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Are you looking for a mattress that is large enough to comfortably fit two sleepers? While queen-size mattresses are the most popular mattresses in Canada, some couples are opting for the next size up, the king-size mattress. How do you decide between the two sizes?

When deciding between a queen and king-size mattress, it is useful to consider several factors, including the size of your bedroom, how many people will be using the bed, and your budget.

In this article, we compare queen and king-size mattresses using a range of factors such as the above to help you make an informed decision. You will also find useful tips on choosing a new mattress in Canada.

What Is the Main Difference Between Queen and King-Size Mattresses

What Is the Main Difference Between Queen and King-Size Mattresses?

The main difference between the two mattresses is their width. While they are both 80 inches (203 cm) long, a queen mattress is narrower than a king mattress. A queen-size mattress is 60 inches (152 cm) wide compared to the king’s 76 inches (193 cm).

When choosing between the two sizes, consider the following question; do you want or need the extra width that a king-size mattress provides? You also need to consider if you have the space to comfortably accommodate a king-size mattress in your bedroom.

You should note that the sizes of queen and king mattresses may vary slightly between different manufacturers. However, this is only likely to be an inch up or down. For example, some manufacturers’ queen and king-size mattresses are 79 inches rather than 80 inches long.

Which is Better: a Queen or King Mattress?

While the answer is subjective and depends on your sleeping preferences and requirements, we can help you decide which is better for you. When you are deciding between queen and king sizes, answer the questions below.

How Many People Will Sleep in the Bed Regularly?

One of the key questions to ask yourself when deciding on what is the best mattress size for you is how many people will regularly sleep in the bed. If you sleep alone, then a queen-size mattress is likely to give you more than enough space. A queen mattress is also large enough for most couples.

However, some couples may prefer to have more room to move about. Taller and heavier sleepers may find the extra space provided by king-size beds useful. You are also likely to find the king size more comfortable if you have a child who often gets into bed with you. The extra sixteen inches is very useful when the bed needs to accommodate two adults and one child.

Another reason why some couples prefer a bigger mattress is that it can help them stay cooler. When you can have more space between yourself and the other sleeper, you are less affected by the other person’s body heat. Therefore, you may find that you sleep cooler in a bigger bed.

Whether you end up buying your mattress from a brick-and-mortar store or an online retailer, try out the two sizes in a shop before you make your decision. You and your partner should both lie in the bed in your normal sleeping positions and move around as you might do during the night. This will give you the best idea of how well the different sizes accommodate you both and how comfortable you feel with the space.

How Big is Your Bedroom?

The size of your bedroom is another key consideration. A queen bed can be used in a smaller size room than a king-size bed because it is narrower. The room size recommendation for a queen bed is 10 feet x 10 feet. For a king bed, it is 12 feet by 10 feet.

You can carry out a visual test to see which size mattress will look and feel better in your bedroom with the help of some, for example, boxes or blankets. Lay them out on the floor in the space the bed would take. How easy is it to get around the bed? Can you get in and out of your bed easily?

When you are deciding which mattress size is better for your space, remember to consider what other furniture you will have in the room. There should be adequate room between the bed and other furniture for you to comfortably move around the room.

How Tall Are You?

You may wonder why we are mentioning your height since both the queen and king-size mattresses are the same length. It is because if you are a very tall person, you might find both options too short for you.

If you are a tall individual, you might like to consider a different alternative. At 84 inches, the California king is four inches longer than the regular queen and king-size mattresses. However, it is not as wide as the regular king-size bed. Measuring 72 inches wide, the California king is four inches narrower than a regular king mattress but it is still twelve inches wider than a queen-size mattress.

Do You Have an Existing Bed Frame?

If you are replacing an old mattress but keeping your existing bed frame or box spring, you need to ensure the mattress is the right fit. In addition to matching a queen or king mattress with a queen or king bed frame or box spring, you also need to check the exact measurements of the mattresses you are considering.

Since mattress sizes can vary a little from one manufacturer to the next, your existing bed frame or box spring could be too small or large even if it were the same type as the mattress. Bed frame and spring box dimensions can also vary slightly, so it is advisable to measure them to ensure you get the right fit.

If the mattress does not fit properly, it could lead to, for example, the mattress starting to sag before you would expect it to. As a result, the mattress will become uncomfortable sooner than expected and you will have to replace it.

When you are replacing your mattress, it is always a good time to check the state of your existing bed frame or box spring. If your bed frame or box spring is worn out, this can also cause the mattress to wear out sooner than it should. Consider either repairing or replacing the bed frame or box spring to improve the longevity of your mattress.

What is Your Budget?

Your budget may also be a deciding factor in whether you get a queen or king-size mattress. Because the queen-size mattress is smaller, it will cost less than a king-size mattress. If you are replacing your bed frame or box spring at the same time, a king-size option will again cost more.

A king-size mattress will be the more expensive option in the long run as well. Any bedding or accessories you need to buy in king-size are likely to cost more than queen-size options. So if you are on a budget, a queen mattress will be the more budget-friendly choice.

How Easy Will It Be to Get the Mattress into Your Home?

When you purchase a new mattress, you need to consider the logistics of getting it into your home. A king mattress is bigger so it will be more challenging to get it through door frames, into lifts, or up the stairs. Check that you can get it through any tight spaces, such as doorways before you commit to buying a large mattress. Alternatively, you could choose a mattress that is sold in a box.

Unless the mattress company offers free delivery, getting a king-size mattress delivered to your home can cost more than the delivery of a queen-size mattress. If you are on a tight budget, you need to factor this into your decision-making process, too. 

An Additional Alternative

If you need another size alternative, for example, if you only need the bed for one person or your room is too small for a queen or king bed, you could consider getting a double mattress. A double mattress, which is also known as a full mattress, is shorter and narrower than a queen or king mattress.

A double mattress is usually 53-54 inches (134-137 cm) wide, depending on the manufacturer, and 74 inches (188 cm) long. They are great for single sleepers. They are also used by couples although many feel that a double mattress is not spacious enough for two sleepers. Taller sleepers are also likely to find them much too short.

What Else to Consider When Choosing a Mattress

What Else to Consider When Choosing a Mattress?

While picking the right size for you is an important factor, it is not the only thing you need to take into consideration.


When looking for a new mattress, look for how well the mattress has been assembled. For example, does it have high-quality stitching and secure integration between materials? While a high-quality mattress will cost more, it is also likely to last longer than a poorly constructed mattress.


The two main categories of mattresses are innerspring and foam mattresses, which are divided into further subcategories. If you prefer an innerspring mattress, look for mattresses made with resilient springs. With foam mattresses, choose a foam that resists compression.

Research options in different mattress categories to make the best choice for you. You might find these links useful to learn more about the best picks in different mattress categories in Canada.

Sleeping Position and Body Size

You also need to think about which position you sleep in most often, how tall you are, and how much you weigh. For example, petite sleepers can get a soft mattress, while most Canadians will need a medium to medium-firm mattress, and heavier sleepers need a firm mattress.

Similarly, your sleeping position affects how much support or give you need from a mattress. Back and stomach sleepers need to choose a firmer mattress, while those who sleep on their sides need a mattress that allows their hips and shoulders to sink enough to keep the spine in a neutral position.


Queen and king-size mattresses are popular options among Canadians looking for a bed for two people. Most couples find that a queen mattress gives them plenty of space and it is a good fit for a regular-size bedroom, which is why it is the most popular mattress size in Canada.

However, if you would prefer a wider bed and have the space to accommodate it, then the king size is a good option. Taller Canadians may want to consider the California king mattress, which is longer than the regular king.

Whichever mattress size you end up choosing, ensure you do your research before buying and read some unbiased reviews. Choose a mattress that is well made and offers the best support for your body type and sleeping preferences for the best longevity and comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

King and queen-size mattresses are the same lengths, which is 80 inches. However, they have different widths. A king-size mattress is 76 inches wide and a queen is 60 inches wide.

Which size is the best is very subjective. While some couples are perfectly happy with a standard double-size mattress, others prefer a queen or a king, which both give you more space than a double mattress.

Queen-size mattresses are the most popular option in Canada and are well-suited for most couples. However, if you have a small child who often climbs into bed with you, a king-size mattress could be a more comfortable option.

If you would prefer a longer bed, then look into the California king. It is four inches longer than the regular king and queen beds. At 72 inches it is not as wide as a king bed but it is wider than a queen bed.