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Casper and Douglas are both leading mattress companies that make top-of-the-line products available in Canada. While Casper manufactures and ships mattresses throughout North America, Douglas mattresses are made entirely in Canada. Each mattress offers unique features that can benefit Canadian shoppers. We’ll compare them in our Casper Original vs Douglas mattress review.

Casper Original Mattress vs Douglas Mattress: Which is Better for You?

The Casper Original and the Douglas Mattress are high-quality all-foam mattresses available in Canada. Each mattress is constructed of unique materials and features top-of-the-line sleeping experiences. Whether you desire temperature control, pressure relief or motion isolation from a restless partner, the Casper Original and Douglas Mattress have something to offer. In our review today, we will compare both mattresses and help you decide which of these two mattresses is the best option for you.

Who Should Buy the Casper Original Mattress

  • Those who sleep warm
  • Canadians who need help with alignment
  • Users suffering from joint pain
  • Those seeking a firm mattress

Who Should Buy the Douglas Mattress

  • Canadians who are eco-conscious
  • Those who have California Split King bed frames
  • Side sleepers and back sleepers
  • Canadians who have latex allergies

Quick Overview

Casper Original Mattress
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It's Great For:

It's Great For:

Mattress Construction

The Casper Original and the Douglas mattresses are constructed similarly, as they are each all-foam mattresses with four total layers. These mattresses feature a unique cover and three layers of foam that differ between the models. Let’s look at the two mattresses in our review today and how they compare in construction and materials to one another.

Casper Original Mattress Layers

Casper Original Mattress Construction
  • Casper Cover. An airy, soft cover helps with overall breathability and releases all trapped heat to keep sleepers cool.
  • Airscape Foam. Made of foam with perforated holes throughout, this foam layer doesn’t retain heat like other memory foam. This Airscape foam is great for sleepers who are moderately warm throughout the night.
  • Zoned Support Foam. For Canadians needing pressure relief, this unique three-sectioned ergonomic layer is made of foam that cushions your shoulders, back and hips differently for ultimate support and comfort. 
  • Durable Base. This thick high-density foam base helps those who need support with alignment. This foundation increases Casper Original’s durability and prevents sagging over time. 

Douglas Mattress Layers

Douglas Mattress Construction
  • Douglas CoolSense Cover. This easy-to-remove cover zips off in a breeze for easy washability. Made of Infinitex fibres inspired by the Western mountain of Canada, this cover keeps you cool by drawing away heat and moisture.
  • Luxury ecoLight Cooling Gel Foam. For those who sleep hot, this layer of cooling memory foam is made with 40% less carbon input than typical memory foam. This layer keeps you cool while providing excellent support.
  • Premium Elastex Foam. Canadians with latex allergies will appreciate this faux latex foam layer that gives superior motion isolation and density, usually only found in real latex mattresses.
  • Motion Isolation Support Foam. Made of high-density polyfoam, this base layer of the Douglas further reduces motion transfer between co-sleepers and supports those needing pressure relief. 


The Casper Original and Douglas Mattress are both great medium-firm mattresses for Canadians who need comfort and support. Those wanting a plush, soft sleeping surface may find these mattresses too firm. Of the two mattresses, the Casper Original is firmer and best suited for anyone needing extra pressure relief because of joint pain or certain sleeping positions. This makes it a winner for those seeking a firm sleeping surface.

Casper Original Mattress Firmness

7 on Firmness Scale

The Casper Original Mattress is a great pick for Canadians who sleep on their side or back. Those who wake up with aches will appreciate the medium firm feel, which comes in at about a 7 out of 10 on our firmness scale.  For those with joint, back or hip pain, Casper’s three-zoned support layer targets pressure points in different ways to provide ultimate relief. As the firmest and most supportive mattress in our review today, the Casper Original is the winner in our firmness category.

Douglas Mattress Firmness

6.5 on Firmness Scale

The Douglas Mattress is also medium-firm but comes in at a 6.5 on our firmness scale. Slightly softer than the Casper Original mattress, all sleeping positions will find the Douglas comfortable, but side and back sleepers may enjoy it the most. Those needing pressure relief will find they are moderately supported, but those seeking extra relief may find the Casper Original more comfortable.


The Casper Original Mattress and the Douglas Mattress are built to stand the test of time. The high-quality foam used in the construction of these mattresses makes them sturdy and durable.  Each mattress has three unique layers of foam, including high-density base layers that add to their durability. Though they have similar material usage and the same number of layers, the Douglas Mattress has an advantage over the Casper Original in our durability category due to its longer warranty.

Casper Original Mattress Durability

The Casper Original mattress is constructed of three foam layers, more than many other all-foam mattresses, which helps extend the mattress’s lifespan. The foundation is made of high-density foam, increasing its durability and preventing mattress breakdown over time. The Casper Original Mattress includes a 10-year limited warranty which helps your mattress be in the best condition for as long as possible.

Douglas Mattress Durability

Like the Casper, the Douglas also is constructed with three layers of foam, adding to its overall durability. The Douglas Mattress features a foundation layer made of high-density foam, preventing the mattress from sinking and sagging over time. Further extending the life of the Douglas is its 15-year limited warranty, longer than most memory foam mattresses on the Canadian market, making it the most durable mattress in our review today.

Casper Original Mattress
Casper Original Mattress
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Douglas Mattress in Bedroom
Douglas Original Mattress
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Motion Isolation

For those who co-sleep with restless partners or frequently get up throughout the night, choosing a mattress that helps prevent motion transfer can be vital for a good night’s sleep. The Casper Original and the Douglas mattresses feature unique properties that help with motion isolation, though neither performs better in this category.

Casper Original Mattress Motion Isolation

While the Casper Original mattress does not entirely stop motion transfer from occurring, it still performs better than many other all-foam mattresses. The Casper Original mattress features a zoned support layer that, when paired with its high-density foam base, helps absorb most motion before it can disrupt another sleeper. Most Canadians will be happy with this mattress’s level of motion isolation, though extra restless sleepers may need to seek a mattress that further stops motion transfer.

Douglas Mattress Motion Isolation

The Douglas Mattress has an excellent base of high-density memory foam that does a good job combatting motion transfer between co-sleepers. While the Douglas Mattress does not eliminate motion transfer altogether, most people will find that their partner does not disrupt them. Those seeking extra motion isolation due to a co-sleeper that tosses and turns or active pets in bed might want to look for a different mattress with better motion absorption. The Douglas does a good, moderate job, though, and is similar to the Casper Original in motion isolation.

Temperature Control

For Canadians that sleep warm at night, finding a mattress that provides excellent temperature control is key. Whether you live somewhere in a warm climate or tend to sleep hot- you will want to pick a mattress with excellent temperature control features to help you stay cool at night. Typically, all-foam mattresses retain heat, leading to sleepers waking up hot and sweaty. While the Casper Original does a good job with temperature control, the Douglas is a clear winner here, with its layer of ecoLight Cooling Gel foam helping reduce and regulate temperatures throughout the night.

Casper Original Mattress Temperature Control

The Casper Original Mattress does a great job of helping sleepers reduce their body heat due to its top foam Airscape layer that is perforated with tiny holes throughout. This layer sucks warm air in and expels cool air out, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep for moderately warm sleepers. Those that sleep extra hot may wish to consider the Douglas Mattress or pair the Casper Original with cooling sheets to reduce temperatures even further.

Douglas Mattress Temperature Control

As the winner in this category, the Douglas Mattress has a clear advantage over the Casper Original in temperature control. Combining its top layer of Infinitex fibres that wick moisture and heat away from the body and its ecoLight Cooling Gel Foam layer, this mattress keeps sleepers cool no matter how hot they sleep. The Douglas Mattress is a top pick for anyone needing a mattress that helps reduce body temperatures while sleeping.

Edge Support

For those that sleep on or near the edge of the bed, choosing a mattress with good edge support may be worth considering. Over time, the perimeter of a mattress can sink or sag if it is regularly slept or sat on. All-foam mattresses typically do not have any built-in edge support features in place to help with sinking or slipping, including the mattresses in our review today. While neither the Casper Original nor the Douglas Mattress has any specific measures in place, their firmness helps with overall support from edge to edge

Casper Original Mattress Edge Support

Casper Mattress Ease of Movement

The Casper Original Mattress is constructed of multiple foam layers, which help with general edge support compared to memory foam mattresses made from one layer. While the Casper Original won’t provide any unique edge support features, those that are edge sleepers will find that this mattress does a moderate job preventing sinking along the edges of the bed. Because the Casper Original is a medium-firm mattress, this model won’t break down as quickly over time, helping reduce sipping and sagging throughout the years.

Douglas Mattress Edge Support

Like the Casper Original, the Douglas Mattress does not have any specific edge support features in place to prevent edge breakdown. This mattress will do a good job preventing overall mattress sagging over time due to its high-density foam base and medium-firm ranking. The Douglas may not be the best long-term option for those looking for reinforced edge support along the bed’s perimeter due to edge sleeping or sitting; the Douglas may not be the best long-term option. Still, it does better than many other memory foam mattresses on the market.


One of the most significant deciding factors when choosing which mattress to buy is cost. Both the Casper Original and the Douglas offer unique sleeping experiences and features, resulting in cost differences between the two. While the Casper Original is more expensive than the Douglas Mattress, the price difference is not that significant and may not be a barrier for most Canadians, allowing you to choose a mattress based on feature preferences and not costs. Here are the prices for each size available for both the Casper Original and the Douglas Mattress.

Size Casper Original Mattress Douglas Mattress
Twin XL
California King
California Split King

Casper Original Mattress
Casper Original Mattress
Made in CA readers get the best price on Casper mattresses.
Made in CA readers get the best price on Casper mattresses. Show Less

Douglas Mattress in Bedroom
Douglas Original Mattress
Made in CA readers get the best price on mattresses.
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Like all online stores, shipping speeds and costs will vary when you purchase a mattress online. Casper and Douglas provide free shipping to most locations throughout Canada; however, more remote areas could face additional shipping fees. Both Endy and Douglas provide free shipping to most addresses throughout Canada. Delivery times can vary, but generally, Casper delivers mattresses fast than Douglas does. 

Casper Original Mattress Shipping

All Casper mattresses ship out of warehouses in the United States and Canada. While shipping is typically free, an additional charge may be added if you live in Northern Canada or some territories. Your Casper mattress will be delivered from the warehouse that is closest to your address and will usually be delivered within 3-9 business days after the order leaves the warehouse. For those that need the removal of an old mattress, Casper offers an in-home service for $249 that provides disposal of an old mattress and set up of your new Casper. The in-home service can add additional time to delivery, up to two weeks, so it’s best for those not in a rush.

Douglas Mattress Shipping

Douglas ships all their mattresses out of their Canadian warehouses and ships to most Canadian locations for free. A surcharge may occur for those living in more remote areas of Canada. Douglas mattresses can take 1-5 business to ship after placing an order, and then delivery typically occurs within 7 business days, for a total shipping time of 8-12 days. Unlike Casper, Douglas provides no in-home setup or removal of an old mattress as an additional service.

Sleep Trial and Returns

With the increased popularity of buying a mattress online, this typically means that the customer loses the ability to test it out at a brick-and-mortar location. Making sure you fully understand and are comfortable with the sleep trial and return policies of a new mattress purchase may be one of the most important factors to consider. Casper Original and Douglas mattresses have fantastic sleep trials of at least 100 days and great return policies if your new mattress isn’t quite what you expected.

Casper Original Mattress Sleep Trials and Returns

The purchase of a Casper Original Mattress includes a 100-night sleep trial, and you must have had the mattress for at least 30 days before starting a return. After those 30 days have passed, if you are still unhappy with your Casper mattress, they will work with you to coordinate a time for them to pick up the mattress and have it donated, assuming it is clean and free of damage. Casper covers these pickup and handling costs, and once the pickup is completed, they will issue a refund back to the original form of payment. You can expect the refund to take 3-10 business days to post to your card.

Douglas Mattress Sleep Trials and Returns

Douglas has a 365-night sleep trial included with the purchase, making it a longer trial than Casper offers. Douglas also requires you to have had the mattress for at least 30 days before you can start a return process. The mattress must be free of all stains and rips and needs to be in good general condition for Douglas to accept it. Once the return has been initiated, Douglas will contact you to schedule a time for them to come and pick up the mattress. Once the mattress has been picked up, you can expect a refund to your original form of payment within 4-7 business days.


For peace of mind and also potentially saving you money down the road, a good warranty can be an important factor in any mattress purchase. Both mattresses in our review today come with excellent warranties, though the Douglas Mattress has an advantage over the Casper Original, as its warranty is more extended. For both mattresses, to claim a warranty, you must be the original purchaser, have the sales receipt and have kept the tags on the mattress.

Casper Original Mattress Warranty

Covered with all Casper mattress purchases is a 10-year warranty. This warranty covers manufacturing defects, large body indents, faulty zippers, and other physical flaws. It does not cover normal wear or tear, damages inflicted by the user or personal comfort preference. Casper will typically ask you to provide photos with all warranty claims and proof of purchase and ownership. All accepted warranty claims are fully covered by Casper, including costs associated with shipping in both directions and repair or replacement of the mattress.

Douglas Mattress Warranty

The Douglas Mattress has a more generous warranty, with coverage lasting 15 years. The warranty covers poor craftsmanship, faulty materials and indents more than 2”. It will not cover comfort preference or stains and damage that the customer caused. To file a warranty claim, contact Douglas Mattress customer care online, and they will let you know when it is approved. Douglas will pay for the shipping of the mattress and the repair cost (if applicable). If a new mattress is required, the owner must pay for any upgrade or higher cost of a similar mattress.

Final Thoughts

The Casper Original and the Douglas Mattress are excellent options for your next mattress purchase. The Casper Original is great at providing pressure relief and support and is perfect for those seeking a firm sleeping surface. The Douglas is a top pick for those who sleep hot and are seeking an eco-friendly mattress. After comparing all the features, pricing and brand policies, we are sure the Casper Original and the Douglas Mattress are great picks for your next mattress.

Casper Original Mattress Douglas Mattress
Medium Firm (7/10)
Medium Firm (6.5/10)
Sleep Trial
100 Nights
365 Nights
10 Years
15 Years
Mattress Construction
Motion Isolation
Temperature Control
Edge Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Each mattress is similarly constructed and designed to have a long lifespan, but the Douglas offers a longer warranty than the Casper Original, making it the most durable in our review today. Both mattress will last at least 10 years, but the Douglas Mattress offers a 15-year warranty.

The Casper Original Mattress is made throughout the United States and Canada. Because of the way they handle their manufacturing, you can’t guarantee that the mattress you get is made in Canada, though it’s likely to ship from a Canadian warehouse. On the other hand, Douglas is a Canadian company that makes and ships all of their mattresses from Canada.

Between the Casper Original and the Douglas Mattress, the Douglas does a slightly better job reducing body heat due to its ecoLight Cooling Gel Foam layer. This layer of foam helps keep you cool throughout the night regardless of how warm you sleep. The use of latex blended materials also helps reduce heat build-up throughout the night, so the Douglas Mattress is a great option for hot sleepers.

The Douglas Mattress features a 365-night sleep trial, which gives you a full year to determine if the mattress is right for you. This sleep trial is one of the longest on the Canadian market. The Casper Original mattress, on the other hand, only offers 100 nights for its sleep trial. This is still respectable, but the Douglas mattress offers a significantly longer trial period.

Both the Casper Original and Douglas Mattress ship free to most locations in Canada. However, there are some locations that are ineligible for free shipping. It’s also worth nothing that the Casper Original Mattress might ship from other locations in North America, so you may have to wait longer to receive this mattress. If you are concerned that you may have to pay shipping to your location, you can always contact the customer service department for the mattress company to determine if you have to pay shipping.

The Douglas Mattress offers a 15-year warranty. This is a bit longer than the warranty offered by the Casper Original Mattress, which is about 10 years. Both mattresses will hold up in the long term, but the Douglas Mattress offers a superior warranty if you are concerned.