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There’s no better way to elevate your living space than with a luxurious leather sofa. However, they are notoriously expensive and may be out of reach for many Canadians. Here, we’ll look at the best leather sofas in Canada and find out how much they really cost.

While a leather sofa can be a timeless addition to your space, finding the perfect one to fit your budget can be challenging. We’ve worked to find you the top three leather sofas in Canada. With our insights,  practical tips, and detailed information about their costs and features, we’ve made it easier to choose the best option for you.

What’s the Best Leather Sofa in Canada?

Our top pick as the best overall leather sofa is the Cozey Altus. It’s available in two earthy tones, Onyx and Amber. With plenty of versatile features to choose from, this modular sofa is easy to configure to any size living room. When you want a traditional luxury leather sofa at a great price, the Cozey Altus series is an excellent choice. Best of all, it’s fully modular, so you can add to your collection as your budget allows.

Leather Sofa Statistics for Canadians

  • There are fewer leather sofas than any other cushion type in Canada.
  • Leather sofas can be made with any type of leather.
  • The most common type of leather used on leather couches is faux leather.
  • Many leather sofas come in a variety of natural colours.
  • Two of the biggest sofa companies in Canada, Cozey and Noa, offer leather sofas.
  • Leather sofas can cost between $1,000 and $2,000, though modular sofas may cost more.

The Best Leather Sofas in Canada for 2024 are:

  • Best Leather Sofa Overall – Cozey Altus: $1,475,
  • Best Value Leather Sofa – Ashley Bolsena: $1,299,
  • Best Luxury Leather Sofa – Noa Kennedy: $2,099,

Cozey Altus Leather Sofa

Best Leather Sofa in Canada Overall

The Cozey Altus Leather Sofa

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What We Liked Best

What We Disliked

With so many design options, you’ll love the leather Cozey Altus modular sofa in a box. If you’re new to the concept of sofas in a box, you’ll be surprised at how easy the Cozey Altus is to assemble. It doesn’t require any tools, and with clear instructions and labelled boxes, most people can put one together in less than an hour.

The modular design of the Cozey Altus also makes it easy to move, so if you ever have to relocate, you can simply disassemble it, load it up in your car, and fit it through any doorway. Since it ships to Canadian households all over the country, shipping is more cost-effective, which lowers the overall price of your leather sofa. 

The inexpensive shipping cost allows Cozey to offer free shipping on returns, which is another significant benefit. You have 30 days to try this sofa out and see if it’s right for you. In that period, you can return it with no questions asked. The Altus also comes with a five-year warranty against manufacturer defects, which is just another great reason to invest in the collection.

With the fully modular design, you can purchase the Cozey Altus leather sofa, then add armchairs or other individual modules to accompany it. Cozey’s website makes it easy to choose from various sofa styles and configurations or add lounging chaises and ottomans. They also have a widget on their website so you can view your sofa in your own living room.

What We Learned

The Cozey Altus leather sofa offers the most versatility of any we found. You can add to your Cozey modular sofa at any time. This is helpful when your family grows or when you gain extra living space. It’s simple to select any layout, including a traditional sofa or sectional.

We Recommend the Cozey Altus Leather Sofa for:

  • Homes with children or pets. Leather is durable, but kids and pets are tough on sofas. With the flexible modularity of the Cozey Altus, you can replace covers or modules that get damaged over time.
  • People who rent. Renters move more frequently than homeowners, and the Cozey Altus makes it easy to move your couch anywhere, even up flights of stairs.
  • Budget shoppers who want to scale their living room suite. While Cozey offers flexible financing options, some people are averse to adding another bill to their monthly budget. Instead of financing, just pay as you go with the flexibility of the modular design.
Factor Cozey Altus Leather Sofa
Trial Period 30 Days
Shipping Fast, Within a Few Days
Warranty 5 Years
Seat Depth 56 cm
Seating Capacity Varies
Add-Ons Ottoman, Ergonomic Cushions
Rating 9.9/10

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Ashley Bolsena Leather Sofa

Best Value Leather Sofa in Canada

The Ashley Bolsena Sofa has clean lines and plush seating, designed for both style and comfort

What We Liked Best

What We Disliked

The Ashley Bolsena is an affordable leather sofa. The series also includes a matching loveseat, recliner, or queen sofa sleeper. With light use, this sofa is durable and cost-effective, and the flexible financing options offered by Ashley make it possible to get the Bolsena leather sofa for less than $25 per month. To protect your financial investment and set your mind at ease, an extended warranty is available to protect your furniture against accidental damage for up to five years. 

The Bolsena is made from a blend of genuine top grain leather and matching faux leather in a rich caramel tone. Mixing and matching real and faux leather is a common practice that lowers the cost of a leather sofa. In this case, the backrests and seat and arm cushions are made with genuine leather, while the back side of the sofa is skillfully matched faux leather made with polyester.

While we are concerned about the panel board in the frame, the overall construction is durable, and everything is well-secured with corner blocks, glue, and staples. However, this may not be the right sofa if you have heavy traffic with large dogs or children who jump on the sofa, for example. In the right home environment, this sofa will last for many years.

If you’re looking for the affordable elegance of a timeless leather sofa, it’s hard to beat this deal. With the flexible financing, 30-day return, and extended protection plan, it’s a practical and stylish choice for those wanting to add a touch of luxury 30-days to their living spaces without breaking the bank.

What We Learned

For a great deal on an affordable living room ensemble in leather, the Ashley Bolsena series is a great choice. While it’s not our favourite leather sofa if you have large pets or children, it’s perfect for young couples without kids or seniors who live alone. With the cost-effective construction of the Bolsena and flexible financing offered by Ashley, you can have the leather sofa you’ve always wanted.

We Recommend the Ashley Bolsena Leather Sofa for:

  • Budget shoppers. The Ashley Bolsena is perfect for people looking for an affordable leather sofa.
  • Canadians in an Ashley delivery zone. While anyone can go to an Ashley retail location to purchase a Bolsena, only those who live within the delivery zone can buy one online.
  • Couples and homes without pets or children. We love the look of this sofa, but it’s not the best choice if you have a high-traffic living area.
Factor Ashley Bolsena Leather Sofa
Trial Period 30 Days
Shipping Limited, Location-Dependent
Warranty 1 Year
Seat Depth 53 cm to 70 cm
Seating Capacity 3
Add-Ons Queen Sofa, Recliner, Loveseat
Rating 9.3/10

Noa Kennedy Leather Sofa

Best Luxury Leather Sofa in Canada

Testing the Durability and Leather Quality of the Noa Kennedy Leather Sofa

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What We Liked Best

What We Disliked

Like all Noa products, the Kennedy is made with premium compenents and fabrics. This company’s sofas are constructed with quality craftsmanship, and it shows in the classic elegant appearance of this sofa. The top grain leather in the Noa Kennedy is full-aniline, meaning that is is completely natural. It has been dyed with a pigment but left unfinished. The surface is smooth and soft to the touch, and it just gets softer the longer you own it. 

The Kennedy is a beautiful dark brown sofa with exquisite lines that bring a modern touch to a traditional-looking sofa style. The slim black metal legs add elegance, and the ultra-plush seat cushions are much softer than they appear. With a seat depth of 60 cm, you’ll have plenty of room to lounge on your leather sofa. It’s over 217 cm, so it’s a good choice if you’re someone who likes to nap on their sofa or want to use it for guest sleepovers.

Noa is committed to exceptional customer service, and their products are built to last. We like this sofa best for people who live in the free delivery areas because you can typically have it within a couple of days of ordering it. Should you decide that it’s not right for you for any reason, you can return it free of charge. The only caveats to their return policy are that you may have to pay if you live outside the home delivery area and you are only allowed one return or exchange per purchase.

What We Learned

For the best combination of quality and value, the Noa Kennedy leather sofa is our top pick. It’s an even better deal if you live in the home delivery areas in Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa. With its durable construction, soft leather cushions, and luxurious dark brown colour, it’s the perfect choice to add timeless elegance to any home.

We Recommend the Noa Kennedy Leather Sofa for:

  • Families with pets and children. Even if you own large dogs, this sofa is built to last and holds up to the rigours of pets and kids.
  • Canadians who live in Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa. With free shipping in these areas, you get better value and fast delivery.
  • People who are willing to spend a little more for better comfort and durability. If you’re willing to pay a little extra for better quality and long-lasting luxury, we recommend the Noa Kennedy.
Factor Noa Kennedy Leather Sofa
Trial Period 30 Days
Shipping Free, 2 to 10 Business Days
Warranty 1 Year
Seat Depth 60 cm
Seating Capacity 3
Add-Ons Chaise Lounger
Rating 9.8/10

Summary of the Best Leather Sofas in Canada

Finding the perfect leather sofa requires balancing features like price, comfort, and quality materials. To help you make a good decision, we researched dozens of leather sofas to find the best ones in Canada. We rated them in several categories, including leather quality, cost, and frame construction. Then, we used their scores to rank them to find the top leather sofas.

Our evaluation process focuses on customer reviews, leather type, design, versatility, and value. No matter what size of living area you have, the three leather sofas that made it to the top of our list offer the right blend of affordability and durability. We’re confident that one of these will make a good choice for your home.

Why Should Canadians Choose a Leather Sofa?

In addition to the timeless elegance that leather sofas offer, they generally last longer than sofas with other types of upholstery. Since leather sofas typically have a higher price tag, they’re often constructed with better quality in mind. Instead of lasting 7 to 10 years like the average sofa, they are more likely to last 15 to 20 years.

If you’re shopping for a leather sofa, here are some important features to consider:

  • Leather Type: There are several different types of leather used to make sofas, and some of it is extremely expensive. For many Canadians, it’s not worth it to spend thousands of dollars on a fine leather sofa if they’re raising kids and enjoying a life with furry friends. This is when they can choose a cost-effective leather sofa.
  • Value for Your Money: It’s important to understand different leather types so you can ensure you’re getting good value for your money. You also want to make sure that the sofa you’re buying is made with quality craftsmanship and high-density foam cushions.
  • Versatility: One of the reasons we like the modular Cozey Altus so much is that it can grow and change with your lifestyle. If you add to your family or move into a bigger space, the Cozey Altus can be rearranged to any configuration.
  • Timeless Style: Styles come and go. Since your leather sofa is going to last 20 years or more, you want to choose a classic style. Keeping a timeless sofa in your living room won’t make your space seem outdated in a few years.

Canadians can enjoy the perfect blend of aesthetic appeal, comfort, and quality by investing in a leather sofa, and it will be a worthwhile investment in their home.

Which Performance Features Can You Find in Canadian Leather Sofas?

Just like when you’re purchasing any other type of sofa, you should look for performance features such as cushion quality and frame construction. Most people focus solely on the price and size of a leather sofa, without paying enough attention to these other critical features.

Cushion Quality

Cushion quality determines how comfortable a sofa remains over time. Ideally, we like to see foam with a density of at least 1.8 pounds per square foot. On the other hand, if foam is too dense, it’s not comfortable because it’s not easily compressed.

The other thing you should look for in cushion quality is stitching. Since this isn’t easy to do when you’re shopping online, we look for leather sofas that have a good return policy, like the Cozey Altus.

Frame Construction

We like to see sofas made with kiln-dried lumber and plywood. Even though you’ll probably never see the frame, it is one of the leading performance features in durable furniture. For example, the clean straight lines of the Noa Kennedy leather sofa will last for decades because it’s made with hardwood. Since Noa is also committed to the environment, it only sources certified sustainable hardwoods for its furniture.

Leather Quality

It helps to have a basic knowledge of various types of leather used in furniture making. All of the sofas that made it on our list use top grain leather, which is less expensive than full grain leather, but just as pure.

Here are the eight types of leather and their most important characteristics:

Type of LeatherDescriptionCharacteristics
Full Grain LeatherNatural look, very softDevelops patina. High maintenance.
Top Grain LeatherSanded surface, less natural.Uniform look
Split Grain LeatherLower hide layer, processedLess durable, more affordable
Bonded LeatherLeather scraps bonded togetherAffordable, prone to peeling
Nubuck LeatherSanded grain side, fragile Soft, prone to staining
Bi-Cast LeatherSplit leather coated with polyurethaneRequires treatment to prevent cracking
Faux Leather Synthetic, resembles real leatherAffordable, easy to clean
RoyalinTop grain, soft and suppleLuxurious, high maintenance

It’s essential to understand what type of leather you’re purchasing so you know if it’s right for your lifestyle. Since different types of leather require different treatments and various levels of care, you also need to know how to take care of your leather sofa. For example, the Noa Kennedy is crafted with top grain leather, so it should be cleaned regularly with a mild soap solution and treated with a high quality leather conditioner.


The Cozey Altus ranked highest on our list because it is highly customizable. Customization is a performance feature that makes your sofa able to adapt to your lifestyle, so the Cozey Altus can grow with you. This is even more important with a leather sofa that will last you 15 to 20 years.


Traditional sofas do not require any assembly. However, if you purchase a leather sofa in a box like the Cozey Altus, you will have to put it together. Cozey ships its sofas in multiple boxes, all of which are clearly labelled. With easy-to-follow instructions and online videos available, you don’t even need any tools to assemble a Cozey sofa, which is just another reason we love it.

How Much Can Canadians Expect to Pay for Leather Sofas?

On average, a standard three-seat leather sofa costs between $1,500 and $2,000. The sofas on our list range from $1,299.95 to $2,099. The modular leather Cozey Altus, priced at $1,475, is about average. If you purchase extras like ottomans or lounging chaises, you can easily pay up to $2,500.

The most expensive sofa on our list, the Noa Kennedy, offers incredible value for what you get. It is 100% top-grain leather, hardwood frame construction, and deep seats with soft, removable cushions. On the other end of the price spectrum, the Ashley Bolsena is an affordable option for shoppers looking for the best deal and flexible financing.

Trial, Warranty, and Care Information for Leather Sofas

Whether you shop for furniture online or in person, it’s important to understand policies like trial periods and product warranties. Otherwise, you could end up dissatisfied with your purchase, and be stuck with a sofa that you don’t love. Trial periods allow you to test the sofa in your home environment to ensure that it meets your needs.

All of the products on our list of the best leather sofas in Canada come with a 30-day trial period. Another reason that the Cozey Altus earned the best overall rating is its risk-free trial period, which includes free return shipping. Whenever you’re purchasing a large item with a trial period, always ask about the company’s return shipping policy.

When it comes to warranties, the Cozey Altus comes with a generous five year warranty against manufacturer defects. With the Ashley Bolsena, we appreciate the extendable product protection plan.

When it comes to caring for your leather sofa, it’s essential to understand the type of leather and use the right cleaning and treatment methods. Vacuum your sofa regularly, at least two to four times per month. Top-grain leather sofas like the ones on our list should be conditioned once or twice a year and kept out of direct sunlight to prevent drying and cracking.

Frequently asked questions about leather sofas in Canada

Leather is durable, repels odours, and is easy to keep clean. However, there are several types of leather used in upholstery, and they aren’t equally great to own if you have pets and kids. Understanding different types of leather can help you make the best choice for your lifestyle, but we recommend the Cozey Altus if you have pets and children because it’s available at a great price point, and it resists water so you can wipe up spills.

Prevention is key when you’re keeping a leather sofa looking its best. As soon as you purchase a leather sofa, it’s a good idea to have a leather protector professionally applied so it’s easier to keep it clean. DIY products that you can make at home can also be used. A popular DIY product uses one part vinegar and two parts linseed oil. If you aren’t sure about this, it’s better to consult a professional than make a costly mistake.

Leather upholstery cracks for various reasons, including exposure to UV rays, heat, and dry conditions. While you might think that leather needs to stay dry to keep it from staining, leather needs conditioning on a regular basis. Regular conditioning can help maintain a smooth, crack-free surface. With a top-grain full-aniline leather couch like the Ashley Bolsena, you should treat it at least twice a year to prevent drying and cracking.

While leather upholstery is a good choice for several reasons, there are some distinct downsides to leather sofas. The most obvious disadvantage is the cost, but you may also discover that some leathers scratch easily and the colours fade over time. Also, leather upholstery doesn’t breathe well, so it may trap heat and feel uncomfortable during warm weather. Most leather sofas require a lot of maintenance. If you choose a top grain leather sofa from the Cozey Altus collection, it’s much less expensive and easier to maintain.

Leather is more durable than other upholstery fabrics, and most leather sofas will last about 15 to 20 years. This is longer than the average lifespan of other types of upholstery, which typically lasts about 7 to 10 years. No matter what type of sofa you have, taking care of it by keeping it clean and regularly rotating cushions will ensure that it lasts longer than average.