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Many Canadians are buying RVs and are choosing to vacation more, work on the road or downsize their living spaces. Mattresses in RVs are smaller than mattresses you typically buy for your home and also require some additional thought when choosing which model to buy. Canadians who may want to travel to warmer climates might want to look for an RV mattress with cooling properties. Those who might take their RV camping frequently will want to choose a mattress with a washable, antibacterial cover. Our team of mattress experts and user testers spent hundreds of hours trying all of the best RV mattresses to see which ones are the best on the Canadian market.

All of the RV mattresses in our review today were tested on multiple features and benefits. Each of our testers tried these RV mattresses for an extended period of time in order to be able to review them fairly. Only the very best RV mattresses made it into our list today. Here are our picks for the best RV mattresses in Canada of 2023.

Best RV Mattresses for Canadian Travel in 2023

  • Best Overall – Silk & Snow RV Mattress
  • Best for All Sleeping Positions – Douglas RV Mattress
  • Best for Co-Sleepers – Endy RV Mattress
  • Best for Allergies – Polysleep RV Mattress
  • Best Cooling Properties – GhostBed RV Mattress

Why Did We Choose These RV Mattresses in Canada?

Each of the RV mattresses we are reviewing today were chosen after throughout research and testing. Our team, made up of professionals and user testers, took a look at all our feedback and test results in order to create this carefully chosen list of unique RV mattresses. Here is why each RV mattress made our list today.

With medium firmness and universal appeal, the Silk & Snow RV Mattress is our choice for the best RV mattress in Canada. This mattress also features great temperature control for those who sleep hot or travel to warm locations.

Canadians who favour any sleeping position will appreciate the Douglas RV Mattress. Whether you are looking for temperature control, motion isolation or pressure relief, this mattress offers it all. It was designed to be comfortable for sleepers in all positions, too.

The Endy RV Mattress is a great all-foam RV mattress that features multiple foam layers to help support all sleeping positions. Its excellent motion isolation foam ensures that you won’t get woken up throughout the night by a restless partner or pet.

Canadians who suffer from seasonal allergies or are looking for the cleanest RV Mattress on the market will love the Polysleep RV mattress. This mattress is made from medical-grade foam layers that help keep you cool and the surface clean while featuring a washable cover.

The GhostBed RV Mattress is our pick for Canada’s best cooling RV mattress. This mattress features a cover made of breathable and cool-to-the-touch fabric, as well as a top layer made of cooling gel memory foam. Even the hottest of sleepers will be comfortable with this mattress.

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Best Overall

Silk & Snow RV Mattress

Silk and Snow Mattress
Silk & Snow RV Mattress
Made in CA Exclusive Offer

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It's Great For:

Whether you toss and turn throughout the night or co-sleep with someone who sleeps in a different position, it can be tricky to find a mattress that is comfortable. We chose the Silk & Snow RV Mattress as our favourite mattress for RVs in Canada. With medium firmness, this mattress isn’t too soft or too firm and is great for all Canadians.

The Silk & Snow RV Mattress has an antimicrobial cover woven with silver, helping prevent germs and dust. Those with allergies will love that the cover can be zipped off and machine-washed as often as desired. When it’s time to refresh your bed, you can throw it into the laundry with your bed sheets. For Canadians who can’t often access washing machines, the hypoallergenic and antibacterial measures will keep it fresh and clean far longer than many other mattresses on the market.

For Canadians who sleep warm, the top layer of the Silk & Snow RV Mattress is made of cooling gel foam and is great for those who sleep hot or are taking their RV to warmer climates. This layer is cushy and supportive and won’t have you feeling trapped in your mattress.

The second layer of the Silk & Snow RV Mattress is made from transition foam, providing support for those who need extra pressure relief measures, as well as moderate motion isolation for those who co-sleep. The bottom base layer is constructed from high-density memory foam, which ensures long-term durability and a solid fountain for years to come.

The Silk & Snow RV Mattress is 10” tall, which is higher than many other standard RV mattresses. This mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial, allowing you to fully test out the Silk & Snow to make sure that you enjoy it. The generous 15-year warranty is longer than average compared to other RV mattresses on the Canadian market.

Key Features

  • Antimicrobial Cover. The quilted cover of the Silk & Snow RV Mattress is breathable and can be machine washed. This cover is woven with silver threads to ensure it is antimicrobial and antibacterial, perfect for anyone with allergies.
  • Cooling Gel Foam. For those who sleep hot or plan on taking their RV to warmer climates, the top layer of this mattress is made of cooling gel foam, which lowers body temperatures and provides a cool night’s sleep. 
  • Transitional Layer. For pressure relief and motion isolation, this middle layer of transitional foam is supportive and is not too soft or too firm, which is great for all sleeping positions. 
  • High-Density Base. This solid and durable foundation will help the Silk & Snow RV mattress keep its shape without sinkage for the length of its lifespan. 

Our Expert’s Take

“This mattress kept our testers who sleep hot or were travelling to warm areas nice and cool all night long. Our testers who co-slept found they were able to sleep comfortably, even when in different sleeping positions.”

Layers of Foam in the Silk & Snow RV Mattress
Side Sleeper on Silk & Snow RV Mattress
Side Sleeping on the Silk & Snow RV Mattress

Best for All Sleeping Positions

Douglas RV Mattress

The Douglas RV Mattress
Douglas RV Mattress
Made in CA Exclusive Offer

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It's Great For:

When looking to buy a new RV Mattress, choosing a model that tests well in every category can seem impossible. The Douglas RV Mattress excels when it comes to quality of life, but it’s also engineered to be comfortable for Canadians in all sleeping positions. It’s our choice for the best RV mattress in 2023 for Canadians in every sleeping position. This mattress is a great all-around pick with multiple layers that help you keep cool, supported and extremely comfortable night after night. 

The top cover of the Douglas RV Mattress is made from ultra-breathable fibres and will wick away heat and moisture as you sleep. Those that sleep warm will find that the cover will reduce body heat and sweating. Canadians with allergies, or for when accidental spills happen, will love the zip-off top section that can be easily machine washed and dried.

The ecoLight Cooling Gel Foam is the top layer of the Douglas Mattress and keeps those who naturally sleep hot, stay cool throughout the night. This layer is also great for those who may be taking their RV on a road trip to a warmer location and worried about overheating while sleeping.

Canadians with latex allergies will be happy with the middle layer of Elastex Foam in the Douglas RV Mattress. This foam mimics latex in both support and motion isolation properties but without natural latex materials and is great for anyone with a latex allergy. The bottom layer of this mattress is made of high-density Support Foam. For those who co-sleep and are seeking to prevent additional motion transfer, this base layer helps absorbs motion before it starts. Ranking as a medium-firm mattress, this foundation also provides excellent pressure relief for anyone who has back pain or achy joints. 

The Douglas RV Mattress is a 10” high mattress and deeper than many other RV mattresses available to buy in Canada. This mattress comes with a 365-night sleep trial, longer than any other mattress in our review today, and guarantees plenty of time to test it out for yourself. Their 20-year warranty is also incredibly generous and ensures you will own this mattress for a long time.

Key Features

  • EcoLight Cooling Gel. A layer of ecoLight cooling gel keeps you from overheating throughout the night. This layer is also more eco-conscious than most of the other materials used in all-foam mattresses, as it is made with 40% less carbon input than standard memory foam. 
  • Washable Cover. This soft and breathable cover can be removed and washed; great for those with seasonal allergies or anyone who tracked dirt from their RV into the bedroom.
  • Elastex Foam Layer. For those who are allergic to latex, this Elastex Foam layer works like latex and provides pressure relief and motion isolation for co-sleepers without the need for actual latex materials. 
  • Motion Support Base. Co-sleepers will love the motion isolation support base, allowing restless partners to get undisturbed sleep.

Our Expert’s Take

“This mattress was popular with all of our testers who were looking for the best of all features. They enjoyed waking up cool and refreshed, and our testers with pressure point problems woke up pain-free.”

Douglas RV Mattress Size Comparisons
Size Comparison for the Douglas RV Mattress
Douglas RV Mattress in Use
The Douglas RV Mattress in Use

Best for Co-Sleepers

Endy RV Mattress

The Endy Mattress
Endy RV Mattress
Made in CA Exclusive Offer

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It's Great For:

Couples and co-sleepers who need better motion isolation from heir RV mattress should consider the Endy RV Mattress. It’s our pick for the best RV mattress for co-sleepers in Canada. This mattress is great for those on a low to moderate budget looking for a standard short queen-size mattress.

The cover of the Endy RV Mattress is made from breathable polyester and spandex, which is both stretchy and soft. The cover can be zipped off and washed regularly, which is great for those who worry about bringing some of the outside elements into the bed while camping. Canadians with allergies will appreciate the open weave of the cover, allowing for maximum airflow and less trapped dust.

There are three layers that make up the Endy RV mattress, all of which are 100% polyurethane and latex free. The top foam layer of Endy Comfort Foam is made with open cell technology, helping to reduce and regulate body temperatures no matter how hot you may sleep. Unlike other mattresses that shrink and expand with fluctuating temperatures, the Endy RV Mattress ensures perfect firmness and size, even in warmer or cooler climates.

The core of this mattress is the Endy Transition Foam layer, which eliminates motion transfer for those who co-sleep. For couples who are often getting woken up by their partners throughout the night due to restless movements, this mattress excels in motion isolation for a peaceful night’s sleep.

The bottom layer of Endy Support Foam helps stabilize the mattress and ensures long-term durability. This layer also provides pressure relief for those who suffer from achy joints due to pain or sleeping positions. 

The Endy RV Mattress is 10” high, which is higher than most other RV mattresses on the Canadian market, especially ones that may come with your RV upon purchase. There is a 100-night sleep trial that comes with this mattress, ensuring you have time to make sure this is the right RV mattress for you. The Endy RV Mattress includes a 15-year warranty, which is longer than many other mattress warranties.

Key Features

  • Washable Cover. The breathable and airy cover of the Endy RV Mattress is made from a soft micro-quilted fabric that is removable and machine washable. 
  • Comfort Foam. The top layer of this mattress is made from open-cell technology, which helps keep sleepers stays cool night after night, even for those who naturally sleep warm. 
  • Transition Layer. A comfortable, supportive layer cushions the strong support core. This layer helps prevent motion transfer, so you won’t feel anything from the other side of the bed. It also helps relieve back and neck discomfort.  
  • Support Foam. The foundation of the Endy RV Mattress is made from temperature-neutral high-density foam, which helps keep the mattress from shrinking in warmer climates and ensures overall mattress breakdown over time. 

Our Expert’s Take

“Motion transfer was nearly eliminated with this mattress and was great for our testers who slept with a partner or pets. Those of our testers who naturally sleep warm woke up without sweating or overheating.”

Endy RV Mattress Size Comparison
Endy RV Mattress Size Comparison
Endy Mattress Feel
The Soft Feel of the Endy RV Mattress Cover

Best for Allergies

Polysleep RV Mattress

Polysleep RV Mattress
Polysleep RV Mattress Side View
Made in CA Exclusive Offer

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It's Great For:

As the only mattress in our review to use medical-grade antimicrobial foam, the Polysleep RV Mattress is one of the healthiest RV mattresses on the Canadian Market. This mattress is our pick for the best RV mattress in Canada for those with allergies and features antibacterial foam and a breathable and washable cover.

The cover of the Polysleep RV Mattress is made from a polyester and polyviscose blend and is treated with a liquid-repellant cover, which is great for the occasional spill on the road that might happen. For ultimate breathability, the sides of the mattress have mesh panelling to allow air to circulate freely and disperse trapped heat. The top of the Polysleep RV Mattress cover can be zipped off and machine washed, a great perk for those who take their RV camping and may bring dirt back into their bedroom.

The Polysleep RV mattress is constructed of four different foam layers, all working together to make up a supportive and comfortable RV mattress. Every foam layer of the Polysleep RV Mattress is made with certified medical-grade antimicrobial foam. These foam layers mean fewer germs, dust, and bacteria growth and ensure a healthier sleep surface.

The first layer of this RV Mattress is made of ventilated antimicrobial viscoelastic hybrid foam, which both cools body temperatures as well as promotes clean and healthy air at the surface closest to you. The second layer is made of transition polyurethane foam, great for those who co-sleep, as this layer greatly reduces motion transfer between partners.

The third foam layer of the Polysleep RV mattress is made of supportive polyurethane foam, reducing pressure pain from achy joints or from certain sleeping positions. Surrounding this supportive foam layer is Polysleep’s unique support frame, which prevents breakdown along the perimeter of the mattress due to regular sitting or edge sleeping.  Most foam mattresses will start to sink along the edges of the mattress over time, but this support frame keeps the mattress firm and supportive for years to come.

The Polysleep RV Mattress is a medium-firm mattress that is supportive and comfortable enough for most all Canadians and excellent for all sleeping positions. This mattress measures 10”  thick, which is deeper than most other RV mattresses on the market. It includes a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty, both average lengths for foam RV mattresses on the market.

Key Features

  • Washable Cover. The cover of the Polysleep RV mattress is liquid repellant and machine washable, ensuring a clean mattress even after an accidental spill.
  • Healthy Airflow. With mesh side panelling and a ventilated top foam layer, this mattress does a great job in circulating air flow, which reduces body temperatures and expels trapped heat and stales air away from you.
  • Medical Grade Foam. The four foam layers in this mattress are all made of certified medical-grade antimicrobial foam, ensuring fewer bacteria and germs in your mattress. 
  • Firm Edge Support. Edge sleepers will love the unique frame of this foam mattress, which prevents sagging and sinking over time along the edge due to repeated sleeping.

Our Expert’s Take

“Our health-conscious testers loved the antibacterial foam and hypoallergenic cover. The ability to wash this cover was a huge hit for those who took their RV Camping.”

Polysleep RV Mattress in Use
The Polysleep RV Mattress in Use
Layers of the Polysleep RV Mattress

Best Cooling Properties

GhostBed RV Mattress

GhostBed RV Mattress
Made in CA Exclusive Offer

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It's Great For:

Canadians planning on travelling to warm climates in their RV or who naturally sleep hot will love the GhostBed RV Mattress. It’s our pick for the best cooling RV mattress in Canada. This mattress not only features multiple temperature control features, but it is also incredibly comfortable

The cover of the GhostBed RV Mattress is created from a stretchy blend of viscose and polyester. This cover is breathable and soft and promotes ultimate air circulation to keep sleepers cool during the night. 

Made of 2” of cooling gel memory foam, the top layer of the GhostBed RV Mattress works hard at reducing body temperatures night after night, no matter how hot you may sleep. This mattress is an excellent choice for any Canadian who may be travelling to a warmer destination in their RV.

The base of the GhostBed RV Mattress is made from 8” thick high-density foam. Co-sleepers will have undisturbed sleep thanks to the motion isolation that this base helps provide. Unlike traditional memory foam,  the high-density foam base is a luxurious support foam that allows your mattress to last for years.

The GhostBed RV Mattress is a firm mattress ideal for those seeking pressure relief or joint support. This mattress is available in Short Queen and Short King and will suit nearly every couple or RV bedroom. You can try the GhostBed RV Mattress risk-free at home for 101 nights with their sleep trial policy, and for ultimate longevity, there is a 10-year warranty that comes with the purchase.

Key Features

  • Cooling Cover. The cover of the GhostBed RV Mattress is created from a plush and soft blend made of viscose and polyester.  Those that sleep warm will enjoy the cooling properties of the fabric.
  • Gel Memory Foam. The top layer of the GhostBed RV Mattress features a soft and supportive gel memory foam that actively works at wicking away sweat and moisture. Those that sleep naturally hot or are going on warmer road trips will be able to sleep cool every night with this cooling mattress.
  • High-Density Base. The thick foundation layer of the GhostBed RV Mattress is made from high-density memory foam. This firm base helps alleviate joint pain and supports achy pressure points. 
  • Size Options. Available in both Short Queen and Short King, this RV mattress will fit in most RV bedrooms.

Our Expert’s Take

“This RV mattress kept our testers cool and comfortable throughout the night, even those sleeping in warm climates. Our testers enjoyed how firm and supportive it was, especially those who needed extra support.”

GhostBed RV Mattress Layers
Detailed Look at the Layers in the GhostBed RV Mattress
GhostBed RV All Foam vs Hybrid Version
GhostBed RV All-Foam vs Hybrid Mattress

Comparing the Best RV Mattresses for Canadians

CategoryMattressTypeFirmnessSleep TrialSizes
Best OverallSilk & Snow RVAll FoamMedium (5.5)100 NightsRV Bunk Small, RV Three-Quarter, RV Short Queen
Best for All Sleeping PositionsDouglas RVAll Foam​Medium Firm (6.5)365 NightsRV Bunk Small, RV Three-Quarter, RV Short Queen
Best for Co-SleepersEndy RVAll FoamMedium Firm (6)100 NightsRV Short Queen
Best for AllergiesPolysleep RVAll FoamMedium Firm (6.5)100 NightsRV Short Queen
Best Cooling PropertiesGhostBed RVAll FoamMedium Firm (7)101 NightsRV Short Queen, RV Short King

How We Tested These RV Mattresses in Canada

For years, we’ve worked to improve your life. We’ve tried to recommend products that make every part of your day better, from mattresses to kitchen appliances and beyond. Each product we recommend to you is thoroughly tested by multiple testers, as well as put through its paces in our test lab. Together, these tests and feedback opportunities help improve our selections in each group.

When looking for the best RV mattresses in Canada, we evaluated the following performance areas (among others). 

  • Available Sizes. Every RV is different, and there are a few different sizes you’ll need to choose from. We tried to find RV mattresses with a wider range of sizes, so everyone can find the best option for their RV. 
  • Mattress Type. Just like the mattress in your home, your RV mattress has different types made of different materials. We looked at different types of available RV mattresses to bring you the best materials. 
  • Firmness and Support. Firmness and support are important for comfortable sleep, but they are also different for each person. We’ve included a range of firmness options to help you find the one that makes you most comfortable.
  • Sleep Trial and Warranty. A sleep trial helps you test a mattress, and a warranty ensures that it lasts. The longest options are best, so we found some of the best trials and warranties on the Canadian market for you.
What is an RV Mattress

What is an RV Mattress?

An RV mattress is perfectly sized for your RV’s sleeping platform or bed frame. Most RVs have built-in frames and platforms for sleeping. Due to the size of the RV, these platforms are often narrower or shorter than standard mattresses. Since there might be multiple sleeping surfaces in your RV, there are multiple RV-specific sizes you can choose from.

An RV mattress is no different than a normal mattress. The size is the only real difference, and those are selected to fit perfectly into standard RV spaces. You can use an RV mattress in the same way that you use standard mattresses, too.

To ensure that you are choosing the correct RV mattress, you should measure your space. You’ll want to choose a mattress that fits perfectly onto the foundation to avoid any issues while you are camping or driving your RV. We’ll discuss that and more as we go over how you can choose a mattress for your RV.

How to Choose an RV Mattress for Canadians

How to Choose an RV Mattress for Canadians

Choosing an RV mattress can be difficult, especially if you are purchasing your first RV mattress. Before you can choose the option that is best for your needs, you should keep the following features in mind. There are multiple things to keep in mind before you take the plunge, but our guide should help. Here’s how you can choose the best RV mattress for your home away from home in 2023.

RV Mattress Sizes

Because of the way that RVs are made, there is less standardization than you might find in mattresses you’d use at home. To ensure that you always have the correct mattress size, you should measure the sleeping platform or frame along the length and width. Try to choose a mattress that fits this measurement as accurately as possible. It might be difficult to find a mattress that fits perfectly, especially if you have cut corners or other features.

Here are the standard RV mattresses sizes, with a rough approximation of the dimensions each should have.

  • RV Bunk. 28”-35” x 75”-80”. These mattresses are used for bunkbeds in larger RVs. They vary most out of all RV mattress sizes. 
  • RV Full. 53”-55” x 75”. RV Full mattresses are most used in pull-out sofa beds featured in some models. 
  • RV Three-Quarter. 48” x 75”-80”. 
  • RV Short Queen. 60”x74”-75”. 
  • RV Short King. 72” x 75”. 

Choose the mattress that best fits the size of your sleeping spaces based on these measurements. Keep special features in mind and be aware that you can always consult the manufacturer of your RV. They should be able to tell you the exact size of each of the sleeping spaces throughout your RV so you get the perfect fit.

Mattress Type

RV mattresses are usually foam mattresses, though there are a few hybrid options available. All of the options on our list are all-foam mattresses, but hybrid options are available on the Canadian market if you’d prefer a hybrid feel.

  • All-foam mattresses. All-foam mattresses use a combination of high-density foam cores with layered memory foam, latex foam, or both. Memory foam contours your body and provides cushioning to help you drive comfortably off to sleep. Latex foam is more responsive, but contours without the sinking feeling that sometimes comes with a memory foam mattress. 
  • Hybrid mattresses. Hybrid mattresses offer layers of comfortable foam over coils. The coils help provide extra support and responsiveness. You’ll get a comfortable, cloud-like surface and better support from the underlying spring layer. These mattresses are rarer when it comes to RV mattresses, but they are available in some sizes. 


The firmness of your mattress can determine how it feels and how comfortable you’ll find it. Softer mattresses offer better pressure relief, but firmer mattresses might offer better support. The firmness level you prefer is entirely personal. Usually, it depends on how you sleep and your body type.

There are a few different firmness levels available when it comes to mattresses, and the same is true for RV mattresses.

  • Soft to Medium. These mattresses offer a cloud-like surface to relax into. They offer supreme cushioning.
  • Medium. These mattresses are best for most sleepers. They are the perfect blend of softness and support, so you can sleep comfortably and relax with the support you need.
  • Firm. These mattresses are ideal for back and combination sleepers. Those who need to move around a lot should sleep on a firm mattress. Those who require more support will often sleep better on a firm mattress, too.

You should always choose the mattress that feels best for you, regardless of how you sleep.

Sleeping Position

Your sleeping position can determine which firmness you prefer. The way you sleep determines where your weight Is distributed. Each sleeping position requires a different mattress firmness to stay comfortable throughout the night. Of course, every Canadian with the same sleeping position may not like the same types of mattresses. It’s mostly driven by personal preference. Still, here is a small list of which mattress firmness each sleeping position may prefer.

  • Stomach sleepers prefer softer mattresses, which provide better pressure relief and help balance their bodies. Lighter sleepers also prefer softer mattresses.
  • Side sleepers may prefer a medium or medium-firm mattress. The extra back and hip support are ideal for this sleeping position. Average sleepers might also prefer a medium mattress.
  • Back sleepers and combination sleepers often prefer firmer mattresses, as they provide more support and help you move around a bit better. Heavier sleepers also prefer firmer mattresses.

Pressure Relief

Throughout the night, uncomfortable pressure points can form where your body presses into the mattress. These spots can decrease your quality of sleep, and you might wake up feeling tired and uncomfortable. Thankfully, most mattresses are designed to reduce pressure points. Sensitive foam layers help distribute your weight evenly across the mattress, reducing pressure points overall.

Mattresses with soft foam layers on top of more supportive layers provide the best pressure relief. Look for mattresses with better support and weight distribution. Most foam and hybrid mattresses have excellent pressure relief.

Temperature Control

Most Canadians sleep hot. If you often wake up sweaty and uncomfortable, you should choose a mattress that offers temperature control. Gel memory foam, latex, and open-cell materials can all help you sleep a little cooler. Look for moisture-wicking fabrics and other cooling materials to help keep you cool throughout the night.

The goal of these materials is to keep you dry and cool, by removing moisture and moving heat away from you. If you sleep best when it’s cool, a cooling mattress might be best for your RV.

Motion Isolation

Do your partners tossing and turning wake you up? Do you wake up when they get out of bed or try to get comfortable? If you’re tired of feeling every movement from the other side of the bed, you should look for a mattress with better motion isolation. Motion transfer is a common problem with innerspring mattresses, but memory foam mattresses help keep motion isolated to one side of the bed.

A memory foam mattress is perfect for motion isolation. If you are a light sleeper, you should try to choose a memory foam mattress. Also check to see if the mattress advertises better motion isolation, as it might be worth it to try them out.

Sleep Trial

A sleep trial allows you to try a mattress before you commit to buying it. Usually, these trials last from 60 nights to 120 nights. Since it takes about 30 days for your body to get used to a new mattress, this is plenty of time to decide if it’s the right option for you. Most companies require you to wait for at least this long before returning your mattress, even during your sleep trial.

During the sleep trial, you can return the mattress at any time with no questions asked. You’ll get a full refund of the purchase price if you start the return within the sleep trial period. The mattresses you return are recycled or given to those in need, so it’s never going to waste.

The sleep trial helps you try a mattress in the same way that going to a mattress store would. Instead of a few moments laying on the mattress, though, you can try it for far longer. Longer sleep trials are naturally better, so we tried to find some of the longest options for you.


A warranty ensures that a company backs up its product. During a warranty period, a company will seek to refund or replace a product that fails during normal use. Of course, each warranty is different. The lengths and terms of your warranty may vary, so it’s important to check the warranty information before you make your final decision.

Longer warranties are better. You can sleep a little easier when your mattress is fully covered. We recommend using a mattress protector to avoid voiding your warranty or damaging the mattress.

Some companies can refuse warranty claims based on certain types of damage, so make sure that you follow the warranty claims carefully. Often, this means using a compatible foundation and keeping the mattress in sanitary condition for the length of the warranty. Other restrictions may apply, so it’s important to stay updated on how to maintain your warranty.