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The Brunswick Mattress is one of the many excellent mattresses offered by Like many of the other mattresses on their roster, this option features quality materials and unparalleled support. This Euro-Top mattress stands out for its comforting surface, cooling features, and strong support and alignment. Throughout our Brunswick mattress review, we’ll reveal all the features that make this mattress one of the best options on the Canadian market. 

Should You Buy the Brunswick Mattress?

The Brunswick Mattress comes at a moderate price point. It uses layers of cooling foam and coils to create a comfortable surface that also offers strong support. The pillow top makes it great at relieving pressure, too. If you need better support, great pressure relief, or a cooler mattress overall, it’s worth trying the Brunswick. You can try it during the risk-free 120-night sleep trial that starts when you purchase the mattress.

Here are some of the reasons that you should try the Brunswick mattress. We’ll look at these features in more detail in our Brunswick mattress review. 

  • Silk-blend pillow top fill creates a cloud-like sleeping surface
  • Contouring layers immediately contour to your body, providing better support
  • Cooling gel foams reduce heat throughout the mattress
  • Zoned pocket coils provide better lumbar support at the centre of the mattress
  • Edge support perimeter foam reduces sinking and sagging throughout the edges of the mattress
Brunswick Mattress
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The Brunswick mattress is a hybrid option from This mattress uses a layer of pocket coils to create excellent support. Meanwhile, layers of cooling gel foam, eco-conscious soy foam, and pillow top fill help create a comfortable sleeping surface. It’s great at relieving pressure and even better at reducing back pain. The targeted lumbar support zones help keep your spine aligned, while personalized support throughout the mattress reduces strain. 

Together, these elements help create a mattress that offers great pressure relief and support. This is a great option for stomach sleepers and side sleepers for this reason. The comforting top layer gives way to zoned support, which offers the perfect boost exactly where you need it. Canadians who sleep hot will enjoy the cooling gel foam layers, as well as the breathable fill and coil layers that help reduce heat over time. 

This means that no matter whether you move around a lot at night or stay in one position, you’ll stay comfortable. The nature of the pillow top allows you to sink into sleep comfortably, but may also make it a little more work to move around throughout the night. Certain combination sleepers won’t mind. 

Tired of waking up as your partner tosses and turns? This mattress features motion isolation features, which work to keep motion from one side of the bed from transferring to the other. The individual coils and dense transition foam layer reduce motion transfer, so you’ll hardly feel when your partner moves or gets out of bed. Combined with the pressure relief and temperature control offered by this mattress, you might get a better night of sleep overall.

Ratings Summary

Overall Score: 4/5

Motion Isolation
Pressure Relief
Temperature Control​
Edge Support​
Ease of Movement​

Mattress Construction​

Brunswick Mattress Construction

The Brunswick Mattress is a pillow top option that uses four layers of foam and blended fill to provide support and pressure relief. 

  • Quilted Cover. The breathable cover uses farm-grown fibres to create an ultra-soft, breathable surface you can sink right into.
  • Euro-Top Fill. The layer of fill at the top of the mattress is lightweight and offers excellent padding. This layer promotes excellent pressure relief and breathability for temperature control.
  • Cooling Gel Foam. This layer helps reduce heat immediately, leading to a more comfortable sleep overall. It helps dissipate heat and move it away from you, so you don’t wake up sweaty or uncomfortable.
  • Soy-Infused Eco-Foam. A layer of high-density transition foam reduces motion transfer and promotes spinal alignment and balance. No matter how you sleep, this layer helps give you much-needed support. It’s also eco-conscious, with soy-infused foams rather than standard memory foam. 
  • Zoned Pocket Springs. This support layer uses independently-wrapped steel springs to provide zoned support. Firmer coils in the middle of the mattress help give you the back and hip support you need, while softer coils around your shoulders prevent pressure points. This layer also helps with better motion isolation throughout, so you won’t feel anything from the other side of the mattress.
  • Edge Support Encasement Foam. A perimeter of dense support foam prevents sagging at the edges of the mattress, allowing you to sit or sleep more comfortably without sliding off. 


6.5 on Firmness Scale

Medium-firm is the ideal firmness for most sleepers. Your firmness preferences are based on comfort and support, and they are completely personal. The medium-firm feel of the Brunswick mattress puts it at a 6.5, which is great for those who sleep on their sides. It’s also one of the best mattresses in Canada for heavy stomach sleepers because of the immediate cushion of the pillow top. With consistent support and layers of contouring and pressure-relieving foams, this mattress is ideal for most sleepers.

Back sleepers may need a bit more support, and combination sleepers might find it more difficult to move around on this mattress. Side sleepers and stomach sleepers of all body types will enjoy the combination of comfort and support offered here. 

Motion Isolation

The Brunswick Mattress offers moderate motion isolation. If you’ve ever had a terrible night of sleep because your partner was tossing and turning, you should be able to appreciate the motion isolation features found in the Brunswick mattress. While there will still be some motion transfer, most will be eliminated throughout the transition foam and coil layers. 

If you are a light sleeper, the motion control features may be able to help you stay asleep longer, especially when your partner is having a difficult night.

Pressure Relief

Brunswick Mattress Pressure Relief

Because Brunswick is a pillow top mattress, it offers better pressure relief than some of the other options on the Canadian market. This mattress uses layers of comforting fill and cooling gel foam to reduce pressure points. A layer of eco-conscious transition foam further reduces your deepest pressure points. These layers work together to keep you comfortable, even if you sleep in the same position all night long. 

Side sleepers will love the way this mattress aligns your spine without adding unnecessary strain, too. The construction is specifically targetted to create a more comfortable experience with superior zoned support and elevation.

Temperature Control

There are multiple cooling features in the layers of the Brunswick mattress. The pocket coils allow for better airflow through the core of the mattress. This means it doesn’t hold onto heat as memory foam mattresses might. Meanwhile, a layer of cooling gel foam, breathable fill, and the quilted cover help wick away heat and moisture. Together, these features prevent heat from building up as you sleep. If you often wake up sweaty or uncomfortable with your current mattress, the Brunswick mattress might be able to help you sleep a little more comfortably.

The combined temperature control features create a more friendly feeling, particularly for those who normally sleep hot. However, those who have extreme issues with overheating during the night might want to choose a mattress with more cooling features. 

Edge Support

Brunswick Mattress Edge Support

If you sit or sleep near the edge of the bed, the Brunswick mattress helps you perch a little more comfortably. A perimeter of dense edge support foam offers edge-to-edge support, with no change in the feel of the mattress from the centre to the outside edge.

While other mattresses might sink or sag at these points, you won’t have to worry about it with this mattress. Some mattresses may even make you feel as though you’re going to slide off of the bed due to the lack of support, but that isn’t an issue with the Brunswick mattress. You can sit on the edge of the mattress in the morning without worrying about feeling uncomfortable. 

If you sleep near the edge of the mattress or tend to gravitate there in your sleep, you’ll find that this mattress is bolstered to keep you comfortable throughout the night. While you won’t have the same zoned support as the centre of the mattress, you won’t wake up uncomfortable.

Ease of Movement

The Brunswick mattress is made with a support layer of responsive coils. However, the layers of memory foam on top of these coils are meant to contour to your body. The pillow top fill increases this feeling, which can help reduce pressure points and keep you comfortable throughout the night. 

This means that this mattress can be easy to move around on. Heavier sleepers and those who move around a lot while sleeping may experience some of the ‘quicksand’ feeling of traditional memory foam. While it isn’t nearly as bad as in a 100% memory foam mattress, it’s something to be aware of. 

Side sleepers and stomach sleepers will have fewer problems moving around on this mattress, though. The layers are far from restrictive for the most part.


The Brunswick Mattress is a moderately priced model that comes in all six standard mattress sizes. The prices for most mattress sizes are priced in the mid-range when compared to other Canadian mattresses, so you can sleep easy knowing that your new mattress isn’t breaking the bank. Here are the prices and dimensions of each of the Brunswick Mattress’s available sizes. 

Size Price Dimensions
38" x 75" x 12"
Twin XL
38" x 80" x 12"
53" x 75" x 12"
60" x 80" x 12"
76" x 80" x 12"
California King
72" x 84" x 12"

Brunswick Mattress
Brunswick Mattress
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The Brunswick Mattress usually ships in 1 to 5 business days. Periods of high demand may create delays. This is because Brunswick doesn’t keep stock of their mattress on hand. The materials may break down if they are rolled up and boxed for long periods, so each Brunswick mattress is made to order. 

Shipping is free to most locations, with exceptions for some extremely rural areas. The mattresses arrive quickly, especially if you live close to Ontario.

Sleep Trial and Returns

Like most mattresses, the Brunswick Mattress features a 120-night sleep trial. During this trial, you can test the mattress to see if it’s right for you. If you don’t like the mattress, you can return it for a full refund of the purchase price. Brunswick requires you to spend at least 30 days using the mattress before initiating a refund, as it takes at least 30 days for your body to adjust to a new mattress. 

If you need to return your mattress during the trial period, simply contact Brunswick with your order number and other relevant information. You can access the resources to begin a refund through your account on the Brunswick website. Within 1 to 2 business days, the company will arrange for your mattress to be picked up and donated or recycled (depending on what is available). Once the mattress has been picked up, your refund will be issued. 

Refunds are issued within 48 business hours, but it might take up to 5 business days for your refund to be reflected in your financial records. Most of the time, it doesn’t take the full 5 business days for your funds to be returned. 


The Brunswick Mattress offers a 15-year warranty that protects against all workmanship and material flaws. During these 15 years, you are completely protected against damage or tears to the seam or cover of your Brunswick mattress. The warranty also covers indents and variations of more than 2″. 

The warranty is valid as long as the mattress has been adequately supported by a compatible frame. The warranty may also be voided if:

  • The mattress has been bleached, ironed, machine-washed, or dry-cleaned. Spot-cleaning is the only way to properly clean your mattress. 
  • The mattress was left in the box it came in for more than two weeks after your delivery date. 
  • The mattress was improperly used or poorly handled. 
  • The cover is only frayed, pilled, discoloured, or shows normal wear and tear. 

To submit a warranty claim, you must log into your account on the Brunswick website. When the customer care team responds, they will ask for images of your mattress and a description of the issues you’re having. They can then make a decision about whether or not your Brunswick mattress falls under the warranty. 

If the customer care team determines that your mattress falls under the warranty and your claim is approved, you will have to return your mattress. All return shipping is covered by, Brunswick’s parent company. You won’t have to pay to get your mattress repaired or replaced. 

Your mattress may be replaced, but Brunswick may also choose to repair it and send it back. If this happens, the mattress will be covered for the rest of the original warranty period. The warranty will not be extended or renewed.

Final Thoughts

The Brunswick Mattress offers the best of both worlds. You’ll get strong, zoned support from the coil layer while layers of fill and memory foam create a comfortable and contoured experience for most sleepers. It’s a great mattress to try, and it comes at a moderate price as well. You won’t break the bank getting better sleep when you choose the Brunswick Mattress. Plus, the hybrid design is great for side sleepers and those who need better lumbar support overall. 

Medium Firm (6.5/10)
Sleep Trial
120 Nights
15 Years
Motion Isolation
Pressure Relief
Temperature Control
Edge Support
Ease of Movement

Frequently Asked Questions

While the Brunswick mattress has a 15-year warranty, it should last longer than this. It’s a good idea to change out your mattress every 15 years at the latest, so you can rest assured that the Brunswick mattress will outlast its recommended usage time. Make sure to take proper care of the mattress to ensure its longevity.

Some mattresses can be flipped to extend their life and keep sleep comfortable. The Brunswick mattress should not be flipped. The way that this mattress is designed (with the layer of heavy pocket coils on the bottom) means that it should be rotated often, but never flipped over. 

This mattress should be spot-cleaned only. The company recommends mild fabric cleaner or baking soda to clean stains and spills. Choosing a mattress protector can help you avoid cleaning the mattress altogether.

Unfortunately, Brunswick and can’t recommend shipping your mattress to a PO Box. There’s no way to guarantee that you’d actually receive it this way, as policies on larger packages may vary between post offices. Using your home address allows for better delivery times and outcomes.

The Brunswick mattress features a 120-night sleep trial. During this time, you can try the mattress to see if it’s right for you. You must spend at least 30 days sleeping on the mattress to allow your body to get used to it. During this period, you can return the mattress for a full refund.

The Brunswick Mattress offers a 15-year warranty. It will be voided if you leave the mattress in the box for more than two weeks, if it is improperly used, if the cover is torn or stained. It will also be void if you wash the mattress in any way that doesn’t follow the proper care instructions.