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In a way, the Novosbed mattress is responsible for the boom of the online mattress industry in Canada. This mattress was the first to offer a sleep trial and feature a customizable firmness model. It’s a quality mattress that still stands as one of the best bed in a box mattresses in Canada. With great pressure relief, superior motion isolation, and a universal appeal thanks to the firmness system, the Novosbed mattress is a solid choice for most sleepers.

The Novosbed Mattress by has been discontinued. For those seeking a suitable alternative, we recommend considering the Octave Mirage Mattress.

To learn more about the Octave and its features, read this comprehensive review.

Should You Buy the Novosbed Mattress?

The Novosbed mattress has a lot of unique features that set it apart from other mattresses in Canada. It’s a mattress, but it stands out even among the long list of innovative mattresses the brand offers. If you’ve ever complained that your mattress just doesn’t feel right, the Novosbed gives you the perfect opportunity to try different options until you arrive at the best firmness for you.

Because of the three basic firmness choices and the customization system, this mattress works well for all sleeping positions. It’s a memory foam mattress that ‘hugs’ your body, providing great pressure relief and customized support. It’s a luxury mattress with a premium price tag, but the wealth of options to choose from could be worth it for most users.

Here are some of the features that make the Novosbed mattress one of the best mattresses in Canada.

  • Made with high-density, open-cell foams created for next-generation comfort. 
  • Three basic firmness options offer more choices than most mattresses on the Canadian market.
  • Innovative 120-night sleep trial that set the standard for the rest of the Canadian mattress industry.
  • All Novosbed mattresses shipped within Canada are made domestically with Canadian materials. 
  • The zip-off cover is washable, but an inner liner works to protect the foam layers (and applicable topper) when the cover is in the washing machine. 
  • Compatible with most foundations but works especially well with adjustable beds.
Novosbed Mattress

It's Great For:


The Novosbed mattress is a memory foam mattress that works to create the most comfortable conditions for you. Since you can choose your firmness and fine-tune the feel of your bed, there’s always a solution if it isn’t comfortable enough. The way that their customization system works makes it easy to change things around to suit your needs, and the Novosbed customer service team is always ready to help.

This mattress is made with high-density, open-cell memory foam. It’s one of the most advanced materials on the Canadian market right now, and for good reason. This foam traps motion and heat within the construction of the mattress. Motion is quickly absorbed and heat is dissipated easily, ensuring that you get the most restful, undisturbed sleep possible. If you wake up often or find yourself feeling too warm in the middle of the night, this mattress can help you sleep a little better.

The innovative Novosbed features great pressure relief, too. The ‘comfort’ zone top layer and soft transitional performance foam help to cradle your deepest pressure points, relieving strain and allowing you to wake up refreshed instead of uncomfortable. This mattress conforms to your body, creating a unique pressure map each time you lie down.

The sleep trial associated with this mattress is industry-leading, too. It has one of the longest and most comprehensive sleep trials in the industry, allowing for comfort adjustments if the mattress doesn’t suit you. Because of the firmness choices this mattress presents, it’s a great option for any sleeping position or body type. The true universal appeal of this mattress makes it one of the best you’ll find in Canada.

Ratings Summary

Overall Score: 4/5

Motion Isolation
Pressure Relief
Temperature Control​
Edge Support​
Ease of Movement​

Mattress Construction​

Novosbed Construction
  1. Washable Cover. The Tencel top cover is cool and smooth, with moisture-wicking properties that keep you dry all night. If you sleep hot, the cover can help keep you cool, too. This cover is eco-conscious and can be zipped off and washed with the rest of your bedding.  
  2. Comfort Zone. The comfort zone is made with 5th Generation open-cell memory foam. This layer can help keep you cool, and it excels at trapping motion before it can reach the other side of the bed. This layer is also responsible for most of the mattress’s pressure relief capabilities. Your pressure points will be well-supported because of this comfortable, contouring layer. The density of this foam layer changes with the firmness option you order, so it’s softer for the soft option and denser for the firm one. 
  3. Transition Zone. A layer of softer transition foam works on deep pressure points and body contouring to reduce pressure points and discomfort associated with strain. This layer works to stop any remaining motion as well, so your restless partner won’t be waking you up in the middle of the night. 
  4. Support Zone. The support zone’s dense polyfoam provides better balancing for your entire body, reducing strain by keeping you centered and supported. This layer helps with better alignment as well, keeping your spine in a neutral position to reduce discomfort. 


The Novosbed Mattress comes in three different initial firmness options. At checkout, you can choose between three options: soft, medium, or firm. 


4 on Firmness Scale

The Novosbed Mattress’s soft option features a softer open-cell top layer. While the top layer is made with high-density memory foam, the open-cell construction allows for small adjustments that change the feel of the mattress. The soft option is a great starting point if you sleep on your stomach or on your side. This firmness provides the pressure relief these sleepers need without sacrificing support. 


5.5 on Firmness Scale

The Medium option is the perfect middle ground for most sleepers. This medium option is a little firmer than a true medium. It’s ideal for most sleepers, particularly side sleepers. Heavier stomach sleepers and lighter back sleepers will also appreciate this firmness level and its universal appeal. 


6.5 on Firmness Scale

The firmest original option for the Novosbed mattress features the highest density in the top layers. This layer provides better ease of movement and better balance for those who need a little extra support. This firmness is ideal for heavier side sleepers and back sleepers. Combination sleepers will also appreciate how easy it is to move around on this version of the mattress. 

Comfort+ Toppers

The Novosbed mattress is unique among Canadian mattresses because of its adjustable firmness system. The Comfort+ System allows you to change the way your mattress feels, allowing you to adjust the firmness based on your preferences. First, you choose one of the firmness options listed above. This is your basic mattress. Try to choose an option that you think might work best for you. 

Once you’ve tried the mattress for 30 days, you can adjust the firmness by ordering a Comfort+ Topper. These toppers can make the basic mattress firmer or softer depending on your preferences. Since each of the basic mattress options can be made softer or firmer, the addition of a Comfort+ topper gives you 9 different firmness options to choose from with your Novosbed mattress. 

Motion Isolation

The open-cell design of the Novosbed mattress creates great motion isolation. Each open cell within the top layer of memory foam helps trap motion, absorbing it so it doesn’t move across the mattress. Any motion that doesn’t get trapped at this level is stopped by the middle layer of soft transition foam. Together, these layers help reduce motion transfer dramatically.

If you usually sleep light, this mattress can help you stay asleep throughout the night. This mattress works particularly well for those with restless partners, Canadians who co-sleep with kids or pets, or those who are often disturbed when the bed is moved in any way.

Pressure Relief

Novosbed Pressure Relief

The Novosbed shines when it comes to pressure relief. No matter which firmness option you choose, the bed is made with a high-density memory foam that reduces pressure instantly. This comforting top layer conforms to your body, producing a map of support and pressure relief that is unique every time you lay down. This high-quality foam allows the mattress to adjust to your needs, so you’ll get the perfect amount of support and relief right where you need them. 

Though this memory foam sinks easily as you get comfortable, it springs back quickly. This means that even the heaviest sleepers will get a fresh start each night. If you often wake up with uncomfortable pressure points and discomfort associated with body strain or poor balance, this mattress can help you sleep a little more comfortably.

Temperature Control

Memory foam mattresses are known for sleeping warm. Standard memory foam absorbs heat and traps it under your body as you sleep. You’ll overheat quickly if there are no temperature control features to keep you cool. The Novosbed is great for people who usually wake up a little warm. The open-cell memory foam traps heat and moves it away from you to keep you cool. 

This mattress isn’t ideal for those who usually sleep extremely hot. However, if you usually get a little chilly as you sleep and need a mattress that works to keep you warmer on those cold nights, the Novosbed is ideal.

Edge Support

The Novosbed mattress doesn’t feature the best edge support. There are no additional measures to bolster the edges and corners of the mattress, which means that you may feel like the edges are sinking or that you’re sliding off the edge of the mattress. However, it does offer some measure of support. The edges don’t collapse completely when you sit on them. At most, the edge support features won’t affect you either way.

Ease of Movement

While the Novosbed features a memory foam top layer, it’s more responsive than some of the other all-foam mattresses we’ve seen. Some sleepers might still get the ‘stuck in’ or ‘quicksand’ feeling that usually comes with memory foam. Heavier sleepers are especially affected by this. However, most users won’t have a problem turning over or moving around on this mattress. Despite its memory foam ‘hug’ and pressure relief properties, the high-density memory foam works to keep you elevated out of the mattress to prevent too much strain or discomfort.


The Novosbed is a luxury mattress, and each size comes at a premium. The next-generation materials used to create the mattress are partly responsible for these prices. The comfort, customization, and motion isolation offered by this mattress explain the premium, luxury price. Here is the pricing information for each size the Novosbed mattress offers, starting at $999.

Size Price Dimensions
38" x 75" x 11"
Twin XL
38" x 80" x 11"
53" x 75" x 11"
60" x 80" x 11"
76" x 80" x 11"
California King
72" x 84" x 11"

Novosbed Mattress
The Novosbed Mattress
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Novosbed is a mattress, which means that shipping is free to most of Canada. Some remote areas might require additional shipping and delivery fees, but most locations will be free to ship. Your mattress will ship between 1 and 5 business days after your order is processed and your payment is received. Times may vary based on demand, with the longest shipping times occurring around major holidays.

Your Novosbed will arrive at your door within 5 to 7 business days after it is shipped. Most mattresses arrive before the expected arrival date. When your Novosbed arrives, your sleep trial begins.

Sleep Trial and Returns was the first online mattress retailer in Canada to provide a sleep trial. The Novosbed was the first mattress in Canada to offer this trial. You will have 120 nights from the day your mattress arrives to fully test your Novosbed. Unlike other bed-in-a-box mattresses, there are some special conditions due to the Novosbed’s firmness model.

After the first 30 nights of trying your Novosbed mattress, you can order a Comfort+ Kit to change the firmness of your mattress. If you still don’t think the Novosbed is for you, you can initiate a return after the 60th night.

To initiate a return, you can visit your account on the Novosbed website. You’ll be asked to provide images of the mattress to assess its condition. If you are returning for a warranty claim, you will need to take detailed pictures of the damage you’re claiming. Once the return has been received, you will be given instructions on how to prepare your mattress for a return. You’ll need the original packaging.

Novosbed will pay for return shipping. Your mattress should be picked up within two days of the return request. Once Novosbed receives the mattress, your refund is issued within 48 hours to the original payment method you used to purchase the mattress. Refunds can take up to 14 business days for processing depending on your payment method.


The Novosbed is covered by a 15-year warranty. During this time, defects in the manufacturing, including excessive indents, faulty zippers, and tears not associated with improper use. The full terms of the warranty are available on the Novosbed website.

The warranty covers:

  • Visible indents of greater than 1″ (for the first ten years of use) or 2″ (for the remaining 5 years), but only if the mattress has been properly supported on a compatible foundation. 
  • Visible indents in the Comfort+ topper of greater than 1″.
  • Foam splitting, cracking, or tearing.
  • Faulty or non-working zippers.

If your mattress shows these qualities during normal use, you could fall under the warranty. Novosbed will ask for proper documentation, and you will have to return the mattress if a refund or replacement is issued.

During the first 10 years of use, Novosbed will replace or repair your mattress for free. During the additional 5 years covered under the warranty, you will have to pay 75% of the original purchase price to receive a replacement mattress or to have your mattress repaired.

Final Thoughts

The Novosbed mattress offers some of the greatest customization options you’ll find on the Canadian mattress market. This trailblazer still holds the title of one of the best mattresses in Canada, and for good reason! The comforting memory foam reduces motion transfer and promotes better pressure relief, so you can get to sleep quickly and stay asleep. Though it lacks some edge support and may sleep a little warm, you won’t find a better memory foam mattress than the Novosbed.

Soft (4/10), Medium (5.5/10), Firm (6.5/10)
Sleep Trial
120 Nights
15 Years
Motion Isolation
Pressure Relief
Temperature Control
Edge Support
Ease of Movement

Frequently Asked Questions

The Novosbed mattress should last at least ten years. Like most of the best mattresses in Canada, the Novosbed has a longer warranty that ensures lasting quality. It’s covered by a 15-year warranty.

You should choose the firmness that best suits your sleeping style. If you are unsure, you can consider the way that you sleep. Side sleepers will be okay with a medium mattress. Stomach sleepers might like a softer option, while back sleepers need the support of a firm mattress. Remember that your firmness can be adjusted after purchase.

The Novosbed is compatible with most adjustable, platform, box, and slatted foundations. Slats should be at least 2” wide and 3” apart or less. Larger mattress sizes need a center beam for additional support.

All Novosbed mattresses sold in Canada are made in Canada with Canadian materials. Novosbed is a Canadian company with offices located in Edmonton, Alberta. However, Novosbed does sell mattresses in the US as well. Novosbed mattresses shipped within the US are made in the US, too.

Most memory foam mattresses have an ‘off-gassing’ period, and the Novosbed is no different. We noticed a slight odour when we removed the packaging, but it wasn’t too strong for us and it dissipated fairly quickly. We suggest keeping the Novosbed mattress in a well-ventilated room after unboxing to help with off-gassing.