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Endy and Douglas are both reputable Canadian mattress brands that are known for their high-quality mattresses. Both companies manufacture and sell their mattresses right here in Canada. While the two mattresses are similar in some ways, Endy and Douglas have some differences that set them apart from one another. In our Endy vs. Douglas review, let’s compare these two excellent all-foam mattresses.

Endy vs Douglas: Which is Better for You?

Both the Endy Mattress and the Douglas Mattress offer top-of-the-line sleep experiences with unique differences. Whether you sleep warm at night, co-sleep or seek superior motion isolation, comparing features is crucial in deciding which mattress to purchase. Let’s look at both the Endy and the Douglas foam mattresses in our review today.

Who Should Buy the Endy Mattress

  • Couples or co-sleepers
  • Canadians who sleep warm
  • Users who sleep on their sides or stomachs
  • Restless sleepers
  • Those who need great pressure relief
  • Users who live where there are significant temperature shifts

Who Should Buy the Douglas Mattress

  • Canadians who need excellent motion isolation
  • Eco-conscious users
  • Users who need better pressure relief
  • Those with Split King-sized bed frames
  • Side sleepers
  • Canadians with latex allergies

Quick Overview

The Endy Mattress
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The Douglas Mattress
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It's Great For:

It's Great For:

Mattress Construction

Both the Endy and the Douglas mattresses are latex-free mattresses that are constructed of foam layers. The Endy mattress has five layers, including the cover, and the Douglas has four total layers. While each mattress is made of multiple layers, they are uniquely different in their materials. Let’s look at the different layers within the Endy and Douglas mattresses.

Endy Mattress Layers

  • Micro-Quilted Cover. This removable cover for the Endy mattress is stretchy, comfortable, and machine washable, making it great for those who want to keep their mattress as clean as possible.
  • Endy Comfort Foam. The top layer of this comfort foam mattress is extra breathable due to its open-cell structure. This layer is responsive, supporting your body without sinking and having maximum airflow. 
  • Transition Foam. The middle layer of the Endy mattress helps with comfort and pressure relief. For those who co-sleep this layer is excellent in eliminating motion transfer, perfect for those who co-sleep.
  • Support Foam. Made with durable construction, this high-density base layer helps the Endy keep its firmness for years without compromising its foundation. 
  • Temperature-Neutral Foam. The bottom foam layer of the Endy keeps the mattress at a neutral temperature year-round, without sinkage. For those in varying climates, the Endy will stay medium-firm throughout the seasons despite the ambient temperature. 

Douglas Mattress Layers

Douglas Mattress Construction
  1. Douglas CoolSense Cover. Made of a unique proprietary blend, this removable and washable cover is made of Infinitex fibres. This easy-to-zip-off cover is inspired by the mountains in Western Canada and will help keep your body cool by drawing away moisture.
  2. Luxury ecoLight Cooling Gel Foam. This eco-conscious foam has 40% less carbon input than other memory foam, which is not only environmentally responsible, but it does not retain heat or lead to a sinking feeling. Made of 2” thick gel, this layer is durable, supportive and keeps you cool.
  3. Premium Elastex Foam. This unique 2” layer of Elastex foam is great for Canadians who need superior motion isolation, usually only found in latex mattresses. Endy’s Elastex foam mimics latex foam, providing unparalleled support and pressure relief, and is excellent for those with latex allergies. 
  4. Motion Isolation Support Foam. This bottom 6” foam base helps reduce motion transfer between co-sleepers while giving excellent support. This layer is made of thick high high-density polyfoam and features support to the edge of the mattress. 


Both the Endy and the Douglas are similar in construction and have multiple all-foam layers. Both are ranked as medium-firm and provide outstanding overall support. The Endy mattress’s proprietary Comfort Foam technology makes it the winner in this category, especially for stomach sleepers.

Endy Mattress Firmness

6.5 on Firmness Scale

The Endy Mattress is ranked as a medium firm at a 6.5 on our firmness scale. The unique Endy Comfort Foam technology helps those who sleep light or are restless throughout the night rest comfortably.

For Canadians who sleep on their side or stomach, the Endy provides excellent support and pressure relief while still being comfortable. Those who are back sleepers may need a firmer mattress for support.

Douglas Mattress Firmness

6.5 on Firmness Scale

The Douglas mattress is also ranked medium-firm and comes in at 6.5 on our firmness scale. With three foam layers, the Douglas provides great pressure relief for those that sleep on their side and back, and its thick foam base helps keep firmness to the edges of the mattress.


High-quality Canadian craft is apparent in the Endy and Douglas mattresses. The four foam layers of the Endy mattress have an advantage over the three layers of the Douglas mattress, though both are incredibly durable. With both the Endy and the Douglas, you can expect to sleep consistently and comfortably for many years.

Endy Mattress Durability

The Endy Mattress has a total of four foam layers, including their unique comfort, transition and support foams. The high-density foam in the Endy won’t break down as quickly as other memory foam mattresses, which makes it a great choice if you plan to have your mattress for a long time.

Douglas Mattress Durability

The Douglas mattress has a total of three layers of foam construction, all slightly different, which contribute to the mattress lasting for many years. The Luxury ecoLight cooling gel foam layer, as well as their Premium Elastex foam, both prevent mattress breakdown compared to standard memory foam. Its 6” thick base layer made of high-density foam is a great foundation.

While this is a solid pick, and you can count on it being incredibly long-lasting, the Endy has an additional layer, which may help with overall durability.

The Endy Mattress
Endy Mattress
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Douglas Mattress in Bedroom
Douglas Original Mattress
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Made in CA readers get the best price on mattresses. Show Less

Motion Isolation

Whether you are a restless sleeper or you have a partner that often gets up in the middle of the night, it’s crucial to choose a mattress that reduces motion transfer. No one wants to be woken up during the night because of movement, and both Endy and Douglas have unique qualities within their mattresses that are made to reduce motion transfer. The Endy mattress takes the win in this category, though, with its dual foam layers that work together to stop motion transfer in its tracks.

Endy Mattress Motion Isolation

The Endy Mattress wins with its uniquely created top Endy Comfort Foam layer that works together with the second Transition Foam layer; these two layers provide a comfortable night’s sleep as well as help trap motion transfer before it starts. For those who are restless sleepers or who share a bed, this mattress is a great choice.

Douglas Mattress Motion Isolation

While the Endy may be our top pick for motion isolation, you shouldn’t discount the Douglas- which also does a great job compared to most mattresses with motion isolation. The bottom layer of the Douglas has a 6” Motion Isolation Foam base designed to reduce and absorb motion transfer. Picking the Douglas is an excellent option for those who want a thick foundation with great motion isolation.

Temperature Control

For those that sleep warm, finding a mattress that reduces heat and keeps you cool at night may be one of the most important features you are looking for. Whether you live somewhere in a warm climate or tend to sleep hot- you will want to pick a mattress with great temperature control. The Endy and the Douglas are all-foam mattresses, which tend to retain heat- causing problems for those who sleep warm. While the Endy does a good job of reducing moderate heat, the Douglas is a clear winner here with its ecoLight Cooling Gel layer, which is helpful to those who sleep hot.

Endy Mattress Temperature Control

The Endy does a decent job of reducing minimal heat with its top Endy Comfort Layer. This layer uses an open-cell construction that improves airflow and can help prevent a small amount of heat build-up. The Endy won’t have you sleeping altogether heat-free, however, and the Douglas may be a better fit if you sleep hot or live somewhere extremely warm.

Douglas Mattress Temperature Control

A clear top choice, the Douglas mattress has multiple features that will help you stay cool at night. First, its top layer, the Infinitex cover, has moisture and heat-wicking fibres that reduce the heat closest to your body. Next, the Douglas mattress has a unique Luxury ecoLight Cooling Gel foam layer that reduces your body temperature no matter where you live or how warm you sleep and will have you sleeping cool night after night.

Edge Support

Whether you sleep or often sit close to the edge of the mattress, you may be concerned about sinking or slipping by the edge of the bed. Typically, all-foam mattresses do not have any specialized edge support, including the Endy and the Douglas. Neither have any additional edge support or reinforcements to help with slipping or sinkage on the edges. Both mattresses in our review today are medium-firm, though, which can help with sinkage if you happen to sleep near the edge of the bed.

Endy Mattress Edge Support

As an all-foam mattress, the Endy will slightly sink around the edges with prolonged sitting or sleeping. Canadians who like to sleep on the edge of the mattress regularly can expect that the firmness of the Endy can help minimally, but after a while, some sinkage and slippage will occur.

Douglas Mattress Edge Support

The Douglas mattress has multiple unique foam layers, but none of them are designed to help with edge support. This mattress is ranked medium-firm, which can help with overall sinking and slipping. If you sleep or sit on the edge regularly, you can expect that there will be some sinkage and slippage over time.


For many, price is one of the biggest factors when deciding which mattress to buy. While the Endy and Douglas are very different in their construction, layers and features, they are fairly similar in pricing. The Endy mattress is just slightly more expensive than the Douglas mattress, but it may not be a big enough difference to sway buyers one way or another. Here are the prices for each size available for the Endy and the Douglas.

Size Endy Mattress Douglas Mattress
Twin XL
California King
Split King

The Endy Mattress
Endy Mattress
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Douglas Mattress in Bedroom
Douglas Original Mattress
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A key factor when deciding to buy a mattress online is how fast the mattress will ship to you. Both Endy and Douglas provide free shipping to most addresses throughout Canada. Delivery time varies on where in Canada you are located, but Endy tends to ship slightly faster than Douglas does.

Endy Mattress Shipping

For those living in Canadian provinces, you can expect free delivery on all Endy mattresses. There are additional fees, however, if you are located in certain territories, so if that is of concern or you need more details, make sure to check Endy’s website before placing an order. Endy mattresses usually ship out the next business day, and most will receive their new Endy mattress within 3-7 business days after it leaves the Endy warehouse.

Douglas Mattress Shipping

When placing an order with Douglas, you can expect that it will be free to ship to most Canadian locations. More remote areas of Canada may require additional fees, and more information can be found on the Douglas website. Usually, Douglas mattresses will ship within 1-5 business days of placing an order, though delivery can take an additional seven business days after leaving the Canadian warehouse.

Sleep Trial and Returns

Buying mattresses online is becoming increasingly popular, but with this method comes the risk of not being able to test the mattress out in person. It is crucial to be comfortable with the sleep trial and return policy before purchasing, just in case it does not work out for you. While researching ahead of time is important, there can be instances where you are unhappy with your new mattress, so making sure you can return your mattress easily is essential. Both Endy and Douglas have excellent sleep trial policies of at least 100 nights each, as well as the ability to return the mattress with relative ease.

Endy Mattress Sleep Trial and Returns

Endy mattress purchases include a 100-night sleep trial. If you find that you want to return your Endy mattress, you can start the process on their website. Endy does not require you to have kept the mattress for any specific amount of time, giving them a slight edge over Douglas. We still recommend keeping your Endy mattress for at least a few weeks, though, as there is always a break-in period where it takes your body some getting used to a new mattress.

To return an Endy mattress, it must be clean, free of all damage and in good condition. Once you start the process, you can expect to be contacted by an Endy representative within 2-5 business days, and they will let you know when your Endy mattress will be picked up. Endy will then donate your mattress to a local charity, and once that step is completed, you can expect a refund within five business days.

Douglas Mattress Sleep Trial and Returns

Douglas, on the other hand, offers a 365-night sleep trial included with the purchase. This is the longest sleep trial in the Canadian mattress market. During the full year you have to test the mattress, you can return it any time after the first 30 days of ownership. If you are still unhappy with your Douglas mattress after the first 30 days of ownership, you can start the return process online. 

Once the process has been initiated, Douglas will contact you to arrange a time to collect your mattress. Once they pick it up, they will refund you within 4-7 business days.


If you hope to own your new mattress for a long time, having a warranty that protects against any unusual wear and tear is an important factor. The Endy Mattress has a 15-year warranty included with purchase, giving some peace of mind long term. On the other hand, the Douglas mattress offers a 20-year warranty. Make sure to keep all receipts and fill out all warranty paperwork upon purchase of a new mattress.

Endy Mattress Warranty

Included with all Endy mattress purchases is a 15-year warranty. The warranty covers faulty materials and factory errors and covers issues like deep body indents, zipper faults and other major physical flaws that are not normal wear and tear. If you need Endy to repair or replace the mattress or its parts, they will do so at their discretion.

Douglas Mattress Warranty

The Douglas mattress also includes a 20-year warranty with purchase. The warranty covers faulty issues like indents more than 2” and poor artistry, materials and construction. Once you start a warranty claim and it is approved, Douglas will pay for the shipping of the mattress. If they determine a new mattress is needed rather than a repair, you may be required to pay the difference in cost if the mattress is now higher in cost than when you purchased it.

Final Thoughts

The Endy and Douglas mattresses are excellent choices for your next mattress purchase. The Endy mattress is ideal for motion isolation and for those that co-sleep. And the Douglas is great for any Canadians who happen to sleep warm. Once you compare all of the features, as well as pricing and other policies, between the Endy and Douglas mattresses, we are confident that you will find a Canadian mattress to suit your needs.

Endy Mattress Douglas Mattress
Medium Firm (6.5/10)
Medium Firm (6.5/10)
Sleep Trial
100 Nights
365 Nights
15 Years
20 Years
Mattress Construction
Motion Isolation
Temperature Control
Edge Support

Frequently Asked Questions

The Endy mattress offers some of the best motion isolation in Canada. Layers of comfortable foam and transition layers help stop motion transfer before it starts. This mattress is ideal for those who sleep with a partner, kids, or pets.

Both the Endy and Douglas mattresses are made in Canada and shipped from local warehouses. Endy and (Douglas’s parent company) are both Canadian companies determined to provide great mattresses to Canadian customers. These companies use Canadian materials when possible and promote core Canadian values, so you are getting only the best.

The Douglas is better than the Endy mattress for temperature control, as it features a unique layer of ecoLight Cooling Gel Foam. This helps you keep cool at night regardless of how warm you sleep. This layer neutralizes heat, and the layers of latex foam help reduce how much heat the mattress retains.

The Douglas Mattress features a 365-night sleep trial. This is significantly longer than the Endy Mattress’s 100-night sleep trial. While both options give you plenty of time to determine if the mattress works for you, the Douglas Mattress gives you more time to decide to keep your mattress and a longer grace period for returns.

Just as the Douglas Mattress offers a longer sleep trial, it also offers a longer warranty. The warranty for the Douglas Mattress is 20 years, while the Endy Mattress offers a respectable 15-year warranty. Both offer plenty of long-term durability for those who are worried about how they might hold up.