Instruments: Gayford Carbon Fiber Violins 🍁

Name: Gayford Carbon Fiber Violin

Products: 4 and 5 string violins

Manufactured in: Cambridge, Ontario

Where to buy: Online


Canadian owned: Yes

There are violins, then there are these violins, that frankly look amazing. They are made from carbon fiber, with 23 separate parts, each of which can be replaced if damaged. Even the electric pre-amps on these violins are made in Canada by a Canadian company called Schatten.

Instruments: Gilmore Guitars 🍁

Name: Gilmore Guitars

Products: Ukes, Guitars – Acoustic and Electric

Manufactured in: Red Deer. Alberta

Where to buy: Red Deer or online


Canadian Owned: Yes

David Gilmore started building guitars in 1995.   Under the tutelage of David Freeman he received his education and certificate in Lutherie. Gilmore Guitars opened on a full time basis May 1st, 2011. As David said, “I got to that age where, if I didn’t do it now, I never would.”

Instruments: Godin Guitars 🍁

Name: Godin

Products: Electric guitars, bass guitars, amplifiers, accessories

Manufactured in: Quebec & New Hampshire, Italy (amps)

Where to buy: Authorized dealers – music stores throughout the world


Canadian owned: Yes

Godin manufactures a variety of guitar lines, from entry-level to high-end products. All guitar necks and bodies are made in La Patrie, Quebec, and final assembly is done in their factories in Quebec and New Hampshire. It appears that their line of amplifiers is built in Italy.

Instruments: Sabian Cymbals 🍁

Name: Sabian Cymbals

Products: Cat food (no… Cymbals)

Manufactured in: Meductic, New Brunswick

Where to buy: Music stores around the world


Canadian owned: Yes

Known as one of the “big four” of cymbal manufacturing, Sabian was born in 1981 after a dispute between the Zildjian brothers led to Robert forming Sabian in New Brunswick. Sabian cymbals have been used by some of the top drummers in the world, including arguably THE best rock drummer of all time, Rush’s Neal Peart.

Instruments: Lado Guitars 🍁

Name: Lado Guitars

Products: Electric guitars

Manufactured in: Lindsay, Ontario

Where to buy: Online at their company website


Canadian owned: Yes

Joe Kovacic launched Lado Musical in 1973 and has been building custom guitars ever since. These guitars are not your $150 Costco models, however – expect to pay a real price for real quality. Joe now seems to be semi-retired but plans to keep making guitars for the rest of his life.