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Silk & Snow’s collection of high-quality bedding products expands with the Silk & Snow Weighted Blanket. This hand-knit chunky blanket provides even weight distribution for deep pressure therapy, allowing you to sleep better and reduce anxiety and stress. There are multiple colour, sizes, and weight options to suit every Canadian. In our Silk & Snow Weighted Blanket review, we’ll go over what makes this one of the best weighted blankets in Canada.

Should You Buy the Silk & Snow Weighted Blanket?

The Silk & Snow Weighted Blanket can be a great investment, particularly if you have issues with sleep. The design is somewhat unique, with only a few other weighted blankets on the Canadian market using this hand-knit design. It allows for great airflow and balanced comfort, so it’s good for those who overheat easily during the night. If you want to try deep pressure therapy without committing to a larger, more clinical-feeling weighted blanket, it might be worth trying this one. You’ll have 100 nights after your blanket arrives to return it for a full refund if you aren’t satisfied. There’s nothing to lose!

Here are just a few of the features we’ll highlight in our Silk & Snow Weighted Blanket review. 

  • Hand-knit design is aesthetically pleasing for most homes
  • Does not need a duvet cover for protection
  • Knit construction leads to a more balanced weight distribution
  • The cotton exterior creates a smooth, comfortable surface
  • Five weight and size options across two types of blankets, Classic and Natural
  • Easy to wash at home in your washing machine
  • Nine stunning colour options
Silk and Snow Hand Knitted Weighted Blanket
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The Silk & Snow Weighted Blanket is a hand-knit weighted blanket that balances weight across the entire blanket surface. The cotton exterior makes for a softer blanket that doesn’t need an exterior cover or duvet cover to be comfortable. Instead, the knitted construction allows for better airflow and less head build-up throughout the night, so you wake up comfortable and well-rested. If you are one of the many Canadians who prefer a handcrafted look in a selection of vibrant colours, this weighted blanket might be the best option for you. 

It comes in two different versions. The first, the Classic version, uses long cotton tubes with polyester filling as yarn for a delightfully soft blanket. This option comes in four different sizes and nine colour options to spice up your bedroom, living room, or other spaces. The Natural version, on the other hand, uses a 100% natural cotton construction with no fill. This version comes in five different weight options with eight available colours, so there are options for everyone. 

Because these weighted blankets don’t use glass beads or other similar fill, it’s easy to take care of them at home. You can throw them in your washing machine and tumble dry them after, as long as your machine can handle the heavier weights for this blanket. However, the fill-free design means that the weight and size options are tied together. An 8lb blanket, for example, is available in a single size. Heavier blankets need more material to increase weight, so they get progressively larger as the blankets get heavier. 

Overall, this weighted blanket provides some of the best features on the Canadian market. It’s cozy and comfortable, without the hassle of shifting fill or complicated care instructions. You’ll get plenty of use out of these beautiful blankets, no matter whether you choose the Classic or Natural options.

Ratings Summary

Overall Score: 4/5

Weight Options
Fill Type
Cover Materials
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Care Instructions

Blanket Construction​

Silk & Snow Weighted Blanket Construction

Silk & Snow’s Weighted Blanket has two type options, and each is constructed a little differently. Each is hand-knit with chunky yarn, but the composition of the yarn is different. 

  • The Classic Weighted Blanket uses yarn constructed from a 100% cotton exterior and polyester fill. These long tubes create the yarn used in the knitting. 
  • The Natural Weighted Blanket, on the other hand, uses 100% chunky cotton yarn with no fill. The yarn used here is made entirely of natural cotton, which creates a cozier feel and the same great weighted blanket benefits. 

The construction on these blankets is not terribly different, but it can feel a little different. It’s worth noting that both blankets offer the same type of feel, while the Natural option features an additional size not available for the Classic Weighted Blanket. 

Weight Options

The Silk & Snow Weighted Blanket comes in a range of helpful size options. These options cover the most commonly-used weights for most blankets and can be used for all ages and body types. There’s an option for everyone. The chunky knit structure provides perfectly even weight distribution without bunching or settling. 

The Classic version of this blanket features four available weight options.

  • 8lbs for children
  • 15lbs for adults 150lbs or higher
  • 20lbs for adults 170lbs or higher
  • 25lbs for adults 250lbs or higher

Meanwhile, the Natural version of the blanket has five available weights.

  • 8lbs for children
  • 12lbs for adults 120lbs or higher
  • 15lbs for adults 150lbs or higher
  • 20lbs for adults 170lbs or higher
  • 25lbs for adults 250lbs or higher

Each weight has a set size that cannot be changed or adjusted. The weight you choose also determines how large the blanket is, as higher-weight options require more material to achieve the desired effect. 

Fill Type

One of the key selling points of the Silk & Snow Weighted Blanket is the fill-less design. While neither the Classic nor Natural version of this blanket feature glass beads or other types of fill, the Classic option does feature a polyester fill. Long cotton tubes are filled with polyester fill to create a chunkier yarn in this version, allowing for more control over weight distribution. 

The Natural version, on the other hand, is completely fill-free.

Cover Materials

Silk & Snow Weighted Blanket Cover Materials

These weighted blanket options don’t use a traditional cover like some of the other weighted blankets we’ve seen on the Canadian market. Because of the knitted construction, they feature an exterior material rather than a standard cover. 

Both the Classic and Natural versions of the Silk & Snow Weighted Blanket use a 100% cotton exterior. The Natural version uses a 100% natural cotton exterior rather than the cotton blend found in the Classic version. There is very little difference between them. 

There are also a few different colour options for this exterior material. This allows the knit weighted blanket to take on different appearances without the use of a duvet cover. You can choose the option that suits your space best! Here are the available colour options for both the Classic and Natural versions of the Silk & Snow Weighted Blanket. 

  • Nimbus Gray
  • Vista Blue
  • Tempest Blue
  • Chestnut
  • Oat
  • Cream
  • Petal Pink (Classic Only)
  • Ginger
  • Terracotta

Sizes and Dimensions

While the Silk & Snow Weighted Blanket avoids some more common issues with weighted blanket sizing, it’s still incredibly restrictive when it comes to weight and size. These values are tied together. If you need a specific weight, you won’t get to choose the size or dimensions of your blanket. This is partly due to the way that this blanket is constructed when compared to other weighted blankets. 

The hand-knit construction doesn’t make it easy to increase the weight of the blanket without making it bigger. Since you can’t add more fill throughout the blanket, adding more fabric is the only way to increase weight. 

For this reason, each weight option has different dimensions. Size also varies between the Classic and Natural versions of this blanket, so you’ll need to pay close attention to the dimensions available for each option. 

For the Classic version of the blanket, these sizes are available:

  • 38″ x 60″ (8lbs)
  • 42″ x 72″ (15lbs)
  • 48″ x 72″ (20lbs)
  • 51″ x 72″ (25lbs)

For the Natural version of this blanket, the available sizes are a little different:

  • 41″ x 60″ (8lbs)
  • 41″ x 72″ (12lbs)
  • 45″ x 72″ (15lbs)
  • 51″ x 72″ (20lbs)
  • 54″ x 72″ (25lbs)

Since these dimensions do not follow the traditional sizing standards used for mattresses, it’s best to compare the size of your bed to the size of each blanket listed here. You can choose a larger blanket if you plan on sharing it, but you should avoid choosing a blanket just because of the dimensions. This can lead to using the wrong weight, which is dangerous for most users.

Temperature Control

Most weighted blankets retain heat. By their very nature, they are meant to hug close to your body. For those who sleep hot, this can mean overheating easily. However, hand-knit and knit-structure weighted blankets are different. Not only does the knit structure allow for perfectly distributed weight, but it also provides ventilation for additional airflow. This chunky knit structure isn’t a solid fabric, and many natural gaps and holes allow heat to escape as you sleep. 

This means that this blanket is cooler by nature than some of the other weighted blankets on the Canadian market. The Classic version retains a little more heat due to the construction of the chunky yarn, but both versions are extremely breathable and would be ideal for those who tend to overheat.

Care Instructions

Caring for your Silk & Snow Weighted Blanket is extremely simple. In most cases, these blankets can be washed at home. Make sure to take your washing machine’s weight limits into account before washing your blanket at home. Most washing machines can handle about 20 pounds safely, so larger sizes might need additional professional care.

If your washing machine can handle the weight of your weighted blanket, you can wash it with cool water. Wash the blanket alone on a delicate or permanent press cycle. You shouldn’t hang your blanket to dry due to the hand-knit structure. Instead, you should flat dry or tumble dry on low. It may take 2 to 3 drying cycles to get your blanket completely dry. 

It’s important to follow these care instructions. If you fail to follow these instructions, it may void your warranty and result in damage to the blanket. 


Silk & Snow’s weighted blanket comes in two different ‘types’, which means there is a range of weights and prices available. Here’s a breakdown of how you can expect to pay for each size and weight combination for each type of Silk & Snow Weighted Blanket.

Type Weight Dimensions Price
Classic Weighted Blanket



38" x 60"

42" x 72"

48" x 72"

51" x 72"



Natural Weighted Blanket




41" x 60"

41" x 72"

45" x 72"

51" x 72"

54" x 72"





Silk and Snow Hand Knitted Weighted Blanket
Silk & Snow Hand-Knit Weighted Blanket
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Silk & Snow offers free shipping for all Canadian provinces. This extends to all of their products, including the Silk & Snow Weighted Blanket. However, customers located in Canadian territories must pay a nominal shipping fee to receive their blanket. This covers additional shipping costs and times associated with remote delivery. 

Once your order is placed, it can take up to 4 business days for your blanket to ship. After the shipping process begins, delivery time depends on your location. Customers in Ontario, Manitoba, and Quebec experience the quickest delivery times (2 to 4 business days). Remote customers in Canadian territories may have to wait up to 9 business days after shipping to receive the blanket. 

Sleep Trial and Returns

The Silk & Snow Weighted Blanket comes with a 100-night risk-free sleep trial. Within the first 100 days after your receive your blanket, you can return it for a full refund with no questions asked. The blanket must be in a condition to be donated (which means that it doesn’t have any rips, stains, or odours). If your blanket fits the description, you can initiate a return by emailing Silk & Snow at their customer service email address. Make sure to have your original order number and other order information available for the customer service representative. 

You will have to pay return shipping on your blanket, as Silk & Snow doesn’t return shipping on sleep trial items. Once your return has been accepted, your refund will be issued to the same form of payment used for your purchase. It can take up to 2 business days to issue your refund.

Afterward, it can take up to 14 business days for your refund to reach your financial institution and be reflected in your account.


The Silk & Snow Weighted Blanket is covered under the company’s 1-year Bedding and Other Articles Warranty. Within the first 365 days after you receive your blanket, all damage due to faulty materials or poor workmanship is covered by the warranty. The warranty doesn’t cover misuse, improper care, or failure to follow care instructions. 

If you think that your blanket falls within the warranty, you can begin a warranty claim on the Silk & Snow website. Be prepared to send a written description of the defect, photos of the defect and law tags with visible manufacturing date, and proof of purchase (receipt or order number). 

Once your warranty claim has been accepted, you must ship your weighted blanket back to Silk & Snow. They will cover the cost of manufacturing, and details will be provided through your correspondence. Silk & Snow can choose to repair or replace the product at their discretion. Replacement products share the same warranty period as the original product without any extensions or renewals. 

Final Thoughts

The Silk & Snow Weighted Blanket is a great choice for those who often overheat. If you’re looking for deep pressure therapy without the added heat from a traditional weighted blanket, this could be a great option. The design and colours are also much more appealing than traditional weighted blankets, with easier care and a more durable exterior. These high-quality weighted blankets are a great investment for better sleep.

Sleep Trial
100 Years
1 Year
Weight Options
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Frequently Asked Questions

Your weighted blanket should be as heavy as about 10% of your body weight. For instance, if you weigh 150 pounds, you should choose a blanket that is 15 pounds. If you are unsure which weight will work best for you, make sure to contact a healthcare provider to discuss your options.

There are some weighted blankets created specifically for children. The 8lb version of the Silk & Snow Weighted Blanket is a great example of a child’s weighted blanket. Some special rules apply to weighted blankets for children, so make sure to do your research before making a purchase. 

Some weighted blankets do generate heat. However, the hand-knit construction of the Silk & Snow Weighted Blanket allows heat to escape through the design, so it promotes better airflow than most weighted blankets. Extremely hot sleepers should stay away from most weighted blankets, as they can add to the heat that builds up as you sleep.

Weighted blankets promote deep pressure therapy, which can help with relaxation. They can reduce anxiety and stress while helping you sleep better throughout the night. You’ll fall asleep faster, stay asleep, and get better quality sleep if you usually suffer from these issues.

You should avoid using a weighted blanket that is too heavy. Some research suggests that too much deep pressure can lead to issues with sleep and other body functions. Children, users with chronic health problems, and pregnant women should avoid using weighted blankets that are too heavy.