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Gone are the days when sleeping in an RV meant uncomfortable nights and makeshift beds. More Canadians are embracing the good life of RV travel, which has received an upgrade in recent years.

This upgrade also includes the luxury of a good night’s sleep, so you can enjoy beautiful destinations during the day. Mattresses designed for RVs have special features that make them ideal for travelling. Choosing the right one can be a tricky process.

To make our readers’ lives easier, we’ve reviewed many of the best RV mattresses in Canada. We present you with the finest mattresses to consider for your RV in 2024.

Our Top Pick for RV Mattresses in Canada

The Douglas Summit RV Mattress tops our list of the best RV mattresses for Canadians. From its compact RV-friendly height to its medium-firm foam layer, the Douglas Summit prioritizes convenience and comfort. Its quality foam layers decrease vibrations and provide consistent pressure relief to sore joints. The Douglas Summit also has a three-layer structure that provides maximum support and temperature regulation. It is also compatible with most sleeping positions, making it a top choice for Canadians seeking quality sleep on the road.

Canada’s Best RV Mattresses

  • Douglas Summit – Best RV Mattress (Top Pick): $1299
  • Silk & Snow – Best Firm RV Mattress: $750
  • Juno – Best Budget-Friendly RV Mattress: $499
  • GhostBed – Best for All Sleepers: $1999
  • Polysleep – Best Antimicrobial: $1199
  • Endy – Best for Co-sleepers: $895

Tested RV mattresses in Canada

Douglas Summit RV Mattress

Best Canadian RV Mattress Overall

Douglas Summit Mattress

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$1,299 from Douglas

What We Liked Best

What We Disliked

The Douglas Summit RV mattress is ideal for RV sleepers who want medium-firm support and like staying cool while sleeping. Its 12-inch height allows you to fit it comfortably into your RV space without sacrificing pressure relief. One of its most defining features is its three-layer premium foam cushioning. Its Elastex® foam layer is 2.5 inches thick, providing a nice bounce. We noted that this is a two-inch boost from Douglas’ initial mattresses. This extra layer of premium foam ensures it aligns well with any sleeping position.

The soft cushioning also cushions aching joints, allowing you to fall asleep more quickly. Its medium-firm support delivers a balanced feel that ensures back support and comfort. Another great thing is its ability to regulate your body temperature while sleeping. The mattress felt instantly cool to our touch, and the cooler temperature didn’t go away immediately. Douglas Summit has a CoolSense® Cover made with cooling Nanofibres to keep you cool all night. The ecoLight® Cooling Gel Foam helps to dispel heat, a lifesaver for Canadians who sleep hot.

The Douglas Summit RV Mattress also has a 7-inch motion isolation support foam base that simulates the still nature outside your RV. It neutralizes any vibrations arising from one side of the mattress before they travel to the other. This means that even if your companion tosses and turns all night, you can sleep peacefully.

The Douglas Summit was quiet, which we loved. Because it has no springs or coils, there are no unpleasant creaks to keep you awake at night. Its motion isolation technology also makes it ideal for light or sensitive sleepers. While the all-foam layers make it a fantastic mattress for pressure relief, they sacrifice edge support. The pressure felt less solid and less durable near the mattress’ perimeter. This is not an issue for young sleepers but can be problematic for people with limited mobility and those who require adequate edge support.

What We Learned

The Douglas Summit adapts to any sleep position thanks to its medium-firm feel. The mattress’s firmness is a benefit, particularly for back sleepers weighing less than 130 pounds. The cushioning provides adequate support for the S-curve of supine sleeping positions. However, heavyweight back and stomach sleepers will not find the mattress firm enough to support their weight. Even lightweight side sleepers will not find the mattress very supportive for sciatica or hip pain.

We Recommend the Douglas Summit RV Mattress for:

  • Canadians who sleep hot. Hot sleepers will appreciate how well this mattress regulates their body temperature, thanks to the cooling foam gel technology.
  • Couples and light sleepers. Restless sleepers can move around in bed all night long without waking their partners.
  • Eco-conscious Canadians. The Douglas Summit has a favourable sustainability rating. Its proprietary foam leaves a lower carbon footprint than standard high-density memory foam.
Douglas Summit Layers Explained
A Look at the layers of the Douglas Summit RV Mattress
FACTOR Douglas Summit RV Mattress
Firmness Medium Firm
Sleep Trial 365 Nights
Warranty 20 Years
Shipping Free, 1-4 Business Days
Height 12″
Sleeping Position Back and side sleepers
Rating 9.5/10
Side Sleeping on the Douglas Summit Mattress

Silk & Snow RV Short Queen Mattress

Best Firm RV Mattress in Canada

Silk & Snow RV Mattress

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$750 from Silk & Snow

What We Liked Best

What We Disliked

As a traveller, you’ll enjoy the Silk & Snow RV Short Queen Mattress for the incredible comfort and support it gives your back. You’ll especially appreciate it after a long day of driving. The reason for this is the 4-pound high-density memory foam, which is durable and comfy. There are three layers of memory foam within the mattress, including 2 inches of gel cooling foam. A transition layer helps reduce motion so you don’t wake up when your partner does, and the third layer is 6 inches of luxury foam that helps provide a supportive foundation.

The Silk and Snow Short Queen is one of the heaviest RV mattresses on the market. Its high-density foam suggests it can balance weight and ease pressure points in several sleeping postures. The second layer of the memory foam helps neutralize unwanted movements and subsequent vibrations on the bed. You can have a better night’s sleep with fewer disruptions. A side-effect of the 4-pound memory foam design is its habit of running hot after a few hours. Combined with the cramped space of an RV or a camper, it can get super uncomfortable. A built-in cooling foam layer helps dissipate this heat in the compact confines of an RV, ensuring sweat-free nights. However, the all-foam design and polyester cover provide little room for heated air to escape.

Canadians with allergies can rest easy knowing that the Silk and Snow mattress is hypoallergenic. It has non-toxic materials and is completely antimicrobial.  The effect is surprisingly long-lasting, even after 100 washes. The last thing anyone wants after hours of travelling in a camper is unnecessary maintenance. The good thing about this mattress is that it comes with a machine-washable protective zipper cover. You can zip it off easily and toss it right into the wash when it’s time to refresh your bed. 

The mattress offers outstanding edge support with no drooping. Considering the all-foam padding, this is an unexpectedly good result. The mattress’ motion transfer feature leaves a little to be desired. Tiny movements like getting up were noticeable which doesn’t bode well for sensitive sleepers or couples. The Silk and Snow mattress does its utmost to integrate cooling features.

What We Learned

One of the best attributes of this mattress is its firm feel. Indeed, mattress firmness can be subjective. Memory foam mattresses also tend to feel softer than others. However, the Silk and Snow does a good job of providing adequate spinal support without losing its plush, luxurious quality. This is especially true for back sleepers, who will feel low pressure. Light and average-weight sleepers will experience little sinkage, which is great since the mattress lacks coils for support. However, no coils means no creaking, which eventually means undisturbed sleep cycles.

We Recommend the Silk & Snow RV Short Queen Mattress for:

  • Seniors. The mattress’ good edge support and responsiveness make it easy to move around the bed.
  • Back and stomach sleepers. Back and stomach sleepers under 250 pounds will be comfortable on this mattress.
  • Canadians on a budget. Considering all its premium offerings, the Silk and Snow RV Short Queen is an excellent budget choice in the under-$1,000 mattress category.
Silk and Snow RV Mattress Layers
Silk & Snow RV Mattress Layers Explained
FACTOR Silk & Snow RV Short Queen Mattress
Firmness Medium Firm
Sleep Trial 100 Nights
Warranty 15 Years
Shipping Free
Height 10″
Sleeping Position Back and stomach sleepers
Rating 8.5/10
Side Sleeper on Silk & Snow RV Mattress
Side Sleeper Testing the Silk & Snow RV Mattress

Juno RV Mattress

Best Budget-Friendly RV Mattress in Canada

Juno Mattress

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$499 from Juno

What We Liked Best

What We Disliked

The Juno RV Mattress is one of the most durable and comfortable Canadian-made mattresses available on a budget. Don’t expect too many frills and advanced elements that you’d find in other higher-end mattresses. However, the Juno provides outstanding value because of its firm design and total-body support.

All Juno RV mattresses include a durable knit cover. You can upgrade to the Cool+ cover, which draws heat from you during the night. If you decide not to upgrade, Juno’s mattresses still include a cooling gel foam layer. Its cool-touch comfort promises to help you sleep better on hot summer nights. However, we noticed that despite the claims to induce a cool-touch feel, the Juno appears temperature-neutral. It doesn’t offer sufficient airflow either. If you’re touring a warmer region in your RV or sleeping hot, it isn’t the best choice for a cooling mattress.

Despite its low price, Juno’s supportive foam performs wonders for your back. Although it supports the side, back, and stomach, the spinal alignment is the best feature. While the mattress is softer than others, its firm poly-foam layer evens out the inclination for sinkage, making it appear just right. Back sleepers will like this feature, as it ensures the mattress aligns well with their spine. It also alleviates low back pain thanks to its soft-firm support, which is great news for light and average-weight back sleepers. Unfortunately, the Juno’s foam layers aren’t firm enough to accommodate stomach sleepers and heavyweight sleepers weighing more than 230 pounds.

The Juno RV Mattress also makes sleeping with restless sleeping partners or pets easier. Its mattress keeps motion transfer to a minimum. This means abrupt sleep movements on the opposite side of the bed won’t affect your sleep. It is also bouncy and responsive to movement, so moving around is comfortable. Do not expect the same degree of support along the perimeter. Given the lack of coils, the Juno’s edge support is average.

What We Learned

The Juno is an excellent first bed that you can purchase on a budget. However, it isn’t too basic to be a solid mattress for most Canadians. It provides a substantial two-layer advantage with its poly-foam and memory foam combination. Sure, it’s less firm than other mattresses, but it still provides good body contouring and comfortably cradles your body. This is what makes the Juno an ideal choice for side sleepers. The mattress’ soft contouring action allows it to conform to your hips and lower back. Those suffering from sciatica or chronic hip pain will find that pressure alleviation helps them sleep.

We Recommend the Juno RV Mattress for:

  • Those seeking better value. Budget shoppers will appreciate this versatile mattress’ competitive pricing.
  • Side sleepers. The Juno is a sensible mattress that provides a sufficient balance between soft and firm, ideal for side sleepers with hip or shoulder pain.
  • Couples. Sharing a bed will be easier with the Juno thanks to its above-average motion transfer capabilities.
Juno Mattress Layers
A Look at the Layers of the Juno RV Mattress
FACTOR Juno RV Mattress
Firmness Medium Firm
Sleep Trial 120 Nights
Warranty 15 Years
Shipping Free, 1-4 Business Days
Height 8″
Sleeping Position Back and side sleepers
Rating 8.0/10
Juno Mattress Pressure Relief
Side Sleeper Testing the Juno RV Mattress

GhostBed RV Mattress

Best RV Mattress for All Sleepers in Canada

GhostBed RV Mattress

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$1999 from GhostBed

What We Liked Best

What We Disliked

The GhostBed RV Mattress is a simple bed-in-a-box mattress to roll into your RV. The 10-inch height is appropriate for most camper and RV sizes. Those who prefer size options can choose between Short Queen and Short King mattresses or a bespoke size for an additional $600. You can also select an All-Foam or a Hybrid design, which contains an extra pocket coil layer. The All-Foam design features three layers, making this bed quite luxurious. The first layer is a quilted cover that is cool and gentle to the touch due to its built-in cooling fibre.

Underneath this, you have a 2-inch open-cell, gel memory foam layer. This layer guarantees that the mattress cradles and adapts to your body while you sleep. It also claims to improve heat transfer, allowing you to stay cool during the night. We’re happy to report that the mattress lives up to this claim quite well. It is surprisingly breathable despite its all-foam layers. The foam has several air bubbles that balance the temperature, keeping hot sleepers cool on summer nights.

The final layer of 8-inch high-density foam makes all the difference. The foam core feels sturdy and provides a stable foundation for your back and sides without feeling too hard. The high-density foam is robust and provides long-term support even after repeated use. The mattress relieves pressure on sore backs and side sleepers who suffer from hip or shoulder pain. It will also appeal to stomach sleepers who do not like sinking into softer beds.

Another bonus feature is the mattress’ naturally antimicrobial layer. This hypoallergenic integration eliminates allergy-causing dust mites and germs. RVs are prone to mould due to their tight spaces, especially in humid climates. This mattress’s anti-mould guarantee keeps you healthy and refreshed throughout your journey. Both the All-Foam and Hybrid versions include motion isolation features. This allows you to sleep soundly despite your partner’s or pets’ movements. Since it is a hybrid mattress with pocket coils, it provides superior edge support.

What We Learned

Despite its foam layers, the GhostBed RV mattress has an optimal thickness without appearing too bulky. Sleepers not accustomed to sleeping on firmer mattresses will need some time to adjust to the GhostBed’s medium-firm support. Sleepers who favour deep sink beds may find the mattress too stiff. With time, you’ll come to enjoy the spinal alignment it offers, especially if you have back aches while driving long distances. At first, it might seem that the mattress has no give. As you sink in, it helps to sink and contour to your body. It also has a great response rate, so it’s easy to move across the bed. 

We Recommend the GhostBed RV Mattress for:

  • Combination sleepers. The GhostBed is a versatile mattress that offers firm support to back, side, and stomach sleepers. The response time also makes it ideal for combination sleepers.
  • Canadians seeking a luxurious RV experience. The GhostBed’s all-foam design provides a premium experience for those willing to splurge.
  • Those who sleep hot. The cooling foam gel layer works to offer relief and sweat-free nights for hot sleepers.
GhostBed RV Mattress Layers
In-depth view of the GhostBed RV Mattress Layers
FACTOR GhostBed RV Mattress
Firmness Medium Firm
Sleep Trial 101 Nights
Warranty 25 Years
Shipping Free, 2-5 Business Days
Height 10″
Sleeping Position All sleeping positions
Rating 8.5/10
A look inside of an RV with the GhostBed RV Mattress

Polysleep RV Mattress

Best Antimicrobial Mattress in Canada

Polysleep RV Mattress in Use

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$1,199 from Polysleep

What We Liked Best

What We Disliked

The Polysleep Mattress is available in a standard Short Queen size with a height of 10 inches. This makes it ideal for RVs and motorhomes that require a long-lasting, non-bulky mattress. The mattress is thick and made of latex-free foam that offers adequate firmness. It contains four layers of proprietary foam. The first layer has ventilated antimicrobial hybrid foam made from a viscoelastic material. It keeps dust mites and mould at bay, which is essential for any RV mattress because of the exposure to allergens from outside.

It has a premium soft cover composed primarily of polyester. The top cover repels liquids, making cleaning up nasty spills or moisture easy. You can also detach the cover from the mattress for a thorough machine wash. This liquid-repellent feature sets Polysleep’s RV mattress apart from most other RV mattresses. It promotes the idea of a multipurpose mattress for work, reading, or leisurely breakfasts.

The mattress’s second and third layers consist of transition and supporting polyurethane foam, which weighs 1.8 pounds each. The final layer is a contouring layer of polyurethane foam. This ensures your back receives adequate support and contouring. It also has an integrated support frame to prevent sagging along the edges.

The mattress also allows for sufficient airflow while you sleep. If you sleep hot or are touring in humid locations, it regulates the heat to keep you cool. Another great feature is its motion transfer capability, which is a hit or miss with most mattresses. The mattress doesn’t react much to movements around its surface. This makes it a great choice for sensitive sleepers and couples with different sleeping patterns. It also has good responsiveness and a comfortable bounce, allowing you to switch positions in your sleep without discomfort.

What We Learned

The Polysleep RV Mattress provides an excellent balance compared to all-foam or high-density foam. It offers the right mix between plush, cushiony comfort and solid back support. The support frame evenly distributes weight over the mattress, resulting in minimal sagging at the edges. If you tend to sleep on the perimeter or have elderly members in your RV who struggle to get out of bed, this mattress is right for you. Back, side, and stomach sleepers will like the mattress’ firm support and alignment if you’re a light to average-weight sleeper. The reinforced base layer ensures you don’t sink after a few hours on the mattress. However, the mattress doesn’t provide the best alignment and may seem soft to heavier users weighing more than 300 pounds.

We Recommend the Polysleep RV Mattress for:

  • Back and side sleepers. Back and side sleepers will find this mattress most comfortable. Its medium-firm shape comfortably cradles your body and soothes pressure points while you sleep.
  • Seniors. The mattress’ excellent edge support will benefit seniors who struggle to get out of bed.
  • Couples. The mattress is adequately bouncy during intimate moments while minimizing motion transfer during sleep.
Sleeping on the layers of the Polysleep RV Mattress
FACTOR Polysleep RV Mattress
Firmness Medium Firm
Sleep Trial 100 Nights
Warranty 10 Years
Shipping Free to most areas
Height 10″
Sleeping Position Back and side sleepers
Rating 7.5/10
Polysleep RV Mattress Side View
Setting up the Polysleep RV mattress inside an RV

Endy RV Mattress

Best Canadian Mattress for Co-Sleepers

Endy RV Mattress

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$895 from Endy

What We Liked Best

What We Disliked

The Endy RV Mattress comes in a compact box that fits through your RV door for easy unpacking. Its standard size is a 10″ tall Short Queen, which is suitable for most RVs and motorhomes. Endy’s firmness comes from its three-layer foam combination complete with a washable cover. This mattress has a breathable top cover made of micro-quilted fabric that’s soft to the touch. You can separate it from the mattress for machine washing.

Under the top cover, there is a comfort foam layer with an open-cell design. Unlike regular foam, this provides adequate airflow while sleeping, allowing the material to breathe. The breathability also helps you stay cool and keeps your mattress sweat-free all night. A transition layer bridges the gap between the comfort foam and the base. It also cuts the extent of vibration that travels across the mattress’ surface, preventing you from waking up due to others’ movements.

This dedicated layer for motion transfer makes this mattress one of the best RV mattresses in Canada for co-sleepers and couples. The transition layer also helps to adjust your back and neck, preventing soreness after a long night’s sleep. The foundation layer consists of high-density foam. It creates a solid core that assures durability. This layer is temperature-neutral, preventing it from feeling differently no matter where you travel. Instead, it stays firm and cool despite the weather outside. Warm sleepers can expect to sleep well on its breathable cover without overheating.

RVs gather plenty of dust and toxic materials during their journeys, often sinking deep into mattresses. However, Endy’s open-cell foam allows for increased airflow, keeping the mattress dust-free and keeping you allergy-free.

What We Learned

Above all else, the Endy RV Mattress impressed us with its motion isolation capabilities. If your partner, co-sleeper, or pet moves around during the night, the Endy reduces motion transfer in real time. It helps you to sleep soundly. Despite being bouncier than other mattresses, it adequately cradles sleepers rather than allowing them to sink into the mattress. The top foam layer provides a softer sensation without making sleepers feel weighed down. This is because of the reinforced bottom layer, which maintains a firm surface overall. The mattress’s firm, pressure-relief layer also helps to relieve painful joints, which is ideal for back and side sleepers. It is also a good choice for Canadians looking for a long-lasting mattress with a solid core.

We Recommend the Endy RV Mattress for:

  • Couples and co-sleepers. This mattress’s motion isolation feature is beneficial for couples with restless sleeping partners.
  • Those with a moderate budget. The Endy RV Mattress performs well on many accounts and offers excellent value for its moderate price of $895.
  • Users who prefer to sleep on top of the mattress. The design of the Endy RV Mattress provides a comfortable sleep on top of the mattress, rather than allowing you to sink in.
Endy Mattress Layers
A look at the layers of the Endy RV Mattress
FACTOREndy RV Mattress
FirmnessMedium Firm
Sleep Trial100 Nights
Warranty15 Years
Sleeping PositionBack and side sleepers

How We Ranked the Best RV Mattresses for Canadians

The Canadian market offers a ton of popular RV mattresses. We scrutinized and researched several before finalizing this list of six of the best RV mattresses in Canada. To complement our research, we investigated various sources of customer feedback and industry expert ratings.

For each mattress evaluation, we focused on several parameters. Our primary focus was fundamental features like mattress support, comfort, firmness, and RV compatibility. Next, we examined features that enhanced comfort and sleep quality, such as temperature regulation, motion transfer, and maintenance. A thorough analysis of these features resulted in our top choices for the best RV mattresses in Canada.

RV Mattress Statistics for Canadians

  • Most RV mattresses come in a range of sizes to fit many different RV sleeping platforms.
  • The best RV mattresses in Canada are shorter than standard mattresses, which allows them to fit into RV spaces.
  • Hybrid RV mattresses may be best for those who suffer from back pain after a long day of driving.
  • One of the best features an RV mattress can have is its antimicrobial design.
  • RV mattresses with washable covers are more popular than those with fixed covers.
  • Users who travel to humid areas may need additional features from their RV mattresses.

Why Should Canadians Choose an RV Mattress?

The wrong mattress in your RV can quickly ruin a good trip. Regular mattresses offer the perfect comfort when sleeping at home. However, when you’re constantly on the go, you need a mattress specifically suited to the rigors of travel. RV mattresses are often narrower, shorter, and even thinner and lighter. Despite these adjustments, they are comfortable and offer medium-firm back support for a restful night’s sleep. Some offer additional advantages, such as reduced motion transfer and cooling technology. Here are some features that make an RV mattress the right choice.

  • RV-Compatible Size and Dimensions. RV mattresses undergo alterations to fit the inside of an RV. They differ from regular mattress sizes and can be narrower or shorter. Short queen mattresses are common in RVs. Because of their widespread use, sheets and replacements for their size are more readily available. This does not mean it is the only option to consider. You’ll want to select a mattress better suited to your RV’s frame. You can also choose a custom-sized mattress that feels functional and comfortable for you and your family.
  • Increased Durability. Let’s face it. RV mattresses weather more challenges than home mattresses. They face exposure to outdoor elements, are subject to erratic temperature changes, and undergo constant movement. As such, they’re designed to be more durable to brave the rigours and ordeals of van life. Moreover, good RV mattress brands offer a warranty of at least 10 years. You can choose from diverse materials for your RV mattress, including all foam, memory foam, or coiled spring.
  • Firmness. Mattress firmness can mean different things to different people. However, proper back support is crucial, especially if you are travelling in an RV. Most RV mattresses have a high medium-firm rating. They provide adequate spinal alignment while applying just enough pressure to induce comfort and pain relief.

Firmness and Sleeping Position

Sleeping positions influence how sore or comfortable we feel on a mattress. Back sleepers who sleep on a mattress that isn’t supportive may wake up with lower back aches and neck pain in the morning. The same is true for side sleepers with unsupported hips and shoulders. When they don’t obtain adequate support, it can severely misalign the spine. Stomach sleepers also face issues with overly soft mattresses. This is because they cannot sustain their body weight, compressing the curve of the spine and creating pain.

The solution to these issues is an adequately firm mattress. The firmness of a mattress refers to how hard or soft the bed feels. It can influence how well you sleep and how it impacts different pressure points in your body. If a mattress is too soft, your body sinks too deeply onto it, potentially disrupting your spinal alignment. Overly hard mattresses may also cause soreness because they produce pressure points and can cause discomfort after a few hours of sleep. Medium-firm mattresses offer the ideal comfort level and support for your side and back.

We used a scale of 1 to 10 to accurately represent the firmness quotient for each mattress on our list. The lower end, 1 to 5, signifies softer mattresses. A rating of 6 to 10 suggests firmer mattresses. Mattresses seldom receive a score of less than two or greater than 9. On our list of the best RV mattresses, all the options are on the higher end of the scale. Of course, firmness is a subjective matter, so choose a mattress that seems the most comfortable to you.

However, some mattresses are better for those who sleep in specific positions. For example, back and stomach sleepers should choose medium-firm to firm mattresses that moderately cradle their bodies. Side sleepers benefit most from medium-soft to medium-firm mattresses that adjust to their pressure points. Combination sleepers can choose the mattress firmness based on the sleeping position in which they spend the most time. If there is no clear answer, a medium firm mattress with a rating of 7 to 7/5 can give enough support for diverse sleeping positions.

Which Performance Features Can You Find in RV Mattresses in Canada?

Douglas RV Mattress in Use

Mattresses have undergone transformative advances over the years. RV mattresses today have several features aimed at improving sleep quality. These features enhance your sleeping comfort, giving you a restful sleep after a rigorous day of travel.

Temperature Control

Did you know that a lower core body temperature helps you sleep better? Over the years, studies have revealed that the best temperature for sleeping well is around 65°F. Cool temperatures promote the secretion of melatonin, the sleep hormone. Fortunately, RV mattresses incorporate cooling gel technology to keep your sleeping surface cool and breathable. This helps you fall asleep faster and remain asleep longer. The Douglas Summit RV Mattress is one such mattress that provides excellent cooling capabilities. Its CoolSense® Cover contains CryoFusion Nanofibers that dissipate heat and keep you cool.


When our bodies are at rest, our spines can get misaligned. Our necks can also be pressed into an uncomfortable position. A supportive mattress can help keep these sleep issues at bay. RV mattresses with the right support help stabilize our body and align our spine to a comfortable position. They also have adequate edge support, which prevents our bodies from sinking too far into the mattress. The Silk and Snow Short Queen RV mattress offers exceptional support, with little to no sagging thanks to its all-foam padding.

Pressure Relief

We all have sore spots in our body where we feel pain throughout the day. At night, these spots become noticeable as they hit the bed. The mattress can either provide relief from these pressure spots or exacerbate them further. It can either relieve or increase these pressure points. Pressure-relief mattresses reduce tension on our body’s pressure points by redistributing our weight. For example, certain body parts like our lower back and hips are sensitive and sore, but a pressure-relief mattress can help you sleep better. The Juno RV mattress works wonders for discomfort.

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation technology in mattresses aims to keep movement on one side of the bed from affecting the other. This is a truly ground-breaking benefit for light sleepers. It is also necessary for couples or co-sleepers with different sleep schedules. A zero-motion transfer mattress can prevent your partner from waking up due to your movements while sleeping or vice versa. The result? Sound sleep for anyone who shares a bed daily. The Polysleep RV Mattress has excellent motion isolation capabilities.

Ease of Movement

The ease-of-movement component defines how comfortable it is to move around, climb onto, and climb out of a mattress. Mattresses with a good ease of movement allow you to reposition yourself without too much bounce or friction. This is especially beneficial for people with chronic conditions like arthritis, lower back pain, or other muscle discomforts. We recommend the Juno RV Mattress if you want a mattress that is less reactive to movement.

How Much Can Canadians Expect to Pay for an RV Mattress?

Douglas RV Mattress Size Comparisons

Cheap RV mattresses can cost under $400, but they may lack the comfort, support, and durability you need on the road. For an above-average quality RV mattress, you should budget between $500 and $1,200.

Mattress pricing also varies based on the materials they use. For example, innerspring RV queen-size mattresses cost around $850. For the same size, a foam mattress will cost you more, around $1,500. A latex queen mattress for your RV can cost anywhere between $1,000 to $1,500. If you want a queen-size hybrid mattress, it will cost you $1,650 on average.

From our best RV mattress list, the GhostBed RV Mattress is the most expensive at $1,999. The Douglas Summit RV and the Polysleep Mattress are also in the higher range, costing you $1,299 and $1,199, respectively. The least expensive RV mattress is the Juno RV Mattress at $499, followed by the Silk and Snow, which is available for a price of $750.

Sleep Trials and Warranties for RV Mattresses

One of the best things about purchasing an RV mattress is that you can try it on for size and comfort before committing to it. Mattress companies offer risk-free trials that enable you to try the mattress out for a specified time. At any time during the sleep trial, you can decide whether you wish to keep it or return it for a refund.

Most mattress manufacturers provide a standard sleep trial period from 90 days to several months to ensure you have enough time to test your new mattress. However, the Douglas Summit RV Mattress includes a 365-night sleep trial. This means you have a full year to adjust to your new mattress. Douglas Summit is one of the only mattress brands in Canada that provides such flexibility with their sleep trial.

Mattress warranties vary across brands but typically cover everything from seam splits and excess sinkage to manufacturing faults and coil breakage. The Douglas Summit RV Mattress comes with an amazing 20-year warranty. Other manufacturers, such as Juno and Silk and Snow, come close with a 15-year warranty. However, the GhostBed RV Mattress outperforms all others with a 25-year warranty. Not only that, but it also provides accidental protection for your mattress for 10 years.

Frequently asked questions about RV mattresses

The Douglas Summit, Endy RV Mattress, and Juno RV Mattress provide the maximum comfort for couples. They use motion isolation technology to prevent restless movements during sleep from spreading to the opposite side of the bed. These mattresses are also relatively bouncy and responsive, making them an excellent choice for travelling RV couples in Canada.

The Silk and Snow Short Queen Mattress features a high firmness level, which keeps sleepers from sinking into the bed. Stomach sleepers will find that this mattress provides appropriate support and alignment for their sleeping posture, keeping them comfortable throughout the night.

The longevity of RV mattresses varies based on the material, construction quality, and the weight of the sleepers. Hybrid RV mattresses typically last between seven to 10 years. Memory foam mattresses have an approximate lifespan of 10 years, while latex mattresses can last over 15 years with proper maintenance.

You can clean RV mattresses like you would any regular mattress. Spot-cleaning stains as soon as they occur is a must. Airing out your RV mattress occasionally will help keep it clean and extend its lifespan. Many RV mattresses like the Douglas Summit, the Silk and Snow Short Queen, and the Polysleep have detachable machine-washable covers. This makes it easier to care for them. Polysleep’s RV mattress even has a liquid-repellent cover to help reduce the impact of nasty spills.

Some people experience spiked body temperatures while they sleep. The cooling gel technology in RV mattresses keeps these individuals cool and sweat-free as they sleep. It employs gel particles to wick heat away from the body, boosting airflow throughout the mattress and keeping its surface cool to the touch.