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Sleeping well is important for your physical and mental well-being and the size of your mattress plays an important role in how well you sleep. If you are looking to purchase a new bed and mattress in Canada, you need to choose one that is the right size for you and your space. How do you choose the best-size mattress for you?

In this article, you will find the measurements for the different mattress sizes available in Canada together with details about the mattresses. We have also included tips for choosing the right size mattress for you.

Mattress Sizes in Canada

Mattress Sizes in Canada

There are seven different-size mattresses available for adults in Canada, ranging from twin beds to California king beds. Below are the sizes of mattresses you can choose from in Canada.

  • Twin (single) bed is 96 cm x 189 cm (38 in x 74 in)
  • Twin XL (single XL) is 96 cm x 202 cm (38 in x 79 in)
  • Full-Size (double) is 134 cm x 189 cm (53 in x 74 in)
  • Full-Size XL (double XL) is 137 cm x 203 cm (54 in x 80 in)
  • Queen Size is 152 cm x 202 cm (60 in x 79 in)
  • King Size is 193 cm x 202 cm (76 in x 79 in)
  • California King is 183 cm x 213 cm (72 in x 84 in)

There is also an additional size available, which is the crib mattress for babies. These mattresses measure 71 cm x 129 cm (28 in x 51 in).

Twin Size Mattress

Twin-size mattresses are suitable for single sleepers, either teenagers or adults. They are often the first “adult” size mattresses bought for kids who have grown too tall for their old beds. Twin mattresses also suit adults who live in small apartments, don’t require a lot of space when sleeping, or like a minimalistic lifestyle.

Twin-size mattresses are perfect for bunk beds and guest room beds. They are often used in dorm rooms where space is very limited. If you are an active sleeper and move around a lot in your sleep, you might like to consider a wider mattress. Equally, if you are taller than an average person, then you might like a longer bed.

Twin XL Size Mattress

The size difference between the regular twin and the XL twin comes from the length. A twin XL mattress is 13 cm longer than a regular twin mattress. Both mattress types are the same width, which still makes them well-suited for smaller rooms. However, they cannot be used in most bunk beds.

If you require something wider, then you might like to go one size bigger. Two twin XL mattresses are also perfect to use in a king-size bed frame if you want to go extra large. This can be a great option instead of a king-size mattress if you share a bed with a person who moves around a lot or if one of you prefers a firm mattress and the other a soft mattress.

Full-Size Mattress

Full-size mattresses are just under 40 cm wider than twin mattresses, which makes them great for single people who like more space when sleeping. Some couples are also comfortable sharing a full-size mattress.

However, many find them too narrow for two people to share every night. You are likely to find a full-size mattress too small for two people if you get very hot when you are sleeping or if you move around a lot in your sleep.

Full-Size XL Mattress

An XL full-size mattress is 3 cm wider and 14 cm longer than a full-size mattress. The extra width gives you a little more room to move about and the extra length makes the mattress a better option for taller people.

Both full-size and full-size XL mattresses are good double bed options if you want more space than a single bed gives you, but do not have the space for a queen- or king-size mattress. However, many couples still find them too narrow for them and prefer to move to the next size up.

Queen-Size Mattress

Queen-size mattresses are the most popular mattress size. They are more comfortable for two people sharing than the full-size or full-size XL mattresses but do not require as much space as king or California king mattresses.

For many people, queen-size mattresses tick all the boxes because of their size and their cost. Queen-size mattresses are cheaper than the larger king-size options and most people find they are plenty wide enough for two people to share.

King-Size Mattress

The next size up from the queen is the king-size mattress. It gives you an extra 41 cm in width, so there is plenty of space even for the most active sleepers. However, remember that you can replace the king-size mattress in a king-size bed frame with two twin XL beds if you have different mattress requirements from your partner or you are both very active sleepers.

Because the king-size mattress is almost two metres wide, you need a bigger room to accommodate it. Especially because of the bed frame which is likely to take up more than two meters in width.

California King-Size Mattress

The last size available is the California king, which is narrower than the regular king bed but longer. You may not get quite the same space from side to side as with the king-size mattress, but measuring 183 cm wide, there is still plenty of space to move around in the California king-size bed.

If the California king-size mattress is not as wide as the king-size, it is extra long. You get another 11 cm in length with the California king. This extra length makes the mattress a good option for taller people.

Things to Remember When Choosing a Mattress

Things to Remember When Choosing a Mattress

Choosing the right mattress size requires you to consider several details such as your height and weight, the size of your bed frame, and the size of your room. When you have taken all the below criteria into consideration, you can be more confident that you have chosen the right mattress for you.

The Size

Pick the right size mattress. This criterion includes both the width and the length of the mattress. When picking the size for your mattress, think about your sleeping habits such as do you roll around a lot when you sleep and if you get very hot while sleeping. Also, think about your and your partner’s height. Taller people are more likely to sleep better in a longer bed where their feet are not hanging off the end. As a rule of thumb, pick a mattress that is bigger than you.

Your Bed Frame

Choose the right size mattress for your bed frame. If you pick a mattress that is too large, it simply will not fit in the existing frame. On the other hand, choosing a mattress that is too small will not work either, as it may cause the mattress to become misshapen if it is not correctly supported by the bed frame.


Go with the mattress that feels the most comfortable for you. There are plenty of mattresses available that come in a box, are delivered to your home, and give you time to sleep on them for several weeks to ensure you are happy with them. You can also go to brick-and-mortar stores and test mattresses to find the right firmness for you. A too-soft or too-firm mattress for your weight and body type can cause or aggravate existing back pain.

The Sleepers

If you share your bed with a partner, think of their sleeping habits as well as your own when picking a mattress. If one of you is a very active sleeper, you are more likely to be comfortable on a wider mattress. You also might like to have a wider mattress if you have kids that often crawl into the bed with you.

If you like a king-size bed to accommodate everyone comfortably, remember that a king-size mattress is not your only option. You can use two XL twins in a king-size frame instead. This is something you should consider if one of you is much heavier than the other, as you could have different requirements for firmness.

The Size of Your Room

Before you choose a mattress and a frame, measure your bedroom. Go with a narrower bed if you have a small bedroom. You should have space around the bed to comfortably get in and out of the bed. Otherwise, you could end up having to climb over your partner when trying to get to the toilet during the night or getting up earlier than them in the morning.


There are different mattress size options for adults in Canada and knowing their sizes and who they are most suitable for can help you choose the best mattress for your needs. Always look for a mattress that is big enough so you have the space you need to be comfortable, whether you are sleeping alone or with other sleepers. 

However, when choosing a new mattress, the size is not the only thing you should consider. You also need to think about the firmness of the mattress, who uses the bed, and the size of your bed frame and room.

Frequently Asked Questions

No mattress sizes are not the same everywhere. For example, in the UK, a queen-size mattress is 160 cm x 200 cm, while in Canada it is 152 cm x 202 cm. That’s why you always need to check the sizes match if you are ordering a bed or a mattress from a different country. You also need to check the sizes if you are ordering a bed sheet for a Canadian mattress from outside Canada to ensure it fits properly,

A queen mattress is not the same size as a double mattress. A double mattress, which is also known as a full-size mattress is not as wide as a queen mattress. A queen-size mattress is 18 cm wider and 13 cm longer than a standard double mattress in Canada.

A queen-size mattress is smaller than a king-size mattress. In Canada, a king-size mattress is 41 cm wider than a queen-size mattress. However, they are both the same length, which is 202 cm.