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Polysleep and Douglas are both top-notch Canadian mattress companies. Canadians looking to purchase a new mattress will find that both are great choices. Both Polysleep and Douglas manufacture and sell their mattresses in Canada. Both mattresses offer different features like motion isolation, cooling and edge support that set them apart; while you can’t go wrong with either mattress, let’s take a look at the two all-foam mattresses in our Polysleep vs Douglas review.

Polysleep vs Douglas: Which is Better for You?

Both the Polysleep Mattress and the Douglas Mattress offer excellent, though different, sleep experiences. Whether you are co-sleeping, running warm at night, or looking for superior pressure relief, evaluating all the features of a mattress is the final step in deciding which mattress to purchase. In our Polysleep vs Douglas review, we will look at these differences, along with all the great features that will help you choose which mattress is right for you.

Who Should Buy the Polysleep Mattress

  • Users who sleep warm
  • Those who need better pressure relief
  • Canadians who like to sleep by the edge of the bed
  • Those that have latex allergies
  • Sleepers who don’t want to worry about stains or spilling
  • Users who often change position when sleeping

Who Should Buy the Douglas Mattress

  • Canadians who sleep on their side
  • Uses who are eco-conscious
  • Those who need pressure relief when sleeping
  • Canadians who have split California King-sized frames
  • Those who need good motion isolation
  • Sleepers who have latex allergies

Quick Overview

The Polysleep Mattress
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It's Great For:

It's Great For:

Mattress Construction

Both the Polysleep and the Douglas mattresses are constructed similarly. Both are all-foam mattresses that are made without the use of traditional latex. The Polysleep mattress has five total layers, including the cover, while the Douglas has four. While they may look similar at a glance, each mattress uses unique and even proprietary materials to create a one-of-a-kind mattress. Let’s look at the different layers within the Polysleep and Douglas mattresses.

Polysleep Mattress Layers

Polysleep Mattress Construction
  • Soft Liquid-Repellent Cover. This super soft cover is made of polyester and poly-viscose and features a liquid-repellent top that is great for minimizing spills or accidents. The side of the cover is mesh, allowing for breathability and airflow. The entire cover can be removed and washed whenever desired. 
  • Breathable Top Layer. The Polysleep’s top layer is a dense, hybrid foam, helping to regulate temperature and reduce pressure while you sleep. The small holes throughout keep it breathable, dispersing heat while still giving a slight bounce to the mattress. Those who need extra pressure relief will appreciate the firm yet gentle contouring it provides while you sleep. 
  • Proprietary Support Frame. Unique to Polysleep, this dense, built-in support frame offers incredible support, which is hard to find in all-foam mattresses. This feature helps keep your mattress from flattening and sinking around the edges, which is excellent for those that sleep near the edge.
  • Comfortable Transition Layer. This transitional layer works as additional support between the top layer and the base layer, helping with pressure relief and motion isolation. 
  • Supportive Foam Base. High-density foam provides the ultimate foundation, working as a box spring to reinforce the mattress. This bottom foam layer helps prevent sagging that often occurs with mattresses over time, making this both comfortable and supportive. 

Douglas Mattress Layers

Douglas Mattress Construction
  • Douglas CoolSense Cover. Made of a unique blend of Infinitex fibres, the Douglas features a removable and washable. Inspired by the mountains in Western Canada, this zip-off cover helps draw moisture away from your body and keeps you cool at night.
  • Luxury ecoLight Cooling Gel Foam. This 2” thick gel layer is as durable and supportive as high-density foam yet keeps you cooler while sleeping than traditional foam. It comprises 40% less carbon input than other memory foams and doesn’t retain heat or lead to a sinking feeling.
  • Premium Elastex Foam. This unique 2” layer of Elastex foam mimics latex foam, providing unparalleled support and responsiveness. Elastex is made without the chemicals found in latex mattresses, making it ideal for those with latex allergies who need additional motion isolation or pressure relief.
  • Motion Isolation Support Foam. This 6” support foam base helps reduce motion transfer between co-sleepers while giving excellent support. Its thick high high-density polyfoam construction provides continued edge support. 


With both mattresses having multiple all-foam layers, the Polysleep and the Douglas are similar in how they are manufactured. Both are ranked as medium-firm, providing great pressure relief and overall support. The Polysleep mattress, however, has a unique proprietary support frame that prevents sagging and gives excellent edge support, making it the winner in this category, especially for side sleepers looking to buy a mattress.

Polysleep Mattress Firmness

6 on Firmness Scale

The Polysleep Mattress is a medium firm mattress, though lower on the scale, with a 6 at firmness. Those who prefer a slightly softer mattress yet still need support and pressure relief will enjoy this mattress.

For Canadians that are side and back sleepers, the four different layers of foam, including a support base for edge sleepers, give this mattress the edge in the category.

Douglas Mattress Firmness

6.5 on Firmness Scale

The Douglas mattress is ranked medium-firm and comes in at 6.5 on our firmness scale. It has similar foam layer properties as the Polysleep, providing excellent pressure relief and support. This mattress is a great choice for Canadians who sleep on their side or back. Stomach sleepers may want to choose a softer mattress they can sink into a bit rather than the Douglas.


High-quality Canadian craftsmanship shows in both the Polysleep and the Douglas mattresses, as each is made to be incredibly durable. The Polysleep mattress features four total layers, including a hybrid foam, a built-in support frame and a high-density foam base. The Douglas mattress has three layers, including a unique latex alternative, a gel foam and a high-density foam base.

Polysleep Mattress Durability

The Polysleep mattress has four total foam layers, including one specifically for stability. Having multiple layers, plus this unique frame ensures a long mattress lifespan. The Polysleep features both hybrid foam and high-density foam, both contributing to less breakdown than traditional memory foam.

Overall, we give the advantage to the Polysleep mattress over the Douglas, as the built-in support frame not only leads to more support and comfort but keeps the structure of the mattress intact for longer.

Douglas Mattress Durability

The Douglas mattress has a total of three layers of foam construction, all slightly different, which contribute to the mattress lasting for many years. The Luxury ecoLight cooling gel foam layer, as well as Premium Elastex foam, prevent breakdown over time compared to memory foam. The 6” thick base layer made of high-density foam is an excellent base for this mattress, and you can’t go wrong by picking it.

Overall, this is a solid mattress and is incredibly durable; however, the support frame featured in the Polysleep mattress makes that a more decisive choice.

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Douglas Mattress in Bedroom
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Motion Isolation

Whether you or your co-sleeper tend to be restless, choosing a mattress that reduces motion transfer between you is very important. No one wants to be woken up by their partner moving around a lot or getting up in the middle of the night, so getting a mattress with excellent motion isolation could be a dealbreaker when deciding which mattress to purchase. While both the Polysleep and the Douglas mattresses do a great job, the Douglas wins here with its Motion Isolation Foam base, made specifically to combat motion transfer.

Polysleep Mattress Motion Isolation

The Polysleep mattress does an excellent job with motion isolation. This mattress features a top layer made of viscoelastic hybrid foam, which traps motion cells from transferring from person to person. If you happen to be in a couple or co-sleep, the Polysleep will help you from being woken up when they move or are restless.

Douglas Mattress Motion Isolation

Douglas Mattress Ease of Movement

Those with restless partners may enjoy the Douglas mattress slightly more, which neutralizes motion due to its middle Elastex foam, which acts like latex in its responsiveness, and the 6” Motion Isolation Foam base. This mattress can help reduce motion transfer between people in multiple ways and has a slight advantage over the Polysleep mattress.

Temperature Control

For Canadians who sleep hot, finding a mattress that has excellent temperature control can be critical. Whether you live in a warm climate or just sleep extra-warm, you will want a mattress that can help keep you cool at night. The Polysleep and the Douglas are both all-foam, latex-free mattresses, which tend to retain some heat. The Douglas, though, has the upper hand in temperature control with its top layer made of Luxury ecoLight Cooling Gel, helping you stay cooler than the Polysleep.

Polysleep Mattress Temperature Control

The Polysleep mattress features a top breathable layer, specifically designed for both pressure relief as well as helping regulate your body temperature. While the hybrid foam does an excellent job dispersing heat, very hot sleepers may not have the temperature reduction they would want in a mattress.

Douglas Mattress Temperature Control

The clear winner here is the Douglas mattress. It takes multiple steps to help you stay cool at night. Its top Infinitex cover uses moisture and heat-wicking fibres, which help reduce heat at the closest level to your skin. The Luxury ecoLight Cooling Gel foam is the real star, though, and helps reduce your body temperature, keeping you nice and cool at night while you sleep.

Edge Support

If you happen to sleep close to the edge of the bed or often sit on the edge and are worried about sinking or slipping, you will want to look for a mattress with edge support. Most traditional memory foam mattresses have no additional or specialized edge support. The Polysleep mattress is the winner in this category, with its proprietary built-in support frame that provides exceptional edge support. The Douglas mattress has no additional edge support, though it is a firmer mattress, which can help.

Polysleep Mattress Edge Support

Polysleep Mattress Edge Support

The Polysleep mattress has a massive advantage over the Douglas mattress in edge support with its proprietary built-in support frame. Not only does this frame help eliminate edge slipping and sinking, but it also provides overall mattress support. The Polysleep also features an additional foam layer, helping to add to its overall density and structure.

Douglas Mattress Edge Support

While the Douglas mattress does have three foam layers, all offering unique benefits, the mattress does not have any specific edge control features. Though it is firmer than the Polysleep, you can still expect some slight sinking around the edges if you tend to sleep on the edge or sit there often.


A significant factor in which mattress to purchase is by looking at their price. While Polysleep and Douglas have some big differences in their material types and benefits, there are also big differences in cost. The Polysleep mattress does cost a fair bit more than the Douglas, but some may feel that the cost difference is worth the purchase. Here are the prices for each size available for the Polysleep and the Douglas.

Size Polysleep Mattress Douglas Mattress
Twin XL
California King

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Douglas Original Mattress
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When you buy a mattress online, key considerations include shipping speed, fees, and additional charges. Both the Polysleep and the Douglas provide free shipping on mattress purchases throughout most of Canada.

Polysleep Mattress Shipping

Polysleep will ship mattresses for free to most locations within Canada. There are some fees potentially when living in some of the Canadian Territories, so make sure to check before placing your order. Polysleep mattresses ship from Canada and your estimated delivery date is usually about 3-5 business days after placing your order.

Douglas Mattress Shipping

Douglas mattresses tend to ship free to most Canadian locations. Occasionally remote locations may have an additional fee, so it’s important to look at that before submitting your order. Typically, Douglas mattresses will ship out of their Canadian warehouse within 1-5 business days of placing your order, and delivery can take an additional 7 business days.

Sleep Trial and Returns

Buying a mattress online means you won’t be able to test it out for yourself in person, so making sure you are comfortable with your mattress’s sleep trial and return policy are crucial. It’s essential to make sure that whatever mattress you buy online can be returned if it doesn’t work out for you while also giving you enough time to sleep on it to ensure you don’t want to keep it. Both Polysleep and Douglas have great sleep trial policies, but Polysleep’s sleep trial is much shorter. Douglas has the longest sleep trial on the Canadian market, so it clearly wins in this category.

Polysleep Mattress Sleep Trial

The Polysleep mattress includes a 100-night sleep trial in which you can decide whether the mattress is right for you. Polysleep does require that you have had the mattress for at least 45 days before contacting customer service. Once you have contacted customer service, they will help with the return process promptly.

Douglas Mattress Sleep Trials and Returns

Douglas makes returning their mattresses easier and less expensive than Polysleep does. The Douglas Mattress has a 365-night sleep trial. You only need to keep the mattress for about 30 days before starting a return if you aren’t happy with the mattress. Returning a Douglas mattress can quickly be done on their website, and Douglas will arrange a time for them to collect the mattress. Once the return is completed, you can expect a refund in approximately 4-7 days.


Having a great warranty can provide peace of mind to those buying a mattress. The Douglas mattress has an extended warranty of 20 years, compared to the Polysleep’s 10-year warranty. The Douglas warranty will most likely result in less out-of-pocket costs than Polysleep.

Polysleep Mattress Warranty

The Polysleep mattress includes a 10-year warranty with purchase and covers issues like indents greater than 1”, physical flaws where the foam has split or cracked, and zipper defects.

While Polysleep does not charge for the actual repair or replacement of the mattress, they do require you to pay for shipping your mattress in and receiving a new mattress, which can be a considerable extra cost.

Douglas Mattress Warranty

The Douglas mattress is covered under a 20-year warranty and includes issues like indents more than 2”, faulty workmanship, materials and construction. You need to submit a warranty claim and have it approved to get the claim process started. If approved, Douglas will cover shipping of the mattress, though you may need to pay a fee if there is a price difference between what you paid and what the new mattress cost

Final Thoughts

Also, they have different benefits and features; the Polysleep and the Douglas are excellent mattresses worthy of consideration for your next mattress purchase. The Polysleep is a perfect choice for those that need edge support as well as having a mattress with a unique liquid-repellent cover. However, the Douglas is fantastic for motion isolation and for Canadians who sleep warm. Once you compare your needs vs the features each mattress offers, we are sure that you will find a mattress that will be precisely what you are looking for.

Polysleep Mattress Douglas Mattress
Medium Firm (6/10)
Medium Firm (6.5/10)
Sleep Trial
100 Nights
365 Nights
10 Years
20 Years
Mattress Construction
Motion Isolation
Temperature Control
Edge Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Polysleep and Douglas (and its parent company, are Canadian companies. They manufacture their mattresses in Canada, using Canadian materials when possible to avoid expensive overheads and import fees. No matter which option you choose, you can rest assured that you are choosing a true Canadian mattress.

While both mattresses are all-foam options that retain heat, the Douglas mattress has a slight edge over the Polysleep mattress. The Douglas Mattress uses ecoLight Gel Foam, which helps pull heat away from you as you sleep. The blend of latex materials used in the Douglas Mattress also prevents heat build-up over time.

While the Polysleep mattress has a standard sleep trial (that still offers excellent terms), the Douglas mattress offers the longest sleep trial on the Canadian market. You’ll have a full year to determine if you like the Douglas mattress after you make a purchase. This gives you more time than most options to determine if it works for you. 

Shipping to most territories and locations in Canada is free for both mattresses. However, some remote locations may require a shipping fee. If you are worried about shipping to your location, consider contacting customer service prior to your purchase to determine if there will be additional fees.

The Douglas Mattress has a slight edge over the Polysleep because of its motion isolation base. This mattress works to reduce motion, and is a bit more successful at it than the Polysleep mattress. If your partner is often restless and you are tired of waking up, the Douglas Mattress is the best option for you.