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Silk & Snow’s bedding is some of the best on the Canadian market, and that doesn’t stop at mattresses, duvets, and sheets. The Silk & Snow Pillow offers adjustable comfort that is suitable for all sleeping positions. It comes at a great price that doesn’t break the bank, allowing everyone to find their perfect comfort level. Here, we’ll look at the features that make this one of the best pillows in Canada. 

Should You Buy the Silk & Snow Pillow?

The Silk & Snow Pillow features the company’s high-quality design and construction, with consideration for all sleepers. Adjustment is easy and allows you to find a pillow that is perfect for you. The fill is easy to access and remove, allowing for simple adjustment for most Canadians. If you’ve had trouble finding your perfect pillow or want one that feels great for you, it’s worth checking out the Silk & Snow Pillow. The 100-night risk-free sleep trial allows you to try the pillow without committing to keeping it, too!

Here are some of the features that make the Silk & Snow Pillow stand out.

  • Shredded memory foam allows for loft adjustment
  • 100% cotton cover is soft and breathable
  • Two size options to cover most mattresses
  • Zip-off shell is machine washable to keep your pillow fresh
  • Made with 100% brand-new memory foam rather than recycled foam like some options
  • Soft down microfill surrounding the core allows for a plush, comfortable softness regardless of your preferred loft
The Silk & Snow Pillow
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The Silk & Snow Pillow is an adjustable option that allows you to choose your ideal fill level for your comfort. Tired of looking for the perfect pillow, only to find options that flatten out over time? This pillow has you covered. An adjustable memory foam core allows you to add and remove fill to find your perfect comfort level, regardless of how you sleep. You can add more fill to increase the loft if you sleep on your side, or remove it for a lower pillow suitable for stomach sleepers. If you fall somewhere in between these options, there’s plenty of room to find your perfect comfort level. 

The adjustable core is surrounded by a layer of down-like microfibre fill. This blown fill is comfortably breathable, with additional plushness to make your pillow soft and comfortable no matter what. They are resistant to clumping and provide the same softness you would expect from natural down. However, this fill is hypoallergenic and vegan.

The 100% cotton shell that keeps it all together is removable and washable, so you can keep your pillow clean. All of the materials used to make the pillow are of the highest quality. They come together to create a pillow that works for most Canadians, even those who sleep warm. The cover and fill materials are breathable and comfortable, allowing for minimal heat retention and more sleep throughout the night. 

Ratings Summary

Overall Score: 4.5/5

Fill Type
Cover Materials
Available Sizes
Temperature Control
Adjustment and Loft

Pillow Construction

The Silk & Snow Pillow uses two layers to achieve a plush, adjustable loft. 

  • The inner layer is filled with adjustable shredded memory foam. This foam can be removed or added to increase or decrease loft. 
  • Around this inner core is a layer of down-like microfibre. It’s hypoallergenic and allows for a more plush feel than other options would allow. This layer is also breathable and allows your head to sink comfortably into the pillow.
  • The outer shell is made with 100% cotton, providing a smooth and comfortable surface.

This construction gives you the best of both worlds. You can adjust the loft to fit your individual needs, but the pillow is always soft and comfortable regardless of your preferences.

Fill Type

Silk & Snow Pillow Fill

Silk & Snow’s Pillow uses two types of fill to keep you comfortable. The inner core is made with new shredded memory foam. This foam can be added or removed according to your comfort level. Some shredded memory foam pillows use recycled fill from mattresses and other products. However, Silk & Snow always uses brand-new memory foam pieces. All memory foam fill is certified by CertiPUR-US to maintain safety and quality across every pillow.

Surrounding this core is a layer of down-like microfibre. It’s hypoallergenic and soft, mimicking the feel of real down without the insulating properties that make down so warm. The result is a cozy but breathable fill that doesn’t retain heat as much as you might expect. 

Both types of fill are made at the highest quality, ensuring that your pillow stays comfortable for years to come. This pillow can be adjusted based on your comfort levels, allowing you to find your ideal loft with the same plush feel due to the microfill layer. 

Cover Materials

The Silk & Snow Pillow uses a 100% cotton outer shell. This shell is soft to the touch and lends the pillow a comfortable feel. It’s also extremely durable, so you won’t have to worry about seams ripping or tearing as you sleep. This cover feels great on your skin and allows pillowcases to slide on effortlessly. 

It’s also great at providing a bit of breathability for your pillow. The fill is already breathable, but the cover helps to maintain a cooler surface than polyester or other materials might.

The shell can be washed at home with fairly simple care instructions. Zip the cover off of your pillow first, as the interior isn’t machine washable. Use a normal cycle on cold for washing, and tumble dry on low afterward. Though we all like our pillows to look crisp and clean, avoid using bleach on the cover for the best results.

Available Sizes

Silk & Snow Pillow Available Sizes

The Silk & Snow Pillow is available in two size options. There is a standard option that works well for most mattress sizes. However, they also offer the king-sized option for larger mattresses. Here are the dimensions of each pillow size offered:

  • Standard: 20″ x 27″
  • King: 20″ x 36″

Use these dimensions to purchase pillowcases that will fit perfectly. If you order a King-sized pillow, make sure to use a King-sized pillowcase. You can choose not to use a pillowcase with your Silk & Snow Pillow, but doing so may void the warranty.

Temperature Control

Silk & Snow’s Pillow isn’t a cooling pillow, but it does have some temperature control features from the materials used in the cover and the fill. The cover’s 100% cotton surface is smooth and comfortable, with some breathability to prevent overheating throughout the night. The fill inside is where the real temperature control comes from. 

The shredded memory foam core allows for better airflow throughout the centre of the pillow, meaning that it doesn’t retain heat like normal pillows might. Blown microfibre from the fill layer also keeps you cool, with increased breathability and temperature control throughout. This pillow is great for those who sometimes wake up hot and want a pillow that can help.

Adjustment and Loft

Silk & Snow Pillow Loft and Adjustment

The Silk & Snow Pillow is fully adjustable. This means that it has no set loft, and you can add or remove the shredded memory foam fill to create the loft that works best for you. As a result, this pillow is suitable for all sleeping positions and comfort levels. It might take some troubleshooting to find your perfect fill level. 

Adding or removing fill is simple. The core of the pillow zips open, allowing you to access the shredded memory foam inside. Silk & Snow provides an eco-conscious canister to contain your extra fill, so you can store it without losing it.

Side sleepers should choose a taller loft, so adding more fill is ideal. Stomach sleepers can remove memory foam until they find their ideal fill level, as they tend to prefer lower loft. While these recommendations are generally true, your preferences may be different. An adjustable pillow allows you to choose the loft that works best for you regardless. 


While the Silk & Snow Pillow is a luxury adjustable pillow, it won’t break the bank. Pricing for this pillow is in the moderate range for both available sizes. Here are the prices and dimensions for both the Standard and King-sized pillows.

Size Price Dimensions
20" x 27"
20" x 36"

Silk & Snow Pillow
Silk & Snow Pillow
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Shipping to all Canadian provinces is free. All Silk & Snow products arrive to you without any additional costs, but this can vary by location. While shipping to Canadian provinces is free, shipping to territories may require a nominal shipping fee.

How soon will you receive your pillow? That depends on your location. Ontario, Manitoba, and Quebec have the shortest arrival time frame (between 2 and 4 business days). You can expect the longest time frames in provinces and territories furthest from Ontario. Shipping times to these remote locations can take up to 9 business days.

Sleep Trial and Returns

The Silk & Snow Pillow has a risk-free sleep trial period of 100 nights. During the first 100 nights after you receive your pillow, you can try it to see if you like it. If you aren’t completely satisfied with how the pillow feels, you can initiate a return and receive a full refund of your purchase price. 

You can initiate a return through the Silk & Snow website. Make sure to have your original order number on hand in case you need it. You’ll have to send your pillow back to the company, but Silk & Snow doesn’t cover return shipping. This means you need to pay to ship your pillow back. 

Once Silk & Snow has received your pillow, they will issue a refund within two business days. It can take up to 14 business days for the funds to be returned to the original payment method. However, this can vary based on your financial institution. Usually, it doesn’t take this long.


Silk & Snow offers a 3-year warranty on this pillow. For a period of 3 years from the original order date, any damage due to faulty workmanship or poor materials is covered by the warranty. 

The warranty does not cover damage from missing the pillow, not following the care instructions, or normal wear and tear. The warranty also doesn’t cover comfort preferences, which should be sorted out during the first 100 nights of use. The sleep trial allows you to determine if the pillow is comfortable enough for you, so the company will not honor a warranty on these grounds. 

The pillow also won’t be covered by warranty if you use it without a pillowcase.

However, if you believe that your pillow falls within the warranty guidelines, you can initiate a warranty claim via the Silk & Snow website. If Silk & Snow finds your claim to be legitimate, they will pay for return shipping for your pillow. Once received, they will repair or replace the pillow. If the style or pillow model has changed since your purchase, your pillow will be replaced with the current product style. 

Your repaired or replaced pillow will be covered for the same warranty period as the original pillow. It will not receive a renewed or extended warranty.

Final Thoughts

The Silk & Snow Pillow is a well-made, luxuriously soft pillow that allows you to adjust loft depending on how you sleep. If you struggle with finding the right loft, this might be the perfect option for you. Silk & Snow’s quality materials and attention to detail make this pillow worth trying no matter what loft or comfort level you prefer. 

Sleep Trial
100 Nights
3 Years
Fill Type
Cover Materials
Available Sizes
Temperature Control
Adjustment and Loft

Frequently Asked Questions

The Silk & Snow Pillow is meant to last at least three years under normal circumstances. If the pillow is properly used and maintained, it can last even longer. To maintain the pillow properly, make sure to use a pillowcase and keep it clean.

While finding the proper loft might take some time and troubleshooting, it’s not difficult to adjust the loft within the core of this pillow. Simple zipper compartments allow for easy access and use. You can store the fill in the included travel bag, so you won’t lose it.

It takes your body about five days to get used to a new pillow. However, it can take as long as 30 days, particularly if you’ve used the same type of pillow for a long time. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to adjust to a new pillow before deciding that it doesn’t work for you.

When lying in a normal position, your spine and neck should be aligned and in a natural position. The perfect loft allows you to be aligned regardless of how you sleep. Start with a higher loft for side sleepers and a lower loft for stomach sleepers.

The shredded memory foam inside the Silk & Snow Pillow is standard-weight memory foam cut from brand-new foam pieces. The fill is never recycled from other projects. Every pillow uses CertiPUR-US-certified foam for safety and quality.