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With countless Canadian companies that make weighted blankets, choosing the right one for you can be tricky. Gravid is a premium company that makes a weighted luxury blanket that sets them apart from other companies. In our Gravid Weighted Blanket review, we’ll look at what makes this blanket unique. 

Should You Buy the Gravid 3.0 Weighted Blanket?

Gravid is a Canadian company that makes eco-friendly weighted blankets that most sleepers will find superior. They use top-of-the-line construction, as well as customizable covers and washable materials. With so many options (including weight options), Gravid has a weighted blanket that will work for you. By exploring our Gravid 3.0 Weighted Blanket review, we can guide you in figuring out whether the Gravid blanket is the best option for you.

  • Two cover options, including one with better temperature control
  • Quiet, smooth movement
  • Three size options with three different weight options to suit most Canadians
  • Customizable cover options, including different colours
  • Small pockets for the glass beads to prevent pooling 
  • Easy to care for
Gravid 3.0 Weighted Blanket

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The Gravid 3.0 Weighted Blanket is a premium weighted blanket crafted and sold in Canada. Using high-quality 7-layer construction, the fill of the Gravid blanket won’t shift or bunch and is entirely machine washable. Most weighted blankets cannot be machine washed, and this is an excellent feature for those worried about spills, have allergies or pets and need to wash their blanket frequently.

The Gravid Weighted Blanket allows for a choice of cover, ensuring that you will be comfortable all night long whether you sleep warm or cool. Their ZipperTech technology secures the cover to the blanket around the entire perimeter, so there is never bunching, which often occurs with other blanket covers. The covers come in both cooling and plush fabrics and can be switched out in different seasons as well. With sizes that come in twin, queen and king and a range of weights from 15 lbs to 35 lbs, you can find a Gravid blanket that will work for you.

Ratings Summary

Overall Score: 4.5/5

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Blanket Construction

Gravid Weighted Blanket Construction

The Gravid 3.0 Weighted Blanket uses high-quality 7-layer construction designed to extend the blanket’s life compared to others on the market. The glass bead fill is sewn into small pockets through the blanket with a unique double-stitch design, ensuring that the beads are evenly distributed and never shift. The cover of the Gravid 3.0 uses ZipperTech, a zipper that goes around the entire perimeter of the blanket, ensuring that the inner blanket never bunches inside the cover.

Weight Options

The weight options available for the Gravid Weighted Blanket depend on the size that you are choosing. The twin and queen-size blankets are meant for solo sleepers, and the king-size is intended to be shared. The following weights are available for each size Gravid 3.0 Weighted Blanket.

  • Twin: 15 lbs, 20 lbs
  • Queen: 15 lbs, 20 lbs
  • King: 35 lbs

Unsure which weight to choose? Gravid recommends that you choose a blanket that is approximately 10% of your body weight for the twin and queen size options, and If you are sharing the blanket, purchase the king option, regardless of weight. For sleepers that weigh less than 160 lbs, Gravid suggests the 15 lb weight option and the 20 lb weighted blanket if you weigh more than 160 lbs.

Overall, the Gravid 3.0 Weighted Blanket will suit most sleepers, but the lack of a lightweight option for children or teens may prove frustrating to some.

Fill Type

All weighted blankets use some sort of fill, whether they are beads, sand or fabric. This fill is what gives weight to the weighted blanket.

The Gravid 3.0 Weight Blanket uses eco-friendly glass beads as fill. The beads are quite small, at 1mm in diameter, and are very quiet as they are sewn into small pockets throughout the blanket. Those with allergies will appreciate that glass beads are hypoallergenic, and the entire blanket can be machine washed to keep dust and dirt at bay.

Cover Materials

Gravid Weighted Blanket Cover Materials

No matter which size and weight option you choose from, Gravid offers two different cover options. The cover zips around the perimeter of the weighted blanket, ensuring that, unlike duvets, it won’t bunch or gather inside. Because the covers are fully removable and washable, you can choose multiple covers if desired (for an additional cost) to switch out colours or fabric.

The Gravid 3.0 Weighted Blanket has two different materials to choose from. The first, a MicroPlush cozy fabric, keeps sleepers extra warm all night. This is an excellent cover for winter or for those who sleep cool naturally and wish to be warmer. This cover comes in multiple muted colours and can be machine washed and dried.

For those that sleep warm and want to be cooler or for sleeping in the summer, Gravid offers a cooling Eco-Breeze cover. Made of Tencel Lyocell, the fabric wicks heat away from the body and is soft and wrinkle-free. The cooling cover comes in various colours and can be machine washed and dried with the weighted blanket.

Sizes and Dimensions

The Gravid 3.0 Weighted Blanket comes in three sizes. The twin and queen size is meant to be used when sleeping alone, and the king size is designed for partners. The sizes of weighted blankets are intended to lay on top of the mattress, not hang over as a quilt or comforter would. The dimensions of the three different Gravid weighted blankets are:

  • Twin: 48″ x 78″
  • Queen: 60″ x 80″
  • King: 90″ x 90″

The sizes of the Gravid Weighted Blanket are standard and will work for most Canadians. Note that there is no teen size, as the weight options available should not be used on children.

Temperature Control

Gravid Weighted Blanket Temperature Control

Overheating is a common issue for sleepers with weighted blankets, as they can trap heat because of a lack of airflow. Gravid kept that in mind when designing their weighted blankets and made sure that one of their options helped regulate body temperature.

While the weighted blanket does not help with temperature reduction, adding a cooling cover is extremely helpful for those wanting to stay cool throughout the night. The Tencel Lyocell cover wicks heat and moisture away and is perfect for those that sleep hot or for summertime.

Gravid’s other cover, made of MicroPlush, will not help reduce heat and can make you sleep warmer than usual. Many sleepers may prefer this, especially in the colder months.

Care Instructions

The Gravid 3.0 Weighted Blanket is very easy to care for, as all its parts are machine washable.

Before washing, make sure to unzip the cover from the weighted blanket. The weighted blanket and the cover can be machine washed on cool with a little bit of detergent. They can be machine dried on low until slightly damp, then air-dried until completely dry.

Because the covers and the weighted blanket itself can be machine washed, the Gravid 3.0 Weighted Blanket has a huge advantage over other weighted blankets on the market, many of which cannot be washed.


Gravid is a luxury blanket company with a higher-than-average price point. The ability to switch out covers and machine wash this weighted blanket makes this premium blanket worth the cost. Here are prices for each size and weight option for the Gravid 3.0 Weighted Blanket.

Size Price Dimensions Weight Options

48" x 78"
15 lbs

20 lbs

60" x 80"
15 lbs

90" x 90"
35 lbs

Gravid 3.0 Weighted Blanket
Gravid 3.0 Weighted Blanket
Made in CA readers get the best price on Gravid weighted blankets.
Made in CA readers get the best price on Gravid weighted blankets. Show Less


Gravid ships all weighted blankets via expedited service for free throughout Canada, except for those living in Nunavut, Northwest Territories and Yukon, where an additional shipping fee may occur. All in-stock items will ship out within one business day from Gravid’s warehouse in Ontario, Canada. Gravid uses Canada Post, UPS and Purolator to ship their weighted blankets.

Once the Gravid blanket ships, you can expect delivery within five business days, though depending on where you live, it can arrive in as little as two business days.

Sleep Trial and Returns

Most weighted blankets bought online come with a sleep trial and return policy in place, just in case you find the weighted blanket not a good fit for you. The Gravid Weighted Blanket includes a 14-night sleep trial with purchase.

Gravid recommends using the weighted blanket for small amounts of time, like watching TV or reading, before sleeping with it. Once your body becomes adjusted to the weight, Gravid recommends using it while sleeping. You must have had the Gravid Weighted Blanket for at least 7 days before initiating a return, which leaves little time to return it.

To start a return, head to the Gravid website, where they will walk you through the steps. The Gravid blanket must be returned in its original packaging; otherwise, you will only get a 50% refund. Shipping the blanket back to Gravid is at the customer’s expense, which can be costly, considering how much they weigh.

You will get a full refund if you return your Gravid blanket within the time frame, in original packaging and in good condition. However, the short return policy and cost of sending it back may be prohibitive for some Canadians.


A good warranty is essential to many Canadians who worry about their blanket breaking down or having defects. Unlike some other companies, Gravid has a minimal warranty, which could be worth considering before purchasing.

The Gravid Weighted Blanket warranty aligns with the return policy and sleep trial. You will have 14 days to contact Gravid if there are any faults with the blanket or manufacturing defects. If so, Gravid will issue a replacement blanket.

The warranty does not cover any stains or rips caused by overuse or problems during shipping. If you need to contact Gravid about a warranty, they will ask you to return the blanket at their cost, dispose of it, donate it, and send you a new weighted blanket.

Final Thoughts

Gravid offers a weighted blanket in weights, sizes and covers that will be perfect for most Canadians. Whether you sleep warm or cool, the Gravid Weighted Blanket has a cover that will suit the majority of sleepers. Made of high-quality construction, these fully washable blankets are some of the best you can buy in Canada. Today’s review covered every feature and can help you decide if this blanket is right for you.

Sleep Trial
14 Nights
14 Day Limited
Weight Options
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Gravid 3.0 Weighted Blanket
Gravid 3.0 Weighted Blanket
Made in CA readers get the best price on Gravid weighted blankets.
Made in CA readers get the best price on Gravid weighted blankets. Show Less

Frequently Asked Questions

Weighted blankets have been proven to help sleeping quality by increasing serotonin and melatonin levels, relaxing you and elevating your mood. Using a weighted blanket can also decrease cortisol levels, lowering stress levels. Using a weighted blanket feels like a giant hug, which many Canadians find soothing.

No, using a Gravid weighted blanket is not intended for children or smaller teens.  Because the lowest weight of a Gravid is 15 lbs and should be about 10% of your body weight, Gravid blankets are unsafe for children. You should always speak to a medical professional before using a weighted blanket, as they can usually tell you how heavy a weighted blanket should be.

Canadians who co-sleep should choose the king-sized Gravid Weighted Blanket, even if they sleep on a Queen-size mattress. This is because the Queen blanket’s 15 lb and 20 lb weight is insufficient for two people. Choosing the King-size blanket ensures a 35 lb weight, which is ideal for co-sleepers.

The Gravid Weighted Blanket has a sleep trial of 14 nights. You’ll have two weeks to determine if the blanket is right for you. If it isn’t right for you, you can return it during this time to get a refund. The warranty is also 14 days.

The Gravid Weighted Blanket ships for free via expedited shipping throughout Canada. Some areas might require additional shipping fees, including the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Yukon. Gravid ships all blankets from their warehouse in Ontario, so shipping times may vary.