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Emma is a world-class sleep company that offers a host of sleep products to help improve your sleep quality. You’ll find high-quality pillows, bedding, sheets, and bed frames, along with Emma’s host of high-quality proprietary mattresses. Among these, the Emma Original is called the world’s best-selling online mattress. In our Emma mattress review, we’ll look at what makes the Emma Original mattress unique.

Should You Buy the Emma Original Mattress?

Emma’s Original mattress offers one of the best all-foam experiences on the Canadian market. Layers of cooling and comfort help you sleep throughout the night, especially if you sleep on your side. Still, the Emma mattress can be great for most sleepers. You can try it for yourself for a full year (365 nights) after your purchase. You will have plenty of time to determine if it’s right for you.

Here are some of the features you can expect from the Emma mattress. We’ll take a closer look at these features in the rest of our Emma mattress review.

  • Outstanding pressure relief through each layer of the mattress
  • The open-cell foam helps relieve temperature throughout
  • Breathable, moisture-wicking cover 
  • HRX foam core features supportive cave-in points so you get the support map you need
  • Reinforced edge perimeter provides better edge-to-edge support than other mattresses in this class
  • High-quality materials allow for proper alignment and support throughout
The Emma Original Mattress

It's Great For:


The Emma Original mattress is the company’s first mattress and the one that really put it on the map. This mattress features three layers of proprietary foams, each of which fulfils a special purpose in keeping you comfortable, cool, and well-supported. this unique blend of materials means this mattress feels unique to any other mattress in the world or Canadian market

The Emma mattress features a dry, moisture-wicking cover that allows you to sleep through the night, even if you sleep hot. Below, a layer of cool open-cell memory foam helps trap heat and movement while relieving pressure. A transition foam layer of motion-isolating memory foam keeps you asleep even when your partner or pets move around a lot at night. If you sleep light, this layer can help you stay asleep throughout the night.

The support layer is where Emma’s proprietary materials really shine. This layer features 100 different cave-in points, which allow the mattress to support you where you need it most. These points allow enough support to produce a feeling similar to a pocket coil mattress

This mattress is ideal for most sleepers, but it’s best for side sleepers overall. The zoned support in the transition foam layer as well as the pressure relief and alignment from the rest of the mattress create a unique feel that you won’t find elsewhere.

Ratings Summary

Overall Score: 4/5

Motion Isolation
Pressure Relief
Temperature Control​
Edge Support​
Ease of Movement​

Mattress Construction​

Emma Mattress Construction

The Emma Original mattress uses layers of proprietary materials to create a mattress that feels entirely unique. Here’s how each Emma Original mattress is constructed.

  1. Plush UltraDry Cover. The breathable cover helps reduce the temperature throughout the surface of the mattress. It helps wick away moisture so you don’t sweat throughout the night, no matter how hot you sleep. it’s also removable and washable.
  2. Cool AIRGOCELL Foam. The first layer of memory foam is an open-cell gel foam, which helps absorb body heat as you sleep. It helps disperse higher temperatures while relieving pressure and keeping you well-supported all night long.
  3. Motion-Isolating HALO Memory Foam. This layer of transition foam helps reduce motion transfer throughout the mattress, making it ideal for couples and co-sleepers. It is also zoned for better support, with firmer foam supporting your back and hips, while softer foam supports your shoulders.
  4. Supportive HRX Supreme Foam. HRX, or High Resiliency Extra foam, is a supportive foam that helps keep you aligned and supported. It uses adaptive cut-outs in 100 points throughout the core of the mattress, strategically placed to reduce pressure and balance body weight evenly. This means that the support layer is tailored to help you no matter how you sleep.
  5. Steady Edge Support. A reinforced sidewall perimeter reduces sinking or sliding at the edge of the mattress. If you like to sit at the edge of the bed, this extra support can keep you more comfortable.


5 on Firmness Scale

The Emma Original mattress is a true medium mattress. This mattress offers intense pressure relief, with enough support from the core of the mattress to keep you comfortable. This mattress might be too soft for those who prefer a firmer mattress. Side sleepers, who enjoy a true medium feel more than any other sleeping position, will appreciate the zoned support and strong pressure relief from this mattress.

Motion Isolation

One of the Emma Original mattress’s strengths is the way it isolates motion across the mattress. If you sleep light, you may notice that any movement from your partner, pets, or children can wake you up. When your partner has a restless night, you probably aren’t getting much sleep either. The motion-isolating foam used within the layers of the Emma Original mattress help reduce motion transfer, keeping you asleep even when your partner is tossing and turning.

Pressure Relief

Emma Mattress Pressure Relief

If there is one area where the Emma Original mattress excels, it’s pressure relief. This medium mattress features layers of pressure-relieving proprietary materials, including memory foam and transition foam. The way that the support layer works also helps reduce pressure throughout the mattress. 

The adaptive cave-in points throughout the coil layer allow the foam to compress where you need it. This also helps bolster the mattress for optimal support, leaving you comfortable throughout the night. These layers ensure that most Canadians will find this mattress comfortable, though some might find it too soft when it comes to firmness.

Temperature Control

Waking up hot and sweaty can affect your sleep, particularly if you sleep very hot. Memory foam layers often retain heat, which can mean temperatures rise throughout the night. For this reason, it’s important to find a mattress with cooling features. You can also use cooling sheets or cooling pillows to reduce heat throughout the night. 

The Emma Original mattress is an all-foam mattress, but it uses several layers of temperature-reducing materials to help you sleep cooler. The cover is made with a breathable, moisture-wicking fabric to help keep you cool and sweat-free throughout the night. Meanwhile, AIROGCELL memory foam traps heat in open cells, dispersing it so you won’t feel any higher temperatures as you sleep. Together, these materials provide moderate temperature control for users who usually sleep on the hotter side.

Edge Support

Emma Mattress Edge Support

If you sit or sleep near the edge of the bed, you may notice that most all-foam mattresses have a sliding or sinking feeling. The edges are not well-supported and may lead to you falling off or requiring additional bracing maneuvers as you wake up in the morning. 

Thankfully, the Emma Original mattress excels at edge support. The foam around the outside ‘zone’ of the mattress is firmer, reducing sagging at the edges. They might sink a little, but you’ll never be in danger of falling or sliding off the edge. Putting your slippers on in the morning is much easier with this mattress.

Ease of Movement

Most memory foam mattresses have a ‘quicksand’ feeling. Because of the way memory foam works, it softens with higher temperatures and sinks under your body weight. This means you can quickly sink into the mattress, making it hard to move out of the initial indent when you first lay down. For those who move around a lot at night, this can make sleep uncomfortable. 

The Emma Original mattress offers a host of great features, but it uses layers of memory foam meant to cradle and support you. This means that it lacks some responsiveness. While some mattresses use latex to help add bounce to the mattress, the Emma Original is based on comfort. As a result, it can be a bit harder to move around on than some of the other bed-in-a-box mattresses in Canada.


The Emma Original mattress is one of the best-selling online mattresses throughout the world. This mattress offers quality proprietary materials that work together to create a unique feel and comfort level. As a result, you’re getting an entirely unique sleeping experience, which may come at a premium price.

Size Price Dimensions
38" x 75"
Twin XL
38" x 80"
54" x 75"
60" x 80"
76" x 80"
California King
72" x 84"

The Emma Original Mattress
The Emma Original Mattress
Made in CA readers get the best price on Emma mattresses.
Made in CA readers get the best price on Emma mattresses. Show Less


Emma ships all of their products free to most locations in Canada. If you use an in-home setup or scheduled delivery, there may be a small fee added to your order total. Orders ship directly through Canada’s logistics carriers. 

For customers in Ontario, it may take approximately 2 to 4 days to receive your order. Delivery to the rest of Canada may take between 4 and 8 days for delivery. You can set a delivery time that is most convenient for you via your order page. Upon shipment, you will receive a tracking number that you can use to keep track of your mattress’s location within the courier system. 

Sleep Trial and Returns

The Emma Original mattress features the longest sleep trial of any of the bed-in-a-box mattresses we’ve looked at. This sleep trial is a full 365 days or 1 year from the date you receive your mattress. During this time, you can conduct extensive testing to see if it works for you and your sleeping preferences. 

Emma asks that you wait at least 21 days after the receipt of your mattress to initiate a return. This is one of the shortest required test periods we’ve seen, too! It usually takes at least 30 days to become used to a mattress. If you really don’t like the Emma Original mattress, you can begin the return process after those first 21 days. 

If you don’t like the mattress for any reason at all, you can return it by contacting Emma via phone or email. Emma will arrange a pick-up at no cost to you. You don’t have to try and get it into the box again (as it’s impossible anyway). Simply meet the courier at the time that Emma assigns to return your mattress. 

After your mattress has been picked up, you’ll get a full refund of your purchase price to your original payment method. It can take up to 14 days for this refund to appear in your financial records.


The Emma Original mattress uses a 10-year warranty. This warranty starts the day you receive your mattress. If you need a replacement mattress during your 365-day trial period, the trial will be paused while you await your new mattress. 

The warranty is as extensive as it gets, with more coverage points than most of the other warranties we look at regularly. The following damages and circumstances are covered under warranty, as long as you are the original purchaser of the mattress and still reside in Canada. 

  • Damage that exists before use
  • , including defects in production or workmanship
  • Cracks or dents in the foam that occur despite proper handling
  • Pre-existing damage to the zipper on the Emma Original mattress cover. 
  • Indentations of greater than 1.5″ during normal use. 
  • Damage to the cover during normal use (not associated with misuse, staining, tearing, or improper washing). 
  • Damage that occurs despite the mattress being laid upon a compatible foundation with proper support

The warranty does not support:

  • Abnormal treatment or improper use
  • Body fluids, infestation, cuts, or other unusual damage
  • Personal preference
  • Increase in softness or changing of material colours due to use and time
  • Damage caused by a lack of compatible foundation

To submit a warranty claim, you can contact the Emma Customer Care team. You should be prepared to provide proof of the damage, application of the warranty, and the lot number, order number, and other customer details associated with your purchase. Make sure to keep your tags intact to avoid losing any of this information for warranty purposes.

If you are found to be eligible, Emma will arrange for the mattress to be picked up free of charge. The mattress will be repaired or replaced at the company’s discretion, and Emma will pay for any return shipping of a new or repaired mattress.

Final Thoughts

The Emma Original mattress is a unique option that blends some of the best proprietary materials we’ve seen. This mattress has a unique feel that helps relieve pressure and keep you comfortable throughout the night, no matter how you sleep. Side sleepers will absolutely love the way this mattress feels, while other sleepers may find it supports them better than other all-foam mattresses. 

Medium (5/10)
Sleep Trial
365 Nights
10 Years
Motion Isolation
Pressure Relief
Temperature Control
Edge Support
Ease of Movement
The Emma Original Mattress

Emma is a world-class sleep company that offers a host of sleep products to help improve your sleep quality. You'll find high-quality pillows, bedding, sheets, and bed frames, along with Emma's host of high-quality proprietary mattresses. Among these, the Emma Original is called the world's best-selling online mattress. In our Emma mattress review, we'll look at what makes the Emma Original mattress unique.

Editor's Rating:

The Emma Original Mattress
The Emma Original Mattress
Made in CA readers get the best price on Emma mattresses.
Made in CA readers get the best price on Emma mattresses. Show Less

Frequently Asked Questions

The Emma mattress is made in Germany. The Emma mattress that you purchase in Canada will be shipping from the Emma warehouse closest to you.

Yes, the Emma Original mattress is certified by both CertiPUR-US and Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX.

The unique and intentional construction of the Emma mattress means that you shouldn’t flip it. You can rotate it 180 degrees every 3 to 6 months to ensure that it stays comfortable and supportive.

Yes, the Emma Original mattress requires a compatible bed frame. These include slatted frames, box frames, and adjustable frames.