Pillow Feature
Canadian Down & Feather Co Microfiber Down Alternative Pillow on Bed

It's Great For:

For Canadians seeking a plush pillow that still provides adequate neck support, the Canadian Down & Feather Company Microfiber Down Alternative Pillow is a wonderful option. The box edge construction of this pillow delivers 2” gusseted edges, which provide an even sleep surface and better support and neck alignment. This, combined with a high-quality polyester fill designed to mimic down but is also denser, ensures that sleepers enjoy a soft, luxury pillow that still provides support.

The shell is 100% cotton, which ensures the down can breathe, while the durable 260-thread count prevents the down from escaping. The synthetic fill makes keeping the pillow clean easy. Provided your machine is large enough, the microfibre pillow can be machine-washed and dried on a low heat setting. The fill will completely re-loft completely after washing.

The synthetic microfibre is naturally resistant to bacteria and allergens, making it hypoallergenic. The pillow was certified per the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX when tested for harmful materials. The Microfiber Down Alternative Pillow is also guaranteed against manufacturing defects for one year.

Available in standard, queen, and king sizes, the microfiber fill is soft and plush, providing a luxurious pillow that delivers excellent support. This pillow is a wonderful choice for side, stomach, and back sleepers.

Key Features

  • Box Edge Construction. Side sleepers will find improved support and neck alignment thanks to the 2” gusseted edge, which provides an even sleeping surface.
  • Hypoallergenic. The pillow’s synthetic microfibre is naturally resistant to bacteria and other allergens. Users who struggle with allergies will find this pillow more comfortable.
  • 100% Cotton Shell. While the 100% cotton shell enables the fill to breathe, it also offers a cool and comfortable sleep experience. 
  • Easy to Clean. This pillow is machine washable, and the filling re-lofts after every wash. Some pillows may flatten, but the Canadian Down & Feather Co Microfiber Down Alternative Pillow relofts.

Our Expert’s Take

“For Canadians who prefer a softer pillow but also want support, The Canadian Down & Feather Co Microfiber Down Alternative Pillow is the best option to meet those needs.”

Best Down Alternative

Benji Cooling Pillow Set

Benji Cooling Pillow Set Feature
Benji Cooling Pillow Set on Bed

It's Great For:

For Canadians who prefer a synthetic alternative to down fillings inside their pillows, The Benji Cooling Pillow offers an excellent solution. The cooling gel-fibre fill is designed to mimic the softness of down, and the blend of cooling gel-infused fibres provides a cool and comfortable sleep by drawing heat away from the body. 

Unlike down fill, the Benji Cooling Pillow’s unique blend of cooling gel fibres helps with temperature regulation, and the 300-thread count cotton shell is breathable and helps sleepers naturally remain cool throughout the night. The Benji Cooling Pillow is perfect for all sleeping positions as a result of its medium fill.

Machine washable and wrinkle-free, this pillow is also hypoallergenic. It doesn’t contain any harmful materials or contaminants, and it’s OEKO-TEX Standard-100 certified.

The Benji Cooling Pillow comes in standard and king sizes, and the premium pillow set includes two pillows. A 100-night sleep trial gives sleepers the opportunity to try the pillow risk-free, making it an excellent choice for Canadians seeking a high-quality down alternative.

Key Features

  • Cooling Gel Fiber Fill. Designed to mirror the plushness of down, the cooling gel-infused fibres also provide temperature regulation for a luxurious and cool pillow.
  • Comfortable for All Sleeping Positions. The medium fill makes this pillow perfect for all sleeping positions. Side sleepers will love the loft available in this pillow, too.
  • 2 Pillows. This premium pillow set includes two pillows. You won’t have to purchase additional pillows to fully equip your bed.
  • 100% Cotton Shell. Natural and breathable, this pillow’s 100% cotton shell helps sleepers remain cool and sleep comfortably all night. 

Our Expert’s Take

“The blend of cooling gel-infused fibres helps regulate temperature and makes this pillow a fantastic alternative to down fill.”

Best Feather & Down Pillow

Simons Duveteuse Pillow

Simons Duveteuse Pillow
Simons Duveteuse Pillow Feel

It's Great For:

The Simons Duveteuse Pillow is our favourite feather and down pillow for Canadian side sleepers. It’s the ultimate soft pillow, with a plush feel that offers great loft for most sleepers. This luxurious pillow offers semi-firm support that is great for all sleeping positions.

The cover of this pillow is made from 100% cotton, which is breathable and promotes great air circulation and reduces heat for those who sleep warm. The cover is not removable, and the pillow must be professionally cleaned, which could be a deterrent for some. To minimize dirt and spills, always use a pillow protectant.

The fill of the Simons Duveteuse Pillow is made of 80% goose feathers and 20% goose down, making for a plush pillow that you can sink into. This semi-firm pillow is great for all sleeping positions but works best for those who like a comfy and soft pillow. This pillow will retain heat a bit, so this is a great option for Canadians who sleep cool and seek extra warmth.

The Simons Duveteuse Pillow comes in Standard, Queen and King sizes, which will work for all bedding options that you might have. No sleep trial is included with this pillow, but it can be returned within 30 days if unused.

Key Features

  • Cotton Cover. The cotton cover of this pillow is crisp and cool. It helps promotes great air circulation, so those that sleep hot will enjoy the way this pillow feels. 
  • Feather & Down Fill. Filled with 80% goose feathers and 20% goose down, the inside of the pillow is extra comfortable, being both firm and plush at the same time. 
  • Extensive Sizes. The Simons Duveteuse Pillow comes in three sizes, options which will fit in all Canadian bedding that you may have.
  • Extra Soft. The semi-firm support is great for side sleepers wanting more softness to their pillow loft. Side sleepers in Canada who prefer a softer pillow with high loft will love this option.

Our Expert’s Take

“This soft pillow had our testers sleeping comfortably, and they enjoyed the plush loft that the feathers and down offered.”

Comparing the Best Pillows for Side Sleepers in Canada

CategoryPillowFill TypeCoverAdjustableAvailable Sizes
Best OverallSilk & Snow PillowMicrofibre Fill & Shredded Memory Foam100% CottonYesStandard, King
Best CoolingHush Hybrid PillowVegan Microfibre Down & Shredded Memory FoamViscose BambooYesStandard
Best AdjustableDouglas Adjustable PillowPolyester Padding & Cooling Gel Memory Foam100% CottonYesStandard, King
Best for AllergiesEndy Memory Foam PillowBamboo Memory Foam60% Polyester, 40% BambooNoStandard, King
Best All-FoamPolysleep PillowPolysleep Viscoelastic Foam100% CottonYesStandard, King (single or two packs)
Best Hotel-Like PillowQE Home SilkSurround PillowSilk Floss Fill & Microgel Fibre100% CottonNoStandard, Queen, King
Best for SupportCanadian Down & Feather Company Microfiber Down Alternative PillowMicrofibre100% CottonNoStandard, Queen, King
Best Down AlternativeBenji Cooling Pillow SetCooling Gel FibreCottonNoStandard, King
Best Feather & Down PillowSimons Duveteuse Pillow80% Goose Feather, 20% Canadian White Goose Down100% CottonNoStandard, Queen, King

How We Tested These Pillows for Side Sleeping Canadians

Our years in the sleep industry have taught us a lot about how people sleep, what they prefer to sleep on, and how both of those can change your sleep quality. Compiling this list took time; we evaluated each of the pillows on our list (and dozens more ) in our test lab. We ran each pillow through various tests. Then, we sent them home with our team of knowledgeable, dedicated testers.

Combining our results with tester feedback made us comfortable with recommending the following pillows to you. Some of the areas we checked and tested include fill type, loft, cover material, and temperature control. 

What Makes a Pillow Great for Side Sleepers

What Makes a Pillow Great for Side Sleepers?

So what do side sleepers need from a pillow? Canadians who spend most of the night on their sides need a better loft and more support from their pillow. The ideal pillow for side sleepers should be:

  • At least 10cm (4″) high
  • Firm for better support
  • Pressure-relieving to reduce strain and keep you aligned
  • Great at maintaining shape to reduce the need to wake up and fluff
  • Cool on both sides so you stay asleep longer
  • Shaped to accommodate your shoulders and keep your neck supported
  • Made with latex, memory foam, or down core

Choosing a pillow with some (or most) of these features can greatly improve how comfortable a side sleeper is throughout the night! If you sleep on your side, consider trying pillows that fit this description. If you aren’t sure about the height or loft you need, you can always choose an adjustable option. These pillows allow you to adjust the core to get the unique height or loft that works best for you. You might sleep better than ever. 

How to Choose a Pillow for Side Sleepers in Canada

How to Choose a Pillow for Side Sleepers in Canada

Side sleepers need a few extra things from their pillows, so it’s important to know which options to go for. Once you have the basics down, you can start looking for pillows that match your specific sleep style. The following options can help you choose the best pillow for side sleepers in Canada.  

Pillow Fill

The interior of the pillow can make all the difference. After all, the fill determines the firmness, how far the pillow sinks, and more. Here are some of the fill types represented on our list.

  • Memory Foam. Memory foam pillows use a slow pressure response to contour your body. Memory foam pillows are some of the best options for side sleepers. Though it can allow heat to build up, most memory foam pillows have at least one temperature control feature to help.
  • Down and Down Alternative. These luxurious pillows feel soft and expensive. They compress easily, but they are eco-friendly and fluffy to make up for it. Down alternative is a great way to ensure that your pillow is hypoallergenic and cruelty-free.
  • Feather. Feather pillows are a little denser than down pillows, and offer great temperature control. Most can be customized to offer the firmness that you want, too.
  • Microgel. Microgel is a synthetic fibre that imitates down while reducing temperature. If you sleep hot but prefer the feel of a down alternative pillow, microgel might be the fill for you.

You should investigate different fill options to see what works best for you. There are many reasons why you might prefer one option over another. Make sure to consider how you sleep, as well as the pillows that you like using now.

Loft and Thickness

The loft of a pillow is one of the most important factors for side sleepers to consider. Pillows with a mid-to-high loft can help keep your neck and spine aligned without making your shoulders ache. If you want to wake up feeling refreshed and comfortable, this is the option to choose.

Choosing the correct loft can be difficult. There are no ‘loft ratings’ you can check. Instead, you must keep an eye on the height of the pillow. While this isn’t a guarantee of any loft capabilities, it can help you choose a pillow that will start higher, even if your head sinks. Side sleepers should choose pillows with at least 10cm or 4” of height to start with. Higher isn’t always better, either – a thicker pillow can lead to more discomfort. If your pillow makes you crane your neck upwards or allows your pillow to sink past the shoulders, it’s not going to work for you.

You should choose a pillow that keeps your head level and your neck relaxed. While side sleepers should keep to these general loft recommendations, everyone is different. If you find that a pillow with a lower loft helps you sleep more comfortably, you should choose that one!


Firmness is another important factor, but it’s not very well-defined when it comes to pillows. Mattresses have a firmness rating that can help you determine how they will feel. However, pillows usually do not. This means that you’ll have to read between the lines to discover how a pillow will feel.

Softer pillows allow your head to sink too much, while firmer pillows may not sink at all. Both can be uncomfortable. You want to go with a medium pillow that can maintain its loft. Firm pillows can also be good for side sleepers, but this depends on your mattress, how you sleep, and other factors. Trying out different pillow firmnesses is the best way to get an idea of what works best for you.

Pressure Relief and Support

You want to sleep comfortably, right? Pressure relief and support are two important things to consider as you shop for a pillow. A pillow with great pressure relief isn’t too firm. Though firm pillows are more supportive, they can sometimes feel hard. A pressure-relieving pillow can help reduce the discomfort associated with a firmer support base. So which pillows are best at relieving pressure?

Pillows with a medium firmness offer the best pressure relief and support. Pillows made with memory foam cores are the best at relieving pressure while maintaining the proper support.

If your pillow sinks too much when you put your head onto it, it can make your sleep that much more uncomfortable. While a softer pillow may feel great at first, it can strain your neck and shoulders over time. This means that you’re less comfortable overall.

Striking a balance between pressure relief and support is difficult, but trying to find that balance can noticeably improve your sleep.

Cover Materials

Even when you choose the fanciest pillow on our list, you’ll likely be putting a pillowcase over it. However, the cover materials are still important. They can impact how the pillow feels, how hot it gets, and how comfortable you are overall.

There are a variety of different cover materials, and no two pillows will use the same materials. Great options are organic materials like bamboo or cotton. When it comes to synthetic materials, look for polyester covers that are soft and smooth.

A great cover should be soft, and breathable, and help keep you cool. They should provide a smooth surface that you can feel even after you put a pillowcase on your pillow. Choose the materials that work best for you, but consider these options.

Pillow Size

There are a few different pillow sizes. This might not seem like an important detail to consider, but it can make or break your pillow experience. Some pillows come in a single size, usually closer to the standard size option.

However, there are also queen and king-sized pillows available. These pillows work best when they are used on a matching mattress. This means that queen-sized pillows are best for a queen-sized bed. King-sized pillows work best on a king bed. If you have a twin, twin XL, double, or another mattress, a standard size will probably be fine.

Though the height for each pillow is different, these three sizes are:

  • Standard: 20″ x 26″ (51cm x 66cm)
  • Queen: 20″ x 30″ (51cm x 76cm)
  • King: 20″ x 36″ (51cm x 92cm)

When you order your pillowcases, make sure to pick the size that best matches your pillows. This can help provide a snug fit that doesn’t include extra fabric or bunching.

Temperature Control

So many Canadians sleep hot. As you sleep, heat can build up under you. This is especially common with memory foam pillows and mattresses. As a result, you might wake up sweaty and uncomfortable in the middle of the night. Besides being uncomfortable, it can throw off your sleep schedule and keep you tired during the day.

To avoid this, use temperature control materials. These include materials like gel memory foam, aerated foams, soft down fill, and more. A breathable pillow is best for temperature control. Proprietary phase-changing materials (and materials that help to move heat away from you) are also great for keeping the heat down and helping you sleep more comfortably overall.

Adjustable Fill

While most traditional pillows have a set amount of fill that you can’t adjust (unless you destroy the pillow in the process), some of the pillows on our list allow you to adjust the fill level. This means you can open the pillow to add or remove extra fill. This makes it easy to find the optimal loft and fill level for you.

These pillows may ship overstuffed on purpose. This way, you can remove the extra fill and add more until you reach your desired fill level. It’s a great option to look for if you aren’t sure what fill level you prefer, or if you want to play around with different firmnesses. 

Since side sleepers often prefer different firmnesses based on exactly how they sleep, an adjustable pillow can be a great way to improve your sleep. You can find your perfect loft, firmness, and fill level for your comfort, without having to worry about whether the pillow will be just right for you.

Additional Features

In addition to the features above, there are a few special features we looked at. These additional features won’t be easy to find, but they can make your pillow much more comfortable.

  • Hypoallergenic and antibacterial materials. Some pillow materials are naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. These materials resist bacteria and repel allergens, so those with sensitive skin or allergies can sleep a little easier. If you’re willing to pay a little bit more for pillows made with these materials, it can be more comfortable for you overall.
  • Moisture-wicking. Moisture-wicking is usually a feature that ties in with temperature control. Tencel, one of the most popular pillow cover materials, is naturally moisture-wicking. This means that if you get sweaty or uncomfortable during the night, the pillow will wick moisture away from you rather than allowing it to build up. This can help keep you cool and dry throughout the night.
  • Organic materials. If you want an organic pillow, look for pillows made from all-natural, sustainably-sourced, organic materials. These materials include organic cotton, organic latex, organic wool, buckwheat hulls, silk, kapok, and ethically sourced down. Research each pillow’s organic certifications. There are several valid certifications, including USDA Organic, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), Greenguard, and more. Each verifies that the materials used are 100% organic.

These are just some of the great features you can find in the best pillows for side sleepers in Canada. Make sure to look for the options that interest you, as it can greatly improve how you feel when you get into bed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Finding a perfect pillow for your sleeping position is crucial to getting a good night’s sleep that won’t have you waking up with neck or back pain. Those who sleep on their side may need a higher pillow loft to align with their shoulders. A pillow with adjustable loft may be an excellent option for side sleepers unsure about their preferences.

For pillows in our review that mention an adjustable loft or fill, that means that the height and often accompanying softness can be modified at home. Whether you are taking out foam slabs, or shredded gel, users can adjust the pillow to their desired liking. These pillows can be great for any sleeping position or pillow preference, as you can make the pillow feel exactly how you like.

Caring for pillows can be tricky; luckily, some pillows have removable covers that can be washed. Always read the care instructions on your pillow before attempting to clean it. Using a pillow protector can help extend the life and cleanliness of pillows that do not feature a removable cover.

If you have seasonal allergies or allergies triggered by certain materials (down, feathers, dust, etc), you should choose a hypoallergenic pillow. Avoid down or feather pillows if you are allergic to them, and opt for down-alternative pillows instead. A pillow that is hypoallergenic and antibacterial works to resist bacteria, allergens, and dust. These options can help reduce reactions and help you sleep better.

Canadians who sleep on their sides should use as many pillows as they need to reach the loft they need to keep their body lines neutral. They should also use a pillow between their knees to provide better alignment through their hips and spine. The combination of these pillow types can keep you comfortable throughout the night.

Side sleepers who overheat during the night should look to an adjustable pillow with cooling materials and a washable cover. We suggest the Hush Hybrid Pillow for Canadians who sleep hot. This pillow is naturally cool, with a viscose bamboo cover and shredded memory foam and vegan microfibre down fill.